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all creatures inhabit material abodes 11:0.1(118;1), 12:8.1(139;4), 14:2.1(154;3), 14:4.4(157;3)
all mortal-inhabited planets are evolutionary 32:3.2(360;4), 49:0.1(559;1)
cold accretion planets in good relationship to a sun are best for life 15:6.9(173;4)
each evolutionary planet ruled over by a Planetary Prince 15:2.3(166;2), 32:2.7(359;4), 50:0.2(572;2)
emptied of salvable personalities if physical catastrophe dooms 51:2.3(582;3)
energy transformers insulate planets against energy 29:4.17(326;6)
evolutionary p. are initial worlds of ascending mortal career 112:0.1(1225;1)
evolutionary processes vary greatly; no two exactly alike 49:1.3-4(560;2)
God calls all p. by name 1:5.3(27;5), 3:3.1-2(48;5)
governmental techniques of universe cannot retard development of 55:11.6(635;8)
Havona has largest p. in grand universe 14:3.6(156;3)
in light and life 55:7sec(631;7)
inhabited p. Paper 49 (559;1),)
mortals never return to native p. in same dispensation 39:4.15(436;1), 40:9.5(451;1)
only one bestowal Son serves on each 20:5.4(228;1)
only those in main circuits of superuniverse assured of continuous survival 55:0.3(621;3)
origins 41:10sec(465;6), 57:5-7secs)
collisions of dead suns 15:5.12(171;7), 41:10.3(466;2)
gas-contraction 41:10.3-4(466;2)
high rate of revolution of mother sun 15:5.6(171;1)
meteoric accretion 15:5.9(171;4)
molten-split 41:10.3(466;2)
near approach of great mass to a sun 15:5.5(170;8), 41:10.1(465;6), 57:5sec(655;6)
retrograde motion always result of foreign space bodies 57:5.14(657;3)
sun fission 15:5.7(171;2)
series one, two, and three. See mortals: planetary types
suitability for life
all p. made to be eventually inhabited 1:0.2(21;2)
not 1 in 40 suitable for habitation 15:6.9-11(173;4)
not all p. suited to harbor mortal life 49:0.4(559;4)
small dark p. best suited to life experiments 23:2.13(259;6)
water and air on all p. if not too small 41:10.3(466;2)
System Centers dispatch power to inhabited 29:2.11(322;2)
begun in time will be finished in eternity if worth finishing 111:3.7(1219;6)
cooperation is planning with other and wiser beings 39:4.10(435;3)
God's plan. See divine plan; will of God
implementation in ideas, stereotypes, and decisions 101:7.1(1113;3)
overplanning can defeat itself 160:4.5(1779;3)
suffer less by making fewer personal p. concerning others 48:6.25(555;4)
thwarted by conspiracy of events 154:6.10(1723;1)
association with p. instills patience, quiet, peace 68:5.9,11(769;1)
evolution of spore-bearing plants into seeds 59:5.22(682;5), 65:6.3(737;3)
evolution required appearance of many apparently useless forms; destined to pass 36:2.10(398;4)
flowering p. suddenly appeared in Cretaceous 60:3.sec)
lower forms wholly responsive to physical, chemical, and electrical environment 65:6.7(737;7)
most important step in evolution was chlorophyll making 65:6.3(737;3)
old superstition that women could raise better 84:3.6(934;5)
once fetishes, taboo as food 88:1.3(967;5)
pure energy growth on morontia worlds 43:6.6(492;6)
spore-bearing plants nearly extinct after Permian 60:0.2(685;2)
worship of 85:2.1-2(945;4)
Plato. See also Platonism
Greek; taught that virtue is knowledge; suffer rather than be guilty of injustice 98:2.6(1079;3)
not a religious teacher 92:5.9(1009;6)
Platonism. See also Greece: Greek religion; Plato
4 great philosophies derived from 121:4.1(1335;10)
4th Book of Maccabees exemplifies 121:6.3(1338;6)
adapted into Christianity 146:1.3(1637;5)
cf: Confucianism 94:6.10(1034;5)
Hellenized Jewish beliefs affected by 121:6.3(1338;6)
Jesus' comments on 130:4.1(1433;6), 133:5.2(1476;4)
natural is unreal shadow of spirit realities 151:3.3(1692;2), 170:5.2(1864;2)
tolerated belief in reincarnation 164:3.4(1811;5)
divine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.4(502;3)
maturity substitutes higher meanings for 100:1.1(1094;3)
morontia world has thousands of spirit realities in counterpart to material p. 44:3.1(501;11)
physical pleasures
amusement madness reason for Roman decline 195:3.9(2074;4)
cannot satisfy the soul 84:8.4(942;5)
desire for p. has superseded hunger-want 68:2.11(766;1)
isolated and purely selfish p. are relative evil 100:3.4(1097;1)
man entitled to enjoy p. 100:2.6(1096;3)
p. mania great threat to family life 84:8.1-2(942;2)
self-deception leads to enslaving 143:2.5(1609;6)
selfish satisfactions do not confer happiness 136:6.9(1519;2)
suicidal if they destroy property, marriage, or home 84:8.6(943;1)
recalling past experiences provides p. 48:4.10,20(548;5)
satisfactions of happiness 3:5.14(51;13)
ice age; 2 million to 100,000 years ago 61:5-7secs)
mammal migration era; 10 to 1 million years ago 61:4sec(698;3)
having put one's hand to p., cannot turn back 163:2.3(1801;6)
Cretan Andites used p. ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
discern p. in prose of routine existence 48:7.22(557;6)
effort to escape from material to spiritual values 195:7.15(2079;10)
originated in incantations 92:3.6(1006;3)
relieve philosophy with 143:7.3(1616;5)
rhythm recorders, celestial artisans 44:4.11(504;3)
primitives thought much sickness caused by 90:3.7(990;2)
believers emancipated from haste and painful stress 102:2.3(1119;8)
faith exhibits inexplicable 101:3.4(1108;3)
became fetishes 88:1.9(968;4)
crime detected in ordeals of 70:10.5-6(795;2)
mental p. of fear, anger, suspicion, and intolerance interfere with spiritual progress 110:1.5(1204;3)
physical p. greatly retard efforts of Adjuster 110:1.5(1204;3)
poisoned weapons used very early 70:1.18(785;1)
rulers gained great power through 70:6.6(790;3)
venom addicts could not get along without 85:3.3(946;5)
complemental relationships of ministering spirits 26:1.9(286;4)
sloping entrance of great pyramid pointed to 95:2.7(1044;6)
Ancients of Days occupy point of spiritual polarity on Uversa 18:3.6(209;8)
on Urantia 62:7.2(710;1), 189:3.2(2024;4)
reflective focus on Uversa not same as spiritual focus 17:3.1(200;5)
space reports received at; seraphic transports depart from 39:5.13-15(438;6)
a few p. can restrain a mob 68:1.4(763;7)
are bachelors in continental nation 72:7.5(815;5)
international p. force may prevent minor wars 134:5.10(1489;1)
kings fostered secret p. 70:7.12(792;1)
regulations secure freedom from violence 70:9.2(793;12), 81:5.5(906;3)
religion has been moral p. force of all time 92:3.9(1006;6)
secret societies functioned as secret 70:7.11-12(791;8)
shamans were first officers of the law 70:10.5(795;2)
polyandry. See marriage: among primitives
polygamy. See marriage: among primitives
polygyny. See marriage: among primitives
Andite sailors biologically modified 78:5.7(873;3)
islands more numerous and larger in days of Andites 78:5.7(873;3)
racial composition 79:6.3(884;6)
commandment in Dalamatia against 66:7.9(751;4)
monotheism in the making 5:4.2,9(66;6)
allowed Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus; posted 10 guards, sealed tomb 183:2.3(1973;1), 185:2.6(1990;2), 188:2.2-3(2014;2)
animosity with Herod 185:3.8(1992;1)
"behold the man!" 100:7.1(1101;5), 185:6.3(1995;2), 186:2.11(2000;3)
built aqueduct with temple funds 185:1.5(1988;4)
certain Jesus not worthy to die 185:1.9(1989;3), 185:3sec(1991;1), 185:8sec(1996;5), 185:5.1,7(1993;1)
charge of blasphemy carried no weight with 184:5.1(1985;2)
impressed by Jesus' masterly bearing 185:2.12-13(1990;8)
Jews' lack of respect for 185:1.3-4(1988;2), 185:2.1-5(1989;4)
last appeal to mob 185:6sec(1994;8)
not so guilty since ignorant of gospel 185:7.2(1996;1)
on trial before Jesus 186:2.6(1999;6)
personal characteristics
confused, harassed, fearful 185:2.13(1990;9), 185:5.13(1994;7), 185:6.2,7(1995;1)
hatred for, fear of, Jews 185:1.2(1988;1), 186:4.1(2001;4)
moral coward; made threats he feared to execute 185:1.1,3(1987;5), 185:7.2-3(1996;1)
skeptic; did not fathom strong religious feelings 185:1.3(1988;2)
unjust and fear-ridden judge 185:1.9(1989;3), 185:5.9(1994;3)
political position
began rule of Judea in A.D. 26 136:2.8(1512;4)
consent required to put Jesus to death 184:3.10(1983;2), 185:2.3,5(1989;6), 185:7.4(1996;3)
deposed after needless slaughter of Samaritans 185:1.6(1988;5)
Jews threatened to charge with treason 185:1.8(1989;2), 185:7.5(1996;4)
reasonably good governor 185:1.1(1987;5)
reprimanded by Caesar 185:8.2(1996;6)
Roman procurator of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea under legatus of Syria 185:0.1(1987;1)
retired to Lausanne; committed suicide 185:1.6(1988;5)
slaughtered Galileans in temple 166:4.4(1830;4), 185:1.5(1988;4)
tragic surrender of 185:8sec(1996;5)
"truth, what is truth?" 185:3.5(1991;5)
upset by letter from his wife, Claudia Procula 183:2.3(1973;1), 185:1.7(1989;1), 185:5.7-8(1994;1)
washed hands before multitude 185:8.2(1996;6), 186:4.1(2001;4)
would not take money for Jesus' body 188:0.3(2012;3)
wrote "King of the Jews" over Jesus' cross 187:1.2-3(2004;6), 187:2.5(2007;4)

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