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disappointment of reign 136:8.8(1521;3)
heroic exploits 121:2.7(1334;1)
Jews removed from Perea in times of 165:0.3(1817;3)
restoration of Mosaic services by 123:3.5(1359;6)
Jude 127:4.5(1401;5), 137:6.1,4(1532;3), 154:5.1(1720;2), 157:0.1(1743;1), 183:4.7(1976;5), 188:3.3(2014;6),. See also Jesus: family
active with Zealots; clashed with civil authorities 128:6.4-7(1415;4)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
became firm believer in Jesus 137:3.3(1527;6), 137:5.2(1531;6)
believed Jesus had risen 190:2.2(2031;6)
feared for his safety 154:6.2(1721;2)
firebrand; highest of ideals, but unstable in temperament 127:4.7(1401;7), 128:7.3-4(1417;2)
friction with Jesus 124:4.3(1371;6)
Jesus' failure to select J. as apostle caused gulf with family 138:0.1(1538;1)
born June 24, A.D. 5 124:3.4(1370;2)
faithfully sent funds home each month 128:7.11(1418;3)
heard voice at Jesus' baptism 135:8.2,6(1503;5)
Jesus sold harp to defray J.'s school expenses 127:4.10(1402;3)
Jesus visited J. at home in Magdala 137:3.1(1527;4), 137:5.2(1531;6)
married March, A.D. 24 134:1.4(1484;1)
often came to Capernaum to hear Jesus 129:1.13(1421;3)
punished on 3 occasions 127:4.3(1401;3)
ran away from uncle's farm to become fisherman 128:7.8(1417;7)
searched for Jesus after Cana 137:5.1(1531;5)
sister-in-law Rachel 150:1.1(1678;5)
trip with Jesus to Passover; taken to military prison 128:6.3-8(1415;3)
witnessed Jesus' crucifixion 186:0.3(1997;3), 187:2.7(2007;6), 187:3.2(2008;3), 187:5.1(2010;2)
Judea 142:8sec(1605;3),. See also Israel; Palestine
Caesarea was Roman capital of 184:3.14(1983;6)
fall of Assyria and ascendancy of Egypt delivered 97:9.23(1074;5)
Jewish consciousness originated in southern clan of Judah 97:9.2(1071;7)
Judah put under tribute by Egypt 97:9.17,24(1073;7)
Judahites always sought to defame Ephraimites 97:9.2(1071;7)
Judas was the only apostle from 138:2.9(1540;2), 139:12.1-2(1565;9)
Judeans less willing to believe gospel 166:2.2(1827;4)
most difficult Roman province to govern 185:1.2(1988;1)
mostly non-Hebrew 97:9.7,11(1072;5)
wars with Israel 97:9.18(1073;8)
of conciliating commissions 25:2.7(275;7)
judges. 72:2.1(809;2),See also courts
Jesus' address to judge on behalf of poor man 132:4.8(1462;1)
Jesus' comments to judge on behalf of Jude 128:6.7(1415;7)
Micah denounced rulers who judge for reward 97:5.5(1067;2)
Hebrew tribal sheiks 96:6.1(1059;2)
by man
dangers and unfairness of sitting in personal j. 133:3.6(1472;5), 146:2.6(1639;1), 159:1.6(1764;1)
do not prejudge fellows 38:2.4(419;4), 133:1.2(1469;1),. See also prejudice
judge not by a single unfortunate human episode 156:5.9(1739;4)
judge savages according to their enlightenment 101:9.2(1115;3)
let others give account of themselves to God 139:6.5(1558;6)
must be lodged in hands of social group 10:6.2(114;3), 70:10.13(796;3), 104:2.5(1146;1), 133:1.2(1469;1), 159:1.6(1764;1)
Spirit of Truth enables wise 180:6.2(1951;3)
concomitant of lengthening time unit in experience 118:1.3-8(1295;3)
day of judgment 140:3.20(1571;7), 144:5.4(1622;3), 147:3.3(1649;3), 166:3.4(1829;1)
taught by Egyptians and Zoroaster 95:6.6(1050;2)
under Mithraism 98:5.4(1082;5)
divine judgment
3 questions asked of the rich 165:4.10-13(1822;5)
a thousand or a million witnesses may testify 19:4.5(218;3)
absolves person from all future criticism 62:7.5(710;4)
account of endowments and stewardships asked in next world 112:5.10(1233;6), 133:4.7(1474;7), 176:3.7-8(1917;3)
at death, mortals stand in immediate presence of 176:2.7(1915;4)
based on faithfulness, not material success 25:1.6(274;3)
belongs to Ancients of Days 53:1.2(601;4)
conciliating commissions settle minor difficulties 25:2.11(276;4)
delay in execution justified if it might conduce to repentance 54:4-5secs)
ever fulfills divine love of God 10:6.8(115;2)
exclusive function of beings of high training and creature experience 33:7.1(372;5)
Father is source of all true j. 162:5.2(1795;1)
final application of justice 10:6.4(114;5)
human lives recorded in seraphim and Censors 112:6.4(1236;2)
if in doubt, Judges invariably rule in personal interests of individual 112:5.7(1233;3)
Judges will not deprive any being of personality who has not finally and fully made eternal choice 112:5.9(1233;5)
justice prevails when mercy exhausted 28:6.7(315;1), 33:7.8(373;2)
Magisterial Sons adjudicate to close planetary dispensations 20:2.5-7(225;4), 20:3.1(226;1)
Memories of Mercy testify before courts of Uversa 28:6.6(314;5)
Mighty Messengers are defense attorneys; Those High in Authority are prosecutors; Those without Name and Number are jurors 22:2.8(245;8), 22:3.4(246;5), 22:4.3(247;2)
must prove satisfactory to all related persons 54:3.2(615;4)
never destroys what mercy can save 54:5.3(617;3)
no adjudication for probationary nursery children who do not choose survival 47:2.7(532;5)
of nonsurvivors 40:4.1(444;4)
System Sovereigns enforce mandates of constellations and local universe 33:8.1(373;3)
those rejecting Jesus and his teachings will be brought to j. 174:5.7(1903;4)
time is part of evidence before Ancients of Days 28:6.10(315;4)
unbiased testimony given by reflective seconaphim 28:4.11(309;5)
Universal Censors are organic part of dispensational adjudications 19:4.3(218;1)
universe authorities would rather risk system rebellion than deprive one mortal of ascending career 112:5.8(1233;4)
vested in hands of those knowing antecedents, motives 133:1.2(1469;1), 133:4.12(1475;5)
God merciful with primitive mortals 40:5.8(446;2)
Jesus came not to judge but to offer salvation 140:3.17(1571;4), 162:5.2(1795;1), 162:7.4(1797;1), 174:5.7(1903;4)
Universal Censors
appropriate Adjuster and seraphic records for j. 112:4.2(1231;2)
are j. of Deity 19:4.1,4(217;7)
judges and censors decree mortal survival 108:6.6(1193;5)
Herod maintained Perean residence at 135:12.1(1508;1), 150:3.1(1680;3)
Capitolium in Rome dedicated to 132:0.2(1455;2)
Capitolium in Rome dedicated to 132:0.2(1455;2)
reveler 69:2.5(773;6)
Romans invoked by throwing stone in air 85:1.3(945;1)
Zeus, transplanted from Greece to Rome 98:3.3(1080;5)
largely gaseous 57:5.10(656;6)
might capture outer planets, become a sun 15:5.8(171;3)
one moon near tidal disruption 57:6.5(658;2)
origin 41:10.1(465;6), 57:5.9-10(656;5)
retrograde motion of certain satellites 57:5.9(656;5)
secondary sun for short period 57:5.10(656;6)
later reptilian age from 125 to 100 million years ago 60:2sec(687;2)
members of superuniverse assembly serve as 15:12.1(180;2)
Those without Name and Number serve as 15:12.1(180;2), 22:4.3(247;2)
one who had discharged ritual obligations 89:8.7(983;5)
shall live by faith 131:2.8(1445;2)
of Sidon, daughter of Bernice 156:2.2(1735;6), 156:3.2(1737;1)
justice 2:3sec(36;6), 133:1sec(1468;4),. See also courts; crime; death penalty; karma; law
conceived by man, means getting one's rights 70:10.2(794;7)
concept constitutive in spirit-endowed mind 70:10.2(794;7)
divine justice. See also conciliating commissions; judgment: divine judgment
collective thought of righteousness 10:6.8(115;2)
Creators provide for judicial systems to settle honest differences 25:3.7(277;4)
demands adjudication of every default and misstep 39:1.8(428;2)
dominated by Father's love 54:5.3(617;3)
dual magistracy in Nebadon 33:7.2-7(372;6)
even love and mercy cannot abrogate 2:6.8(41;6), 146:2.5(1638;5)
fairness based on personal motives and racial tendencies 39:1.8(428;2)
fully perceived, j. is coincident with merciful love 10:6.8(115;2)
higher we ascend, the more certain we are to be judged by our own kind 43:2.4(487;6)
innocent beings involved in tribulations of Lucifer rebellion will be adjudicated mercifully 54:6.1(618;4)
is precise 4:4.5(59;1), 10:6.8(115;2), 133:1.2(1469;1)
judicial review by Melchizedek and ascendant mortal councils 43:2.3-4(487;5)
local system courts in light and life 55:8.1(632;4)
not influenced by acts of creatures 2:3.1(36;6)
purpose of tribunals is to adjudicate honest differences of opinion; decree survival 39:1.7-8(428;1)
rehabilitated defaulted divine Sons never again serve in original positions 35:9.10(394;2), 35:10.4(394;6)
slow but certain 54:4.8(616;7)
Stationary Sons of Trinity are perfect revelation of 10:0.2(108;2)
time lag of 53:4.5(605;2), 54:3sec(615;3)
tribunals of Ancients of Days 15:12sec(180;2)
tribunals of Planetary Princes 50:2.5(573;6)
Trinity attitude 10:5.1(113;2), 10:6.2(114;3)
do not apply Jesus' teachings to material problems of 142:7.17(1605;2)
early j. meant enforcement of taboos 70:11.2(796;8)
eye for eye retaliation 70:10.9(795;6), 140:6.9(1577;3), 140:8.5(1579;7), 159:5.11(1770;3)
law is intellectual foundation of 39:3.3(432;4)
might enforces commonly recognized rights 81:5.6(906;4)
most powerful, most tenuous factor of civilization 118:8.10(1302;7)
must be lodged in hands of social group 10:6.2(114;3), 70:10.13(796;3), 104:2.5(1146;1), 133:1.2(1469;1), 159:1.6(1764;1)
nature provides only conformity of results to causes 70:10.1(794;6)
never a personal attitude 10:6.2(114;3)
primitive idea was to dispose of contest 70:11.10(797;8)

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