The Urantia Book Fellowship
man's ascent from 65:2.1(731;5)
slime molds were transition from vegetable to animal 58:6.1(669;2)
motto of United Midwayers 77:9.3(866;2)
religion must have up-to-date 195:6.10(2077;6)
parable of 165:6.2-3(1824;5)
sloths 61:4.3(698;5), 61:4.4(698;6), 61:5.7(699;8), 61:7.15(702;5)
early message system 69:4.7(775;7)
snails 59:2.12(676;3), 59:5.6(680;8), 65:2.5(732;3)
snakes 60:3.20(691;1), 61:3.14(698;1),. See also reptilians
ancient Hebrews worshiped 85:3.3(946;5)
be wise as serpents 140:8.13(1580;8), 140:9.3(1584;2), 163:1.3(1800;5), 178:1.7(1930;4)
became fetish animals 88:1.5(967;7)
childless wives believed to become s. in spirit world 83:7.2(928;3)
descended from nonprogressive reptiles 61:2.6(695;4), 65:2.10(732;8)
fatality of bites attributed to magic of sorcerer 88:4.6(971;2)
if your child asks for a watersnake 144:2.4(1619;2)
mouthpiece of evil spirits to Phoenicians and Jews 88:1.5(967;7)
religious leaders called offspring of vipers 175:1.21(1908;5)
snake charming; love cult shamans were venom addicts 85:3.3(946;5)
symbol of Greek medicine 85:3.3(946;5)
primitive hunters used 68:5.5(768;5)
for savages, soul's attempt to escape body 86:5.5(954;4)
in highlands caused floods in Euphrates valley 78:7.2(874;7)
no two crystals ever alike 111:4.6(1220;5)
on highlands caused glaciers 61:5.1-2(699;2)
snow storm in Galilee, A.D. 1 123:4.1(1361;1)
seek to divest associations of all artificiality; enhance all sincere social contacts 39:3.4(432;5)
supervisor seraphim; bring together efficient and agreeable working groups 39:3.4-6(432;5)
basis of; eventual obliteration 70:8sec(792;5)
flexible and shifting s.c. indispensible to civilization 70:8.13(793;5)
insured by man's mental and physical inequality 70:8.1(792;5)
lower s.c. no longer so ignorant or politically helpless 99:1.5(1087;2)
proletariat regarded as useless except for breeding 121:3.5(1335;4)
resulting from conquest were stratified 71:1.2(800;4)
small middle class appeared in Jesus' time 121:1.5(1333;1), 121:3.4(1335;3)
local governments practice s. in continental nation 72:7.1,3(815;1)
untrue teachings 99:5.1(1090;7)
civilization in danger when youth neglect 111:4.4(1220;3)
sociologists survey and leave people as found 195:6.9(2077;5)
Greek; taught that virtue is knowledge; suffer rather than be guilty of injustice 98:2.6(1079;3)
ideals dominated Western world 98:0.1(1077;1)
capable of light and energy locomotion 41:6.1,3(461;5)
sodium chloride. See salt
fabricated narratives relating to destruction of 93:6.7(1021;3), 93:8.1(1022;3)
king of S. joined Abraham's military confederation 93:5.14(1020;3)
Lot went to 93:5.9,12(1019;6)
Mithraic sun-god 98:5.3(1082;4)
solar radiation 41:5sec(460;5),. See also suns
reflect individuals' exact trustworthiness 28:6.13-15(315;7)
tertiary seconaphim assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1,13-15)
bosom of Father and Spirit 13:1.15(146;4)
holds certain secrets of trinitization 13:1.18(146;7), 22:7.1(249;1)
home of Solitary Messengers, Universe Power Directors 13:1.15-16(146;4)
aware of presence of Inspired Trinity Spirits 19:5.4-8,10) 23:1.9(257;4), 108:3.9(1189;5)
designated by number 23:2.3(258;2)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
Inspired Trinity Spirits may take place of 19:5.4(219;5)
mortals won't recognize until Havona 23:2.6(258;5), 48:2.19(545;1)
can transmit messages 100 light-years away 23:3.5(261;3)
close communion with Havona natives 23:2.7(258;6)
constantly partake of Infinite Spirit's direct circuit 23:1.8(257;3)
crave assignment to remote creations 23:1.4(256;6)
cut off from Paradise circuit when ensembled 23:1.9(257;4)
detect proximity of Adjusters 23:1.9(257;4)
equal; perfectly endowed 23:1.3(256;5), 23:2.3(258;2)
functioned from near eternity 23:1.1(256;3)
highly sensitive to gravity 23:2.13(259;6)
intercommunicate within same superuniverse 23:1.6(257;1)
nearly defy time and space; attain velocities of 840 billion miles per second over mind circuits of Infinite Spirit 23:3.1-3,6) 34:3.2(376;5), 107:6.5(1182;7)
never stumble; exempt from apprehension 23:1.7(257;2)
no power of reproduction 23:1.10(257;5)
number stationary at over 50 trillion 23:0.2(256;2), 23:3.9(262;1)
only beings who enjoy solitary existence 23:1.5(256;7)
only personalized creatures uniformly conscious of Adjusters, other prepersonal entities 19:5.6(220;1), 107:4.4(1180;7), 108:3.8-10(1189;4)
senior order of Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit 23:0.1(256;1)
speculations concerning destiny of S.M. 23:4.4(262;5)
tremendous endowment of antigravity 24:0.3(264;3)
without form, yet possess definite personalities 19:5.5(219;6), 23:3.7(261;5), 42:12.3(483;3)
no headquarters or government 23:2.1(257;6), 24:0.3(264;3)
present at inditing of Urantia Papers 19:5.7(220;2), 23:0.2(256;2), 23:2.8,17(259;1), 23:3.3(261;1)
ranks slowly being depleted by assignment to trinitized sons 19:5.4(219;5), 23:4.4(262;5)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.14(525;4)
accompany creature-trinitized sons to Vicegerington; never leave 23:4.3(262;4)
always on duty 23:2.1(257;6)
as Evangels of Light with finaliter companies 31:7.2(349;7)
as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7)
co-operate with gravity researchers 12:3.5(132;3)
co-ordinate all types of finite personality 23:4.2(262;3)
deliver urgent confidential messages 23:3.1,4(260;5)
dispatch messages during rebellion quarantine 53:7.3(607;4)
divisions of service 23:2.2-17(258;1)
enable Ancients of Days to communicate directly and personally with other superuniverses 23:2.8(259;1)
example mission took 1 million years 23:2.9(259;2)
executioners of high tribunals; intelligence gatherers 23:2.10(259;3)
explorers of undirected assignment 23:2.12-14(259;5)
forewarn angels regarding reflective transference 28:4.11(309;5)
function in outer space 29:5.5(329;5)
help develop group identity in spirit beings 23:4.1(262;2)
local universe function 23:2.11(259;4), 37:8.2(413;5)
not permanently attached 23:2.1(257;6)
on commissions approving Havona pilgrims' advancement 26:7.3(293;1)
relationship with Architects of Master Universe and Transcendentalers 31:9.13(352;6)
revelators of truth 23:2.17(260;4)
temporary ambassadors to local universes 23:2.15-16(260;2)
under Ancients of Days and Unions of Days in local universes until Creator Son is sovereign 23:2.11(259;4)
Solitarington is status sphere 13:1.16(146;5)
space messages 44:5.7(505;4)
wrote Papers 107-112) 107:7.8(1184;3), 108:6.9(1194;2), 109:7.9(1202;2), 110:7.11(1214;1), 111:7.6(1224;1), 112:7.20(1240;2),
not in Joseph father of Jesus' ancestry 122:1.1(1344;4)
son of King David and Bathsheba; continued father's tyranny and taxation; built temple, navy; harem numbered 1000 97:9.15-16(1073;5)
Jesus taught in 162:1.9(1790;1), 162:7.1(1796;3), 164:5sec(1815;2)
chief of Urantia planetary helper seraphim 39:5sec(436;5), 51:3.5(583;4)
reproved Adam and Eve for disobedience 51:3.5(583;4), 75:4.2,8(842;4)
seraphic voice in the Garden 51:3.5(583;4), 73:7.5(827;4), 74:8.15(838;7), 75:8.8(846;7), 76:6.5(854;2)
wrote Papers 73-76) 73:7.5(827;4), 74:8.15(838;7), 75:8.8(846;7), 76:6.5(854;2),

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