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what is ancient is supposedly sacred 92:2.2(1004;5)
common people awed by ritual in ancient tongue 90:5.6(992;7)
gesture, older than speech, is more holy, magical 88:6.4(972;4)
magic practiced with ritual 88:6.1(972;1)
present-day forms based on ancient propitiation 89:4.7(978;4)
baptism was public profession of entering kingdom 144:6.7-9(1625;4), 144:8.5(1627;2)
brief recital of evolution of 90:0.1(986;1)
ceremony induced action by Josiah 164:3.14(1813;1)
deleterious agency of religion 91:5.6(999;2)
false progress of traversing meaningless circles of 147:5.8(1653;2)
in Rome, half the year wasted on 87:3.4(960;8)
abrogated all c. not reflective of intimate family relationship 103:4.4(1133;4), 166:1.2(1825;4), 190:2.4(2032;2)
antagonism with Jewish c. always positive 147:6.6(1655;2)
baptism 136:2.3(1511;2)
did not participate in sacrificial c. 179:0.3(1936;3)
ordination of apostles, the seventy 140:9sec(1583;7), Paper 163 (1800;1),)
Remembrance Supper only c. Jesus established 179:5.4-5(1942;3)
resented those misrepresentative of Father 127:6.6(1404;5)
usually gave thanks before eating 143:3.4(1611;2)
washed hands only for cleanliness 166:1.2(1825;4), 167:1.3(1834;1), 179:3.1(1938;3)
no obligation to accept outworn c. 155:6.5-7(1731;3)
primitive man's attempt to control material world 90:3.1-2(989;3)
purification ceremonies
after childbirth 84:4.6(935;6), 122:9.1(1352;4), 122:10.2(1354;1)
after contact with the dead 87:1.4(958;6)
after healing from leprosy 166:2.4(1827;6)
at weddings 137:4.11(1530;3)
evolution of 90:5.3(992;4), 92:3.2(1005;4)
if Jew entered gentile building before Passover 185:0.3-4(1987;3)
Pharisees scrupulously observed 166:1.7(1827;1)
Prince's staff included water cleansing as part of 66:5.21(748;2)
rites for remission of sin 89:2.5(976;2)
require social arena wherein to gratify vanity 68:2.10(765;7)
ritual surrounded entire life of ancients 83:4.2(924;5)
convictions of religious experience are unassailable 103:9.12(1142;3)
does not fear outward analysis 146:3.2(1641;4)
fetishmen believed to be infallible 88:1.10(968;5)
God more real than our fellows 16:9.4(195;6)
in science, philosophy, and religious experience 196:3.5(2094;4)
let pressure develop c. 48:6.24(555;3)
of the God-knowing religionist 103:8.5(1140;5)
on spiritual level, need for proof vanishes before experience with reality 103:7.10(1139;2)
some religionists believe they have the infallible Truth 92:3.4(1006;1)
unattainable in mortal state 103:7.10(1139;2)
extends only as far as one's personal experience 2:7.2(42;3)
none in knowledge, only increasing probability 102:2.4(1120;1)
nothing which human nature touches is infallible 159:4.8(1768;4)
we have right to be most certain about God 102:7.10(1127;4)
Asoka established Buddhism in 94:9.1(1037;4)
Hinayana Buddhism persisted in 94:9.4(1038;2)
least progressive Saharans emigrated to 80:2.2(890;6)
advanced eastern Semites 96:2.1(1054;6)
among first to abandon human sacrifice 89:6.2(980;7)
favored monogamous marriage 83:6.3(927;4)
star cultists; saw stars as cause of suffering 85:5.1-2(947;4), 90:3.8(990;3)
accept without complaint 48:6.24(555;3)
apostles' 5 months of testing 138:9sec(1546;3)
mortal life is short and intense test 14:5.1(158;4)
stimulate true believers 48:7.7(556;7)
the great challenge
to achieve better communication with Adjuster 196:3.31(2097;2)
to construct new, appealing philosophy of living 2:7.10(43;3)
to make personal contribution to Supreme 117:4.10(1284;6)
Sanhedrin meeting place 173:1.5(1889;3), 184:3.2(1982;3), 186:1.1(1997;4)
chance 86:1sec(950;3),. See also gambling; luck
50,000 facts prove evolution incompatible with c. 58:2.3-4(665;6)
believed revelatory of will of spirits 90:2.4(987;8)
personification of 86:2sec(951;3)
signifies ignorance or indolence in determining causes 86:2.5(951;7)
Chinese merchant in Corinth 133:4.9(1475;2)
do not attempt great social or economic c. suddenly 71:1.14(801;2), 81:6.40(911;5)
human life is endless c. 99:1.1(1086;4), 112:5.20(1235;2)
leaders must keep pace with scientific developments 81:6.39(911;4)
more readjustment in 1 generation than in 2000 years 92:7.10(1013;5)
not always for the better 68:4.7(767;7)
without growth is potential evil 100:3.5(1097;2)
primitives treated disease by 90:4.4(991;3)
appreciation essential to development of 160:2.6(1775;7)
by converting natural urges into higher longings 160:1.2(1772;3)
education and experience augment 37:6.3(412;3)
Gods forge out strong c. by necessity and anguish 23:2.5(258;4)
growth, not building 140:4.7(1572;7), 140:8.27(1583;1)
hopeful courage contributes mightily to 127:3.14(1400;6)
Jesus ennobles c. 100:7.18(1103;6)
make sure of intellectual and moral foundations 156:5.2(1738;1)
marriage best develops 160:2.6(1775;7)
perfected in partnership with God 186:2.9(2000;1)
strong c. not derived from not doing wrong 140:4.6(1572;6)
cleverness no substitute for 48:7.3(556;3)
dead theory powerless to transform 34:6.6(380;7)
defined as
capital accumulation of decisions illuminated by worship and love, consummated in service 117:5.13(1287;4)
co-ordination of idea-decisions, ideals, and truth 101:6.7(1112;3)
consequence of having used mind and spirit circuits 117:5.13(1287;4)
love of service 71:7.5(806;5)
unification of scientific, moral, and spiritual intuitions of cosmic mind 16:6.10(192;6)
earthly c. guides survivors on mansion worlds 112:6.5,7(1236;3)
heredity lies at bottom of all c. 76:2.6(848;6)
Jesus' stalwart strength of c. amazed his followers 100:7.2(1101;6)
number 7 is basic to transmission of 42:9.2(479;7)
passing through death does not bestow a noble 103:5.7(1134;5)
secoraphic Discerners of Spirits and Solemnities of Trust reflect actual 28:5.19(313;1), 28:6.14(316;1)
trust is true measure of 28:6.13(315;7)
turning from wrong requires great 184:2.12(1981;6)
Jesus left Ganid at 133:9.4(1481;6), 134:1.1(1483;3)
Jesus' drawing on synagogue floor 124:1.4-5(1366;5)
charity. See also altruism
by government
he who will not work shall not eat 69:2.5(773;6), 140:8.2(1579;4), 153:2.6(1710;4)
improvident depend on taxpayers to take care of them 69:9.5(780;8)
Jesus did not countenance dependence on 128:5.4(1414;2), 165:4.7(1822;2)
Jesus' talk with Roman senator about 132:4.5(1461;3)
pernicious when long extended to able-bodied 81:6.32(910;5)
poverty cannot be eliminated if defectives freely supported, reproduce without restraint 71:3.5(803;5)
replace self-respect destroying c. by pensions 72:6.1(814;3)
by individuals
apostles to turn away professional alms-seekers 140:8.12(1580;7)
enfold the weak with charity 144:5.6(1623;1)
give anonymously 131:10.8(1454;5), 140:6.11(1577;5), 140:8.26(1582;7), 175:1.9(1907;1)
giving is minor duty 166:1.4(1826;1)
Jews believed almsgiving meritorious 164:3.5(1811;6)
mercy ministry is always the work of individuals 133:1.2(1469;1)
Pharisees did not shun publicity regarding c. 147:5.2(1651;6)
rich men endow great institutions of learning 69:5.13(777;1)
what is given is wisely saved 131:3.6(1447;3)
all ancient objects considered magical 88:5.4(971;6)
anything connected with body could become fetish 88:5.1(971;3)
belief in c. destroyed personal initiative 69:2.7(773;8), 88:6.6(972;6)
certain blessed objects 88:2.4(969;2)
employed to insure happy and fertile marriage 83:4.4(924;7)
impotent; gross superstition 150:3.6(1681;1)
items from which concocted 88:5.2-4(971;4)
origin of ornaments 69:9.10(781;4)
primitives rubbed on infections, then discarded 90:4.5(991;4)
once a great hindrance to girl's marriage 82:3.8,13(916;4)
origin of taboo in property mores 82:4.5(917;8)
chazan of Nazareth synagogue 123:5.9(1363;2), 124:1.4(1366;5), 124:2.2(1368;4), 124:3.5(1370;3), 127:2.7-8(1397;5)
counseled Jesus regarding Zealot refusal strategy 127:2.7-8(1397;5)
deceased at time of Jesus' Nazareth rejection 150:7.4(1684;3)
inaugurated young men's club 127:3.9(1400;1)
interested in Jesus' progress 123:5.9(1363;2), 124:2.2(1368;4), 124:3.5(1370;3), 126:5.3(1392;10)
Jesus' charcoal drawing of 124:1.4(1366;5)
officer of synagogue 123:5.3(1362;4)
Susanna was daughter of 150:1.1(1678;5)
Abraham's victory over 93:4.14(1018;3)
smitten on one c., turn other 140:3.14(1571;1), 159:5.9(1770;1)

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