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sun-god; Ikhnaton based monotheism upon 95:5.6-7,11)
childish scheme of substituting innocent sufferer for guilty offender 188:4.11(2017;6)
erroneous teaching 20:6.6-7(229;5), 148:4.7-10(1660;6), 188:4-5secs)
Father had nothing to do with Jesus' torture 183:1.1-2(1971;6), 186:5.2(2002;3)
Father's justice not influenced by acts of his creatures 2:3.1(36;6)
Father's love not dependent on Sons' bestowals 20:5.2(227;5), 186:5.5-9(2002;6)
God never torn by conflicting attitudes 2:4.3(38;3)
grounded in selfishness 188:4.9(2017;4)
Andonic animal sacrifice preserved in 63:6.4(716;3)
Christ became all-sufficient human sacrifice 89:9.3-4(984;2)
intended to make gospel acceptable to Jews 149:2.3(1670;4)
Mithraic origin 121:7.8(1340;6)
Paul's teaching original 121:6.5(1339;1)
Philo taught God forgave only when blood shed 121:6.5(1339;1)
primitives sacrificed to restore relationship with God 103:4.2(1133;2)
incompatible with teachings of Jesus 188:4.8(2017;3)
Jesus did not bestow himself to reconcile an angry God 2:5.2(39;1), 4:5.6(60;5), 98:7.1(1083;6), 188:4.7(2017;2)
never necessary to influence Father to be merciful 2:4.2(38;2), 6:3.4(75;9)
philosophic assault upon unity and free-willness of God 2:6.5-6(41;3)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
puerile and primitive; affront to God 4:5.4-6(60;3), 6:3.4(75;9)
ransom paid to purchase man from devil 194:2.8(2061;6)
sacrifice of innocent Son to appease wrath of offended God 149:2.3(1670;4), 188:5.9,11(2019;2)
supplant with concept of divine attunement 39:5.6(437;5)
son of Cybele in Phrygian mystery cult 98:4.2-5(1081;5), 98:5.5(1082;6)
only progressive a. are personally real 12:5.10(135;9)
seeing eye to eye with one's Adjuster 110:2.5(1205;3)
supplant atonement doctrine with concept of 39:5.6(437;5)
coemperor with Tiberias Caesar; died in A.D. 14 136:2.8(1512;4)
decreed census in 8 B.C. 122:7.1(1350;3)
founded Nicopolis 133:2.5(1471;4)
temple in Caesarea 130:2.1(1429;3)
tried to destroy mysteries, revive older political religion 98:3.6-8(1080;8)
worship of A. became Roman religion 98:3.7-8(1081;1)
400 miles up; produced by sunspots 58:2.6-8(666;3)
first child killed and devoured in 89:5.4(979;3)
geology 59:1.11,13(674;1), 59:2.3(675;2), 59:3.9(677;6), 59:4.5,7(678;6), 59:5.4(680;6), 60:1.4(685;6), 60:3.16(690;7), 61:1.8-9(694;5), 61:2.3(695;1), 61:4.3(698;5), 61:5.3(699;4)
isolated; peculiar fauna; kangaroo roamed 61:1.4(694;1), 64:1.5(718;7)
no dinosaurs, elephants, mastodons, or rhinoceroses in 60:2.2(687;3), 61:3.6(697;1), 61:4.3,4(698;5)
rose out of Pacific depths; drifted south 57:8.21(662;8), 58:4.3(668;1)
Caligastia restless under 66:8.1(752;2)
Divine Counselor speaks with unchallengeable 1:7.9(32;1), 6:8.8(80;5)
Jesus taught with absolute 100:7.5(1102;2)
no division of a. in universe 32:4.3(363;1)
watchword of all Jewry 173:2.3(1891;4)
Brilliant Evening Star from A. on Urantia after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
seraphim from A. trained Nebadon seraphim 38:1.2(418;5), 38:5.1(420;6)
surgeons from A. transferred plasm to Prince's staff 66:2.7(742;7), 77:2.6(857;3)
avoidance. See also religion: primitive religion
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
ritual merges with exorcism, coercion, and propitiation 89:0.2(974;2)
ax laid to the root 135:6.7(1502;5)
Neanderthalers made a. with flints 64:4.3(721;1)
son of King Amaziah; also known as Uzziah 97:9.22(1074;4)
    Egyptian and African teaching of soul and spirit 111:0.4-6(1215;4)
    Baal. See also Baalites
    cult founded on right to buy and sell land; Baal sending rain 97:3.3(1064;7), 97:9.24(1074;6)
    ritual prostitution in temples 97:3.4(1065;1)
    Samuel mocked priests of 97:1.3(1062;5)
    temple in Jerusalem 97:9.21(1074;3)
    temple on hill in Nazareth 100 years earlier 126:1.2(1387;2)
    word B. means owner 97:3.3(1064;7)
    city named by King David 97:9.12(1073;2)
    Baalites. See also Baal
    city-dwelling aristocrats, owned houses, lands, slaves 97:3.4(1065;1)
    Elijah defended old land mores against land-selling of 97:9.19(1074;1)
    northern and more settled Canaanites 97:3.3(1064;7)
    political party returned to power in Jerusalem 97:9.24(1074;6)
    city also known as Bablod, Bablot 77:3.3,6(858;4)
    tower of Babel 77:3sec(858;2)
    1st tower built 50,000 years after death of Nod (i.e., about 150,000 years ago) 77:3.1(858;2)
    2nd attempt to rebuild by Andites failed 77:3.9(859;3)
    3rd effort to build by Andites 78:8.4(876;1)
    memorial to Nodite racial greatness; contentions 77:3sec(858;2)
    architect and builder of tower of Babel 77:3.1-3(858;2)
    retarded mid-mammals were ancestors of 62:3.12(706;3)
    illustrates origin of dialects 81:6.17(908;6)
    Babylon 130:0.3(1427;3), 134:1.1(1483;3),. See also Babylonians
    baptism was religious ceremonial in 85:4.1(946;8)
    cavalry from B. pushed into Mesopotamia 79:1.5(879;2)
    Judaism saved from oblivion by teachers from 121:6.8(1339;4)
    Marduk was perpetuation of Adam legend 92:5.3(1008;5)
    Peter visited 139:2.11(1551;7)
    500 years' overlordship of Jews by aliens 97:8.3(1071;1)
    cf: Sargon carried away 25,000 Jews in 700 B.C.; installed others in Palestine 143:4.1-2(1612;1)
    Hebrews carried back Sabbath taboos from 95:1.2(1042;3)
    Jews much influenced by Chaldean traditions during 97:7.1-3(1068;1)
    Jews tremendously depressed by 93:9.9(1023;6)
    liberated concept of Yahweh to be God of all nations 96:4.8(1057;4)
    Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, carried people away into Babylon 97:9.24-28(1074;6)
    Old Testament compiled during 93:9.6-9(1023;3)
    Persia freed Jews from 97:10.2(1075;7)
    priests destroyed records after 97:8.1(1070;4)
    priests invented legends during 74:8.9-11(838;1), 78:7.3(874;8)
    shocked remnant of Israel into monotheism 97:9.26(1075;2)
    immediate contact with remnants of Adamites 74:8.6(837;5)
    part of older Semitic race which included Jews 121:2.1(1333;3)
    taught man descended directly from gods 74:8.6(837;5)
    triad gods 104:0.3(1143;3)
    taxed in continental nation 72:7.5(815;5)
    phrase is delusion of ignorance 68:1.7(764;3)
    Andon and Fonta succumbed to their fears for a time 63:2.1(712;1)
    man may repeatedly forsake God while choice remains 5:1.11(64;2)
    turning back after putting hand to plough 163:2.3(1801;6)
    bacteria. See also fungi
    destroyed ferns in Devonian 59:4.13(679;6)
    Life Carriers disappointed by reversion of parasitic 65:5.2(736;5)
    little changed from ancient times 65:2.3(732;1)
    mortals contend with on all worlds 49:4.6(564;8)
    most disease-causing b. are renegade parasitic fungi 65:2.3(732;1)
    founded center of culture in Afghanistan 67:6.1(759;4), 79:0.1(878;1)
    great-great-grandson of Andon 64:3.1(720;2)
    believed in 2 souls, the breath and the shadow 86:5.13(955;5)
    fearful of ice, water 64:3.3(720;4)
    never practiced human sacrifice 64:3.1(720;2)
    of India held remnants of Onagar's culture 64:2.4(719;7), 64:3sec(720;2)
    relentless warfare left only most intelligent alive 64:5.1(722;2)
    Sangik races born into 64:5.2-3(722;3)
    warfare of extermination against inferior neighbors 64:3.5(720;6)

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