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at first negative and prohibitive, later directive 70:11.2(796;8)
but one law to obey proclaim gospel 192:2.11(2049;2)
codified record of human experience 70:11.6(797;4)
divine law
destroys sin 2:6.8(41;6)
disastrous results of transgression 2:5.3(39;2)
discloses procedures most acceptable to Deity 25:3.8(277;5)
enactment by constellation assemblies 39:3.3(432;4), 43:2.5-8(487;7)
experientially unify divine l. with divine love 10:6.8(115;2), 104:2.3(1145;4), 111:6.6(1222;5)
Father is l., Eternal Son administers spiritual l., Infinite Spirit reveals l. 10:6.1(114;2)
ignorance of l. unfortunate 147:6.6(1655;2)
innocent or deliberate transgression of l. causes affliction 148:5.4(1662;1), 148:6.3(1663;1)
man lives in realm of comparative l. and order 4:5.3(60;2)
must be obeyed 146:2.3(1638;3)
nature is modified expression of divine l. 4:2sec(56;5), 42:11.1(481;5)
of conservation and dominance of goodness 48:6.7(552;5)
principal of greatest possible coordination with fixed policy not to infringe moral free will 39:3.3(432;4)
reflectivity is mechanism for disseminating decrees 17:3.7(201;5)
spirit dominant over matter in personality relationships 25:1.4(274;1)
unchanging reaction, habits, of infinite, perfect, and divine mind 4:2.1,3(56;5), 12:7.2-5(137;3), 25:4.12(280;7), 102:7.2(1126;2)
written on hearts 145:2.5(1630;1)
earliest l. was survival of fittest 52:1.3-4(589;5)
Greek, Roman, and oriental l. 195:2.3(2072;7)
Jesus always observant of 140:8.9(1580;4)
Jewish l. viewed as given by Moses 121:7.3(1340;1)
methods of handling early property disputes 70:11.8(797;6)
of Sumerians 77:4.7(860;2)
unwritten law. See lynch law
ideal state has few laws 71:3.4(803;4)
intellectual foundation of justice 39:3.3(432;4)
l. is life itself, not the rules of its conduct 48:6.22(555;1)
l. of living is love for father and mutual love among children 142:7.4(1603;5)
liberty exists only under reign of 71:2.7(802;6), 81:5.7(906;5), 134:6.1(1490;4)
morality never advanced by 16:7.9(193;8), 178:1.3,6,12(1929;4)
spirit as well as letter of 135:6.8(1502;6)
Jesus came to fulfill 140:6.2(1576;2)
speak for those who cannot speak for themselves 39:3.3(432;4)
supervisor seraphim; forecast effect of proposed laws 39:3.3(432;4)
lawyers. See also courts; law
have taken key of knowledge from common people 166:1.5(1826;2)
lawyer desired to know greatest commandment 174:4.2-4(1901;2)
Romans were l. by nature and training 195:2.4-6(2072;8)
Lazarus (of Bethany) 127:3.5(1399;4), 128:6.5(1415;5), 134:9.2(1494;5), 152:7.1(1706;2)
apostles' personal effects stored at home of 143:0.1(1607;1)
at Jesus' 10th appearance 191:4sec(2041;4)
David Zebedee was self-appointed defender of 171:1.5(1869;1)
died at 67 168:5.3(1849;7)
father Simon was leading resident of Bethany 168:0.4(1842;4)
directed L. to flee 171:1.5(1869;1), 172:2.4(1880;5), 174:0.1(1897;1), 178:2.2(1932;5), 178:3.3(1934;5)
first meeting; boys were same age 124:6.9(1375;3), 127:6.5(1404;4)
L. took young Jesus to explore Jerusalem 125:2.5(1379;6)
L. visited Jesus twice at the Jordan 141:9.1(1595;5)
loved L. with fervent affection 125:2.7(1380;2), 127:6.3(1404;2), 167:4.2(1837;1)
received message regarding illness of L. 167:4sec(1836;6)
resurrection of L. Paper 168 (1842;1),)
wept at tomb of L. 168:1sec(1843;7)
Martha and Mary joined L. in Philadelphia 190:1.9(2031;3)
persecuted by Pharisees 171:1.5(1869;1)
private tomb on own premises 168:0.4(1842;4)
Sanhedrin decreed death of 168:5.1(1849;5), 172:1.1,9(1878;4), 175:3.1(1909;4)
sisters Martha and Mary 124:6.9(1375;3)
summoned before Sanhedrin 168:3.4(1847;4)
treasurer of church at Philadelphia; supported Abner 168:5.3(1849;7)
wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards 168:0.4(1842;4), 172:1.7(1879;5)
parable of Lazarus and Dives 169:3sec(1854;5)
2 atomic weights 42:4.12(474;2)
brought up in lava 58:7.6(670;8)
Silurian deposits 59:3.4(677;1), 59:5.9(681;1)
depends on natural ability, discretion, determination 156:5.7(1739;2)
destiny of religious groups depends on 99:5.1(1090;7)
success depends on tact and charm which wins co-operation 160:1.9(1774;1)
teamwork dependent upon 81:6.37(911;2)
unfailingly provided for all groups 181:2.16(1958;3)
vital to progress 81:6.42(911;7)
wise l. has never exceeded 1% of population 81:6.42(911;7)
Adjuster leadings. See also submission
Adjusters speak directly with 1st psychic circlers 110:6.15(1210;10)
Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects 101:4.3(1109;5), 108:6.7(1193;6), 110:1.1(1203;3)
autorevelation is work of Adjuster 101:4.3(1109;5)
man may hear Adjuster's direct voice in supreme decision 109:5.2(1199;3), 110:5.2(1208;1), 110:7.9(1213;4)
many isms have arisen from garbled Adjuster communications 110:4.5(1207;5)
Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are children of God 34:6.12(381;6), 101:2.11(1107;3)
dangers involved with supposed spirit leadings
blunder to exalt reaction of mind to divine dignity 110:5.5(1208;4)
product of intellect indistinguishable from that of Adjuster 110:3.1(1205;5), 110:4.1-6(1207;1), 110:5.6(1208;5)
strong emotions are not equivalent to spiritual leadings 91:7.1-4(1000;2), 159:3.6(1766;2)
unbalanced spiritual growth produces fanatical interpretation of spirit leadings 110:6.2(1209;2)
uprush from unconscious mistaken for spirit leadings 100:5.6-7(1099;4)
Jesus did not indulge in religious l. 110:4.1-6(1207;1), 196:0.10(2088;5)
practical validations of inspiration 91:7.5(1000;6)
recognize thoughts for what they are; disregard what they might have been 109:5.3(1199;4)
cannot prevent war by most powerful governments 134:5.10(1489;1)
daughter of Philip; prophetess of Hierapolis 139:5.11(1557;5)
learn from looking as well as from 16:7.3(193;2)
sometimes becomes greatest 41:10.5(466;4)
beware of l. of Pharisees, which is hypocrisy 157:2.2(1745;1), 165:3.2(1820;1)
parable of 151:4.3(1694;1), 178:1.15(1931;6)
place l. of new truth in old beliefs 178:1.16(1932;1)
Solomon built 97:9.16(1073;6)
Judas Alpheus also called 139:9.5(1563;6)
legalism. See also Judaism: oral law
Jews in terrible bondage of 121:7.3(1340;1)
3-house system on continental nation 72:2.4-7(809;5)
marked great social advance 70:12.2-3(798;1)
of Nebadon located on constellations 33:8.1(373;3), 39:3.3(432;4), 43:2sec(487;3)
social growth cannot be secured by legislation 100:3.7(1097;4)
superuniverse deliberative assembly 15:11sec(179;4), 28:7.1(317;4)
accorded Havona arrivals 30:4.21,25(343;3)
accorded mansion world arrivals 47:3.6(533;4)
angels promote profitable utilization of human l. 114:6.15(1256;5)
civilization can never flourish until man has 78:2.4(870;2), 81:2.2,10(901;5), 81:6.6(907;3)
early ancestors had little or no l. to think 81:2.2(901;5)
language did not function until group had 81:6.17(908;6)
must produce as well as consume 71:3.4(803;4)
of priests promoted art and knowledge 92:3.9(1006;6)
provided by pastoral living over hunting 68:5.7(768;7)
seldom taken advantage of in tropics 81:6.7(907;4)
unearned l. may be greatest human affliction 118:10.9(1305;4)
ancestors of dawn mammals 61:6.1(700;2), 62:2.1(703;5)
appearance 61:2.10(696;1), 62:1sec(703;2)
Malay tribe teaches descent from 74:8.5(837;4)
migrated over Bering land bridge 62:1.2(703;3), 62:2.15(703;3), 65:2.15(733;5)
not directly related to gibbons and apes 62:1.1(703;2)
forbidden to attend synagogue 146:4.3(1643;4)
healing at Iron 146:4.3-5(1643;4)
healing the 10 166:2sec(1827;3)
Hinayana Buddhism; asocial doctrine 94:9.4-5(1038;2)
Caucasoid and Negroid have intermingled in 81:4.9(905;5)
homeland of faiths of Occidental world 95:0.1(1042;1)
officiated in Jerusalem temple 162:4.2-4(1794;1)
sent delegation to John the Baptist 135:6.6(1502;4)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
Morontia Power Supervisors; slow down
morontia energy revolutions for physicalization 48:2.13(544;3)

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