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hypothetical 15:6.8(173;3)
if e. existed, planets would fall into sun 42:5.16(476;2)
influence of Unqualified Absolute not comparable to 0:11.9(14;7)
name for energy activities in space; does not exist 42:5.14-16(475;10)
theory is ingenious attempt to unify ignorance 42:9.4(480;2)
supervisor seraphim; promote morality of relationships 39:3.7(433;1)
ethics. See also morality
all e. grows out of facts of origin 28:6.2(314;1)
barely superanimal unless dynamic and progressive 12:5.10(135;9)
birth of 86:6.7(956;3)
civilization in danger when youth ignore 111:4.4(1220;3)
defined as
eternal fitness of Deity relations with all beings 56:10.8(646;9)
external social mirror of internal spiritual developments 102:8.4(1127;8)
highest e. is to love neighbor as self 170:3.6(1862;3)
innate, divine, universal 54:4.4(616;3)
not meaningless formalities but inherent proprieties 27:4.1(301;2)
recognition of morality, rights of others 27:3.1(300;4), 92:7.5(1012;6)
recognition that creation, including ourselves, was not made just for us 28:6.18(316;5)
secret of pleasant and profitable interrelationships 43:8.3(494;2)
evolutionary mind can discover 196:3.23(2096;2)
Greek philosophy, Paul's theology form basis of European 98:7.10(1084;9)
indispensable to human progress and survival 101:3.1(1107;8)
Jesus never concerned with e. as such 170:3.8-9(1862;5)
learned in socializing with univitatia 43:8.12(495;1)
man's understanding of e. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
none would exist without religion 92:3.6-8(1006;3), 101:0.2(1104;2)
not advanced by secrecy, insincerity, or hypocrisy 82:1.10(914;6)
secoraphic Unions of Souls portray ideals, status of 28:5.13(311;5)
sojourn on Edentia chiefly occupied with group e. 43:8.3(494;2)
taught by Significances of Origin 28:6.8(315;2)
usually acquired with appearance of language 52:1.6(590;2)
Morontia Companions are instructors of social conduct 48:3.11(546;4)
Technical Advisors teach best and right way to do things 25:4.10(280;5)
organized into Roman state religion 98:3.2(1080;4)
eugenics 82:6sec(919;7),. See also genetics; handicaps; races
Adamic age usually witnesses elimination of unfit 52:3.4(593;3)
Adamites, Andites exterminated inferiors 64:3.5(720;6), 80:1.7(890;3), 80:5.5-6(893;7)
all primitive tribes killed deformed and sickly children 68:6.8(770;5)
civilization in danger when youth ignore 111:4.4(1220;3)
curse of deteriorated, antisocial, feeble-minded, and outcast specimens 70:9.4(794;2), 82:6.4-7(920;2)
early war destroyed unfit peoples; modern war the opposite 70:2.3-4(785;8)
false sentiment fosters and perpetuates hopelessly defective human strains 52:2.11-12(592;4), 99:3.5(1088;6)
Greek culture perished due to imported slaves 80:7.6(895;6)
in continental nation 72:4.2(812;4), 72:5.2(813;3), 72:10.1,3(818;4)
in hunting era, tribes destroyed those deemed inferior 80:3.9(892;3)
in progressive civilization 71:4.2(804;2)
matings between inferior strata diminish creativity 82:6.5(920;3)
nonsurvival by disinheritance due to inferior ancestors 109:3.8(1198;3)
poverty cannot be eliminated if defectives reproduce without restraint 71:3.5(803;5)
prejudice against crossbreeding 82:6.3(920;1)
recommended societal actions
all-important work of eliminating defectives and degenerates 52:2.9-12(592;2), 64:1.8(719;3), 70:8.14-18(793;6), 75:1.1-2(839;2), 79:2.4-8(880;2), 79:4.2(882;2), 82:6.11(921;1)
biologic disfellowshiping of more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks 51:4.8(585;4), 52:5.9(596;7)
biologic fitness through selective reproduction in light and life 55:4.8(627;6), 55:6.3(630;6)
difficulty in executing eugenics in absence of competent judges 51:4.8(585;4)
folly of allowing superiors to mate with inferiors 64:1.8(719;3)
foster normal man; keep subnormal under control 68:6.11(770;8)
racial interbreeding disastrous under present conditions 51:5.7(586;4)
scientific intelligence must supersede uncontrolled natural selection 65:3.6(734;3)
unfit should be eliminated before racial blending 51:4.8(585;4)
sex slavery polluted biologic fitness of superior peoples 69:5.10(776;8)
and Tigris were cradle of Occidental, Indian civilizations 78:1.3(868;5)
drought drove Andites to valleys of 79:1.3(878;4), 80:1.1(889;3)
second garden adjoined 76:0.1(847;1), 76:1.1-3(847;3), 76:3.8(850;4), 76:4.8(851;6)
Sumerians lived at mouth of 77:4.6(860;1), 78:8sec(875;5)
Adamites, Andites entered 77:5.10(862;4), 78:3.2,5(870;5), 78:6.2(873;6), 80:1sec(889;3), 80:4-5secs) 80:9.5(897;8)
Africa once connected E. to South America 59:5.11(681;3)
blue race invaded; drove Andonites from 64:7.3,8-10) 78:1.5(869;1)
blue race was most adventurous of colored races in E. 78:1.8(869;4)
dark ages of. See dark ages
dinosaurs buried in 60:2.2(687;3)
drought drove Andonites into E. ca. 2500 B.C. 80:9.6-7(898;1)
ever-warring nations of E. 134:6.5(1490;8)
geology 57:8.21(662;8), 59:1.13(674;3), 59:2.2-6(675;1), 59:3.2,6(676;6), 59:4.5-15(678;6), 59:5.4,10-20) 59:6.8(683;5), 60:1.4,6,12(685;6), 60:2.6(687;7), 60:3.4-17(689;3), 60:4.3(692;1), 61:1.7-8(694;4), 61:3.7(697;2), 61:4.2(698;4), 61:5.1-4,7) 61:7.1,5(700;6), 64:4sec(720;7)
Greenland connected E. to North America 59:5.20(682;3), 61:1.7(694;4)
in 5000 B.C. purest Adamite strains in northern E. 80:7.9(896;1)
more Andite inheritance than rest of world 78:5.4(872;8), 80:5.1(893;3)
primitive man soon overran 61:6.4(700;5)
red race left imprint 64:6.5(723;4)
religious evolution passed from Jews to 121:7.5-6(1340;3)
Salem missionaries penetrated to remotest tribes of 94:0.1(1027;1)
southern E. in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.5(871;1)
unified in times of Jesus 121:1.3-4(1332;4)
demands transcendence of thing evaluated 112:2.8(1228;7)
evangelism. See gospel: proclaiming
75 of 117 survived test; 1/3 deserted 149:7.3(1677;4), 153:5.2(1715;2)
Abner in charge 163:1.1(1800;3)
did not have everything in common like apostles 148:1.3(1658;2)
Jesus told to work in disregard of what might happen 171:3.2(1870;5)
numbered 70 only by coincidence 163:4.17(1806;1)
ordination 163:1sec(1800;3)
possessed with zeal for kingdom 163:4.13(1805;10)
return to Pella 163:6sec(1806;5)
selection committee 163:2.1(1801;4)
trained by learning and doing 148:1.1(1657;6)
training at Bethsaida Paper 148 (1657;1),)
unseen messengers by sides of 175:1.8(1906;5)
went forth wholly unprovided for 163:4.12(1805;9)
proclaim spiritual liberty and divine sonship 35:3.14(388;8)
celestial beings temporarily attached to mortal finaliter companies 31:7sec(349;6)
Caligastia's wily flank attack on 75:2.3(840;5)
consented to practice of good and evil 75:4.1,3(842;3)
consented to secret conference with Cano 75:3.7(841;7)
default of 75:3.9(842;2)
found Cano pleasant to the eyes 75:4.7(843;1)
glorified in mother cult 80:7.7(895;7)
impatient 74:8.14(838;6), 75:1.6(840;2), 75:8.4(846;3)
increasingly private visits with Serapatatia 75:2.4(840;6)
legend of E. held woman brought evil upon man 84:4.4(935;4)
listened to insidious propaganda of personal liberty 75:8.4(846;3)
lived 511 years 76:5.5(852;4)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
never fully recovered from Adam's 30-day absence 75:5.5-7(843;7)
no intention to jeopardize planetary trust 75:2.4(840;6)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.12(514;2)
reared Sansa along with Cain 76:0.2(847;2)
selected 1,682 women for Adam to impregnate 76:4.8(851;6)
temptation 75:3sec(841;1)
was warned against personal or secret methods 75:2.4(840;6)
Michael's bestowal as a spirit mortal 119:5.2(1314;5)
process described 30:1.14-16(332;5), 31:8.3(350;6), 31:9.10(352;3)

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