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crinoids 59:3.11(677;8), 60:2.8(687;9), 60:4.5(692;3),. See also stone lilies
secreted lime 59:5.8(680;10)
regarded as fetishes 88:1.9(968;4)
crisis. See also disaster
Adjuster empowered Amadon to be loyal in rebellion 67:3.7(756;8)
apostles' c. began with Capernaum sermon 153:1.4(1708;3)
future phase of kingdom might appear in c. 170:4.5(1863;4)
God has foreseen all emergencies 3:2.6-7(47;4)
humans sometimes hear Adjuster's direct voice in 110:7.9(1213;4)
Jesus' c. began with feeding the 5000; ended at Capernaum crisis 153:1.4(1708;3)
Jesus communed in preparation for 152:5.5(1704;4)
prepared for by reiterated choice between good, evil 153:1.3(1708;2)
reservists function in rare emergencies 114:7.6(1258;1)
reveals motives of lifetime 187:2.4(2007;3)
seraphim do not intrude into human drama except in emergencies 113:5.4-5(1246;3)
spiritual attainment sometimes secured by 100:2.8(1096;5)
woman did not function in emergencies 84:3.3(934;2)
chief ruler of synagogue in Corinth; supported Paul 133:3.1-4(1471;5)
Caligastia sympathetic with those expressing 66:8.1(752;2)
conscience is c. of oneself 100:1.5(1094;7)
depth of intellect not required to raise objections 102:7.6(1126;6)
give authorities no occasion for offense 157:1.2(1743;4)
Lucifer misconstrued attempts to help as unwarranted c. 66:8.2(752;3)
overcome habit of c. by praying for person every day 91:5.3-5(998;6)
religion needs constructive 5:5.12(69;7), 99:3.7(1088;8)
truth does not resent honest c. 146:3.2(1641;4)
Cro-Magnons 80:3sec(891;2),. See also blue race
Andites destroyed 80:5.3-6(893;5)
Andites from Mesopotamia absorbed 80:3.9(892;3), 80:4.6(893;2)
biologic foundation for modern European races 80:5.7(893;9)
brave and farseeing blue race; good family life; educated children 80:3.5-7(891;6)
culture well preserved in caves 80:9.4(897;7)
destroyed tribal inferiors; later, enslaved for agriculture 80:3.9(892;3)
interbreeding with slaves deteriorated 80:3.9(892;3)
progressive superior blue men blended with Adamites 80:1.7(890;3)
crocodiles 60:1.9(686;5), 60:3.20(691;1), 61:2.6(695;4), 61:3.14(698;1)
reversion from land reptiles 60:2.11(688;3)
cross. See also atonement doctrine; crucifixion; Jesus: death; Jesus: events in life: crucifixion
center of Christianity 143:6.3(1615;4)
meaning of Jesus' death on 188:4-5secs)
physical description of Jesus' 187:1.1-2(2004;5), 187:2.1(2006;5)
Simon of Cyrene bore Jesus' 187:1.9-10(2006;2)
symbol of triumph of love over hate, sacred service 188:5.6,9(2018;5)
present-day prejudice against 82:6.3(920;1)
would be disastrous under present circumstances 51:5.7(586;4)
Spirit of Truth will speak at every 34:7.8(383;2)
placed on Jesus' head 185:6.2,4(1995;1)
crucifixion Paper 187 (2004;1),). See also atonement doctrine; cross; Jesus: death; Jesus: events in life: crucifixion
cruel and lingering punishment 187:2.3(2007;2), 187:5.8(2011;4)
illegal to show friendly feelings for victims 187:1.7(2005;5)
individuals crucified
Andrew in Patrae 139:1.12(1550;3)
Jesus on Golgotha Paper 187 (2004;1),)
Peter in Rome 139:2.15(1552;4)
Philip at Hierapolis 139:5.11-12(1557;5)
thousands at destruction of Jerusalem 187:1.5(2005;3)
no burial in Jewish cemetery for victim of 188:1.2(2013;1)
not Jewish mode of punishment 187:1.5(2005;3)
doctrinal fetish betrays man into 88:2.7(969;5)
Jesus denounced 140:8.21(1582;2)
still lurks in half-civilized man 184:4.5(1984;6)
when subjected to c., rest in citadel of spirit 100:2.7(1096;4)
Lazarus desired to be fed with Dives' 169:3.2(1854;6)
Norana said not to deprive dogs of 156:1.5(1735;1)
spirit of c. more than dangerous if not controlled 100:6.5(1100;7)
crust (earth's). See Urantia: physical aspects: geology
amphibians developed from arthropods 59:5.5(680;7)
ancestors of fish 59:4.10(679;3)
appearance 59:1.14(674;4), 59:4.3,10(678;4), 60:2.9(688;1), 65:2.5(732;3)
trilobites were ancestors of 59:2.10(676;1)
buildings on Jerusem constructed wholly of 46:5.4,18,24(524;2)
arose in age of despair and hopelessness 94:2.5(1029;3)
assimilable only if compatible with current status 92:2.4(1004;7)
atheistic c. claim salvation by man's unaided efforts 94:2.5(1029;3)
Christian c. most appealing, enduring ever conceived 87:7.4(965;8)
greatest obstacle to spiritual progress 87:7.2-3(965;6)
sectarianism, disease of institutional religion 99:6.1(1092;1), 170:5.20(1866;3), 195:10.7-15(2084;7)
superiority of group consciousness 182:1.8(1965;2), 195:10.14(2085;6)
destiny of c. depends on leadership 99:5.1(1090;7)
fetishism ran through all primitive c. 88:3.1(970;2)
formed to promulgate creeds, not to discover truth 92:3.1(1005;3)
foster and gratify emotion 87:7.1-2,7)
Jesus avoided formal establishment of 120:3.6(1330;1)
of a frustrated philosophic era 100:5.1(1098;4)
of new revelation must
be outgrowth of applied love 87:7.7(966;2)
be predicated on Fatherhood of God, brotherhood 87:7.6(966;1)
cannot be manufactured; must grow 87:7.3(965;7)
foster spiritual progress 87:7.10(966;5)
symbolize spiritual experience, significance of home; embody mystery; be elastic; not be overly complex 87:7.5-10(965;9)
primitives' attempt to control material world 90:3.1-2(989;3)
resist development because progress destroys cult itself 92:3.4(1006;1)
rituals 90:5.1-3(992;2)
become substitute for religion 90:5.6(992;7)
better to reform than destroy group function 97:10.7(1076;4)
have cursed civilization, been intolerable burden 90:5.1(992;2)
perfection of performance is essence of 90:5.1-2(992;2)
the more unconscious the growth, stronger its grip 87:7.2(965;6)
provide symbolism to preserve religious loyalties 87:7.1(965;5)
religion rarely survives without institutions, as private practice of isolated individuals 97:10.7(1076;4), 98:6.1(1083;1)
tithing while disregarding weightier matters 175:1.17(1908;1)
be prepared to drink 171:0.5(1867;5), 171:2.5(1870;2)
if Father's will, Jesus would drink 136:9.4(1522;3), 182:3.2-9(1968;3)
scrupulously cleansing outside while inside filthy 166:1.4(1826;1), 175:1.18(1908;2)
emblem of Spirit of Truth 179:5.1-3(1941;6)
disappears after last Havona world 14:5.7(159;3)
do not try to satisfy all 195:5.10(2076;1)
hunger for harmony, thirst for beauty 56:10.6(646;7)
inborn divine endowment 14:5.10-11(159;6), 16:7.1(192;8)
Jesus did not manifest c. about people 171:7.6(1875;1)
mind reaches out to explore remote situations 42:12.1(483;1)
there are no arbitrary secrets 19:5.11(221;1)
urge of investigation and discovery 14:5.11(160;1)
coercive practice to overawe minor spirits 87:6.6(964;5)
modern c. is continuation of primitive ritual 87:6.10(965;4)
oaths consisted in pronouncing curses upon oneself 70:11.3(797;1)
Peter denied Jesus with 184:2.6(1980;7)
prostitution of ritualistic repetition of holy names 90:5.3(992;4)
of all relation concepts 103:6.14(1137;4)
accessible to local universes only by reflectivity 27:5.5(302;4)
final living summaries of network of recording angels 27:5.3(302;2)
impossible for untruth to gain lodgment in 27:5.1(301;6)
living, automatic libraries of Paradise 25:5.1(281;2), 27:5.1(301;6)
primary supernaphim 27:0.3(298;3)
responsible for organization of their information 27:5.5(302;4)
seekers presented with beings who are what they seek 27:5.2-3(302;1)
Voices of Wisdom in perpetual liaison with 28:5.7(310;9)
chief recorders of tertiary supernaphim transmit to 26:3.5(288;5)
chosen from tertiary supernaphim in Havona 25:5.1,3(281;2)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.12(336;4)
keep formal archives of Paradise 25:5.1(281;2)
none ever transferred from order 25:5.4(281;5)
serve as Chiefs of Records for Celestial Recorders 25:5.4(281;5)
Sargon installed C. in northern Israel 143:4.1(1612;1)

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