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mores 68:4sec(767;1),. See also traditions
ancient man was helpless victim of 68:4.4(767;4)
crystallized by belief the dead would punish those who disdain rules by which they had lived 68:4.3(767;3)
dependent on land-man ratio 68:5.1(768;1), 68:6.1(769;6)
grew out of effort to avoid pain and humiliation while seeking pleasure and power 68:4.2(767;2)
have ample power to restrain sex urge 82:3.3(915;6)
helped man subordinate present to future 69:5.4(776;2)
human institutions are merely accumulated m. 69:0.3(772;3)
laws in the making 70:11.1(796;7)
m. change, but instinct never 84:5.13(938;3)
mistake for evangelists to attempt to reform 95:1.6,8(1043;1), 95:7.3(1051;1)
origin of m. always unconscious and unintentional 68:4.2(767;2)
Prince's staff did not impose m. upon tribes 66:6.5(749;7)
safety brake against too rapid advancement 68:4.5-6(767;5)
morontia Paper 48 (541;1),). See also mansion worlds; mind: types of mind: morontia mind; morontia progressors; morontia worlds
art is mortal m. 195:7.15-16(2079;10)
celestial beings enabled humans to see m. Jesus 189:4.11(2027;1)
creatures of m. respirate m. gas 43:1.3(486;2)
defined as
bridging gulf between material and spiritual 0:5.12(9;2), 16:4.5,6(189;6), 48:0.2,3(541;2), 48:1.1,2(541;4), 130:7.8(1439;6), 133:5.9(1477;4), 133:6.7(1478;6)
material created by modifying revolutions of primary units of matter 48:1.3(541;6)
reflected shadow of spirit; matter is skeleton 189:1.3(2021;2)
substance of soul 0:5.10(8;1)
warp is spiritual; woof is physical 0:5.12(9;2)
forms can be made indifferent to ordinary matter or contactable 189:2.3-4(2023;2)
good we do here contributes directly to m. life 103:5.7(1134;5)
invisible to human vision 44:3.2(502;1)
Jesus in m. See Jesus: events in life: morontia appearances
known since early days of Planetary Prince 48:1.1(541;4)
life in m. entails real contact with real energies 48:6.18(554;3)
m. life initiated at conception of soul 48:6.2(551;7)
m. mathematics articulates m. experiences 112:1.11(1227;1)
mansion world students eat m. food; no residual waste 47:4.6(535;2)
Melchizedeks certify attainment of m. wisdom 45:7.7(518;3)
morontia energy
circuits distinct from physical and spiritual circuits 48:2.6(543;3)
controlled by Universe Power Directors 24:1.1(265;1)
melody produced by management of m. energy 44:1.2(499;4)
must be replenished 44:5.8-10(505;5)
plant life modified on each ascending sphere 48:2.8,15(543;5)
slowed down, becomes morontia material 48:2.13(544;3)
substance and mind created by Morontia Power Supervisors 16:4.5(189;6), 42:2.4(469;4), 48:1.3(541;6), 48:2.11(544;1)
almost wholly self-governing 48:3.3(545;4)
at first, 1 for each 1000 survivors 47:3.12(534;4)
beautiful, versatile, and companionable guides 47:3.12(534;4)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.12(336;4)
matter of chance whether morontia progressor receives aggressive or retiring type 48:3.4,11(545;5), 84:6.5(938;9)
not assigned permanently to individuals 48:3.9(546;2)
not indispensable; M.C. are a personality luxury of ascenders' local universe career 25:7.1(282;5), 48:3.18(547;3)
number 70 billion in Nebadon 37:8.9(414;4), 48:3.1(545;2)
offspring of Mother Spirit 25:7.1(282;5), 47:3.11(534;3), 48:3.1(545;2)
serve exclusively in local universes, from mansion worlds to Salvington 25:7.3(282;7), 48:3.2(545;3)
gracious hosts; ever with surviving mortals in local universe 25:7.1(282;5), 48:3.8-9(546;1)
skillful play sponsors 25:7.1(282;5)
supervise Mansion World Teachers 48:5.4(550;5)
supreme in management of morontia affairs 48:3.16(547;1)
thousands lost in Lucifer rebellion 48:3.3(545;4), 53:7.5(608;1)
trained by and serve under Melchizedeks 48:3.2(545;3)
aggressive and retiring types 48:3.4(545;5)
very close kin to humans 48:3.4(545;5)
will always be Morontia Companions 48:3.16(547;1)
4th order transition minister seraphim 39:6.1(439;4)
teach mota to morontia progressors 48:6.16-17(554;1)
morontia mind. See mind: types of mind: morontia mind
divine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.7(502;6)
absent from occasions of rejoicing 47:10.1(539;3)
always serve in native local universe 48:2.4(543;1)
build morontia temple 55:1.3(622;3)
channels of morontia power for transition worlds 48:2.1(542;5)
create survivors' 570 successive morontia life vehicles 42:10.5(481;2), 48:1.5(542;2)
creation upon arrival of first mortal survivors 48:2.3(542;7)
director serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
effect union of material and spiritual energies 48:1.5(542;2)
enable survivors to glimpse high spirit personalities 45:1.2(509;5)
involved in mind control 29:2.2(321;1)
modify revolutions of primary units of matter to create new morontia substance 48:1.3(541;6)
morontia planners collaborate with 44:3.7(502;6)
offspring of Mother Spirit; require no training 48:2.2(542;6)
on Jerusem and Edentia 43:8.1(493;7), 46:5.19(526;1)
physical-energy manipulators of celestial artisans assist 44:5.2(504;6)
produce morontia substance and morontia mind 16:4.5(189;6)
provide undifferentiated morontia material wherewith morontia life can begin 42:12.4(483;4)
rarely serve on inhabited planets 48:2.5(543;2)
self-governing 48:2.4(543;1)
technician seraphim are liaisons with 48:6.18(554;3)
types 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.18(337;2), 48:2sec(542;5)
assurance of truth replaces assurance of faith for 101:5.11(1111;4)
do not retain self-consciousness without Adjuster 112:6.7(1236;5)
life after death no different in essentials than mortal existence 103:5.7(1134;5)
may make changes in personal abodes 48:3.15(546;8)
may visit superuniverse upon attaining spirit status 30:3.12(340;1)
Michael's bestowal as m.p. on Endantum 119:6sec(1315;4)
morontia bodies
are like angels' 43:9.2(495;4)
ascenders have 570 morontia bodies in course of morontia life 42:10.5(481;2), 48:1.5-6(542;2), 48:2.10-17(543;7)
do not have circulating blood or eat ordinary food 190:0.3(2029;3)
enormous range of vision 46:5.3(524;1)
highly individual; vary with nature of inner person 42:12.4(483;4), 112:6.3(1236;1)
individualized by the morontia mind 42:12.4(483;4)
morontia-form changes necessary for each successive sphere; re-keying performed by selective assorters 43:7.1(493;2), 43:8.2(494;1), 47:4.4(534;8), 48:1.5(542;2), 48:2.10-17(543;7)
require food and drink; no residual waste 43:6.6(492;6), 47:4.6(535;2)
retain same form until becoming first-stage spirits 47:10.4(539;6)
subject to certain accidents 50:3.3(574;5)
mortals denominated m.p. after mansion worlds until attainment of spirit status at end of local universe sojourn 30:4.11-14,19) 47:7.1(537;1), 48:0.2(541;2), 48:8.1(557;16)
no Jerusem citizens fell in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.10-12(608;6)
no marriage between 174:3.2(1900;2)
opportunity to visit any realm experientially attained 48:3.10(546;3)
remain in full contact with material world 48:2.19(545;1)
retain ability to recognize beings of previous levels 44:0.11(498;6)
Adamic training; training on Edentia 43:8sec(493;7), 45:6sec(515;7)
career equally divided between work and play 48:4.1(547;4)
divestment of erroneous ideas of God and spirit 102:4.4(1123;4)
learn languages much as we do down here 48:3.13(546;6)
no time limit set for progression 26:3.2(288;2)
progressively more difficult tasks given to perform 25:7.2(282;6)
translated souls do not pass through mansion worlds 55:2.8-10(624;2), 55:6.8(631;4)
use material and semimaterial means of atmospheric passage 43:1.2(486;1)
wards of the local universe 30:4.12(342;2)

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