The Urantia Book Fellowship
origin 84:4.6(935;6)
shamanesses became adept at 90:4.4(991;3)
might. See also compulsion
enforces commonly recognized rights 81:5.6(906;4)
makes what is and what has been 81:6.15(908;4)
was right among ancients 70:11.9(797;7), 70:12.2(798;1)
endowed with everything finaliters one day achieve 40:10.12(454;1)
first came up with Grandfanda 15:10.4(178;4)
fully conscious of ascendant careers 22:2.9(246;1)
High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9(336;1)
maintain constant connection through reflectivity 22:2.7(245;7)
mortal ascenders who stood loyal in face of disloyalty of their superiors 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2.1(245;1), 44:0.11(498;6), 54:6.5(619;2)
nonparticipating in growth of present universe age 117:2.4(1280;4)
number 7 trillion 22:2.5(245;5)
of first system rebellion 54:6.11(620;3)
rebellion-tested perfected mortals who were trinitized after becoming finaliters 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2.1-2(245;1)
selection is inherent and automatic 22:4.4(247;3)
assist Perfections of Days 18:4.4(210;7), 22:2.8(245;8)
certify correctness of Celestial Recorders' records 25:6.3(282;1)
defend individuals and planets in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), 22:2.8(245;8)
official superuniverse observers to local universes and systems 15:10.3-5(178;3), 15:12.1(180;2), 22:2.8(245;8)
with associates, form highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.6-7(178;3)
wrote: Papers 22, 28, 30, 32, 34, 40, 42, 52, 54-56, 115-118) 22:10.10(255;1), 28:7.5(318;3), 30:4.28(344;3), 32:5.9(365;5), 34:7.9(383;3), 40:10.15(454;4), 42:12.9(484;4), 52:7.17(600;6), 54:6.11(620;3), 55:12.6(636;7), 56:10.22(648;5), 115:7.9(1267;3), 116:7.7(1277;1), 117:7.15(1293;2), 118:10.22(1307;3),
status of preceding universe age 117:2.4(1280;4)
survivors can communicate freely with 22:2.9(246;1)
tertiary seconaphim are assigned to 28:3.1(307;3), 28:6.1(313;5)
Trinitized Sons of Attainment 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2sec(245;1), 28:6.1(313;5)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
cousin of Apostle Thomas; member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
on Jerusem equals 7 Urantia miles 46:1.2(519;3)
second m. of free service and devotion 195:10.5(2084;5)
autocratic and cruel; disintegrates vanquished 70:2.13(786;9)
nationalistic m. in conflict with industrialism 70:2.6(786;2)
woman's social position varied inversely with degree of 84:5.3(936;7)
accumulation of group wealth led to 69:5.2(775;10)
avoid offensive operations for gain or aggrandizement 71:4.5(804;5)
government may employ force 133:1.5(1470;1), 133:4.12(1475;5), 140:8.4(1579;6)
idealism cannot survive if idealists permit themselves to be exterminated 71:4.5(804;5)
peacetime service voluntary, professional military class avoided on continental nation 72:11.2-3(819;1)
security through preparedness 70:9.2(793;12), 71:4.4-5(804;4)
training associated with professional training in continental nation 72:8.7(817;4), 72:11.2(819;1)
uniforms stir feminine emotions 84:3.4(934;3)
Miriam sister of Jesus sold 126:3.12(1391;2), 128:3.1(1411;1)
of black cow highly magical 88:5.4(971;6)
use of cows' and goats' m. reduced infant mortality 84:3.9(934;8)
composed of vast numbers of nebulae 15:4.8(170;2)
physical center of Orvonton in dense diameter of 32:2.11(359;8)
represents central nucleus of Orvonton 15:3.1-3(167;4), 42:5.5(475;1)
Jesus' teaching to 133:4.2(1474;2)
about neck of one causing child to stumble 158:8.1(1761;2)
Absolutes seem to transcend m. 4:1.8(55;6)
God's bestowal of m. does not lessen his m. 3:4.3(50;1)
Infinite Spirit
all levels of m. overshadowed by 42:10.7(481;4)
draws intellectual values to Paradise 14:2.8(155;2)
m. is what responds to Infinite Spirit's m. circuit 0:3.7(5;6), 0:6.1(9;3)
m. originates exclusively in, and converges in, the Infinite Spirit 0:3.7(5;6), 9:1.1(98;6), 9:5.2(102;8), 21:2.7(236;5), 56:2.2(638;6)
ministry to m. 8:4.1(94;3), 12:6.2-3(135;12)
pure m. subject only to gravity grasp of Infinite Spirit 9:6.6(104;4)
mind gravity. See gravity: types
nature of mind
ability to know and be known 6:6.2(78;5)
always competent to produce suitable body 42:12.2-8(483;2)
always dominant over matter 42:12.8(484;3), 65:8.5(740;1)
can attenuate action of gravity on mass 42:11.5(482;3)
can think even when deprived of power of choice 29:4.6(325;2)
certain meanings of m. are transcendental 105:7.4(1160;2)
circuits of m. are never permanent possessions of ascenders 117:5.7-8(1286;5)
cosmic arena of creature choice 116:3.2(1270;6)
cosmic mind endowment of innate recognition of things, meanings, and values spirit response 16:6.4-11(191;7), 16:9.1(195;3), 65:6.10(738;3), 103:7.11-13(1139;3), 111:1.2(1216;3)
derived only from pre-existent m. 36:6.2(403;7)
different on each Havona sphere 14:6.17(161;7)
does not have to be added to spirit 9:4.2(102;2), 112:0.14(1226;2)
endowed with ability to learn, memory, differential response 65:6.8(738;1)
endows consciousness despite absence of personality 9:6.3(104;1)
flexible reality 116:3.2(1270;6)
grows out of material existence illuminated by cosmic mind 180:5.3(1949;5)
human m. must be conceded beginnings 6:0.2,4(73;2), 14:4.3(157;2)
indigenous to Deity 6:6.2(78;5)
indispensable channel of communication, mediation between spirit and matter 0:6.8(9;10), 9:6.5,7(104;3), 56:1.6(638;4), 56:2.2(638;6), 101:5.5(1110;5), 107:5.1(1181;4), 116:3.2,4(1270;6), 116:6.3(1275;3)
infallible, according to Lucifer 53:4.4(605;1)
inherently aware of sequentiality 12:5.1(134;6)
innately forms universe frame in which to think 115:1.1(1260;2)
interassociates matter and spirit 12:6.3(136;1), 12:8.7(140;3)
invariably seeks for spirit co-ordination 111:2.1(1217;5)
leads back to Deity 101:10.4(1116;5)
less responsive to material gravity as it becomes more spiritual 12:8.5(140;1), 42:11.4(482;2)
living ministry associated with energy systems 0:6.8(9;10), 9:4.2(102;2), 42:10.7(481;4)
lower functions directed from system capitals 65:7.1(738;4)
lowest m. is controlled by Master Physical Controllers, then adjutant mind-spirits, then encircuited in Mother Spirit 36:5.15(403;3), 42:10.2-5(480;5)
may be bestowed upon wide range of life 9:5.3(103;1)
never ceases to progress; always creative 42:12.1,2(483;1), 116:1.5(1269;4)
not directly responsive to Father 3:2.5(47;3)
not fully predictable 7:1.8(82;7), 9:6.8,9(104;6), 10:7.4(115;6), 12:6.5(136;3), 14:2.9(155;3)
not inherent in energy 9:4.2(102;2)
organized consciousness not wholly subject to gravity; liberated by spirit 12:8.11(140;7)
patterns for local universe m. found in Havona 14:6.30(162;8)
profits from experience 65:6.8(738;1)
reacts to physical, moral, and faith realities 16:8.8(195;1)
responsive to energy 116:5.7(1274;4), 116:6.4(1275;4)
sin causes m. to lose equilibrium 67:1.3(754;4)
spirit strives for dominance over matter in personality through meditation of m. 12:8.14(140;10)
teachable levels activated by adjutant mind-spirits 65:0.3(730;3)
technique by which spirit becomes real to creatures 12:8.8(140;4)
totality of m. is dominant over its parts 111:2.1(1217;5)
unified at level of Master Spirits with Supreme Being, as cosmic mind subordinate to Absolute Mind 56:3.4(639;4)
unity 102:2.5(1120;2)
universal urges of m. are creature desiring to know God, God desiring to attain creature's experience 111:2.8(1218;6)
universe is creation of m. 42:11.1-2(481;5)
without divergencies, m. has no basis to formulate concepts 115:3.2(1261;6)
no personalities of pure m. exist 30:1.23(334;2)
not inherent in energy 9:4.2(102;2)
organismal physical capacity for 65:0.1-3(730;1)
physical brain has capacity to respond to m. 65:0.1(730;1), 65:6.10(738;3)
Solitary Messengers traverse space over m. circuits of Infinite Spirit 107:6.5(1182;7)
types of mind
absolute mind
existential, nonspatial, nontemporal 42:10.6-7(481;3)
m. is absolute in Paradise 42:10.7(481;4)
m. of Infinite Spirit 9:4sec(102;1)
absonite mind
m. is absonite in Havona 42:10.7(481;4)
m. of the spirit, possessed by spirit ascenders 39:2.6(430;2)
morontia mind
bestowal of Mother Spirit and Creator Son 42:10.5(481;2)
co-operating material and spiritual minds 110:2.6(1205;4)
conjoined ministry of cosmic mind and super-adjutant m. of Creative Spirit 42:10.4(481;1), 110:6.21(1211;6)
consciousness in ascending career 42:10.5(481;2)
created by Morontia Power Supervisors 16:4.5(189;6)
evolves by direct contact with cosmic mind 112:6.6(1236;4)
individualizes morontia form for survivors 42:12.4(483;4)
nonmorontia orders 42:10.5(481;2)
nonteachable levels of mind (pre-adjutant mind)
contacted by adjutant mind-spirit of intuition 36:5.6(402;3)
domain of Master Physical Controllers and Supreme Power Centers 9:5.3(103;1), 29:2.2(321;1), 36:5.14-15(403;2), 41:2.6(457;5), 42:10.3(480;6), 65:0.3(730;3), 65:7.5(739;1)
Paradise Mind. See mind: types of mind: absolute mind
spirit m. of Eternal Son 6:6sec(78;4)

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