The Urantia Book Fellowship
Jesus prepared for subsequent Christian missionaries 132:0.4-6(1455;4)
ancient origin of sacred meal 89:4.10(978;7)
at first, R.S. was celebrated as social meal with sacrament at end 194:4.8(2067;3)
commemorates bestowal of Spirit of Truth 179:5.1,9(1941;6)
establishing 179:5sec(1941;6)
Jesus ordained we gather together to partake 99:5.10(1091;9)
Master really present at 179:5.6(1942;5)
new Passover; only ceremony associated with Jesus' life 179:5.4,9(1942;3)
refreshing truce between ego and altruistic urge 103:4.1(1133;1)
wife of Cain, mother of Enoch 76:2.9(849;3)
Christianity rehabilitated in 92:5.12(1010;3), 195:4.3(2075;1)
negative form of propitiation 89:4.7(978;4)
primitive concepts of 89:3sec(976;3)
Adam and Eve repented, received Adjusters 76:5.1-2(851;7)
Cain repented; received Adjuster 76:2.8(849;2)
Father seeks sinners before they think of r. 159:1.2(1762;4), 169:1.3(1851;1)
God never stands in need of 4:3.4-5(58;2)
goodness of God leads to 2:6.3(41;1), 48:6.8(552;6), 131:10.4(1454;1), 143:2.7(1610;2), 149:6.4(1675;5)
has led nations to mighty efforts of reform 91:5.2(998;5)
if sincere, no need to fear judgment 133:4.12(1475;5)
Jesus taught forgiveness without penance 138:8.2,8(1545;3)
Jews taught r. was result of good works 138:8.8(1545;9)
Judas said he repented 186:1.4(1998;2)
love prevents estrangements which require 174:1.2(1898;2)
message of John the Baptist 135:7.3(1503;3), 136:0.2(1509;2), 136:1.5(1510;2)
optional teaching for apostles of Jesus 144:6.9(1625;6)
preach r. to those who stand in need of it 136:0.2(1509;2), 140:10.1(1584;4)
publicans and harlots repent before religious rulers 173:3.2(1893;2)
recognition of evil of one's ways 131:8.5(1452;3), 167:5.2(1838;3)
restraint born of 131:3.3(1446;5)
thief on the cross repented 187:4sec(2008;8)
birds descended from 65:2.8-9(732;6)
snakes, lizards, alligators, turtles survive 65:2.10(732;8)
sprang from frogs 59:6.8(683;5), 65:2.8,10(732;6)
resentment. See also envy
can turn love into hate 177:4.11(1926;4)
creative imagination inhibited by 111:4.9(1220;8)
Judas a victim of 139:12.9(1567;2)
overcome r. by discerning other's viewpoint 100:4.4(1098;1)
70 divisions on Uversa 30:3.10(339;7)
are not inactive 39:3.11(433;5)
orders possessing
Lanonandek Sons 35:8.8(392;8), 35:9.3(393;3)
seconaphim 28:4.14(310;2)
seraphim 39:1.18(429;4), 39:2.17-18(431;6), 39:3.11(433;5), 39:4.17-18(436;3), 39:5.17(439;3), 39:6.1(439;4)
supernaphim 26:3.10(289;3)
Trinity-embraced Sons 22:3.2(246;3), 22:6.3(248;8)
Trinity Teacher Sons 19:1.3(214;5)
12 corps, one for each group of seraphic supervision 114:7.4(1257;4)
chief function is insuring against breakdown of progress 114:6.20(1256;10)
consisted of 962 persons in 1934 114:7.5,10(1257;5)
cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens 114:7.10(1258;5)
permanent councils 114:7.8(1258;3)
accomplish some specific task, usually in a few hours 114:7.8(1258;3)
Adjusters of reservists
are of extraordinary versatility and experience 114:7.3(1257;3)
are self-acting 109:2.5(1196;7), 114:7.2(1257;2)
one Adjuster's plea 110:7.10(1213;5)
sometimes transmit messages during making and breaking of contacts with r. 110:7.10(1213;5)
used for interplanetary communication on quarantined worlds 108:4.4(1190;5)
apart from 20 contact personalities, all are unconscious of their preparation 114:7.5(1257;5)
cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens 114:7.10(1258;5)
have guardians of destiny 113:1.5(1241;7), 114:7.2(1257;2)
in rare emergencies, function to prevent breakdown of culture or extinction of truth 114:7.6(1258;1)
living men and women admitted to special service of superhuman administration 114:7.1(1257;1)
pivotal individuals in plans world administrators are prosecuting 114:7.2(1257;2)
rehearsed to act in crisis in deep mind by Adjuster, seraphic ministry 114:7.5(1257;5)
secondary midwayers are contact guardians 77:7.5(863;6), 77:8.13(865;6)
seldom emblazoned on pages of history 114:7.6(1258;1)
selected for inherent capacity, wholehearted dedication, willingness to serve without human recognition 114:7.3(1257;3)
unconscious conservators of essential planetary information 114:7.7(1258;2)
1-2-3 the first has served as Urantia's 77:9.5(866;4)
100-year terms 114:3.1(1252;5)
administrative cabinet 114:5.6(1254;6), 114:6.2(1255;1)
advisory chief executive 114:5.1(1254;1)
governors of quarantined worlds without Planetary Princes 45:2.4(511;4)
hand down scores of rulings each day 114:3.3(1253;1)
leader of celestial beings functioning on Urantia 114:3.2(1252;6)
Machiventa Melchizedek invisibly present for 100 years as 93:10.10(1025;6)
representative of 24 counselors 45:4.16(514;6), 114:3.2(1252;6)
resolves problems by mutual consent 114:5.2(1254;2)
seraphim and midwayers execute mandates of 114:0.2(1250;2)
System Sovereign presides over council of 45:2.4(511;4)
Vevona attached to staff of 39:5.5(437;4)
specialization of labor arose by pursuing path of lessened r. 69:2.3(773;4)
taking first step along path of least 184:2.12(1981;6)
the weak indulge in r.; the strong act 48:7.13(556;1)
always show r. for personality of man 159:3.2(1765;4)
education increases r. for experience and opinions of others 25:3.12(278;3)
for superiors a divine injunction 107:3.3(1179;6)
Hap taught r. for elders, property of others 66:5.15(747;5)
higher spiritual beings do not look down on lower 25:1.1(273;3)
Jesus disapproved of outward shows of 157:4.3(1747;1)
Jesus had profound r. for every person he met 138:8.9(1545;10)
respiration. See also mortals: planetary types: 1. atmospheric types
morontians breathe 3-gas mixture 43:1.3(486;2), 46:2.2-3(520;7)
placing premature r. courts disaster 28:6.15(316;2)
power of choice is man's supreme cosmic 112:5.5(1233;1)

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