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circuits of energy
communication lanes are direct circuits between power centers or physical controllers 29:2.9(321;8), 44:4.10(504;2)
localized e. movements, like Gulf Stream 29:2.8(321;7)
never permanent possessions of ascenders 117:5.7-8(1286;5)
of superuniverse require 968 million years to complete circuit 15:8.2(175;5)
only suns in direct channels will shine on forever 41:7.7(464;1)
suns transform and send forth e. from space circuits 15:6.4(172;6),. See also Universe Power Directors: work
superuniverse e. circuits 15:9.10(177;9)
transport seraphim travel along e. circuits 39:5.14(438;7)
3 original phases of divine e. are physical, mindal, and spiritual energy 44:5.5(505;2)
all-inclusive term applied to spiritual, mindal, and material realms 0:6.2(9;4)
energy charge. See also absoluta
in organized space 29:3.10(323;8)
of superuniverse registered by master frandalanks 29:4.2(324;4)
manipulation of energy by celestial agencies
all universe e. subject to Father's personal will 42:0.2(467;2)
creature mind does not inherently control 111:6.4-5(1222;3)
cycle of e. encircuited in Father 42:10.1(480;4)
Deities never divulge location of undiscovered systems 23:2.13(259;6)
e. creation is prerogative of God 42:1.5(468;2)
e. manipulators of celestial artisans 44:5sec(504;5)
e. proceeding from Paradise Presences has never lapsed 42:0.1(467;1)
energy transformers change physical form of energies of space 29:4.18(327;1)
force organizers modify space-force into e. 42:1.5(468;2),. See also Master Force Organizers
Infinite Spirit co-ordinates all e.; can slow down e. to materialization 9:0.2(98;2), 9:3.4(101;4)
intelligently controlled by agents of Infinite Spirit 24:1.1(265;1), 104:4.7(1148;6), 106:2.3(1164;6)
life has inherent capacity for transmutation of e. 41:2.5(457;4)
power directors by their presence cause e. to segment or assemble into matter 15:8.4(175;7), 42:1.5(468;2), 42:2.22(471;6),. See also Universe Power Directors
power directors maintain equilibrium between e. and matter 15:8.4(175;7)
regulators listed 29:0.1(319;1)
released from Unqualified Absolute according to needs of experiential Deities 104:4.15(1149;6)
responds to mind 9:4.2(102;2), 116:5.7(1274;4), 116:6.4(1275;4)
secondary dissociators evolve limitless supplies of 29:4.28(328;4)
viewed as unspiritual phenomenon, God is e. 3:2.3(47;1)
Paradise source of energy
all force-energy comes from, and returns to, nether Paradise 11:5.9(123;2), 11:9.7(127;5), 12:8.2(139;5), 42:1.6(468;3), 42:1.8(468;5), 101:10.4(1116;5), 104:4.7(1148;6)
cf: absoluta comes from space in present state, not nether Paradise 11:5.9(123;2)
e. proceeds from, and is fashioned after, Paradise 12:8.2(139;5), 15:4.1(169;1), 42:1.6(468;3), 101:10.4(1116;5)
force, energy, and power are one in origin 56:1.1(637;3)
Paradise gravity response 11:8.6(126;2)
physical energy
3 universally distributed phases of e.; 10 forms each; each with velocity of 186,280 miles/second 29:3.10-11(323;8), 29:4.13-30(326;2), 39:3.9(433;3), 44:5.2(504;6)
7 forms in 3 phases controlled by Supreme Power Centers; rest by Unqualified Absolute 29:2.8(321;7), 29:3.10-11(323;8), 42:2.14(470;5)
7 forms of e. in Havona 14:2.3(154;5)
30 e. segregations of superuniverses 42:2.14(470;5), 44:5.2(504;6)
all phases are encircuited; all units are in revolution 11:5.8(123;1), 12:4.1(133;3)
basic e. swings around curved space levels 12:1.1(128;4)
collisions of dead giants convert matter into rarest e. 15:8.6(176;1)
decimal constitution 42:9.1-2(479;6)
e. is basis of all existence 42:0.1(467;1), 42:1.1(467;3)
e. is transmutable but eternal, indestructible 42:1.6-8(468;3), 42:4sec)
each local universe has same e. charge 15:4.6(169;6)
energy-matter is what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise 0:6.1(9;3)
evidences stability of Paradise 12:8.3(139;6)
factors preventing gravity from converting all e. to matter 15:8.5-6(175;8)
formula equating e. to matter 42:4.11(474;1)
given off when electrons pass to lower e. orbits 42:5.6(475;2)
has relative weight, depending on revolutionary velocity, mass, and antigravity 15:8.3(175;6)
heat and antigravity dissipate e. 15:8.10(176;5)
immense amount of e. in particles 15:6.4(172;6)
inherent qualities of e. insure orderly evolution of new physical systems 57:1.6(652;2)
lava flows help insulate against space-energies 57:8.18(662;5)
laws of e. are basically universal 15:6.11(173;6)
man liberates himself through control of 81:2.10(902;4)
mass in matter retards velocity of 15:8.3(175;6)
matter is organized e. 42:11.5(482;3)
not organized by nebula but universally distributed 15:4.6(169;6)
on individual worlds in the charge of Master Physical Controllers 29:2.12(322;3)
one with spirit on Paradise 9:6.7(104;5)
pervades all creation 42:1.5(468;2)
plus condition causes power disturbances 15:8.7(176;2)
proves existence of Universal Absolute 42:0.1(467;1)
released only in quanta 42:4.13-14(474;3), 42:5.6(475;2)
same thing as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, and matter 11:5.9(123;2), 42:1.2(467;4), 42:4.1-2(472;12)
science can never create e. 42:1.4(468;1)
seemingly evolves in space 106:2.3(1164;6)
slowed down, e. can become mass 9:3.4(101;4), 15:8.7(176;2), 42:1.2(467;4), 48:2.13(544;3), 133:5.10(1477;5)
space and cold turn e. into matter 42:4.9(473;7)
space e. is source of solar e. 41:7.3(463;3)
spreads throughout universe like moving ocean 29:2.7-8(321;6)
stellar explosions due to ultimatonic condensation become energy of rarest form 41:7.8(464;2)
stored in ultimatons; when ultimatons aggregate into electrons 42:5.4(474;8)
suns almost wholly transmute e. into light 15:6.4(172;6), 42:4.9(473;7)
suns and dark giants help directionize 41:3.1(458;1)
term denotes phenomenal motion, action, and potential 42:2.1(469;1)
ultimaton is first measurable form of e. 42:1.2(467;4)
unknown forms 3:2.3(47;1), 42:1.3(467;5), 42:8.2,6(478;6)
variously gravity-responsive 36:6.6(404;4), 42:11.4(482;2)
wave energy 42:5sec(474;5)
100 octaves 42:5.1(474;5)
classifications 42:5.2-13(474;6)
e. moves through space as particles in a straight line, not as waves 41:5.6-8(461;2), 42:4.9(473;7), 42:5.14-15(475;10)
passage of energy particles through absoluta, segregata, creates wave appearance 42:5.14-16(475;10)
ripples are 860 times diameters of units 42:4.14(474;4)
spacing of particles in force-charge of space gives undulatory appearance 41:5.8(461;4), 42:5.14-16(475;10)
sun's rays are in 4 octaves 42:5.1(474;5)
wavelike e. extension of electrons near nucleus 42:7.8(478;2)
types of energy
cosmic force. See absoluta
electronic energy. See gravita
emergent energy. See ultimata
force q.v.
force charge of space. See absoluta
force-energy 11:5.4(122;4)
gravita q.v.
gravity energy 29:2.4(321;3), 42:2.12(470;3)
Havona energy. See triata
monota q.v.
morontia energy. See morontia: morontia energy
mother force of space. See absoluta
Paradise energy. See monota
primordial force. See segregata
pure energy. See segregata
space energy. See absoluta
space-force. See absoluta
space potency. See absoluta
spirit energy. See spirit: spirit energy
transcendental energy. See tranosta
triata q.v.
universe power. See gravita
celestial artisans, types 44:5sec(504;5)
1 million in Satania; 100 per inhabited world 29:4.15(326;4)
apostles to see transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4)
humans to see Planetary Princes 50:2.7(574;2)
humans to see resurrected Jesus 189:4.11(2027;1), 191:3.2(2041;1)
humans to see seraphim 38:2.1(419;1)
revelators to see spirit counterparts of human minds 44:0.9(498;4)
survivors to glimpse high spirit personalities 45:1.2(509;5), 47:1.2(530;6)
change physical form of space energies 29:4.18(327;1)
in planetary command unless associate power director present 29:4.16(326;5)
insulate planets against passing energy streams 29:4.17(326;6)
participated in healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7)
planetary inspectors of seraphic transports 29:4.16(326;5)
powerful living switches 29:4.17(326;6)
role in creation of Urantia Papers 44:0.9(498;4)
turned water into wine 137:4.12(1530;4)
variously store or liberate energy 29:4.17(326;6)
work on Jerusem 46:1.4(519;5)
created by Seven Supreme Power Directors and Seven Master Spirits 29:0.3(319;3), 29:4.16(326;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
semimaterial; somewhat personal 29:4.16-18(326;5)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

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