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Punjab. See also India
Andite infiltration into 79:1.1(878;2)
infiltration of Aryans into 79:4.3(882;3)
shall see God 140:3.6(1570;7), 140:5.12(1574;5)
ancient medical treatment 90:4.8(991;7)
purification ceremonies. See ceremonies: purification ceremonies
Purim. See Judaism: feasts
miserable remnants of ancient nonsocial peoples 68:1.6(764;2)
no marriage institution 82:2.2(914;8)
no religious reactions as a class 91:0.5(994;5), 92:6.1(1010;5)
first erected by Andite Imhotep 80:6.4(894;5)
sloping entrance to great pyramid pointed toward Pole Star 95:2.7(1044;6)