The Urantia Book Fellowship
administration Paper 33 (366;1),)
being forged out between anvil of justice and hammer of suffering 9:1.8(100;2)
celestial personalities in Nebadon
1 Associate Inspector 37:8.5(413;8)
1 Bright and Morning Star. See Gabriel
1 Creator Son. See Michael of Nebadon
1 directional control creature. See directional control creatures
1 Father Melchizedek. See Father Melchizedek
1 local universe Mother Spirit. See local universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon
1 Universe Circuit Supervisor (Tertiary) 24:1.7(266;1), 37:8.3(413;6)
3 million Celestial Overseers 37:6.1(412;1)
70 billion Morontia Companions 37:8.9(414;4)
75 Celestial Recorders 37:8.8(414;3)
100 Supreme Power Centers 32:2.2(358;4), 41:1.2(456;1)
400 million Universal Conciliators 37:8.6(414;1)
500 million High Commissioners 37:5.6(411;4)
500 million Technical Advisors 37:8.7(414;2)
10,000 Assigned Sentinels 37:8.5(413;8)
13,641 Brilliant Evening Stars 37:2.4(407;4)
800,000 archangels 37:3.1(408;4)
161,432,840 Material Sons on local system capitals 45:5.4(515;3)
Most High Assistants, many millions 37:4.1(409;6)
Salsatia, Census Director 37:8.4(413;7)
seconaphim 37:8.10(414;5)
Solitary Messengers 37:8.2(413;5)
Spirit-fused mortals 37:5.2(410;5), 40:9.9(451;5)
spironga 37:10.2(416;2)
spornagia 37:10.3(416;3)
supernaphim 37:8.10(414;5)
susatia 37:9.3(414;8)
tertiaphim 37:8.10(414;5)
univitatia 37:9.4(414;9)
courts of Nebadon are supreme except for issues of extinction, Universe Son default, revocations of quarantines; supervised by Gabriel 33:7sec(372;5)
created and ruled by Michael 1:2.6(24;4), 33:1sec(366;2), 128:1.1(1407;4)
Gabriel is chief executive 33:0.1(366;1), 33:4.5-6(370;2), 33:6.1(371;3), 37:1.2(406;4), 37:2.2(407;2), 50:2.1(573;2)
language of Nebadon 44:4.3,7(503;3)
48 symbols in alphabet 44:4.4(503;4)
mastered before leaving 4th mansonia 47:7.2(537;2)
meaning of "Andon" and "Fonta" 63:0.3(711;3)
legislatures located on constellations 33:8.1(373;3)
local universe in which Urantia is located 0:0.5(1;5), 15:1.5(165;4), 15:14.6(182;4)
no constellations in light and life 55:8.5(633;1)
physical aspects Paper 41 (455;1),)
3% of worlds are nonbreather 49:3.1(563;4)
4 points of compass inherent in 34:4.9-10(378;6)
10 standard divisions of physical life on architectural spheres 43:6.4,7(492;4), 46:2.5(521;2)
90% of worlds are Adjuster-fusion types 49:5.24(568;2)
200,000 light years from Jerusem to Uversa 32:2.11(359;8)
250,000 light years from far edge of N. to Uversa 32:2.11(359;8)
647,591 architectural spheres 37:10.1(416;1)
3,840,101 inhabited planets 32:2.9(359;6), 37:10.1(416;1)
Antares is largest star in 41:3.2(458;2)
counterclockwise swing around Paradise 15:1.2(165;1)
in rotation around Sagittarius 15:3.7(168;3), 41:0.4(455;4)
local universe #84 in minor sector of Ensa 0:0.5(1;5), 15:14.6(182;4)
neighboring local universes 32:2.12(360;1)
not one single astronomic system, though a large system exists at physical center 32:2.4(359;1)
not in settled circuits 15:9.15-18(177;14)
oldest inhabited planets are 200 billion years old 57:3.10(654;3)
one of newer creations in Orvonton; on outer southeast edge 12:1.6-7(129;4), 15:1.3-6(165;2), 32:2.9-12(359;6)
physically assembled out of Andronover and other nebulae 41:0.3(455;3), 57:1.1(651;3), 57:3.8-9(654;1)
Salvington is at energy-mass center of 32:2.4(359;1)
spheres share minimum commonness of space motion 41:0.3(455;3)
time. See time: days and years
work begun on N. 400 billion years ago 57:3.8-9(654;1)
Salvington is capital of 15:7.7(174;7)
some Mighty Messengers and Those High in Authority recently from 22:2.4(245;4), 22:3.2(246;3)
soul-identity of Jesus may be released for leadership of finaliters in 188:3.8(2015;4)
suffered 3 rebellions by System Sovereigns
1st by Lutentia 119:2.1-2(1310;4)
2nd in system 87 of constellation 61 119:3.1,3(1312;2)
lost more Lanonandeks to rebellion than any local universe in Orvonton, except Henselon 35:9.8(393;8)
supreme council of Salvington 188:3.12(2016;1)
System Sovereigns intrusted with unusual personal prerogatives 45:2.1(511;1)
that which is pervaded by our Mother Spirit is N. 41:0.1(455;1), 45:1.8(510;6), 116:5.6(1274;3)
attained by Spirit-fused ascenders 37:5.4(411;2)
members gain authoritative wisdom about Nebadon 40:10.6(453;1)
soul-identity of Jesus may be released for leadership of 188:3.8(2015;4)
directed creation of Part II of Urantia Papers. 56:10.22-23(648;5)
Babylonian king who overthrew Necho; destroyed Jerusalem, carried population into captivity 97:9.25-26(1075;1)
Jeremiah counseled surrendering Jerusalem to 97:6.4(1067;7)
critical centrifugal breakup stage 57:3.5(653;5)
each can produce 100 million suns 15:4.5(169;5)
forms are barred, concentric contraction rings, spiral, star clouds 15:3sec(167;4), 15:4.4-9(169;4), 15:5.3-5(170;6)
initiated by Paradise force organizers 12:4.6(133;8), 15:4.4(169;4), 29:4.3(324;5), 41:1.1(455;5), 57:1sec(651;3)
life cycle 57:2-4secs)
origin in force-charge of space (absoluta) 57:1.1(651;3)
power centers, physical controllers direct evolution of 41:1.1(455;5)
superuniverse boundaries never divide 12:1.6(129;4)
early civilization forged upon anvils of 66:5.13(747;3)
primitive society founded on reciprocity of 68:1.3(763;6)
tie man up with reality 99:7.5(1093;3)
Egyptian who wiped out King Josiah 97:9.24(1074;6)
overthrown by Nebuchadnezzar 97:9.25(1075;1)
necromancy. See also magic
practitioners of the black art called necromancers 90:2.2(987;6)
camel through eye of 163:3.1(1803;3)
Father knows our n. before we ask 3:3.2(49;1), 140:6.11(1577;5)
society top-heavy with overgrowth of supposed 68:2.5(765;2)
major error of modern religions 140:4.7(1572;7)
often trained into children 103:2.5-6(1131;4)
Negroids. See also races
mixed race of orange, green, and indigo 81:4.8(905;4)
love as self 131:2.11,13(1445;5), 159:5.4,9(1769;6), 170:3.6(1862;3), 180:1.1(1944;4)
who is my neighbor? 103:5.2(1133;7), 140:8.11(1580;6), 164:1.2(1809;4)
continental nation 72:1-11secs)
no missions of Paradise Sons so far 72:12.4(820;2)
not far-distant from Urantia 72:0.1(808;1)
other nations 72:12sec(819;5)
Planetary Prince and Material Son defaulted 72:0.3(808;3)
Urantia far better prepared for planetary government 72:12.5(820;3)
Gautama born in 94:7.1(1035;1)
Old Testament reference to Nodites 77:2.3(856;6)
temple in Alexandria 130:3.4(1432;4)
evolving monotheists keep subordinate gods as 96:1.14(1054;4)
final Andite eruption from Caspian region 78:8.11(877;1)
parable of 151:4.6(1694;4)
atomic stability depends on number of n. in nucleus 42:7.6(477;8)
held together by reciprocating mesotron 42:8.3(479;1)
group believes itself descended from parrot 74:8.5(837;4)
belief Messiah would appear to establish 176:1.6(1913;5)
in vision of John the Revelator 52:7.11(599;7)
ca. 3000 B.C. 80:9.13-14(898;8)
New Testament 180:1sec(1944;4),. See also sacred books
Abner not mentioned 166:5.3(1831;6)
believed Jesus would soon return 170:2.10(1860;5), 196:2.5(2092;3)
distorted Hebrew history by transcendentalizing Jewish prophets 97:8.6(1071;4), 97:9.29(1075;5)
held stringent ideas on divorce 140:8.14(1581;1)
changed history for 2000 years 121:8.11(1342;6)
gospels, books, and epistles named
Book of Acts. See Acts, Book of
Book of Revelations. See Revelations, Book of
Epistle of James. See James (brother of Jesus): Epistle of
Epistle to the Hebrews. See Hebrews, Book of
First Epistle of John. See John Zebedee: First Epistle
First Epistle of Peter. See Simon Peter: First Epistle
Gospel of John. See John Zebedee: Gospel of John
Gospel of Luke. See Luke: Gospel of Luke
Gospel of Mark. See John Mark: Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew. See Matthew Levi: Gospel of Matthew
gospels affected by Paul's theology 121:8.11(1342;6)
Jesus' avoidance of written records delayed writing 121:0.1(1332;1)
mostly devoted to Paul's religious convictions; only meagerly Jesusonian 196:2.1(2091;3)
symbolism intended for backward ages 134:8.6(1493;5)
written in Greek; origin 121:8.2-11(1341;3), 195:2.7(2073;2)

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