The Urantia Book Fellowship
Ezda 135:4.1(1499;1)
orphan lad of Beth-zur; John the Baptist adopted 135:3.1(1497;7)
Ezekiel 145:2.7(1630;3), 165:4.8(1822;3)
established observance of superior ritual 97:10.7(1076;4)
proclaimed deliverance through service of devotion 97:8.3(1071;1)
spoke of new spirit to live in man's soul 121:7.5(1340;3)
unsilenced spiritual leader 97:10.3(1075;8)
did not accept Jesus; split from John 137:2.2(1526;2)
father of Susanna 189:4.4(2025;5)
wealthy merchant, father of Rebecca 127:5.1,2,6(1402;4)
backslidden Jew whom Jesus rehabilitated 130:8.2(1440;2)
promised prosperity by adherence to law 97:8.3(1071;1)
Joseph and Mary left Alexandria on boat of 123:0.4(1356;1)