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arithmetic regarding sheep shearing 133:5.5(1476;7)
could not have predicted water molecule 12:9.3(141;4)
indispensable to discussion of material universe 12:9.3(141;4)
not infallible when applied to life problems 133:5.5-6(1476;7)
science fights for deliverance from slavery of 12:9.5(141;6)
science teaches language of 81:6.10(907;7)
young Jesus spent much time on 123:6.3(1364;6)
matriarchy. See family: matriarchal families
100 elements exist 42:7.4(477;6)
absolute of m. converges in Father 12:8.13(140;9)
appearance of matter
Architects of Master Universe designed 42:9.5(480;3)
Creator Sons materialize visible m. from pre-existent space energies 32:2.1(358;3)
force-charge of space is ancestor of all m. 15:4.1(169;1)
gravity converts energy into m. 15:8.5(175;8)
Infinite Spirit can slow energy down to become m. 9:3.4(101;4)
lines of gravity involved in energies of m. derived from and dependent on Paradise 42:1.2(467;4)
Master Force Organizers transmute absoluta into segregata; Universe Power Directors and gravity transmute segregata into m. 15:4.1-4(169;1)
most m. originates in nebulae 15:5.1(170;4)
power directors transmute energy into m.; organize architectural spheres 15:5.1(170;4), 15:8.4(175;7), 42:1.5(468;2)
pre-electronic forms 42:4.12(474;2)
sevenfold organization of prematter 42:9.1,3(479;6)
space is womb for some forms of 11:5.9(123;2), 15:5.1(170;4)
defined as
diverse manifestation of same reality as energy 12:8.10(140;6), 42:1.2(467;4), 42:11.5(482;3)
energy concentrated into discrete masses 42:6.1(476;3), 42:11.5(482;3)
organized energy subject to linear gravity modified by motion and mind 12:8.10(140;6)
philosophic shadow cast by mind in presence of spirit 12:8.15-16(140;11)
physical presence of the Infinite 5:2.1(64;4)
reflected shadow of spirit; skeleton of morontia 42:12.7(484;2), 44:0.8-9(498;3), 189:1.3(2021;2)
same thing as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, and energy 11:5.9(123;2), 42:4.1-2(472;12)
slowed-down energy 133:5.10(1477;5)
time-space repercussions of Paradise Pattern and Universal Mind 56:10.18(648;1), 130:4.2(1434;1)
what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise 0:6.1(9;3), 56:1.2(637;4)
electronic energy is basis of m. 42:5.6(475;2)
enormous amount of energy stored in m. 15:6.4(172;6)
ever true to Father's purpose 12:8.3(139;6), 42:4.2(472;13)
factors resulting in physical properties 42:3.1(471;8)
force-charge of space makes particles appear to be waves 42:5.14-16(475;10)
fully condensed in burned-out suns 15:5.11(171;6)
in space, m. proceeds in direct lines 42:5.14(475;10)
knows not truth 195:6.12(2077;8)
mass in m. retards velocity in energy 15:8.3(175;6)
mind always dominant over m. 42:12.8(484;3), 65:8.5(740;1)
modifications of matter
Absolutes seem to supersede m. 4:1.8(55;6)
by Master Physical Controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors 48:1.3(541;6), 48:2.15(544;5)
conditions which disintegrate m. 15:8.5(175;8)
formula equating m. to energy 42:4.11(474;1)
gravitation effect on m. is inverse of square of distance 42:11.5(482;3)
m. is organized by gravity and cold; disrupted by antigravity and heat 15:8.5-10(175;8), 42:4.5-9(473;3)
power directors maintain equilibrium between energy and m. by making and unmaking lesser material units 15:8.4(175;7)
primary associators convert space energy to primitive m. 29:4.25(328;1)
responds to linear gravity, motion, and mind 42:11.5(482;3)
transmutations 42:4sec(472;12)
of all suns and planets is identical 41:3.2(458;2), 42:3.1(471;8)
of sacred spheres of Paradise is of unrevealed order 13:0.2(143;2)
particles and units. See atoms; electrons; mesotrons; neutrons; protons; ultimatons
relative integrity of m. assured because energy absorbed or released in quanta 42:4.13-14(474;3)
spirit dominant over m. in personality 25:1.4(274;1)
subject to absolute-gravity of Paradise 21:2.12(237;2), 42:4.2(472;13), 115:6.1(1265;2)
subject to cosmic overcontrol of Unqualified Absolute 21:2.12(237;2)
suns convert m. into energy 42:4.9(473;7)
types of m. are ultimatonic, subelectronic, electronic, subatomic, shattered atoms, ionized, atomic, molecular, radioactive, collapsed 42:3sec(471;8)
units are stable yet efficiently flexible 42:9.5(480;3)
vast amount of m. circulates in space 15:5.9(171;4)
work which resting m. can perform 42:4.11(474;1)
distinct realms of cosmic reality 65:7.8(739;4)
Matthew Levi 139:7sec(1559;5), 143:3.5(1611;3), 144:1.4(1618;1),. See also apostles of Jesus
among 120 at Pentecost 194:1.2(2060;2)
apostolic fiscal agent, publicity spokesman 138:10.6(1547;6), 139:7.2(1559;6), 163:0.2(1800;2)
at Jesus' appearances 191:2sec(2040;2), 191:5sec(2042;5), 192:1-4secs) 193:0sec(2052;1), 193:3sec(2055;1), 193:5sec(2057;3)
call of 138:3sec(1540;4)
chased out of Samaritan town with stones 162:0.1(1788;1)
customs collector of Capernaum; selected by Andrew 138:2.4(1539;7), 138:3.1,7(1540;4), 139:7.1,8(1559;5), 181:2.14(1958;1)
David Zebedee dropped bag in lap of 190:1.3(2030;2)
descendants persecuted by Christians 175:2.2(1909;2)
distracted on resurrection Sunday 191:0.10(2038;5)
gave his modest fortune to the work 139:7.8-9(1560;4), 157:6.1(1748;4)
Gospel of Matthew
fish with shekel in mouth 157:1.4(1744;2)
included Selta apocrypha 176:2.8(1915;5)
Isador wrote 139:7.5(1560;1)
Jesus' avoidance of writing delayed 121:0.1(1332;1), 121:8.3(1341;4)
retains something of human Jesus 196:2.3(2092;1)
written for Jewish Christians 121:8.4-7(1341;5)
high nervous tension at entry into Jerusalem 172:5.8(1885;3)
Jesus' admonitions to 174:0.2(1897;2), 181:2.12-14(1957;2), 192:2.12(2049;3)
killed by Jews at Lysimachia 139:7.10(1560;6)
made extensive notes on sayings of Jesus; last copy burned in A.D. 416 121:8.5-6(1341;6), 139:7.5(1560;1)
never openly solicited funds from multitude 139:7.8(1560;4)
noncommittal on plan to make Jesus king 152:2.5(1700;6)
personal characteristics
cheerful loser 172:5.8(1885;3)
good public orator 139:3.2(1552;6)
man with a past 139:7.5(1560;1)
married with 4 children; 31 in A.D. 26; moderately wealthy 139:7.1(1559;5)
publican 138:3.1,7(1540;4), 139:7.3,8,10(1559;7), 181:2.14(1958;1)
tendency to suspicion and over-individualism 193:4.3(2056;1)
wholeheartedly devoted but shortsighted, materialistic 139:7.3(1559;7)
preached in Syria, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia, and Thrace 139:7.10(1560;6)
profitably liquidated his property 163:2.11(1803;2)
questions of 151:1.3(1689;1), 176:0.1(1912;1)
Ruth was eldest daughter of 150:1.1(1678;5)
turned customs office over to his brother 138:3.1(1540;4)
wife in women's corps 163:7.3(1808;5)
declared new apostle in Judas's position 192:0.2(2045;2), 193:6.2,3,6(2058;1)
brings past and future together to illuminate true meaning of present 118:1.3-8(1295;3)
enables more intense living in present while escaping its limitations 118:1.7(1295;7)
multiplies fruits of life efforts 160:3.3(1778;1)
Rodan on 160:3-4secs)
surrender of transient desires and personal pleasures for superior longings 100:1.1(1094;3), 160:1.4,13(1773;1)
unit of time consciousness in any given intellect 118:1.3(1295;3)
primary m. are supremely constitutive perfect reality of Havona type 105:5.6-7(1158;6)
secondary m. are supremely perfected evolutionary reality of superuniverse type 105:5.6-7(1158;6)
tertiary m. are things, meanings, and values that are neither perfect nor perfected 105:5.8(1158;8)
ancients suspended sex regulations on 82:2.4(915;2)
suggestive appeal to sex passions of plant world 88:6.4(972;4)
perpetuates ancient custom of tree worship 85:2.5(946;1)
willow branches cut at 162:4.4(1794;3)
appreciative consciousness of values 100:3.4(1097;1)
can be augmented even in relations of infinite Deity 115:2.2(1261;2)
derived from recognition and understanding 111:4.2(1220;1)
new m. only emerge amid conflict 100:4.1(1097;5)
religion discovers new m. in facts already well known 101:1.4(1105;1)
require unraveling and correlation in mind 102:2.5(1120;2)
measures. See also light-years; time: days and years; weights
constellations use same m. as local universes 43:0.3(485;3)
mile on Jerusem equals 7 Urantia miles 46:1.2(519;3)
paradoxes of simultaneous measurement 65:6.1(737;1)

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