The Urantia Book Fellowship
consequent upon enhanced self-control 54:1.5-6(613;7), 71:3.4(803;4)
finaliters experience finality of 39:4.11(435;4)
only after learning loyalty, love, and brotherhood 39:4.11(435;4)
only under reign of law 71:2.7(802;6), 81:5.7(906;5), 134:6.1(1490;4)
predicated on justice, intelligence, maturity, fraternity, equity 54:1.2(613;4)
progressively related to cosmic reality 54:1.3-4(613;5)
proportional to degree of doing Father's will 195:6.16(2078;2)
through capital and invention 69:5.15(777;3)
through knowing truth 52:5.4(596;2), 101:6.8(1112;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 143:1.4(1608;1), 162:7.2(1796;4), 194:2.2(2060;7), 194:3.5(2063;3)
where spirit is, there is freedom 103:5.11(1135;1), 194:3.5,14(2063;3)
child's l. should be restrained by intelligent discipline 177:2.7(1923;1)
defined as
daring to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully 101:7.4(1114;2)
existing only within realm of one's consciousness 34:3.8(377;4)
ideal of society 69:8.11(780;2)
quest of the ages 54:1.2(613;4)
regardful of social equity, fairness, and divine obligations 54:1.3(613;5)
right to love and be loved, privilege of worshiping God and serving fellows 54:2.5(615;2)
endowing imperfect beings with l. entails inevitable tragedy 110:0.1(1203;1)
enjoy l. without license 48:7.8(556;8), 67:5.1(758;6), 89:3.7(977;2)
false liberty 54:1sec(613;3)
assumption of self-assertion; self-admiration 54:1.6(614;1)
depriving others of privileges of existence 54:1.6-9(614;1), 54:2.5(615;2), 54:3.1(615;3)
fallacies of personal liberty 35:10.5(395;1), 39:4.6(434;6)
liberty divorced from justice and moral duty is suicidal 53:0.1(601;1), 54:1.3-4(613;5)
unbridled personal liberty 74:5.6(833;6)
grants to any individual curtail those of all others 70:11.2(796;8)
Greek philosophy, Christian ideals comprised charter for human freedom 195:1.1(2071;1)
Lucifer manifesto masqueraded as l. 54:2sec(614;6), 67:5.1(758;6)
make evil and sin inevitable 54:3.1(615;3)
mortals are entitled to 70:12.5(798;4)
progress characterized by increasing 132:3.10(1460;3)
religious groups should enjoy l. of freethinking 103:5.12(1135;2)
spirit world respects freewill choice if not detrimental to self or injurious to fellows 48:6.6(552;4)
Alexandria's was greatest library in world 130:3.4(1432;4)
custodians of knowledge are living 25:5.1(281;2), 27:5.1(301;6)
Greek and Latin l. in Rome 132:0.2(1455;2)
house of Fad in Dalamatia 66:5.9(746;7)
war against Egypt 96:3.5(1056;2)
license. See also liberty: false liberty
enjoy liberty without 48:7.8(556;8), 89:3.7(977;2)
forerunner of bondage 54:1.5(613;7)
most northerly Danubian settlement 80:8.4(897;2)
10 orders of life on architectural spheres 43:6.4,7(492;4)
abundant evidence of intelligent planning 65:4.3(735;2)
accretion worlds in proper relation to sun best for 15:6.9(173;4)
antidotal complements of life currents for Prince's staff in tree of life 66:4.12-13(745;2)
appears on planets by importation or through Life Carriers 36:0.1(396;1), 36:3sec(399;3)
24 pattern units; 48 human trait determiners 36:2.4,9(397;4)
of Prince's staff reorganized by life circuits 77:2.2-5(856;5)
creation of life. See also Life Carriers; life plasm
Ancients of Days involved in 36:6.7(404;5)
attributes are mind, ability to reproduce 36:6.3,7(404;1)
Creator Son's proclamation for projection of 34:1.1(374;4)
Life Carriers initiate 42:1.5(468;2), 49:5.15(567;2), 65.1sec)
life is gift of Mother Spirit 34:2.5(376;2), 36:3.3-5(399;5), 36:6sec(403;6)
life produced on 3 distinct levels of matter, mind, and spirit 65:0.2(730;2)
Master Spirits influence initiating work of Life Carriers 16:4.9(190;3), 65:0.1(730;1)
premind l. formulated by Master Physical Controllers, Seven Master Spirits, and Life Carriers 65:0.1(730;1)
prerogative of God; scientists can never create 36:6.1(403;6), 42:1.4-5(468;1), 65:6.1(737;1)
process 65:1.4(731;2)
vital spark from Mother Spirit bestowed through Life Carriers 36:3.3-5(399;5)
differs on each planet 36:2.6(397;6)
evolution produces apparently useless forms 36:2.10(398;4), 65:4.10,12(736;1)
evolutionary techniques 65:6sec(737;1)
experimental l. is devoid of mind endowment and reproductive powers 36:6.3(404;1)
fully resistant to short space rays 58:3.4(667;3)
inherent capacity for transmutation of energy 41:2.5(457;4)
lower forms of l. often antagonistic to mortals 36:2.10(398;4)
missing links in evolution never existed 58:6.2-4(669;3)
not inherent in matter; l. springs only from l. 36:3.1(399;3), 36:6.1-2(403;6)
on Urantia
establishment Paper 58 (664;1),)
ideal situation for life 15:6.10(173;5)
implanted by Life Carriers on 3 sites 550 million years ago 36:3.2(399;4), 58:4.sec) 62:0.1(703;1), 65:2.1(731;5)
man evolved from western implantation 65:2.13(733;3)
methods of salt disposal or conservation 58:6.5(669;6)
thousands of species perished in Permian 59:6.2(682;8)
transition from vegetable to animal life 58:6.1(669;2)
only 1 planet in 40 suitable for l. 15:6.10(173;5)
over 1,000,000 cosmic chemical formulas for 36:2.7(398;1)
planetary variations 36:2.6(397;6)
plants, animals do not individually survive death 36:6.5(404;3)
renders material-energy systems capable of self-perpetuation, self-propagation, and self-adaptation 118:7.6(1301;3)
6 essentials 160:4.2(1778;5)
animation of pattern-configured energy 36:6.6(404;4)
bread of life. See bread: bread of life
comes into being by action of Universal Mind 130:4.7(1434;6)
domain characterized by numbers 3, 7, and 12 36:2.4(397;4)
essence is spirit 42:1.1(467;3)
evidences innate striving for perfection 65:6.2(737;2)
Father bestows l. through his Sons 3:0.1(44;1)
Father has l. in himself 2:2.1(35;5)
flows from Father through the Son by the Spirit 36:6.7(404;5)
in God we live and move and have our being 1:1.2(22;5), 1:5.16(29;6), 2:1.11(35;4), 3:1.4(45;2), 12:7.12(139;1), 111:5.2(1221;3), 141:2.1(1588;4), 174:3.2(1900;2)
inherent joy in 28:5.16(312;3)
Jesus is l. 180:3.7(1947;6)
Jesus unifies l. 100:7.18(1103;6)
Master Spirits channel l. to creation 36:6.7(404;5)
ministered and maintained through Mother Spirits 34:2.4(376;1)
never fails to develop cosmic mind intuitions of causation, duty, and worship 16:6.5-9(192;1)
not gravity responsive 36:6.6(404;4)
process which takes place between organism and its environment 32:3.9(361;4), 112:1.13-14(1227;3)
unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect 112:2.16(1229;7)
value is progressability to God-consciousness 130:4.7(1434;6)
water of. See water of life
mortal life
always attended by struggle 50:6.3(578;3)
augment fraction of l. by lowering denominator of personal demands 89:3.3(976;5)
believers unafraid of 156:5.20(1740;7)
beset by inevitabilities 3:5.5-14(51;4)
confusion of months and years in recording ages 77:2.11(857;8)
during periods of overpopulation, human l. cheapened 68:6.4(770;1)
first link in unbroken chain through eternal ages 39:4.13(435;6)
full summation of 196:3.4(2094;3)
great problem is to reconcile flesh with spirit 109:5.4(1199;5)
he who will save his l. shall lose it 103:5.6(1134;4), 140:5.19(1575;4), 158:7.5(1760;2), 160:5.10(1782;1), 174:5.8(1903;5)
Jesus came to give us abundant l. 157:6.2(1749;1), 162:2.7(1792;1)
Jesus lived l. in channel of its natural flowing 128:1.6(1408;3)
long lifespan of early descendants of Prince's staff; Adamites 76:4.3(851;1), 77:2.10(857;7)
major l. problems are earning a living, surviving 160:4.1(1778;4)
not what we learn, but the experience of living 39:4.13(435;6)
of Jesus. See Jesus: life of
our real l. begins after mortal l. 112:0.1(1225;1)
primitive Urantians struggled for existence 86:1.2(950;4)
purpose of l. See goals
refreshingly simple in light and life 55:5.6(630;3)
short and intense; day's work, do it well 1:4.3(26;5), 14:5.1(158;4), 48:7.13(556;1), 112:7.4(1237;6)
supreme experience of l. is learning to love 130:2.6(1431;1)
transcends material levels of nature 195:7.9(2079;4)
try to live long on earth 181:2.15(1958;2)
uncertain 49:6.11(569;6)
victorious l. born of faith that challenges limitations 4:4.9(59;5)
4th Salvington circuit 36:2sec(397;1)
central emplacement of adjutant mind-spirits on 36:2.3(397;3)

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