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1 of 3 original selections for Garden of Eden 76:1.3(847;5)
after default, Adam abandoned Garden of Eden; caravanned to 75:6sec(844;3), 75:7.1(845;1)
caravan to s.g. took 1 year 76:1.1(847;3)
civilization artificial; had not evolved 78:2.3(870;1)
cradle of civilization for 30,000 years 78:0.1(868;1)
culture terminated by infiltration of inferiors 78:6.8(874;5)
defense wall extended 56 miles between rivers 76:1.3(847;5)
farming and gardening chief pursuits 81:1.6(901;1)
herds, seeds, plant bulbs, and cereals caravanned to 76:3.6(850;2)
life in Mesopotamia 76:3sec(849;4)
located between Tigris and Euphrates rivers 76:0.1(847;1), 76:1.1,3(847;3)
religious life difficult to organize; Nodites in charge 76:2.3(848;3)
carrying the pack 159:5.12(1770;4)
number 84,691 on Uversa; numbers increasing 24:1.5(265;5)
order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; serve on superuniverse headquarters 24:1.2,5(265;2)
appear wholly automatic and mechanical 29:4.5,27(325;1)
beings of enormous antigravity endowment; work in reverse to primary associators 29:4.28(328;4)
evolve limitless supplies of energy 29:4.28(328;4)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)
appeals to vanity, confers power of mystery 70:7.2-3(790;5)
essential to successful practice of fraud and superstition 90:4.9(992;1)
importance of maintaining confidences 13:1.13,20(146;2)
not granted us to know personal relations of Creators and creatures 18:1.4-6(208;3)
nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed 150:4.2(1681;9), 151:3.1(1691;4), 165:3.2-3(1820;1)
records open for consultation 25:6.2(281;7)
secret societies taught keeping secrets 70:7.12(792;1)
there are no arbitrary secrets 18:1.4(208;3)
unlimited disclosure of sin-expression is quickest final cure 54:5.9-12(617;9)
based on rite of blood-drinking 89:9.3(984;2)
built social castes 70:7.11(791;8)
employed by kings to collect taxes 70:7.14(792;3)
for women 70:7.9(791;6)
kept unscrupulous kings on anxious seat; practiced lynch law 70:7.12(792;1)
power of mystery conferred on members 70:7.2-3(790;5)
puberty initiation tests 70:7.3-11(790;6)
sociopolitical and religio-mystical types 70:7.1(790;4)
assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1(313;5)
tertiary seconaphim; associated with Souls of Goodness 28:6.20-22(317;1)
ascribes urge to be unselfish to material mind 103:5.3(1134;1)
atheism is maximation of ugliness 56:10.4(646;5)
broke bonds of church control 195:8.4(2081;4)
cannot lastingly increase responsiveness to sufferings of others 99:1.5(1087;2)
contributed to tolerance, social service, civil liberties 195:8.6-8(2081;6)
betrays man into political and economic slavery 195:8.4(2081;4)
blights spiritual experience of millions 195:8sec(2081;1), 195:10.7(2084;7)
godless philosophy leading only to war, world-wide disaster 195:8.5,7(2081;5)
terrible destruction of s. yet to come 195:8.13(2082;5)
humanism may be grafted onto spiritual roots 102:7.4(1126;4)
of Nile Valley never surpassed in moral grandeur 95:3.3(1045;6)
religion of Jesus will conquer 195:9.2-3(2082;7)
thoughtless s. of man in street 195:6.7(2077;3)
untrue humanist teachings 99:5.1(1090;7)
Salem headquarters for China 94:5.1(1032;3)
parables about seeds
growth to harvest 151:3.15(1693;5)
mustard seed 140:8.27(1583;1), 151:4.2(1693;8), 178:1.15(1931;6)
seed of living being 178:1.15(1931;6)
sower 151:1sec(1688;3)
plants bearing seeds
afforded animals better food supply 59:6.7(683;4)
appeared in Permian 59:6.7(683;4)
evolution from spores 65:6.3(737;3)
sometimes planting seed necessitates its death 48:6.25(555;4)
absoluta modified by Primary Master Force Organizers 12:2.4(131;1), 15:4.2,4(169;2), 29:5.2-3(329;2), 42:1.5(468;2), 42:2.7-9(469;7), 56:9.1-2(644;3)
also known as primordial force; pure energy 11:5.4(122;4), 11:8.5(126;1), 15:4.2(169;2), 42:1.6(468;3), 42:2.7-9(469;7), 42:11.1(481;5), 56:1.3-4(638;1)
an ultimate 12:6.6(136;4)
ancestor of all relative, nonspirit functional realities 56:1.4(638;2)
basic space force of Unqualified Absolute 29:5.3(329;3), 56:1.3(638;1)
fashioned after similitude of 3 Gods in 1 42:1.6(468;3)
first stage of individuation of absoluta into pre-energy form of cosmic force 11:8.5(126;1)
focalized on nether Paradise 11:5.4(122;4)
passage of particles through s. gives rise to phenomena analogous to postulated ether 42:5.15-16(476;1)
phases of transmutation to universe power 42:2.10-12(470;1)
pre-energy not responsive to direct Paradise gravity 11:8.5(126;1), 29:5.3(329;3), 56:1.3(638;1)
reactive to transcendental causation in proportion to absoluteness 42:2.8(469;8)
reacts with elasticity of response in accordance with unknown but stable laws 12:6.6(136;4)
response is universal, inescapable; inherent in Absolutes 56:1.3(638;1)
under personal control of Universal Father 42:0sec(467;1), 56:1.3(638;1)
sacrificed in building walls of Jericho 89:6.6(981;3)
disclose beings who function best in temporary association 48:2.17(544;7)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
type of Morontia Power Supervisor; certify morontia progressors for advanced standing 48:2.16(544;6)
do not take too seriously 48:6.26(555;5)
faith of Jesus provides salvation from 101:6.8(1112;4)
humor is divine antidote for exaltation of ego 48:4.14-15(549;1)
man identifies urge to be self-serving with his ego 103:2.10(1131;9)
nature of self
2 phases of increasing dominance 112:2.12-14(1229;3)
Adjuster is our real and better s. 133:7.7(1479;7), 195:7.5(2078;8)
consciousness sorter and associator 133:7.9(1480;1)
constitutive factors 112:2.10(1229;1)
has personality and temporal identity 5:6.6-7(71;1)
in morontia 112:6sec(1235;5)
incessant clamoring of inescapable s. for honor 3:5.13(51;12)
man's invincible foe 131:6.2(1450;6)
selfhood is material on evolutionary worlds 112:7.6(1238;1)
selfhood resides in material mind circuits during mortal life 111:3.2(1219;1), 112:6.9(1237;1)
summation of parts constitute individuality 112:1.18(1227;8)
only a well-unified personality can arbitrate multiform ego contentions 103:5.4(1134;2)
securing equal good for others and oneself 103:5.4-6(1134;2)
survival of the s. 112:5sec(1232;2)
union with God exalts, enriches, spiritualizes, and unifies man's evolving s. 117:5.2(1285;5), 133:7.7(1479;7)
Vedic concentration on s. led to belief in reincarnation 94:2.3(1029;1)
work is important, s. is not 48:6.26(555;5)
co-operation with Adjuster does not entail ostentatious s.a. 110:3.4(1206;2)
self-acting Adjusters. See Thought Adjusters: types of Adjusters: self acting
defeat is true mirror in which to view real self 156:5.17(1740;4)
God alone has perfect appraisal of himself 2:1.3-4(34;2)
Jesus did not provide for spiritual self-examination 140:8.27(1583;1)
prevents conceited egotism 140:8.27(1583;1)
science and religion need searching, fearless self-criticism 103:7.7(1138;5)
understanding self and others leads to craving to know God 1:6.6(30;5)
vs. self-forgetfulness 143:2.2(1609;3)
battle cry of Lucifer rebellion 53:4.2(604;4)
breaks loose in wars 194:3.18(2065;6)
indulging s.-a. separates man from communion with Father 5:1.10(64;1)
kingdom of order inherently triumphant over 53:6.5(606;8)
refuse to use power for 48:7.8(556;8)
self-admiration leads to seeking unjust power over others 54:1.6-8(614;1)
sin to prostitute divine talents for self-aggrandizement 136:6.9(1519;2)
based on assurance of doing Father's will 181:1.8(1954;5)
not to be deplored 111:6.9(1223;1)
Peter's presumptuous 181:2.27(1962;1)
Spirit of Truth gives 194:0.1(2059;1)

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