The Urantia Book Fellowship
reputed tribe of 128:1.14(1409;4)
Gadara 138:9.3(1546;5), 144:7.1(1626;2), 149:0.1(1668;1), 159:0.2(1762;2), 165:0.1(1817;1)
Thomas Didymus from 138:2.5(1539;8)
Gadda 165:0.1(1817;1)
Philistine interpreter with whom Jesus discoursed on Jonah; argument with Peter 130:1sec(1428;1)
Jesus met G. in home of Crispus 133:3.11(1473;4)
associate head of superangels 46:5.18(525;8)
first ascendant Brilliant Evening Star in Nebadon 37:2.6(407;6), 46:5.18(525;8)
headquarters on Jerusem 37:2.6(407;6), 46:5.18(525;8)
Matthew preached in 139:7.10(1560;6)
375 million new g. will soon be observable by Urantian astronomers 12:2.3(130;5)
badly regarded by Jerusalem leaders; largely gentile 121:2.12(1334;6)
forcible conversion of gentile population 139:0.2(1548;2)
Herod rebuilt cities in 121:2.11(1334;5)
Jesus wished to meet apostles in 192:1.2(2045;7)
Jesus' preaching tours of Papers 146, 149, 150)
lack of wealth did not imply social inferiority 126:5.1(1392;8), 127:5.1(1402;4)
more beautiful and prosperous than Judea 124:2.9(1369;5)
no prophet arises from 162:2.9(1792;3), 162:6.4(1796;2)
Pilate mingled Galileans' blood with sacrifices 166:4.4(1830;4), 185:1.5(1988;4)
residents went to Jerusalem for 3 feasts 125:1.5(1379;1)
splendid environment for young Jesus 123:0.5(1356;2), 124:0.1(1366;1)
on sword point of angel of death 168:1.14(1845;5)
Gamala 149:0.1(1668;1), 149:6.1(1675;2)
strange preacher episode at 159:2.1(1764;3)
counseled against jailing followers of Jesus 194:4.10(2067;5)
renowned teacher at Jerusalem 126:5.3(1392;10)
gambling. See also chance; luck
civilized people still predisposed to 86:1.4(950;6)
natural to primitives; desire for something for nothing 69:2.7(773;8)
athletic games. See sports
once, person counted out must die; now, only "it" 90:2.4(987;8)
upon spontaneous dissociation of certain atoms 42:5.1,7(474;5)
Andites migrated into valley of 79:2.4(880;2)
delta is work of last 50,000 years 79:2.1(879;7)
Dravidian centers along 79:3.6(881;6)
high Aryan-Dravidian culture on plains of 79:4.4(882;4)
marine life evolved in bay of 59:6.9(683;6)
brilliant Indian boy whom Jesus tutored Papers 130-133)
first meeting with Jesus 129:2.9(1422;6)
serious illness in Cyprus 133:7.3(1479;3)
talk with disgruntled employee in Antioch 133:8.3(1481;1)
translated synopses of world's religions Paper 131 (1442;1),) 130:3.5-6(1432;5)
worthy successor to eminent father 133:9.5(1481;7)
Jesus rented land near Nazareth home for 126:5.10(1393;7)
3000 volunteers prepared 73:2.3(822;7)
37,000 years ago 51:6sec(586;5)
Adam discouraged animal sacrifice in 76:2.3(848;3)
after default, Adam abandoned to Nodites; caravanned to second garden 75:6sec(844;3), 76:0.1(847;1)
commercial relations with outsiders 51:6.1(586;5)
1200 loyal Edenites at time of default 75:6.2(844;4)
cooperation from Nodites 75:2.5(840;7), 75:3.5(841;5), 77:4.1(859;4)
education 74:7sec(835;4)
enter Mesopotamia 76:1sec(847;3)
had no suitable boats 76:0.1(847;1)
ideal of whole family as gardeners 84:7.8(940;4)
language was Andonic dialect 74:2.2(829;4)
massacred nearby Nodites upon learning of Eve's folly with Cano 75:5.3(843;5)
practiced scrupulous burial of all waste 73:5.4(825;1)
primitive manufacturing 74:5.3(833;3)
garden established; existing residents evicted 73:3.2(823;2), 73:4sec(823;7)
life in G. of E. far from Utopian 68:1.7(764;3)
named after Edentia 39:5.3(437;2), 73:4.1(823;7)
no animals ever slaughtered in 73:4.1(823;7), 76:2.3(848;3)
occupied by tribes after default 73:7.1(826;6)
physical description 73:5sec(824;5)
27 mile wide neck connected to mainland 73:3.4(823;4)
12,000 miles of paved roads 73:5.2(824;6)
area between walls occupied by wild beasts 73:4.3(824;2)
brick walls across neck of peninsula 73:4.2-3(824;1)
elevated Mediterranean peninsula; salubrious climate 73:3.3-6(823;3)
hills abounded in precious stones and metals 73:3.5(823;5)
inaugural mount 74:2.5(829;7), 74:3.5(831;2), 74:4.4(832;4)
most beautiful spot on earth 73:3.6(823;6), 73:5.8(825;5), 73:7.1(826;6), 74:3.4(831;1)
sanitary practices 73:5.3-4(824;7)
submerged under eastern Mediterranean 73:7.1-2(826;6), 78:7.7(875;4)
planning for; site selection 73:2-3secs) 76:1.3(847;5)
plans for 1 million people to inhabit 73:5.1(824;5)
2nd epochal revelation 92:4.6(1007;6)
7 commandments of Eden were taboos 89:1.4(975;1)
carried on by Sethite priests 92:4.6(1007;6)
laws 74:7.5-6(836;1)
spornagia are g. for Jerusem 46:7.2(527;6)
named to honor constellation capital 43:6.2(492;2), 51:3.2(583;1), 73:4.1(823;7)
second centers of world culture 51:6.2(586;6)
usually secluded in near-tropic zone 51:3.2(583;1)
one half of Edentia devoted to 43:1.7(486;6), 43:6.1-2(492;1)
gas 59:3.4(677;1)
often found in coal beds 59:5.16(681;8)
criminals executed in g.c. in continental nation 72:10.1(818;4)
gastropods 59:2.12(676;3), 59:3.7(677;4)
in Jerusalem temple 162:4.3(1794;2)
Philistines ordered King David off field at 97:9.5(1072;3)
doctrine of Teacher, Law, and Brotherhood 104:1.6(1144;3)
Gautama forbade to receive money 94:8.15(1037;3)
perverted cult to make him divine 92:5.9(1009;6), 94:11.2,9(1039;1)
son became successor, greatly extended cult 94:7.6(1035;6)
spiritual awakening of G.S. did not persist in India 79:4.8(882;8)
wife founded order of nuns 94:7.6(1035;6)
brought succor to millions of despairing souls 94:7.7(1036;1)
his life was much greater than his preachment 94:8.15(1037;3)
outstanding religious teacher 121:6.4(1338;7)
taught best godless philosophy ever invented 94:8.14(1037;2)
taught universal salvation, free from sacrifice, ritual, and priests 94:7.7(1036;1)
sudden conversion 100:5.3(1099;1)
failed to perceive personality of God, existence of souls 94:7.3(1035;3)
faulty navigation charts ran aground 132:7.4(1466;4)
hardly believed in immortality 94:8.12(1036;3)
orphan prophet; knew God in spirit, not mind 132:7.3-5(1466;3)
should have heeded the hermit Godad 94:7.4(1035;4)
author of Paper 119 119:0.1(1308;1)
first-born and chief of Brilliant Evening Stars in Nebadon 37:2.6(407;6), 119:0.1(1308;1)
Gaza 134:7.4(1492;4), 194:4.13(2068;3)
Geba 134:7.5(1492;5)
bodies of crucified thieves taken to 188:1.5(2013;4)
open burial pits south of Jerusalem 188:0.2(2012;2)
Significances of Origin are living 28:6.2-4(314;1)
of kingdom called in Philadelphia 167:0.3(1833;3), 167:2.3(1835;3)
story of Eve created out of Adam's rib 74:8.3(837;2)
dominant gene normally improves hybrid 82:6.7(920;5)
evolution produced many apparently useless forms of transition life 65:4.10-12(736;1)
genetic handicaps cannot invalidate presence of Adjuster 5:1.4-7(63;2), 5:5.13-14(69;8)
genetics underlies all ability, all character 44:8.2(507;7), 76:2.6(848;6)
gland chemistry influences imagination, spiritual receptivity 49:5.12(566;7)
good environment cannot overcome character handicaps of base heredity 76:2.6(848;6)
70 generations between dawn mammals and mid-mammals 61:6.1(700;2), 62:2.6(704;5)
Abraham arrived in expected generation 93:5.3(1018;8)
Andite strain stimulated innately able yellow race 79:6.7(885;4), 79:7.3(886;4)
Caligastia 100 taught selective animal breeding 66:5.4(746;2)
chromosomes on Prince's staff reorganized by life circuits 77:2.2,5(856;5)
Jesus did not interfere with biologic evolution 120:3.5,8(1329;6)
Moses' unusual versatility and adaptability derived from mixed ancestry 96:3.1(1055;4)
race is decisive factor in evolution of culture 81:6.4(907;1)
racial deterioration contributed to Roman decline 133:0.2(1468;2), 195:3.8-9(2074;3)
some early irreparable genetic losses due to wars 63:4.8(714;6)
tremendous gains from small amount of violet blood 48:4.13,17(548;8), 52:3.6(593;5), 74:7.9(836;5),. See also Andites
individuals lacking parental instinct eliminated from reproductive stream 84:7.7(940;3)
inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified; responses can 140:4.8(1572;8)
jealously guard superior human strains 49:1.7(560;6)
morontia life removes all genetic handicaps 44:8.3(508;1), 109:5.5(1199;6)
mortals differ in innate endowments 69:3.8(774;7), 70:8.1(792;5), 100:7.8(1102;5)
often requires ages to recoup loss of single superior strain of human heredity 49:1.7(560;6)
play, humor, music largely derived from Adamites 74:6.7(835;1)
religion powerless apart from sound and normal g. 70:8.18(793;10)
religious experience markedly influenced by 100:1.6(1095;1)

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