The Urantia Book Fellowship
3 divisions 36:1.3(396;4)
archangel commission modifies L.C. for service 65:1.3-5(731;1)
ascending mortals sometimes attached to 65:3.7(734;4)
assisted by adjutant mind-spirits and Master Physical Controllers 62:7.6(710;5)
before leaving planet, L.C. install Planetary Prince 49:5.15(567;2)
Caligastia had been adviser to L.C. on Jerusem 66:1.2(741;4)
chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9)
created by Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and 1 Ancient of Days 20:1.3(223;5), 36:1.1(396;2)
directed by Gabriel, Father Melchizedek, and Nambia 36:1.2(396;3)
do not interfere with will 36:3.8(400;3), 62:5.9(708;7), 62:7.4(710;3)
fabricate new bodies for spornagia 46:7.4,6(528;2)
function in resurrection of dead 47:3.2(532;8)
function on electrochemical, morontial, semispirit levels 65:1.2(730;6)
further efforts to purify mortal race in light and life 55:4.8(627;6)
humanize midwayers in light and life 55:4.6(627;4)
impart full bestowal of living energies to red race 51:4.2(584;4)
in charge of 4th Salvington circuit 36:2sec(397;1)
in personality registers 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.7(335;5)
institute new patterns on decimal planets. See decimal planets
local universe Sons of God 20:1.2(223;4)
manipulate life environment before emergence of will 36:3.7-8(400;2), 65:0.3(730;3), 65:1.5(731;3), 65:2.13-15(733;3)
Master Spirits involved with L.C. in life initiation 16:4.9(190;3)
Melchizedeks always accompany 36:1.3(396;4)
Melchizedeks serving as L.C. 36:4sec(400;5)
metamorphic range of personality function 93:0.1(1014;1)
mid-phase Sons 65:1.1(730;5)
not permitted mechanically to manipulate evolution 65:3.1-2(733;7)
number 100 million in Nebadon 36:1.2(396;3)
participate in human evolution in light and life 36:1.4(396;5)
plan and initiate life 42:1.5(468;2)
after life patterns formulated, L.C. are shorn of ability to create new patterns 65:1.4(731;2)
cannot time life processes to unfold any faster than physical metamorphoses permit 65:8.2(739;6)
carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life on planets 36:0.1(396;1), 36:3.1(399;3)
catalyze lifeless material with vital spirit spark 36:3.3-5(399;5), 49:1.2(560;1), 49:5.15(567;2)
conditions must be ripe 58:1.2-3(664;3)
constantly improve formulas of life 36:2.6(397;6)
enjoy great latitude in planning life 49:1.3-4(560;2), 49:5.10(566;5)
establish life in 500,000 years planetary time 36:3.6(400;1)
fabricate physical energies and particles into units of living existence 34:2.5(376;2), 36:6.3(404;1), 65:1.1(730;5)
formulas and experiments 65:4.4(735;3)
often carry actual life plasm to new world 36:3.2(399;4)
role in establishing life in Satania Paper 49 (559;1),)
staff of 1200 take life to planets 36:3.2(399;4)
possible 4th stage of existence in light and life 65:1.5-6(731;3)
request dispatch of Planetary Princes 50:0.2(572;2)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.10(524;8)
restore Adams to normal existence upon arrival 51:2.2,4(582;2)
some influenced by Lucifer rebellion 53:7.4(607;5)
Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6)
work on Urantia
14 now stationed on Urantia 36:3.9(400;4)
14 remained on Urantia after appearance of will 62:7.6(710;5)
achieved 28 modifications of standard life patterns 65:4.1(734;5)
advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
arrived 600 million years ago 58:1.1(664;2)
disappointed over reversion of parasitic bacteria 65:5.2(736;5)
eliminated inferior prehuman groups 65:2.13-14(733;3)
initial messages over Urantia planetary circuit 62:7.3-6(710;2)
involved in materialization of Melchizedek 93:1.3(1014;5)
led Van's council of 40 67:6.2(759;5)
life implanted on 3 sites 550 million years ago 36:3.2(399;4), 58:4sec(667;5), 62:0.1(703;1), 65:2.1(731;5)
participated in healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7)
petitioned Most Highs to dispatch biologic uplifters 73:0.1(821;1)
planned new type of mortal by union of Prince's corporeal staff with children of Adam; miscarried 77:2.2(856;5)
provided Prince's corporeal staff with new bodies 50:3.3(574;5)
simultaneously fostered many life strains 65:3.3-4(733;9)
sodium chloride pattern of life 58:1.3(664;4)
some experiments failed 60:1.11(686;7), 60:3.21(691;2)
Urantia adventure for 62:6sec(709;2), 65:4sec(734;5)
welcomed Adam 74:2.5(829;7)
work of 24 custodians 36:2.9(398;3), 36:3.2(399;4)
wrote Papers 57-65) 57:8.27(663;5), 58:7.13(671;6), 59:6.13(684;3), 60:4.7(692;5), 61:7.20(702;10), 62:7.8(710;7), 63:7.5(717;6), 64:7.21(729;2), 65:8.7(740;3),
Proterozoic era 58:7.1(670;3), 59:0.3(672;3)
energies released at translation 55:2.3-5(623;3)
1-, 2-, and 3-brained races have same type of l.p. 49:5.10(566;5)
Andonic l.p. transplanted into Caligastia 100 66:2.5-6(742;5), 66:4.4(744;3)
bestowed through Life Carriers 36:3.3-5(399;5)
essential units of life energy 36:2.7(398;1)
metamorphosis by action of system life currents 77:2.2,5(856;5)
modified by X-rays 77:2.5(857;2)
must contain full potential for all future development 36:2.10(398;4)
Spirit of God contributes vital spark 36:6.2-4(403;7)
heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans 44:2.8(501;7)
material light 0:6.8-9(9;10),. See also energy; sun (Urantia's); suns
calcium rides light beams 41:6.3(462;1)
can penetrate oceans to 600 feet 58:1.7(665;2)
comet's tail pointing away proves light has weight 15:6.8(173;3)
economical at $1,000,000/pound 41:5.2(460;6)
escapes suns only with aid of X rays 41:9.1(465;1)
explosive when confined at high temperatures 41:5.2(460;6)
light without heat
distributed by Supreme Power Centers 29:3.9(323;7)
emitted by Paradise worlds of Son to Paradise and Havona 13:0.3-4(143;3)
is nonspiritual manifestation of Deities 3:2.3(47;1)
some suns shine without heat 15:6.3(172;5), 15:7.1(174;1)
not a basic energy of space 41:1.2(456;1)
same thing as heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter 42:4.1-2(472;12)
science can never say what it actually is 133:5.4(1476;6)
sometimes modified by energy and matter in space 41:6.1(461;5)
straight-line movement in space 41:5.6(461;2)
subject to gravity of material mass, circular-gravity presence of Paradise 41:5.6(461;2)
succession of energy particles, not waves; moves in straight lines through space 15:6.8(173;3), 41:5.6-8(461;2), 42:5.14(475;10)
suns convert energy almost wholly into 15:6.4(172;6)
white light 42:5.10(475;6)
spiritual light
Adjusters are true light that lights every man 40:5.16(447;4), 101:0.3(1104;3)
apostles were light of world 140:3.13(1570;2)
Jesus was light of world 174:5.7(1903;4), 182:1.10(1965;4)
let one's light shine with wisdom and discretion 151:3.1(1691;4)
light can blind and confuse; should not attract attention to self 140:4.5(1572;5)
Material Sons saturated with 51:1.3(580;6)
music created by control of 44:1.2(499;4)
not honestly lived up to becomes darkness 139:12.8(1567;1), 180:3.2(1947;1)
Paradise worlds of Son directionize l. to superuniverses 13:0.4(143;4), 13:3.1(149;4)
personality manifestation of spirit beings 0:6.9(10;1), 11:0.2(118;2)
primary eruption upon personalization of a local universe Mother Spirit 34:1.1(374;4)
sermon on light of world 162:5sec(1794;4)
spirit luminosity accompanies Adjusters 107:4.5(1181;1)
spiritual luminosity of Father's personal presence 1:3.3(25;3), 1:5.3(27;5), 2:1.1(33;4)
threefold fluctuation of Deity abode 27:7.7(304;5)
threefold light of Paradise and Havona 13:3.1(149;4)
types are intellectual insight, spirit luminosity 0:6.8-9(9;10)
5th mansonia corresponds to early 47:7.1(537;1)
6th mansonia comparable to advancing 47:8.7(538;5)
7 stages 55:0.4(621;4), 55:4.4-27(627;2), 56:10.1(646;2)
local universe admission to superuniverse confederation upon physical stability, spiritual loyalty to Sovereign Son 15:9.15-18(177;14)
major sector stage has never occurred 55:11.3(635;5)
planetary, local system, constellation, local universe sector, superuniverse, grand universe stages 55:7-12secs)
after world government appears 72:12.5(820;3)
when all creatures reveal love of Supreme 117:6.23(1290;9)
when all grand universers fully achieve living will of God 117:0.2(1278;2)
when possibilities for development are exhausted 32:3.2(360;4)
when world religion evolves 71:8.14(807;10)
changes in celestial duties upon entry into light and life
4th stage of existence for Life Carriers 65:1.6(731;4)
Brilliant Evening Stars, seconaphim, creature-trinitized sons serve on planets in 55:4sec(626;5),
finaliters increasingly involved; celestial hosts withdraw 20:9.4(232;2), 40:10.11(453;6), 55:4.1,2,11,16(626;5)
guardian seraphim continue ministry 55:4.2(626;6)
Life Carriers continue race purification in 55:4.8(627;6)
midwayers, Adamic Son and Daughter, released for Paradise ascent 38:9.13(425;5), 40:3sec(444;3), 55:4.12-26(628;3)
midwayers depart; Paradise ministers arrive 55:4.7(627;5)
Mother Spirit enters new phase upon local universe light and life 17:6.9(204;5)
Planetary Prince elevated to Planetary Sovereign by System Sovereign in 50:5.11(577;6), 51:7.2(588;1), 52:7.10(599;6), 55:1.1(622;1)
Trinity Teacher Sons prepare for l.a.l.; their departure inaugurates 20:9.1,4(231;5), 49:5.20(567;7), 52:7.10,14,16(599;6), 55:0.2(621;2), 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7)
Unqualified Supervisors of Supreme exercise qualified supremacy in universes settled in 117:7.3(1291;7)
God the Sevenfold increasingly manifest in 56:7.1-2(642;1)
individual planet or mortal never retarded by status of larger unit 55:0.5(621;5), 55:11.6-7(635;8)
Jesus achieved l.a.l. on Urantia 55:11.7(635;9)
mortal life in light and life 55:5-6secs)
acme of material development 55:5sec(629;10)
daily work to sustain oneself is 1 hour 52:4.5(594;8), 52:7.6(599;2)
descent of morontia temple signalizes inauguration of 40:3.1(444;3), 55:1sec(622;1)
description of life on planets in 118:10.14-18(1306;3)
divisions of mankind largely effaced 70:8.1(792;5)
final attainment of mortal planets 50:5.10(577;5), 55:0.1(621;1)
government disappears 55:5.4(630;1)
increased ability to commune with Adjuster 55:6.4(630;7)
inevitable penalty attaches to mortal existence in 55:3.11(625;10)
life refreshingly simple 55:5.6(630;3)
life spans up to 500 years 49:4.6(564;8)
mortal wisdom can enter upon mota and even absonite grandeur in 55:6.5(631;1)
natural death decreasingly frequent 49:6.21(570;10), 55:2.1-3(623;1)
natural resources administered as social trust 55:3.7(625;6)
one in four translated in era just before 55:2.2(623;2)
order of "supreme service" conferred in temple 55:3.8(625;7)
plenty of evil still present 55:3.1,10(624;7)
posts held jointly by men and women 55:3.9(625;8)
similar to 1st mansion world, except for material bodies 47:3.1(532;7)
taxation by tithing 55:3.2-6(625;1)
vision range extended; secondary midwayers visible 55:4.5(627;3)
mortal survivors from planets in light and life
exempt from 1 or more mansion worlds 47:7.1(537;1), 49:6.15-16(570;4)
go back as teachers to worlds they passed by 49:6.17(570;6), 55:2.9(624;3), 55:3.11(625;10)
may become citizens of Havona 19:6.4(221;6)
no collisions of space bodies in settled circuits 15:8.6(176;1), 15:9.15-18(177;14), 55:0.2-3(621;2)
no unexpected physical events of importance occur 116:5.9-10(1274;6)

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