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patriarchy. See family: patriarchal families
all nations disintegrate without 81:6.35(910;8)
difficult issue for spiritual leaders 127:2.6(1397;4)
formal, unemotional Roman p. doomed to collapse 98:3.5(1080;7)
Jude's unwise outbursts 128:6.7(1415;7), 128:7.4(1417;3)
loyalty which makes possible territorial state 134:5.8(1488;6)
Simon Zelotes was ardent patriot 139:11.9(1565;6)
configuration of energy which has paid all gravity debt; not gravity responsive 0:6.10-13(10;2), 36:6.6(404;4)
Deity must always provide 118:5.3(1299;3)
discloses individual aspect of energy, personality 0:6.12(10;4)
Eternal Son is p. personality 0:6.13(10;5), 6:7sec(79;1), 6:8.5(80;2), 115:3.4(1262;1)
Havona is p. for local universes 4:0.2(54;2), 11:9.6(127;4), 14:4.8(157;7), 14:6.24-34(162;2)
in superuniverses, only enough perfect beings are provided for 32:3.12(362;1)
mind dominance 42:12sec(483;1)
not transmissible 11:9.5(127;3)
Paradise is master p. for universes 0:5.5(8;5), 0:6.13(10;5), 9:3.8(101;8), 11:9.5-6(127;3), 42:1.1(467;3), 104:5.3(1151;3), 105:3.4(1156;1), 115:3.14(1263;1)
spirit patterns do not occupy space 118:3.7(1297;8)
built one of most progressive societies ever 170:5.16-17(1865;6)
carried Christian message to gentiles 195:0.1(2069;1)
did most to establish kingdom 139:2.9(1551;5)
founded Christianity 92:6.7(1011;5), 121:7.6-8(1340;4), 128:3.6(1411;6), 132:0.5(1456;1), 170:5.3-7(1864;3), 195:0.18(2070;14), 196:2.6(2092;4)
founded religion of faith, hope, charity 196:3.16(2095;3)
Angamon great friend of 132:1.1(1456;4)
estranged from Abner 166:5.4-5(1831;7)
Gaius was a supporter in Corinth 133:3.11(1473;4)
lived in Corinth with Justus, Aquila, Priscilla 133:3.5,12(1472;4)
Luke became follower in A.D. 47 121:8.8-9(1342;3)
sent Titus to Crete 130:5.1(1436;2)
spent winter with son of Jeramy in Nicopolis 133:2.5(1471;4)
worked with Peter 139:2.7,11(1551;3)
caught up to third heaven; had vision of morontia worlds 47:10.3(539;5), 48:1.7(542;4), 48:6.12(553;4)
concluded that the tentmaker of Antioch was the scribe of Damascus 132:0.7(1456;3)
died prior to A.D. 82 121:8.8(1342;3)
early converts were gentile proselytes 121:2.5(1333;7)
great organizer 195:0.6(2070;2)
great religious teacher 92:5.10(1010;1), 108:6.3(1193;2), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Greek-speaking Hebrew; Roman citizen 121:1.2(1332;3)
imprisoned at Caesarea 130:2.5(1430;3)
indomitable 128:3.6(1411;6)
Mithraism was dominant religion in city of P. 's birth 98:7.9(1084;8)
preached in
Antioch 134:7.3(1492;3)
Athens 195:1.1(2071;1)
Ephesus 133:6.3(1478;2)
previously known as Saul 128:3.6(1411;6)
saw Stephen stoned 128:3.6(1411;6)
spectacular conversion with Jesus of Damascus road 100:5.3(1099;1), 196:2.1(2091;3)
adapted Jesus' teachings to render them more acceptable; shrewd compromiser 89:9.3(984;2), 121:5.13-16(1337;9), 166:5.4-5(1831;7), 194:0.3(2059;3), 195:1.4-5(2071;4)
declared God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself 98:7.1(1083;6)
did not intend his letters to represent teachings of Jesus 98:7.9(1084;8), 149:2.2(1670;3)
doctrine of Christ as second Adam 140:8.24(1582;5)
drew spiritual lessons from sprouting grain 85:2.2(945;5)
ended doctrine of redemption through animal sacrifice 89:9.3(984;2)
found it difficult to consider women as equals 84:5.6(937;3), 150:1.3(1679;2)
gospel of personality sanctity, spiritual liberty 121:7.6(1340;4)
incorporated continence cult into Christianity; knew teachings were not part of Jesus' gospel 89:3.6(977;1)
influenced by Jesus, Plato, Philo, Stoics, Cynics 121:4.3-4(1336;1), 121:6.3-5(1338;6), 121:7.6-8(1340;4)
knew of Trinity; thought Jesus was 2nd Person of the Trinity 104:1.11(1144;8), 121:6.5(1339;1)
knew status of Lucifer rebellion leaders 53:9.2(611;1)
nothing shall separate us from the love of God 100:6.6(1101;1)
P.'s personal viewpoint influenced Christianity 5:4.11(68;1), 98:7.9(1084;8)
pessimistic view of mankind 196:2.9(2093;3)
refused to subject gentiles to Jewish practices 194:3.9(2064;1)
taught atonement doctrine, original sin 63:6.4(716;3), 121:6.5(1339;1)
tentmaker 89:3.6(977;1)
social peace
among religionists. See also spiritual unity; tolerance
cf: cannot exist between light and darkness, truth and error 175:1.2(1905;4)
cf: division and turmoil result when men reject gospel 150:4.3(1682;1), 165:6.3(1824;6), 180:0.2(1944;2), 180:6.1(1951;2)
cf: inevitable clash between religion of spirit and of authority 173:3.3(1893;3)
cf: peace incompatible with assertion of religious authority 134:4.3-4,8)
cf: time for open break with religious rulers 163:4.7(1805;4), 164:3.16(1813;3)
cf: woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites 163:6.5(1807;4), 166:1.4-5(1826;1), 175:1sec(1905;3), 175:4.2(1910;4)
promote peace among various groups of believers 181:2.18(1959;2)
early treaties commemorated p. by blood sucking, offerings of maidens 70:3.10-11(788;1)
measure of civilization's advancement 70:1.1(783;4)
primitive man could not long live in 63:4.9(714;7)
secured only by social regulative system 70:0.2(783;2)
seek to live peaceably with all men 178:1.7(1930;4), 181:2.5(1955;6)
social value of p. for yellow race 79:6.8(885;5)
tendency not natural; derives from revelation 39:5.5(437;4), 68:3.5(766;6)
will come once man is convinced it is best for his material welfare 70:2.15(786;11)
without God, nothing leads to 195:8.12(2082;4)
without sacrifice of free personality, spiritual originality 141:5.1(1591;3)
spiritual peace. See also happiness; joy
at any price does not foster survival 133:7.12(1480;4)
as fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7), 56:10.20(648;3), 193:2.2(2054;3)
by absolute faith in Father's overcare 181:1.8-10(1954;5)
by assertion of triumph of truth, not compromise 133:7.12(1480;4)
by falling in love with truth 157:2.2(1745;1)
by keeping mind stayed on God 155:6.6(1731;4)
by spiritual growth 100:4.3(1097;7)
by vision of God 148:6.3(1663;1)
in salvation by faith 143:2.6(1610;1)
only in consecrated living 111:5.4(1221;5), 160:5.10(1782;1)
cosmic poise betokening absence of doubt and turmoil 100:6.6(1101;1)
dove is symbol of 85:3.4(946;6)
filled Jesus' soul on earth 181:1.8(1954;5)
Jesus gives to each all he will receive 181:1.5(1954;2)
Jesus' p. not pacific or negative 140:5.18(1575;3)
none for the wicked 149:5.3(1674;5)
not founded on fatalism or optimism 181:1.7(1954;4)
passing all understanding 144:8.8(1627;5)
seek not for false peace 149:5.4(1674;6)
to God-knowing believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash? 100:2.7(1096;4)
world peace
attained by social fraternity, intellectual cross-fertilization, ethical awakening, political wisdom, spiritual insight 52:6sec(597;2)
cannot be maintained by treaties, diplomacy, or balances of power 134:5.10(1489;1), 134:6.9(1491;3)
cannot be run by debating society 70:5.5(789;3)
lack of common language impedes 52:6.3(597;4), 81:6.18(908;7)
nationalism chief barrier to 195:8.10(2082;2)
promoted by international trade 52:6.3(597;4), 70:3.4(787;4)
seldom attained until races are blended and speak common language 52:3.10(594;1)
sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning 70:3.4(787;4)
when nations surrender power to make war to representative government of mankind 72:12.5(820;3), 134:5.10-12(1489;1)
shall be called sons of God 140:3.10(1570;2), 140:5.18(1575;3)
cost of remaining in kingdom 140:8.28(1583;2)
parable of 151:4.5(1694;3)
cast not your p. before swine 28:6.7(315;1), 140:3.18(1571;5), 186:2.2(1999;2)
man's first necklace used 88:1.8(968;3)
descendant of cephalopods 59:2.11(676;2)
peat 59:5.16(681;8)
Pella Paper 169 (1850;1),) 128:3.2(1411;2), 141:1.2(1587;4), 144:8sec(1626;6), 163:5sec(1806;2), 165:3sec(1819;9), 167:0.1(1833;1), 171:1sec(1868;3), 186:3.2-3(2000;5)
4000 at camp at 165:1sec(1817;5)
believers fled to P. before destruction of Jerusalem 176:1.5(1913;4)
Isador wrote Gospel of Matthew in 121:8.7(1342;2)
Jesus delivered injured boy to parents in 137:0.1(1524;1), 137:1.1,4(1524;2)
John baptized Jesus at 135:8.3(1504;1)
John the Baptist's arrival at 134:9.8(1495;5)
negative form of ritual of renunciation 89:3.3(976;5)
Pennsylvania 58:7.4(670;6), 59:5.17(681;9), 61:7.2,9(701;1)
act of intelligent self-surrender, consecration 194:3.16(2065;4)
Adjusters have been bestowed upon all normal minds ever since 108:2.3(1187;2), 146:3.6(1642;2)
all rebel midwayers interned on day of 77:7.2,8(863;3)
confused with rampant emotionalism 194:3.1(2062;10)
obliterated all religious discrimination 194:3.14-15(2065;2), 194:4.15(2062;10)
Peter added 2000 souls to kingdom at 139:1.6(1549;4)
primary and secondary midwayers united on 51:3.8(584;1)
Spirit of Truth made demon possession impossible after 141:4.5(1591;1), 145:2.13(1631;1), 153:4.1(1713;3), 163:6.2(1807;1)
Urantians may pass directly to mansion worlds since 52:5.5(596;3)
what happened at 194:1-3secs)

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