The Urantia Book Fellowship
Augustus's victory at battle of 133:2.5(1471;4)
heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans are 44:2.6-10(501;5)
written by Luke 121:8.8-9(1342;3)
inexplicable things termed 85:0.4(944;4)
vs. potential phases of reality 0:4.7(7;5)
Actual, the. See Absolutes: of actuality
ancient Hebrews looked for return of 92:5.3(1008;5)
and Eve
administration 74:5sec(833;1)
advised not to initiate racial uplift until family numbered 500,000; other instructions 73:7.3-4(827;2)
arrival authorized by Most Highs, Tabamantia 73:0.2-3(821;2)
Adam and Eve bore 105 pure-line children 74:6.2(834;4)
after default, all under 20 removed to Edentia, plus 2/3 over 20 who chose to leave 75:6.3(844;5), 77:5.3(861;3)
did not take milk from animals 74:6.3(834;5)
education 74:6.7(835;1), 74:7.1-4(835;4)
on Edentia, deprived of procreative powers 55:7.3(632;2)
some day serve on Urantia? 55:7.3(632;2)
circulatory system from physical nature and tree of life 75:6.1,6(844;3), 75:7.6(845;6)
default Paper 75 (839;1),)
A. defaulted, but did not become involved in Lucifer rebellion 51:3.4(583;3), 75:7.1-2,7) 76:5.1(851;7)
A. had premeditated sex with Laotta after 75:5.2(843;4)
A. wandered in solitude for 30 days 75:5.5-7(843;7)
after 117 years 74:8.14(838;6)
Caligastia contributed to 66:8.4(752;5)
Caligastia held many conferences with A. 75:2.1(840;3), 76:4.5(851;3)
degradation after default 75:7sec(845;1)
deprived races of physical nature more consonant with spiritual aspirations 34:7.4-5(382;4)
did not impede biologic evolution 81:0.1(900;1)
Gabriel's appearance to pronounce judgment 75:7.1(845;1)
left Garden of Eden to Nodites unopposed 75:6.2-4(844;4)
not permitted to remove tree of life after 73:6.7(826;4)
personal message from Michael after 76:5.3(852;2)
realization of default 75:4sec(842;3)
received Adjusters after default 76:5.2(852;1)
returned Melchizedek receivers refused to advise 75:6.1(844;3)
tragedy for Urantia 50:6.5(578;5)
transgression was error of judgment, not sin 76:5.1(851;7)
turning aside from the ordained way 74:8.14(838;6)
encouraged Cain to leave second garden 76:2.7(849;1)
family grounds covered 5 square miles 74:6.1(834;3)
family of 1647 pure-line descendants before default, 42 after default 74:6.2(834;4)
home life 74:6sec(834;3)
impatient; well-meaning but deluded 75:1.6(840;2), 76:6.4(854;1)
inheritance of Adam and Eve
bequeathed more humor than music or art 48:4.13(548;8)
creates immunity to disease 65:5.2(736;5)
enormously upstepped peoples of Urantia 51:0.3(580;3), 51:5.6(586;3), 51:6.1(586;5), 75:8.1-2(845;8), 76:6.4(854;1), 78:1.1(868;3)
improved brain power 81:5.1(905;6)
stimulated adventure and exploration 81:3.8(904;4)
never ate meat in regular diet; no cooking in household 74:6.3-4(834;5), 76:3.7(850;3), 76:4.4(851;2)
on Jerusem 74:1sec(828;2)
directors of experimental energy for living forms 74:1.2(828;3)
expert anatomists 74:3.8(831;5)
left behind 100 children 74:1.5(829;1)
physical nature of Adam and Eve
8 feet tall; bodies shimmered 74:1.1(828;2), 74:6.5(834;7)
able to see midwayers, angels, Melchizedeks, Caligastia 76:4.5(851;3)
imbibed light and energy from space 74:6.4(834;6), 76:4.3(851;1)
plan was to build up strong reserve of violet race before beginning upstepping 75:3.6(841;6)
plan was to upstep red race with 1 million pure-line descendants 79:5.9(884;3)
refused worship of Garden dwellers 74:3.10(831;7), 74:4sec(832;1)
rematerialized on Urantia 37,848 years ago; 10-day process 61:7.18(702;8), 74:0.1(828;1), 74:2sec(829;3)
requested Melchizedek receivers to remain; they refused 74:5.2(833;2), 75:1.4(839;5)
senior Material Sons #14,311 74:1.1(828;2)
sent and received thought oscillations 50 miles 74:6.6(834;8)
sometime return to Urantia? 93:10.7(1025;3)
special senses not acutely present in their children 76:4.5(851;3)
spoke Andonic dialect 74:2.2(829;4)
subject to Melchizedek receivers 74:1.4(828;5)
survival of 76:6sec(853;2)
taught agriculture 68:5.9(769;1)
teachings about Adam and Eve
belief their sin cursed man. See original sin doctrine
Jews sought to trace origin to 78:7.3(874;8)
legends confused with facts of Prince's staff 66:2.8(742;8)
Paul's doctrine of Christ as 2nd Adam 140:8.24(1582;5)
Prince's staff held out promise of sometime arrival 66:5.16(747;6)
under oaths of allegiance to Most Highs, Michael 74:1.4(828;5)
Urantia problem for Adam and Eve 75:1sec(839;2)
found no government worthy of name 74:5.7(834;1)
isolated, distressed, disheartened by sorry plight of world 74:3.1-3(830;4), 75:0.1(839;1), 75:1.1,4(839;2), 75:8.4(846;3)
mission fraught with danger 51:0.2(580;2), 51:3.4(583;3)
no Adam ever on a more difficult world 75:1.3,6(839;4)
problem of establishing law and order 74:5.4-7(833;4)
exhaustively instructed regarding dangers of Urantia mission 51:3.4(583;3), 74:1.4,6(828;5)
not to combine good and evil 75:4.4(842;6)
not to depart from divine plan 75:7.4(845;4)
impregnated 1682 mostly Nodite women, who produced 1570 superior children 76:4.8(851;6)
intrusted worship and education to Nodites 76:2.3(848;3)
lived 530 years; died of old age 76:5.5(852;4)
Michael is the 2nd 93:10.7(1025;3)
no liking for war 75:6.2(844;4)
not in ancestry of Joseph father of Jesus 122:1.1(1344;4)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.11(514;1)
head of Satania Material Sons 45:3.9(512;9)
immortal by inherent endowment 51:1.5(581;2)
John the Baptist attacked Herod at 135:10.2(1506;4)
on river Jordan 135:7.2(1503;2)
Adamites. See also races
after Adam Paper 78 (868;1),)
attempted to divorce mathematical from volitional 103:6.10(1136;5)
blood augmented inherent ability of races 81:5.1(905;6)
climatic changes diverted early migration to Europe 81:1.1-3(900;3)
distribution around 15,000 B.C. 78:3.5-9(871;1)
early, named. See Abel; Adamson; Cain; Enoch; Enos; Eveson; Jansad; Kenan; Sansa; Seth
enter Europe 80:1sec(889;3)
exterminated Neanderthal strains in blue race 80:1.7(890;3)
favored blue races of Europe, who absorbed greater portion of 64:6.21(725;2), 80:1.5-8(890;1)
from 35,000 B.C. to 2000 B.C. 78:0.2(868;2)
had blue eyes, fair complexions, and yellow, red, brown hair color, long heads 76:4.1(850;7), 81:4.2-3(904;6)
humor is legacy of 63:4.2(713;8)
in the Garden
candidates for mating brought to Garden 51:5.3(585;7)
eligible for marriage at 20 74:6.8(835;2)
heroic, in second garden 76:3.8(850;4), 78:2sec(869;10)
mixed-race children returned to evolutionary parent 51:5.5(586;2)
interbreeding with A. immediately upsteps races 52:3.6(593;5)
longevity gravitated to norm with each generation 76:4.3(851;1)
Moses leader of submerged remnant of 45:4.14(514;4)
nation of 4.5 million in 19,000 B.C. 78:2.5(870;3)
no longer existed as a race in 15,000 B.C. 78:5.1-2(872;5)
not advanced in mechanical appliances 78:2.4(870;2)
not so subject to fear 76:4.6(851;4)
pacific peoples 80:4.3(892;6)
plan was to amalgamate with colored races upon numbering 500,000 or 1 million 51:5.2(585;6), 52:3.5(593;4), 73:7.3(827;2)
play, humor, music largely derived from 74:6.7(835;1)
resistant to disease 76:4.7(851;5)
tendency to cheat and debauch maidens 80:3.3-4(891;4)
tradition of peace-seeking; long delay in making territorial conquests 78:3.1(870;4), 78:4.5(872;3)
unremitting northward push into Europe 78:3.2(870;5)
violet race
A. also known as violet race, the 9th human race 76:4sec(850;7)
children of Adam were usually Adjuster indwelt 76:4.6(851;4)
comprised of Adamites and Adamsonites 51:3.3(583;2), 78:1.3(868;5)
did not inherit Adam's dual circulation system 76:4.3(851;1)
each generation had less of Adam's special senses 76:4.5(851;3)
monogamous 51:5.5(586;2)
went forth as emissaries 25,000 years ago 78:1.12(869;8), 78:2.2(869;11)
white race incorporates strains of 80:0.1-2(889;1)

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