The Urantia Book Fellowship
shamanesses threw themselves into 90:1.3(987;1)
carbon is c. in hydrogen-helium reaction 41:8.1(464;3)
deny possibility of butterfly developing from 42:9.4(480;2)
in ancient times 61:2.7(695;5), 61:3.4,10,13(696;8), 61:4.4(698;6), 61:5.7(699;8)
black c. considered magical 88:5.4(971;6)
became fetish animals 88:1.5(967;7)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
early units of barter 69:4.5(775;5)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.2(720;8)
Jesus' home had 3 cows 123:5.15(1364;3), 126:3.12(1391;2), 126:5.11(1393;8)
Nodites imported 80:1.2(889;4)
primitive men loved c. more their wives 68:5.8(768;8)
Prince's staff helped improve 66:5.5(746;3)
prodigal son given fatted calf 169:1.10(1852;3)
stealing c. universally punished by summary death 70:10.15(796;5)
used in animal sacrifice 173:1.6-7(1890;1)
Andite inheritance gives Caucasoid homogeneity 78:4.4(872;2)
race comprised of Andite, Andonic, primary and some secondary Sangik admixture 81:4.6(905;2)
antecedent causation
effects produced by definite causes 86:2.5(951;7)
Father freed us from fetters of 5:6.8-9(71;3)
material response of effect to antecedent action 101:10.3(1116;4)
only justice provided by nature 70:10.1(794;6)
assigning causes leads back to first cause 101:2.3,5(1106;2), 195:6.5(2077;1)
avoid supernatural explanations 81:2.5(901;8), 165:3.6(1820;5)
causes cannot be fully understood by effects 3:1.2(44;5)
causes cannot be lower than effects 3:6.3(53;1)
cosmic mind response in reality domain of physical senses 16:6.6(192;2)
cosmic mind unfailingly recognizes 16:6.5(192;1)
only divine causes reveal final effects 19:1.11(215;8)
primary c. and secondary c. 118:4sec(1298;1)
primitive mind assigned all phenomena to a person 70:10.3(794;8)
Andon's family lived in 63:3.3-5(713;3)
animal outlines drawn on walls of 63:6.3(716;2)
believed passage to underworld 85:1.5(945;3)
Jordan poured forth from 157:3.1(1745;2)
Mithraics worshiped in 98:5.4(1082;5), 98:6.3(1083;3)
northern white race never lived in 80:9.4(897;7)
primitive man in Europe lived in 61:6.4(700;5)
southern Cro-Magnons lived in 80:3.6(891;7), 80:9.4(897;7)
made record of Jesus' life in A.D. 78 121:8.9(1342;4)
all ascenders eligible to become 44:0.4(497;4)
chief realm of activity is in constellations 44:0.1(497;1)
co-operate with recorder-teacher transition seraphim 48:6.19(554;4)
co-operate with reversion directors 48:4.8(548;3)
direct spornagia on system capitals 43:6.7(492;7), 46:5.24(526;6)
directed from local universe capitals 44:0.5(497;5)
do not personally work on planets such as Urantia 44:8.1(507;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.26(338;3)
maintain headquarters on each mansion world 47:0.4(530;4)
master artists of morontia and lower spirit realms 44:0.1(497;1)
minimum enlistment one millennium 44:0.4(497;4)
original 7000 assigned by Infinite Spirit; all hailed from Havona 44:0.3,6(497;3)
selected and recruited corps; not created as such 44:0.3(497;3)
seraphim may attain Paradise through service as 39:8.3(440;5)
sometimes help gifted mortals 44:8.1-2(507;6)
univitatia are largest group associated with 43:7.4-5(493;5)
utilize living materials to represent ideas 43:6.7(492;7)
work under angels of progress on Urantia 44:8.1(507;6)
affectionate, loyal, humble, and supremely wise regarding concept they personify 22:10.8(254;5)
apprehending agents of Ancients of Days 22:9.4(252;6)
are personification of some single universal ideal 22:10.2(253;4)
assisted by Son-fused mortals 22:9.3(252;5)
assisted by Spirit-fused mortals 22:9.4(252;6), 40:10.9(453;4)
carry out routine major, minor sector work 18:4.4-5(210;7), 22:9.3(252;5)
court messengers, bearers of summonses and decisions 22:9.4(252;6)
deal with individuals, not groups 22:5.6(248;5)
in group Trinitized Sons of Perfection 22:9.7(253;1)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9(336;1)
not indwelt by Adjusters 22:9.5(252;7)
number 7 billion 22:9.3(252;5)
of less distinguished performance than High Son Assistants 22:9.1(252;3)
present Spirit-fused mortals to Ancients of Days 40:10.9(453;4)
Trinity-embraced finaliter and Paradise-Havoner trinitized sons 18:4.4(210;7), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:9.1(252;3)
Trinity Teacher Sons assign 22:9.1(252;3)
celestial artisans 44:1sec(499;3)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.24(338;1)
most mortals will serve as 37:6.7(413;1)
volunteer educators; number 3 million in Nebadon 37:6.1(412;1)
Custodians of Records serve as Chiefs for 25:5.4(281;5), 25:6.1(281;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.12(336;4)
make original spirit records, semimaterial counterparts 25:6.1(281;6)
may not transfer out of their order 25:6.5(282;3)
Mighty Messengers certify correctness of records 25:6.3(282;1)
none have ever gone astray 25:6.3(282;1), 53:7.5(608;1)
number 75 in Nebadon; 8 million on Uversa 25:6.4(282;2), 37:8.8(414;3)
selected from ascendant seraphim 25:6.1(281;6), 37:8.8(414;3)
seraphim may attain Paradise through service as 39:8.3(440;5)
sponsor superuniverse seraphic record-keeping 27:5.4(302;3)
trained by Divine Counselors and Perfectors of Wisdom 25:6.1(281;6)
maintained by individuals lacking normal sex urges 82:3.9(916;5)
perceived baseness of woman was chief reason for 84:4.4(935;4)
healing secretions when injured 65:4.3-6(735;2)
human c. akin to disease-producing organisms 76:4.7(851;5)
protoplasmic cell is biologic unit of material life 49:1.2(560;1)
apostles remained overnight with 158:6.1(1758;2)
believer in Caesarea Philippi 157:3.7(1746;4), 157:4.1(1746;5), 157:6.1(1748;4)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
daughter of Roman centurion; in women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
crucifixion victims not buried in Jewish c. 188:1.2(2013;1)
Kheresa lunatic lived in 151:6.2(1695;5)
mammalian era, from 50 million years ago to present 59:0.6(672;6), 61:0.2(693;2), 61:7.19(702;9)
14 mile erasure in Jerusem panorama 46:5.16(525;6)
cf: all hidden will be revealed 150:4.2(1681;9), 151:3.1(1691;4), 165:3.2-3(1820;1)
cf: records of Celestial Recorders open to all 25:6.2(281;7)
of broadcast material by celestial artisans 44:4.9(504;1)
ancients opposed taking 88:1.6(968;1)
Caesar Augustus decreed c. in 8 B.C.; Jews against 122:7.1(1350;3)
Joseph registered at Bethlehem 122:4.3(1347;5)
1 stationed on capital of each local universe 24:2.4(267;2)
1 stationed on each Havona circuit 24:2.3(267;1)
are persons with recognizable spirit form 24:2.9(267;7)
can give number, nature, birth, death, and whereabouts of all will creatures 24:2.2,7,8(266;8)
headquarters on superuniverse capitals; reserves on Paradise worlds of Spirit 24:0.3(264;3), 24:2.3(267;1)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
infallible 24:2.9(267;7)
not concerned with individual lives and doings 24:2.7(267;5)
perfectly synchronize with superuniverse reflectivity 24:2.2(266;8)
possess tremendous endowment of antigravity 24:0.3(264;3)
Salsatia is Nebadon Census Director 24:2.7(267;5), 37:8.4(413;7)
special completed creation of Infinite Spirit 24:2.2(266;8)
Usatia is Orvonton chief of 24:2.5(267;3)
onetime objects of worship 85:3.2(946;4)
amalgamated orange-blue race migrated to 64:7.5(727;2)
predominantly red race but also yellow, orange, blue 79:5.8(884;2)
centurions. See Romans: named
cephalopods 59:2.11(676;2), 59:3.5,8(677;2), 60:1.13(686;9),. See also mollusks
abundant in Cretaceous 60:3.19(690;10)

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