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emerged from mana level of prayer 91:0.5(994;5)
balance. See also symmetry
in Judaism, philosophy and aesthetics entirely submerged in religion and morality 97:10.5(1076;2), 98:2.7-9(1079;4)
lack of balance between intellectual and spiritual growth hazardous 98:1.6(1078;4)
lack of balance in Greece, where personal religious experience failed to keep pace with intellect 98:2.7-9(1079;4)
philosophy, religion, and science welded together by wisdom, faith, and experience 98:2.12(1080;2)
sense of proportion necessary in exercise of virtue 16:7.7(193;6)
spiritual growth greatest when physical, mental, and spiritual powers in b. 110:6.4(1209;4)
unification of mathematic logic, mind-reason, and spirit-faith in personality 16:6.10(192;6)
world peace cannot be maintained by 134:6.9(1491;3)
Andonites entered Europe via 80:9.6(898;1)
Andite invasion route to Europe 80:4.1-2(892;4)
Andite infiltration into 79:1.1(878;2), 79:2.4(880;2)
has vast spiritual resources 195:6.1(2076;6)
ancient interest rate was 100% 69:5.6(776;4)
commercial credit first practiced at Dalamatia 66:5.12(747;2)
courts determine interest rates in continental nation 72:5.4(813;5)
early banker was valorous man of tribe 69:5.2(775;10)
early creditors controlled body after death 69:5.8(776;6)
extensive system in Jerusalem temple 173:1.3-4(1889;1)
honest wealth entitled to interest 132:5.9(1464;3)
Judas deposited funds 147:2.1(1648;3), 163:2.11(1803;2), 172:2.3(1880;4)
Moses said his people would lend but not borrow 96:5.4(1058;2)
negligent servant should have obtained interest 171:8.6(1876;3), 176:3.4(1916;4)
Jewish custom against women sitting at 172:1.2(1878;5)
Jewish custom that interested persons linger 138:3.5(1540;8), 147:5.2(1651;6)
primitives gave pretentious feasts to dispel dishonor 69:5.12(776;10)
sometimes invite poor, maimed, and blind 140:8.12(1580;7), 167:1.5(1834;3)
evolving monotheists keep subordinate gods as 96:1.14(1054;4)
b. of Jesus. See Jesus: events in life
b. of the spirit. See spiritual rebirth
evolution of ceremony 87:6.5(964;4)
in early Christian church 194:4.9(2067;4)
Jesus never opposed rite of 170:5.13(1865;3)
John baptized for remission of sins 135:6.4(1502;2)
Mithraic rite 98:5.4(1082;5), 98:6.4(1083;4)
of gentile proselytes into fellowship of outer court 135:6.4(1502;2)
price apostles paid to gain followers of John 144:7.1(1626;2)
public profession of entrance into kingdom 144:6.7(1625;4), 144:8.5(1627;2)
religious ceremonial in Babylon 85:4.1(946;8)
Jesus crucified in place of B.; mob cheered 185:8.2(1996;6), 187:0.2(2004;2)
political agitator; murderous robber; son of priest 185:5.3-11(1993;3)
thief on cross had looked upon B. as hero 187:4.5(2009;4)
defeated Sisera at Taanach 126:1.2(1387;2)
first matchmakers were 83:2.1(923;1)
early people wrote on 66:5.9(746;7)
improved in Garden of Eden 81:1.7(901;2)
able Greek believer in Jerusalem 194:4.11(2068;1)
foolish rich man pulled down 165:4.2(1821;2)
among ancients, b. attributed to spirit machinations 83:4.4(924;7)
ancients always blamed b. on wife 83:7.2(928;3)
doll first employed as talisman against 88:6.4(972;4)
early practices of silent b.; fetish stood guard 69:4.1-4(775;1)
in sex slaves 69:5.10(776;8)
father of Nathaniel 139:6.9(1559;4)
Jesus restored sight to 171:5sec(1873;1)
earth's crust stabilized by molten sea of 58:5.3-4(668;5)
form of lava heavier than granite 58:5.6(668;8)
Palisades of Hudson formed by extrusion of 60:1.3(685;5)
brutal Hebrew raid upon king of 69:8.3(779;2)
origination of idea 81:2.13-14(902;7)
Basques. See also white race: divisions: southern
blue race admixed with Saharans 80:9.11(898;6)
Batanea 138:2.4(1539;7), 154:7.4(1723;7), 155:0.1(1725;1)
belief deformed babies were result of careless b. 84:1.4(932;1)
Greeks practiced ritual of 85:4.1(946;8)
Jesus refused to go to public baths 132:4.5(1461;3), 133:3.6(1472;5)
religious ceremonial before Prince's arrival 66:5.21(748;2), 87:6.5(964;4)
Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of 122:1.2(1345;1)
wife of Uriah the Hittite; King David married; mother of Solomon 97:9.10,15(1072;8)
diminutive mammals, air navigators 49:2.10(562;1), 65:2.12(733;2)
imparted traditions of Salem to Gautama 94:7.5(1035;5)
Dravidian shipping to 79:3.7(881;7)
string of b. was once a battery of charms 88:1.2(967;4)
foolish carpenter spent time squaring rotting timber 156:5.2(1738;1)
in one's own eye 140:3.17(1571;4)
bears 61:4.3(698;5), 61:7.13(702;3), 62:5.2(707;8)
strengthen moral character, create happiness 140:5.6-24(1573;8)
in Jerusalem temple 162:4.3(1794;2)
always triumphs over ugliness 156:5.5(1738;4)
ancients believed b. aroused envy of spirits 87:5.7(963;2)
base life on highest consciousness of 110:3.7(1206;5)
concept not inherent in physics 195:6.11(2077;7)
defined as
discernment of goodness in truth 2:7.8(43;1)
finite maximum of experience 117:1.7(1279;5)
harmonious relations, rhythms of creation 56:10.9-11(646;10)
man's effort to discern God in matter 56:10.2(646;3)
reflection of Paradise in material creation 56:10.17(647;8)
revelation of Deity 0:1.17(3;4), 56:10.9(646;10)
spirit of Father 155:6.11(1732;4)
unification of contrasts, of Creator and creature 56:10.3-4(646;4)
value-realization of God-consciousness 111:3.7(1219;6)
discernment of b. is integration of reality 2:7.8(43;1)
leads to worship, especially with children 167:6.5-6(1840;4)
man's understanding of b. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
most religious when simple and naturelike 167:6.6(1840;5)
never satisfying if ununified 44:7.3(507;4)
pleasing surroundings contribute to happiness 140:4.10(1573;1)
service of b. no substitute for religious experience 196:3.20(2095;7)
sincere pursuit of b. leads to God 195:6.17(2078;3)
truth, fact, and relationship inseparable from 44:7.2(507;3)
variety essential to 56:10.3-4(646;4)
beavers 61:2.7(695;5), 61:5.7(699;8)
Indian tribes believed they originated from 74:8.5(837;4)
Bedouins. See also Arabs
believed nature spirit produced sand whirls 85:4.2(947;1)
Jesus accused of doing miracles by power of 153:4.2-3(1714;1), 169:0.7(1850;7)
Jesus warned apostles would be called associates of 150:4.2(1681;9)
leader of apostate secondary midwayers 53:1.5(602;2), 77:7.4(863;5)
Beersheba 134:7.4(1492;4), 190:1.8(2031;2)
lacked ability to respond to spirit leading 130:8.4(1440;4)
almost unknown among ancient tribes 69:9.1(780;4)
beginning of reality. See reality: genesis of reality
vs. doing 140:10.1(1584;4)
Beirut 156:3.1(1736;6)
Jesus lived in rock cavern near 136:4.12(1515;6)
Jesus' headquarters while on Mount Hermon 134:8.1(1492;8)
Babylonian god; Mesopotamian god of earth 95:1.4(1042;5), 97:6.2(1067;5)
Mesopotamians reduced their gods to concept of 96:0.1(1052;1)
temples in Babylon 95:1.10(1043;5)
most northerly Danubian settlement at Liege in 80:8.4(897;2)
belief. See also faith
acceptance of teaching as true 101:8.1(1114;5)
always limits and binds 101:8.2(1114;6)
and faith 102:6sec(1124;3)
b. rather than knowledge determines conduct 99:4.5(1090;1)
education increases respect for others' opinions 25:3.12(278;3)
hard to shake once part of one's religion 153:3.6(1713;1)
may not be able to resist doubt and withstand fear 102:6.7(1125;2)
religions of authority require uniformity in 155:6.9(1732;2)
time required to effect radical change in fundamental 152:6.1(1705;1)

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