The Urantia Book Fellowship
occupied Garden of Eden after default 73:7.1(826;6)
descendant of cephalopods 59:2.11(676;2)
oxygenate blood with copper 65:6.4(737;4)
mother of Attis in Phrygian mystery cult 98:4.2-5(1081;5), 98:5.5(1082;6)
exercised unchallengeable authority at Urmia 134:4.10(1487;7)
never revealed personal beliefs 134:3.3(1485;5)
trouble at Urmia after death of 134:6.14(1491;8)
wealthy merchant of Urmia, built temple of religion 134:3.2(1485;4)
belief in simplicity, virtue, meeting death fearlessly 121:4.4(1336;2)
best preserved Salem doctrines 98:0.2(1077;2), 131:1.1(1442;3)
characterized by wandering preachers; traced to Diogenes 121:4.4,6(1336;2)
Ganid's abstract of 131:1sec(1442;3)
occidental religion languished until days of 98:6.2(1083;2)
Claudus became preacher of 130:8.1(1440;1)
exhorted Romans to abandon wild religious rituals 98:3.9(1081;3)
Jesus mistaken for priest of 133:2.1(1470;2)
Jesus sought out worthwhile leaders of 132:0.4(1455;4)
later incorporated into Christian religion 98:0.2(1077;2)
Mardus was leader in Rome 132:2.1(1457;4)
preachers of faith and trust in God 98:0.2(1077;2)
Cyprus 130:0.3(1427;3)
Andites settled 5000 B.C.; barbarians invaded 3000 B.C. 80:7.10(896;2)
Jesus' discourse on mind at 133:7sec(1479;1)
Thomas preached in 139:8.13(1563;1)
Cyrene 130:0.2(1427;2)
Jesus aided Rufus at 130:6.6(1438;3)
Simon, Rufus, and Alexander from 187:1.9-10(2006;2)
tradition of put-away child saved by divine intervention 89:7.3(982;2)
    Philistine god 97:6.2(1067;5)
    Pacific extended to 60:2.4(687;5)
    40 foot wall surrounded 66:3.3(743;4), 66:4.10(744;9)
    attacked by hordes of semisavages after rebellion 67:5.2(758;7)
    buildings neat and simple; built of brick 66:3.5-6(743;6), 66:7.1-3(750;3)
    city of the Prince 66:3sec(743;2)
    great confusion for 50 years after rebellion 67:5.1(758;6)
    land for population of 20,000 66:7.1(750;3)
    law of 66:7.8-16(751;3)
    library held 2 million separate records 66:5.9(746;7)
    life in 66:7sec(750;3)
    life in D. far from utopian 68:1.7(764;3)
    named in honor of Daligastia 66:3.3(743;4)
    region well settled within 100 miles 66:7.18(751;13)
    resident population of 6000 at time of rebellion 66:7.20(752;1)
    situated in Persian Gulf region of later Mesopotamia 66:3.1(743;2)
    submergence 77:3.1-2(858;2)
    7 commandments of D. were taboos 89:1.4(975;1)
    suddenly terminated after 300,000 years 92:4.5(1007;5)
    were 1st epochal revelation 92:4.5(1007;5)
    tidal wave swept over 200,000 years ago; vestiges exist under Persian Gulf 67:5.2,4(758;7), 77:4.7(860;2), 78:7.7(875;4)
    warring races lived together in harmony near 64:6.28(725;9)
    Dalamatia named in honor of 66:3.3(743;4)
    demanded Prince's corporeal staff resign pending redistribution of authority 67:2.1(755;3)
    made overtures to children of Adam 75:2.1(840;3)
    Michael offered mercy to 53:8.6(610;2), 53:9.1(610;6)
    never able to oppress or coerce normal individuals against their wills 66:8.6(753;2), 75:2.1(840;3)
    ordered rebel staff members to sexually reproduce 67:4.2(757;5)
    presided over 10 councils of Caligastia 100 66:5.1(745;7)
    proclaimed Caligastia "God of Urantia" 53:8.5(610;1), 67:2.4(755;6)
    resisted Adam's work 73:2.5(822;9), 74:5.5(833;5)
    secondary Lanonandek #319,407 66:2.2(742;2)
    shorn of most power for evil in time of Van 73:2.5(822;9)
    since Pentecost, servile before Adjusters, Spirit of Truth 53:8.7(610;3)
    still free on Urantia 53:8.6-7(610;2)
    Damascus 130:0.3(1427;3), 133:8.4(1481;2), 134:1.1(1483;3), 134:2.5) 140:7.2(1578;3), 186:3.2-3(2000;5), 190:1.8(2031;2),. See also Syria
    Jesus met teacher of mathematics from 123:6.3(1364;6)
    Paul's experience with Jesus on road to 100:5.3(1099;1), 196:2.1(2091;3)
    led north out of Jerusalem 187:1.4(2005;2)
    panic-stricken soldiers fled through 189:4.5,7(2025;6)
    also known as Caesarea Philippi 134:7.5(1492;5)
    and entire council lost in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
    led advisers regarding conquest of predatory animals 66:5.7(746;5)
    among primitives
    many shamanesses were professional dancers 90:1.3(987;1)
    originated in seasonal worship festivals 92:3.6(1006;3)
    purely military d. refined by Prince's staff 66:5.29(748;10)
    successor to military drill 70:2.2(785;7)
    was dramatic prayer 88:6.3(972;3), 99:5.9(1091;8)
    crude and grotesque attempt to approach celestial harmony of being placement 44:1.3(500;1)
    wild d. can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
    Jesus exercised normal watchcare when confronted by 136:7.1(1519;5)
    not needlessly exposing oneself to 178:3.3(1934;5)
    remain unmoved in face of 194:3.12(2064;4)
    apocalyptists leaned heavily on predictions of 135:5.2(1500;2)
    believed in resurrection of dead 137:7.6(1534;5)
    depiction of Son of Man which Jesus rejected 126:3.6(1390;1)
    John the Baptist partial to quotations from 135:3.2-3(1498;1)
    presented impending crisis; establishment of Messianic kingdom 97:8.3(1071;1)
    superhuman idea of Messiah 136:1.6(1510;3)
    taught Most High rules in kingdoms of men 43:3.4(488;6)
    unsilenced spiritual leader 97:10.3(1075;8)
    some Andites entered Europe via 80:4.1(892;4)
    valley of D. controlled by blue man, Andonites 80:5.8(894;1), 80:9.4(897;7)
    Andonite farmers and herders; made pottery 80:8.4(897;2)
    Greeks imported D. as slaves 80:7.6(895;6)
    most northerly settlement at Liege, Belgium 80:8.4(897;2)
    mother worshippers 80:8.5(897;3)
    notorious shrine of shame in Antioch 133:8.1(1480;6)
    China from decline of Taoism to coming of Buddhism 94:6.12(1480;6)
    European dark ages
    Christianity comatose for 1000 years 195:4sec(2074;7), 195:10.18(2086;4)
    few human rights recognized in 70:9.5(794;3)
    reversion to small castle groups during 71:1.16(801;4)
    slavery virtually disappeared during 69:8.7(779;6)
    inexorable restoration of imbalance between self-liberty and self-control 118:8.6(1302;3)
    complement Paradise gravity 11:8.2(125;5)
    disclose linear and absolute physical gravity drawing power 11:8.7(126;3)
    encircle Havona; equalize gravity 12:1.4(129;2), 14:1.7-11(153;5)
    neither reflect nor absorb light 14:1.7(153;5)
    neither triata nor gravita; unique 11:8.7(126;3), 14:1.10-11(154;1)
    position in space 14:1.1(152;3)
    primary seconaphim take pilgrims past d.g.b. to Havona 26:4.4(290;1)
    shape and procession of inner and outer circuits 14:1.1,8-10)
    with Havona, mass far exceeds 7 superuniverses 12:1.4(129;2)
    at astronomic center of Satania 41:2.2(457;1)
    at center of Angona system 57:5.4(655;9)
    collisions of dead giants convert enormous masses into rarest energy 15:8.6(176;1)
    convert energy into matter 42:4.9(473;7)
    highly energized cold condensed spheres disintegrate matter 15:8.5(175;8)
    large aggregations of matter devoid of light and heat; function as balance wheels; locatable by gravity effect 15:6.6(173;1)
    near approach may give birth to planets 15:5.5(170;8)
    origins by accretions of transmuting energy; accumulations of cold matter; from burned-out suns 15:5.10-11(171;5)
    vast dynamos which Universe Power Directors use to concentrate and directionize space-energies 41:1.5(456;4), 41:3.1(458;1)
    he who walks in d. knows not where he goes 174:5.13(1904;4)
    Neanderthalers dreaded 64:4.13(722;1)
    Elizabeth descendant of 135:0.4(1496;4)
    children of Infinite Spirit 33:3.4(368;4), 38:2.2(419;2)
    80% of soldiers were Baalites 97:9.12(1073;2)
    army of malcontents, social misfits, and fugitives 97:9.5(1072;3)
    ate showbread when hungry 147:6.4(1654;3)
    corrupt political machine; rebellion against 97:9.15(1073;5)
    cosmopolitan Judah tribe more gentile than Jewish 97:9.11(1073;1)
    duel with Goliath 70:1.19(785;2)
    gained control of Philistine caravan tariffs 97:9.15(1073;5)
    gave 7 descendants of Saul to be hanged by Gibeonites 97:9.13(1073;3)
    Joseph adopted into house of 122:1.1(1344;4), 122:4.2-3(1347;4), 123:0.5(1356;2), 126:3.10(1390;5)
    laid heavy tribute on Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, and Syrians 97:9.14(1073;4)
    many wives 97:9.10(1072;8)
    murdered Uriah the Hittite 97:9.15(1073;5)
    on Mount Gilboa 124:6.3(1374;3)
    paid dowry of 100 foreskins for Michal 70:1.18(785;1)
    stories regarding
    differing stories on D. being made king 97:9.8(1072;6)
    God or Satan caused to number Israel and Judah 142:3.9(1599;1)
    Gospel of Matthew shows Jesus as son of D. 121:8.4(1341;5)
    greatest distortion of Jewish history relates to 97:9.5(1072;3)
    Messiah not son of D. 174:4.6(1901;6)
    Messiah would be successor of 135:5.4,7(1500;4), 136:1.1,7(1509;3)
    with 600 men entered into Philistine alliance 97:9.5(1072;3)

    (D's continue...)