The Urantia Book Fellowship
Hebrew raid on M. illustrates cruelty of ancient war 70:1.15(784;11)
in days of Gideon 124:6.6(1374;6)
circles Salvington 36:4.4-5(400;8)
Material Sons and Daughters receive Adjusters on 55:4.24(629;5)
midsoniters 30:1.21(333;7), 36:4.5-6(401;1), 45:6.9(517;2),. See also midsonite world
1 world in each local system is for 36:4.1(400;5)
come to local systems in light and life 55:8.4(632;7)
help at system probationary nursery 45:6.9(517;2)
inculcate mota meanings in mortals in light and life 55:8.4(632;7)
mysterious destiny; none have ever died 36:4.4,8(400;8)
not Adjuster indwelt 36:4.4(400;8)
progeny of Melchizedek Life Carriers and Material Daughters 35:1.3(385;2), 36:4.1-2(400;5)
reproducing beings until removed after 1,000 years 36:4.3(400;7)
wards of finaliters 36:4.8(401;4)
400,000 light-years wide between 7 superuniverses and 1st outer space level 12:1.8(129;6)
50,000,000 light-years wide between 1st and 2nd outer space levels 12:1.9(130;1)
free from star dust, cosmic fog 12:1.8(129;6)
mid-zone of nether Paradise may be control mechanism of 11:5.6(122;6)
quiescent elliptical regions separating space levels 11:7.7(125;1)
separate and incapsulate pervaded and unpervaded space 11:5.6(122;6), 11:7.3(124;4)
separate space levels, though less now than previously 11:5.6(122;6), 11:7.2,7-8) 12:1.2,8(128;5)
transition zones from time to eternity 12:5.4(135;3)
zones between Paradise and superuniverses 11:7.1(124;2), 14:1.1(152;3)
small group of midwayers who deliver messages 77:8.6(864;7)
Adam and Eve could see 76:4.5(851;3)
always found on decimal planets 38:9.2(424;2)
classification 38:9.1(424;1)
future status
finaliters 31:6sec(349;4), 40:3.1(444;3)
receive Adjusters and begin Paradise ascent in light and life 30:1.9(331;5), 55:3.13(626;2), 55:4.5,6,20(627;3), 77:9.4(866;3)
Technical Advisers (temporary members) 25:4.2,4-5)
Trinitized Custodians 22:5.2(248;1)
Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2)
Havona Servitals are like m. in Havona 25:1.1(273;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.13,19(336;5)
look upon governors general as planetary fathers 114:3.2(1252;6)
nature and attributes
aware of humans' thoughts 161:3.3(1787;5), 172:5sec(1883;6), 174:5.6(1903;3), 179:1.8(1937;6)
do not sleep or reproduce 45:6.5(516;3), 77:8.3(864;4)
evolutionary creatures, but brought into existence fully developed 77:9.7(866;6)
midway messengers bear names 77:8.6(864;7)
mortals' nearest of kin 48:3.4(545;5)
not properly of angelic orders 26:1.7(286;2)
partake of many human traits; enjoy our humor 77:8.3(864;4)
permanent citizens of evolutionary worlds 37:9.7(415;3), 77:9sec(865;7)
similar to cherubic fourth creatures 38:7.7(422;7)
sometimes reveal themselves to mortals 77:7.4(863;5)
top speed is 372,560 miles per second 23:3.2(260;6)
use energies controlled by Master Physical Controllers 29:4.7(325;3), 49:2.17-18(563;1)
planetary departure feasible, but m. do not leave 77:9.4(866;3)
service of primary and secondary types
assembled 50,000 facts proving evolution nonaccidental 58:2.3(665;6)
can intervene to safeguard persons of destiny 123:4.7(1361;7)
custodians of planets 37:9.7(415;3)
elevate mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion 55:1.6(622;6)
essential order of planetary ministry 38:9.5(424;5), 77:0.1(855;1), 77:9.11(867;2)
execute mandates of resident governor general 114:0.2(1250;2)
function midway between mortals and angels 77:0.1(855;1)
in connection with Jesus' bestowal
announced Jesus' birth to Chaldean priests 119:7.6(1317;2)
helped in dissolution of Jesus' mortal body 189:2.3-4(2023;2)
enabled humans to see resurrected Jesus 189:4.11(2027;1)
exercised limited guardianship over Jesus 123:2.2(1357;6)
helped turn water into wine 137:4.12(1530;4)
Jesus' accidental fall not chargeable to 123:4.6(1361;6)
participated in healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7)
rolled away stones from Jesus' tomb 189:2.4(2023;3)
indispensable to guardian seraphim 77:8.4(864;5)
interpreters for finaliters and guardian seraphim in light and life 55:4.5,7(627;3)
investigated marooned decision sustaining Van 67:6.9(760;4)
not connected with so-called mediumship 77:8.13(865;6)
organized for service with seraphim in 4 groups 77:8.5-9(864;6)
rarely, permit humans to witness their activities 77:8.13(865;6)
sense approaching fusion; inform destiny guardians 55:2.3(623;3)
system director serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
transported Adam and Eve to Father's temple 74:4.4(832;4)
spironga on local system capitals resemble m. 46:4.3(523;1)
Trinity Teacher Sons release m. for ascension career in light and life 38:9.13(425;5), 40:3sec(444;3), 55:4.5-7(627;3)
ascending midwayers
direct animal life on Jerusem 46:7.2(527;6)
pass through parenthood experience in association with Material Sons 45:6.5(516;3)
translated midwayers 30:1.9(331;5), 30:2.8(335;6)
primary midwayers. See midwayers, primary
rebel midwayers 77:7sec(863;2),. See also demon possession
all now interned 51:3.7(583;6), 77:7.8(864;1)
many midwayers lost on rebel worlds 53:7.8(608;4)
secondary midwayers. See midwayers, secondary
United Midwayers of Urantia 77:8sec(864;2)
loyal primary and secondary midwayers united on Pentecost to form 38:9.10(425;2), 51:3.8(584;1), 77:8.1(864;2)
motto of United Midwayers 77:9.3(866;2)
number 10,992 77:6.6(863;1), 77:8.1(864;2)
wrote Paper 91 91:9.9(1002;14)
50,000 per planet brought into being over 500 years 38:9.3-4(424;3), 66:4.10(744;9), 77:1.4-5(855;6)
destiny is to join a Paradise finaliter corps 31:6.2(349;5), 40:3.1(444;3)
energized by angelic technique 38:9.6-7(424;6)
generally known by numerals such as 1-2-3 the First 77:8.2(864;3)
intellectually uniform 38:9.6(424;6)
intelligence corps of Planetary Prince 38:9.10(425;2), 77:1.6(856;2)
invisible to human beings 66:4.11(745;1)
nearer angelic than mortal state; cannot easily contact material agencies 77:8.10(865;3)
no contact with adjutant mind-spirits 38:9.6(424;6)
on Urantia
1-2-3 the First is eldest 77:9.4-5(866;3)
40,119 out of 50,000 joined Caligastia rebellion; interned 51:3.7(583;6), 53:7.8(608;4), 67:3.2(756;3), 77:7.1,3,7(863;2)
largely offset evil machinations of Caligastia 73:2.5(822;9)
resulted from nonsexual liaison of Planetary Prince's staff 38:9.3(424;3), 50:3.5(574;7), 66:4.10(744;9), 77:1.2(855;4)
originate by dissimilar techniques 77:1.1(855;3)
planetary historians 38:9.12(425;4)
resemble angels 38:9.8(424;8)
uniform in intellectual status 38:9.6(424;6)
work with celestial visitors 77:8.10(865;3)
all who survive receive Adjusters and eventually join Corps of Mortal Finaliters 31:6.2(349;5), 40:3.1(444;3)
can work with Master Physical Controllers 38:9.8(424;8)
derived from Adams and Eves or their immediate progeny 38:9.4(424;4), 51:3.6(583;5), 77:0.2(855;2)
energized electrically, by Adamic technique 38:9.7(424;7), 77:6.3(862;7)
exclusively attached to human ministry 77:8.10,13(865;3)
exist just outside range of mortal vision; can make physical contact with material things 77:8.11-12(865;4)
further cause of progressive civilization 38:9.10(425;2), 51:3.6(583;5)
male and female types 77:8.3(864;4)
material but ordinarily invisible 51:3.6(583;5)
more material than primary midwayers 38:9.4(424;4), 77:8.11(865;4)
nearer men than angels 38:9.8(424;8), 77:8.4,11(864;5)
of adjutant mind-spirits, only 6th and 7th minister to 38:9.7(424;7)
on Urantia
16 often invisible children of Adamson and Ratta were progenitors of 77:2sec(856;4), 77:5.1(861;1), 77:5.6(861;6), 77:6.2,3(862;6)
33 chiefs went over to service of Melchizedeks at death of Adamson 77:6.5(862;9)
873 of 1,984 failed to align with Michael; were interned at Pentecost 77:6.4(862;8), 77:7.2,3(863;3), 77:8.11(865;4)
Beelzebub was rebels' chief executive 53:1.5(602;2), 77:7.4(863;5)
delivered Peter from prison 77:8.12(865;5)
named alphabetically, such as A-B-C the First 77:6.4(862;8), 77:8.2(864;3)
loyal members now number 1,111 77:8.11(865;4)
minority made mischief up to times of Jesus 77:6.6(863;1)
Part IV written by 77:9.9(866;8), 121:0.1(1332;1), 121:8.12-14(1343;1), 134:3.8(1486;3)
rebels could make themselves visible 77:7.4(863;5)
serve as contact guardians for reservists when Adjusters detached 77:7.5(863;6), 77:8.13(865;6)
Urmia lectures written by 3 134:3.8(1486;3)
some attain contact with Adjusters of favorably constituted mortals 114:7.6(1258;1)
subject insubordinate minorities 51:3.6(583;5)
vary physically, intellectually, and spiritually 38:9.7(424;7)
visible to humans in light and life 55:4.5(627;3)

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