The Urantia Book Fellowship
acknowledged only 5 Books of Moses 174:3.4(1900;4)
Annas was most influential Sadducee 129:1.5(1420;2)
Annas wanted Master's trial in hands of S. 184:1.1(1978;4)
beware of leaven of 157:2.2(1745;1)
consisted of priesthood and certain wealthy Jews 137:7.7(1534;6)
did not believe in angels or resurrection 167:7.1(1840;6), 174:3sec(1900;1)
Jesus' cleansing of temple brought S. over to Pharisees 173:2.8(1892;5)
Jesus discredited teachings of 173:3.3(1893;3)
Judas's parents were 138:2.9(1540;2), 139:12.1(1565;9)
majority of Sanhedrin were 173:2.8(1892;5)
put leaders of Jesus sect in jail 194:4.10(2067;5)
reasons for desiring to kill Jesus 175:4.4-7(1911;1)
some proposed to assassinate Jesus 175:4.14(1911;11)
united with Pharisees to entrap Jesus 157:2.1(1744;4)
went to John for baptism 135:6.7(1502;5)
2nd assistant System Sovereign; tertiary Lanonandek #271,402 45:3.4(512;4)
Safed 138:9.3(1546;5),. See also James of Safed
surest spiritual s. is faith in Father's presence in his Sons 32:3.6(361;1)
center of our minor sector, Ensa 15:3.5-7(168;1), 41:0.4(455;4)
Nebadon swings around 15:3.7(168;3), 41:0.4(455;4)
grazing land suddenly became desert 80:1.4(889;6), 80:2.1(890;5), 80:3.8(892;2)
Andite blood contributed considerably to 78:5.5(873;1), 80:8.1(896;6)
civilization disrupted by drought in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.7(871;3), 80:1.4(889;6)
dispersed to Spain, southern Africa, Egypt, Palestine, and Ceylon 80:2.2(890;6), 80:3.7(892;1)
influx into Egypt deteriorated Nile culture 80:3.2(891;3), 80:9.8,11(898;3)
never engaged in manufacture or built cities 80:1.4(889;6)
strains incorporated in blue and white races, Basques and Berbers 80:3.2(891;3), 80:9.8,11(898;3)
superior indigo race with strains of orange, green 78:1.10(869;6), 80:1.4(889;6)
bones of s. regarded superstitiously 88:2.1(968;6)
evolutionary origin of sainthood 85:6.3(948;3)
practiced continence 89:3.6(977;1)
spiritual menace in galaxy of 195:4.2(2074;8)
supposed return of 94:11.3(1039;2)
sprang from fish family 65:2.6(732;4)
word derived from salt 140:4.3(1572;3)
called Jerusalem after disappearance of Melchizedek 93:2.4(1015;4)
over 100,000 tithe payers on rolls of 93:6.8(1021;4)
Salem teachings 93:4sec(1017;3),. See also Melchizedek, Machiventa; missionaries: Salem missionaries
among the Hebrews Papers 96, 97)
based exclusively on creative power 96:0.1(1052;1)
basic factor in all religions of last 4000 years 98:7.4(1084;3)
in the Levant Paper 95 (1042;1),)
in the Occident Paper 98 (1077;1),)
in the Orient Paper 94 (1027;1),) 131:3.1(1446;3)
nonritualistic 94:1.5(1028;1)
spread in Europe by Jewish mercenaries 98:0.3(1077;3)
asked that sons James and John have positions of honor 139:3.8(1553;4), 171:0.4-7(1867;4)
at Jesus' 5th appearance 190:3.1(2033;1)
at Jesus' crucifixion 187:3.2(2008;3)
David accompanied S. to Bethsaida after crucifixion 171:1.5(1869;1)
discovered empty tomb 189:4.2-14(2025;3)
distant relative of Annas; introduced Jesus to Annas 129:1.5(1420;2), 129:2.7(1422;4), 142:0.2(1596;2), 184:0.3(1978;3)
loved Jesus as a son 129:1.5(1420;2)
member of women's corp 163:7.3(1808;5)
Nebadon Census Director; #81,412; automatically cognizant of birth and death of will 24:2.7(267;5), 37:8.4(413;7)
among earliest medicines 90:4.8(991;7)
animals' bodies evolved ability to control 58:6.5(669;6)
apostles sent forth as s. of earth 140:3.12(1570;2), 140:4.2-3(1572;2)
early wars fought over s. deposits 69:4.6(775;6)
exporters of s. were first group specialists 69:3.10(774;9)
finaliters are evolutionary s. of universe 31:0.7(346;1)
first literature was advertisement for 69:4.6(775;6)
parable of s. without savor 130:2.4(1430;2), 140:3.12(1570;2), 171:2.5(1870;2)
primitives dipped food in ashes to obtain 84:8.5(942;6)
produced by Prince's council on science and art 66:5.11(747;1)
settled in great lagoons, cut off and evaporated 59:3.9(677;6)
Silurian deposits 59:3.4,9(677;1)
Urantia protoplasm only functions in s. solution 57:8.3,25(660;5), 58:1.3-4(664;4)
word salary derived from 140:4.3(1572;3)
Andon and Fonta not permitted to send greetings 63:7.3(717;4)
elaborate ceremony of oriental 163:4.5,13(1805;2)
salute no man by the way 163:1.3(1800;5)
provisional feature of bestowal plan 186:5.8(2003;2)
7 levels of 101:6.8(1112;4)
all things work together for 182:2.1(1966;1)
average men craved promises of 94:11.13(1040;4), 98:2.10(1079;7)
believers should take for granted 103:9.5(1141;3), 156:5.20(1740;7), 188:4.9(2017;4)
defined as
available to all who sincerely seek 166:3.3-5(1828;7)
free gift to all who believed in Melchizedek covenant 93:4.5(1017;7)
free gift to all with faith to believe they are God's sons 150:5.5(1683;2), 167:5.1(1838;2), 170:2.18(1861;2), 191:5.3(2043;1), 193:1.2(2053;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
not result of righteous life; cannot be earned 143:2.6(1610;1), 150:5.5(1683;2), 167:5.1(1838;2)
progressive morontia transformation 101:9.9(1116;1)
revealed by divine Sons 150:5.3(1682;5)
revelation of divine purpose 170:2.8(1860;3)
spiritualization of moral consciousness 133:6.6(1478;5)
technique of divine evolution of mortal mind 103:7.2(1137;7)
gained by
believing gospel, accepting divine forgiveness 141:6.4(1592;6), 150:5.2(1682;4)
faith alone 96:7.7(1060;7), 140:10.1(1584;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 150:5.2(1682;4), 157:2.2(1745;1), 163:2.4(1801;7), 170:2.18(1861;2)
recognition of God's sovereignty, our sonship, faith in our ability to be like God 140:10.9(1585;7)
regeneration of spirit, not deeds of flesh 143:2.6(1610;1)
truth hunger 170:2.18(1861;2)
Amida Buddha teaching of attainment by faith 94:12.3(1041;1)
Gautama Buddha dying words were, 'Work out your own s. ' 94:7.6(1035;6)
taught achievement by human effort apart from divine help 94:8.13(1037;1)
taught universal s. 94:7.7(1036;1)
Melchizedek taught favor with God by faith 93:6.4(1020;7)
Nalda dodged issue of personal s. 143:5.5-7(1613;3)
thief on cross gained s. 187:4sec(2008;8)
Tibetans believed endless repetition of rituals bestowed s. 94:10.2(1038;6)
Zaccheus found s. 171:6.2-3(1874;1)
love and mercy of God impel men to seek 149:6.4(1675;5), 192:2.1(2047;5)
makes wrongs right 188:5.2(2018;1)
never forced on anyone 132:7.2(1466;2), 146:2.5(1638;5)
not for those unwilling to be wholehearted dedicated 166:3.4(1829;1)
what must I do to be saved? 150:5sec(1682;3)
whoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved 2:4.1(38;1)
work out your own s. with perseverance 131:3.4(1447;1)
100 local universe centers stationed on 41:1.3(456;2)
advisory and research assemblies function on 33:8.2,5(373;4)
capital of Nebadon, our local universe 15:7.7(174;7), 33:8.1(373;3)
circled by 10 circuits of 49 worlds each 15:7.7(174;7), 37:6.2(412;2)
1st is of Melchizedeks 35:3sec(387;2)
2nd is of Vorondadeks 35:7sec(391;5)
3rd is of Lanonandeks 35:10sec(394;3)
4th is of Life Carriers 35:2sec(385;4)
5th is of finaliters 36:4.5-7(401;1)
6th is of Brilliant Evening Stars 37:2.10(408;2)
7th is of archangels 37:3.7(409;4)
8th is of Spirit-fused mortals 37:5.10(411;8), 40:9.9(451;5)
9th is of seraphim 38:4sec(420;2)
construction began 400 billion years ago 57:3.8(654;1)
physical creation took 1 billion years 32:2.3(358;5)
required 1 million years to complete associated worlds 32:1.5(358;2), 57:3.8(654;1)
John saw vision of 34:4.8-9(378;5)
Michael's headquarters is threefold mansion of light 33:1.1(366;2)
situated at energy-mass center of Nebadon 32:2.4(359;1)
supreme local universe judicial authority 43:2.2(487;4)
time of. See time

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