The Urantia Book Fellowship
Jonah 159:4.4(1767;6)
Jesus' discourse on 130:1sec(1428;1)
Joppa 123:0.4(1356;1), 128:3.2(1411;2), 130:0.2(1427;2), 130:1sec(1428;1), 134:7.4(1492;4), 152:7.3(1706;4)
Jesus' baptism in 135:8sec(1503;4)
poured forth from an underground cave 157:3.1(1745;2)
valley was tropical 124:6.5(1374;5)
renowned liberal Nazareth teacher 124:4.8(1372;5)
Joseph (brother of Jesus) 138:1.4(1539;2), 154:5.1(1720;2),. See also Jesus: family
apostles stayed with 137:2.9(1527;3)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
born March 16, A.D. 1 123:4.9(1362;1)
defended himself when assailed by playmates 127:4.5(1401;5)
faithful plodding worker; not too smart 127:4.7(1401;7)
formally installed as head of Jesus' family 128:2.7(1410;6), 128:7.11(1418;3)
friction with Jesus 124:4.3(1371;6)
graduation from synagogue school 127:6.11(1405;3)
Jesus took to Jerusalem for Passover 128:1.14(1409;4)
moved into family home in A.D. 24 134:1.6(1484;3)
permitted pride to interfere 154:6.1(1721;1)
tentative belief in Jesus 137:3.2(1527;5)
Joseph (father of Jesus) 122:1sec(1344;4), 122:5sec(1348;1),. See also Jesus: family
at Jesus' first Passover Paper 125 (1377;1),)
angry with Jesus about Scythopolis games 124:3.8(1371;1)
explained reasons for family discipline 123:3.9(1360;4)
faithfully discharged parental responsibilities 124:3.2(1369;8), 124:4.4(1372;1)
held to Babylonian view of Judaism 122:5.11(1349;7)
held spiritual concept of Messiah 122:5.10(1349;6), 123:0.5(1356;2), 123:6.8(1365;3)
mild-mannered; conscientious; subject to mild spiritual discouragement 122:5.1(1348;1)
never failed fully to discuss Jesus' questions 123:2.3(1357;7)
perplexed over Gabriel's message; dream 122:3.2(1346;5), 122:4sec(1347;3)
background and heritage
8 brothers and sisters 122:5.1(1348;1), (123:6.1?) (128:7.8?)
average person of day and generation 119:7.7(1317;3)
black-eyed brunet 122:5.5(1349;1)
blue race, Nodites, Sumerians, Abraham were ancestors; genealogies 122:1.1,3(1344;4), 122:4.3-4(1347;5), 123:0.5(1356;2)
educated far above average 122:5.5(1349;1)
fluent speaker of Aramaic and Greek 123:3.1(1359;2)
marriage to Mary in March, 8 B.C. 122:2.2(1345;4), 122:5.8-9(1349;4)
poor at birth of Jesus 122:10.2(1354;1)
conferred with Zacharias in Jerusalem 122:8.4(1351;8)
did not know cause of earthquake 123:3.2-3(1359;3)
family became believers in Jesus 122:5.10(1349;6)
found Jesus teaching in temple 125:6.4-8(1383;7)
Gabriel chose family for incarnation 122:0.3(1344;3), 122:1.3(1345;2)
killed September 25, 8 A.D. working on Herod's building in Sepphoris 126:2sec(1388;1), 126:5.11(1393;8), 185:4.1(1992;3)
ordered Jesus not to draw 124:1.4-5(1366;5)
owned a donkey 122:7.4,7(1350;6), 125:3.2(1381;2)
owned houses with partner Jacob the stone mason 126:3.1(1389;4)
owned property in Nazareth and Capernaum 126:1.4(1387;4)
prevailed upon to remain in Bethlehem for a year 122:8.4(1351;8)
removed parchment from doorpost 124:4.7(1372;4)
Sabbath walks with Jesus 123:5.12(1363;5)
supply shop taken over by his brother 126:5.8(1393;5)
supported his parents; father recently disabled 122:7.4(1350;6)
trouble with Jesus regarding his prayers 123:3.6(1360;1)
unfortunate he could not have lived 124:4.6(1372;3)
became builder; trebled family income 122:1.1(1344;4), 122:5.1(1348;1), 123:3.7(1360;2)
employed as foreman in Alexandria 123:0.1(1355;1)
in Sepphoris 124:5.5(1373;5)
accompanied Jesus to temple 175:0.1(1905;1)
believed Jesus would rise from tomb 188:1.2,8(2013;1)
boldly claimed body of Jesus from Pilate 142:6.9(1603;1), 187:6.2(2011;6), 188:0.3(2012;3)
came to see Jesus in Gethsemane; turned back 142:8.4(1606;1)
daughter Rebecca 150:1.1(1678;5)
embalmed Jesus' body with myrrh and aloes 188:1.4(2013;3)
former Sanhedrin member 188:1.2(2013;1)
helped bear body of Jesus to tomb 188:1.3(2013;2)
Jesus' 5th appearance at home of 190:3.1(2033;1)
Jesus buried in tomb of. See Jesus: events in life: tomb
met with Jesus in home of Nicodemus 164:2.1(1810;3)
most outspoken disciple of Jesus in Jerusalem 188:1.2(2013;1)
visited empty tomb 190:1.2(2030;1)
women believers stayed at home of 188:1.7(2013;6), 189:4.2(2025;3), 192:0.3(2045;3)
Jesus stayed with 156:4.1-2(1737;2), 156:6.1(1741;1)
great-grandson of Abraham; civil administrator in Egypt; firm believer in Melchizedek 93:9.5,8(1023;2)
political circumstances facilitated promotion of Salem teachings in Egypt 95:3.5(1046;1)
sold into Egyptian slavery at Dothan 126:1.2(1387;2)
Gabriel instructed Mary to name her son 122:3.1(1346;4), 122:8.2(1351;6)
Joshua (Old Testament) 124:6.7(1375;1), 135:6.1(1501;4), 135:9.5(1505;5)
came to Jerusalem through Jericho 135:6.1(1501;4), 172:1.3(1879;1)
Jesus quoted 153:2.5(1710;3)
lived to enter promised land 166:3.2(1828;6)
Moses turned over command of Hebrews to 96:5.9(1059;1)
preached stern gospel to a disbelieving people 96:6.1,3(1059;2)
set up 12 stones by the Jordan 135:6.7(1502;5)
chapter in Jesus' life 133:9.6(1482;1)
became lifelong preacher of gospel 164:5.6(1816;3)
before the Sanhedrin 164:4sec(1813;4)
cast out of synagogue 164:4.11(1814;7), 164:5.4-5(1816;1)
healed by Jesus 164:3sec(1811;2)
neither dumb nor lacking in humor 164:4.9(1814;5)
parents were poor, fear-ridden souls 164:5.5-7(1816;2)
baptized Pharisee 174:4.4(1901;4)
destroyed Jerusalem ring of corrupt politicians 97:9.23(1074;5)
Egyptians defeated at Megiddo 126:1.2(1387;2)
intercepted Necho's mighty army; was wiped out 97:9.24(1074;6)
Jotapata 138:9.3(1546;5), 156:6.2(1741;2)
Jesus' discourse on prayer at 146:2sec(1638;1)
Mary Magdalene and Rebecca ordained at 150:2.3(1680;2)
persists only as exclamation 96:1.14(1054;4)
joy. See also happiness; peace: spiritual peace
born of trust in divine word 143:2.7(1610;2)
cannot be experienced all by oneself 111:4.7(1220;6)
cannot put under microscope 196:3.15(2095;2)
fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7), 56:10.20(648;3)
highest j. on Paradise is worship 27:7.5(304;3)
inherent in freewill existence 28:5.16(312;3)
mostly material reaction to environment 108:5.6(1192;1)
of high duty is eclipsing emotion of spiritual beings 25:1.6(274;3)
promoted by secoraphic Joys of Existence 28:5.16(312;3)
seek not for transient 149:5.4(1674;6)
Spirit of Truth gives 194:0.1(2059;1)
spiritual growth yields lasting 100:4.3(1097;7)
to share Master's j., share his love and service 180:1.5(1945;2)
collaborate with reversion directors 28:5.16(312;3)
promote reactions of joy 28:5.16(312;3)
reflective of superaphic harmony supervisors 28:5.16(312;3)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Divine Counselors 28:5.16(312;3)
enthronement of Creator Son as Master Son 33:3.5(368;5)
7 in ascendant career 27:7.8(305;1)
upon settling of a local universe in light and life 17:3.11(201;9)
advanced religion of ancient times 92:6.2-3(1010;6)
apostles at first imposed J. upon converts 194:3.9(2064;1)
apocalyptists taught Jews' sufferings were penalties for nation's sins 135:5.2(1500;2)
authority was watchword 173:2.3(1891;4)
blindness caused by sin 164:3.3(1811;4)
consorting with deceased brother's widow 83:5.4(926;2)
creation account 74:8.7-11(837;6)
eating with unwashed hands punishable by excommunication 153:3.6(1713;1)
health teachings of Caligastia 100 persisted in garbled form to days of Moses 66:5.19(747;9)
Jews merged celestial rulers into composite Deity 43:3.4(488;6)
prophets proclaimed God the Father of Israel 2:6.4(41;2)
redemption of first-born sons 122:9.1(1352;4)
religion of good works, slavery to law 121:7.5(1340;3)
religious dogma so crystallized as to jeopardize further growth 98:2.9(1079;6)
teaching centered on knowing God 5:4.8(67;6)
trinitarian Elohim part of theology after Babylon 96:1.8(1053;6)
uncertain regarding life after death 146:3.8(1642;4)
without shedding blood no remission of sin 4:5.5(60;4)
clearer recognition of Father than any religion 130:3.4(1432;4)
deficient in philosophy and aesthetics, but conserved moral values 97:10.5-6(1076;2)
deficient in science 155:1.4(1726;1)
eastern/western differences 121:6.9(1339;5), 166:5.4(1831;7)
Joseph father of Jesus held to eastern 122:5.11(1349;7)
Levant adopted western viewpoint 121:6.1(1338;4)
Mary mother of Jesus leaned toward western 122:5.11(1349;7)
educational program in Galilee 123:2.5-6(1358;2), 123:5sec(1362;2)
evolutionary link between religions of evolution and revelation 92:6.6(1011;4)
failed to associate goodness of God with science and art 2:7.9(43;2)
feasts 123:3.5(1359;6), 125:1.5(1379;1), 134:9.3(1494;6)
atonement 123:3.5(1359;6)
Jesus thought ceremonies pathetic 134:9.3(1494;6)
dedication Paper 164 (1809;1),) 125:1.5(1379;1)
Passover Paper 142 (1596;1),)
1-1/2 million attended 188:3.1(2014;4)
celebrated in Jerusalem when possible 123:3.5(1359;6), 123:5.2(1362;3)
commandment not to leave sacrifice until morning 142:3.18(1599;10)
commemorated Jews' emergence from racial slavery 179:5.2(1942;1)
customs 179:3.1,10(1938;3), 179:5.1(1941;6)
Hebrew ritual 89:9.2-3(984;1)
death coincidental to Passover 186:5sec(2002;2)
determined to establish a bloodless Passover 125:2.3(1379;4), 127:6.6-7(1404;5), 147:2.3(1648;5), 179:0.3(1936;3)
first Passover at Jerusalem 124:6sec(1374;1)
Jews did not want Jesus' body exposed on 187:5.7(2011;3)
lambs sacrificed at 127:6.6-7(1404;5), 186:5.1(2002;2)
Moses established; institution antedated 125:1.5(1379;1), 179:1.6(1937;4)
no secular work done or gentile buildings entered on preparation day for 179:0.1(1936;1), 182:2.9(1967;4), 184:3.14(1983;6), 185:0.3(1987;3)
pardon by Roman governor at 185:5.2(1993;2), 187:0.2(2004;2)
sacrament must consist of most primitive viand 92:2.2(1004;5)
smearing blood on doorposts was outgrowth of child sacrifice 89:7.2(982;1)
temple head tax payable at 173:1.3(1889;1)
women seldom attended 125:0.2(1377;2)
Pentecost 123:3.5(1359;6), 125:1.5(1379;1),. See also Pentecost (bestowal of Spirit of Truth)
7 weeks after Passover; established by Moses 125:1.5(1379;1)
festival of baptism 194:1.5(2060;5)
feast of Esther and Israel's deliverance 123:3.5(1359;6), 125:1.5(1379;1)
annual holiday of all Palestine; established by Moses 123:3.5(1359;6), 125:1.5(1379;1), 134:9.4(1495;1), 162.4sec)
feast of harvest ingathering 123:3.5(1359;6), 162:4.1(1793;5)
fetish hut elevated by Moses to harbor law of God 88:2.3(969;1)
Ganid's abstract of 131:2sec(1444;1)
great international, interracial faith 92:6.2,5(1010;6)
influence of Judaism on
Christianity 97:10.6(1076;3), 98:7.5(1084;4)
Islam 97:10.6(1076;3)
influence on Judaism by 96:0.3(1052;3)
Amenemope 95:4.4(1046;5)
Babylonian captivity 97:9.27(1075;3)
Egypt 97:8.2(1070;5)
Ikhnaton 95:5.7-8,14-15)
Philo 121:6.3-6(1338;6), 130:3.9(1433;4), 146:1.3(1637;5)
Platonism and Stoicism 121:6.3(1338;6)
Zoroastrianism 95:6.7(1050;3), 98:7.6(1084;5)
Jesus' antagonism with J. always positive 147:6.6(1655;2)
Jesus did not participate in any sacrificial service 179:0.3(1936;3)
Levites officiated in Jerusalem temple 164:4.2-4(1813;5)
Micah attacked sacrificial system 97:5.6(1067;3)
monotheistic zeal eclipsed teachings of Trinity 104:1.8(1144;5)
only Jerusalemites permitted to witness daily sacrifices 125:1.5(1379;1)
oral law
Jesus in constant collision with 124:1.13(1368;2)
Jesus resented those misrepresentative of Father 127:6.6(1404;5)
minute regulations invaded every domain of life 121:7.3-4(1340;1)
misinterpreted sacred writings 159:4.6(1768;2)
Sanhedrists deserted commandments of God while holding to oral law 153:3.3-4(1712;3)
viewed as ordained by Abraham; more sacred than Scripture 121:7.3-4(1340;1), 153:3.6-7(1713;1)
persisted because of institutions 97:10.7(1076;4)
predicated on Melchizedek's covenant with Abraham 96:0.3(1052;3)
promised salvation from difficulties 5:4.5-8(67;3), 148:6.5(1663;3)
rapidly expanding in times of Jesus 121:1.3(1332;4)
religion of moral sublimity 196:3.16(2095;3)
renaissance dates from Greek translation of Scriptures 121:6.2(1338;5)
rituals. See also Judaism: feasts
Andonic animal sacrifice preserved in 63:6.4(716;3)
inconsistent and absurd; Jesus thought ceremonies pathetic 125:2.4(1379;5), 134:9.3(1494;6)
purification after childbirth 122:9.1(1352;4), 122:10.2(1354;1)
Sabbath service described 150:8sec(1684;4)
Shema was creed of faith 150:8.4(1685;2)
saved by intervention of Babylonian teachers 121:6.8(1339;4)
secret of survival was centralization of worship at Jerusalem 121:2.6(1333;8)
tolerated fringe of gentile believers 121:2.5(1333;7)
various Deity titles defined 96:1.2-10(1052;5)

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