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ancestors of land vertebrates 60:0.2(685;2)
ancestral frog almost died 62:3.9(705;8), 65:3.3(733;9)
appearance; sprang from fish family 59:5.6,23(680;8), 65:2.6(732;4)
evolved into prereptiles in Permian 59:6.8(683;5)
man's closest surviving ancestor 61:2.6(695;4), 65:2.6-7(732;4)
tadpole becomes frog by living loyally as tadpole 100:1.4(1094;6)
abundant in Cretaceous 60:3.19(690;10)
Father requires we bear much 180:2.1(1945;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
graft determines nature of 102:7.4(1126;4)
tree hewn down which brings not forth good 135:6.7(1502;5), 166:4.9(1830;9)
trees known by their 140:3.19(1571;6), 140:8.22(1582;3), 142:5.2(1601;2), 153:4.4(1714;3)
Jesus' conversation with 130:8.3(1440;3)
believers show; religious experience unfailingly yields 5:2.4,6(64;7), 99:5.6(1091;5), 155:6.15(1733;3)
convincing evidence of spiritual certainty consists in 102:6.7(1125;2)
defined as
enjoyable and ennobling self-control 143:2.8(1610;3)
life reactions of spirit-led mortal 34:6.13(381;7)
simply traits which Jesus manifested 194:3.1(2062;10)
substance of the Supreme 117:6.17(1290;3)
yielding to fellows what one has received 100:2.1(1095;5)
intellectual peace, social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy, and cosmic wisdom 56:10.20(648;3)
love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance 34:6.13(381;7)
service, devotion, loyalty, fairness, honesty, hope, trust, ministry, goodness, tolerance, peace 193:2.2(2054;3)
Father requires we bear 180:2.1(1945;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
God's will discernible as fruits of spirit in the spirit-led 12:7.7(138;2)
must be brought forth to continue ascension 140:1.4(1569;1)
man supplies psychic f. for Adjuster's work 108:5.8(1192;3)
Matthew never openly solicited from multitudes 139:7.8(1560;4)
ancient f. held up until family donated money to king 69:9.6(780;9)
Egyptians believed preservation of body facilitated passage through future life 95:2.4-5(1044;3)
Egyptians embalmed bodies against day of judgment 95:5.13(1049;1)
impoverishing life for pretended enrichment of death 92:3.7(1006;4)
induced ghosts to depart 87:2.3(959;4)
occasions of supreme joy in light and life 55:2.5-6(623;5)
seeking to arrest decay of dead 86:4.8(953;7)
waste in ancient and modern times 87:2.10(960;4)
fungi. See also bacteria
parasitic plants which have lost chlorophyll-making ability; retrograde movement in evolution 65:2.3(732;1)
achieved by mind with fragment of pre-Trinity spirit of either Father, Son, or Spirit 56:3.5(639;5)
Adjuster fusion 30:1.17(333;3), 110:7sec(1212;2), 112:7sec(1237;3)
90% of inhabited worlds of Nebadon intended for 49:5.24(568;2)
after fusion
Adjusters are without form until after f. 42:12.3(483;3)
Adjusters share our destiny and experience; they are us 110:7.4-5(1212;5), 112:7.10(1238;5)
ascender receives new name, 40 days' retirement 47:8.5(538;3), 136:2.6(1512;2)
ascenders not unlike seraphim 112:7.7(1238;2)
begins ascender's attempt to actualize limitless possibilities of partnership with God 112:7.14(1239;3)
mortal gains Adjuster's memory of all previous mortal indwellings 110:7.4,5(1212;5), 112:7.1(1237;3)
no danger to ascender's eternal career 40:7.5(449;3), 112:7.4(1237;6)
defined as
breaking fetters of time 118:5.2(1299;2)
conferring oneness of soul with God; eternal life 40:6.1(447;5), 40:7.1(448;8), 107:2.7(1179;1)
everlasting self-identification with total and indestructible reality 116:7.5(1276;6)
inner union with indwelling God fragment 101:6.6(1112;2), 107:0.4(1176;4), 111:5.6(1221;7)
irrevocable choice for eternal career 5:1.11(64;2), 110:7.1(1212;2), 111:3.1(1218;9), 112:7.5-6(1237;7)
mortal's 3rd jubilee 27:7.8(305;1)
oneness so perfect that separate identities of man and Adjuster unrecognizable 110:1.6(1204;4), 112:7.8(1238;3)
secret of Ascendington 112:7.2(1237;4)
union of soul with Adjuster 47:8.4(538;2)
fusion during mortal life 49:6.18-21(570;7), 55:2sec(623;1),. See also translation
Elijah fused 45:4.15(514;5)
Enoch was the first to fuse 45:4.13(514;3)
preliminary spiritual elevation 136:2.3-6(1511;2)
Son seizure is translation from among the living 49:6.18-21(570;7), 55:2.9(624;3)
translation from living in morontia temple 55:2.2-5(623;2)
Jesus attained perfect synchrony with Adjuster prior to baptism 136:2.2(1511;1)
mortals denominated ascending sons after f. 40:6.1(447;5)
normally takes place on mansion worlds 30:4.13-14(342;3), 40:8.1(449;4), 112:7.3(1237;5)
simple ceremony marks 47:8.4(538;2)
some fail to fuse with Adjuster; become Son-fused 40:8.3(449;6)
fusion spirits ascend to level of origin 40:10.1(452;1)
no overlapping; creature is either Adjuster-fused, Son-fused, or Spirit-fused 37:5.1(410;4), 40:9.1(450;3)
Son fusion. See Son-fused mortals
Spirit fusion. See Spirit-fused mortals
signifies struggle, advancement, effort, achievement 48:4.12(548;7)
when ignorance is essential to success, it would be a blunder to know f. 39:5.9(438;2)
experiential Deities are 0:7.1-3(10;6)
never end, but had beginnings 0:9.5(13;3)
    Brilliant Evening Stars are liaison officers for 37:2.1-3(407;1)
    cabinet of 33:8.4(373;6)
    cannot be 2 places at same time 37:2.2(407;2)
    Father Melchizedek is first assistant of 33:6.2(371;4)
    functions and actions
    appealed to Ancients of Days for rebels' destruction 200,000 years ago 46:8.1-4(528;7), 53:8.4(609;7), 53:9.4(611;3), 67:4.7(758;5)
    appeared to pronounce judgment on Adam 75:7.1(845;1)
    approved Melchizedek's emergency bestowal 93:10.2(1024;4)
    certain Lucifer would soon rebel 53:2.4(602;7)
    closely identified with Urantia 33:4.7(370;4)
    first hearing recently held in case vs. Lucifer 54:4.8(616;7)
    involvement in Michael's earth bestowal 119:4.2,5(1313;5), 119:5.3(1315;1), 119:6.2(1315;5), 120:0.6(1324;3), 189:0.1(2020;1)
    judgment and dispensational resurrections delegated to 33:4.6(370;3), 74:2.8(830;3), 189:3.1-2(2024;3)
    Part III written by authority of (Paper 57, title page, print editions)
    presided over Salvington council 188:3.12(2016;1)
    regent when Michael absent 33:2.5(367;7), 33:4.7(370;4), 33:6.1(371;3)
    sealed Michael Memorial 188:3.11(2015;7), 189:1.9(2021;8)
    sealed vacant temple on Jerusem 46:5.25(527;1)
    supervises courts of Nebadon 33:7.2(372;6)
    supposedly sanctioned loose New Zealand practices 92:2.5(1005;1)
    unceasingly exposed rebel sophistries in Lucifer rebellion 53:4.6(605;3), 53:5.4,6(605;8), 67:3.1(756;2)
    worked quite alone with Michael and Mother Spirit in early days 37:1.3(406;5)
    involvement in Michael's earth bestowal 189:0.1(2020;1)
    appeared to Elizabeth in June, 8 B.C. 122:2sec(1345;3)
    appeared to Mary in November, 8 B.C. 122:2.6(1346;1), 122:3sec(1346;4)
    chose Jews as race for Michael's incarnation 122:0.2-3(1344;2)
    Immanuel committed safekeeping of Michael to 120:3.11(1330;6)
    Jesus only learned of G.'s visit to Mary at his baptism 126:2.4(1388;4), 135:8.7(1504;5), 135:9.1(1505;1)
    named Jesus "Joshua" 122:3.1(1346;4)
    named John the Baptist 122:2.3(1345;5)
    on Urantia during the crucifixion 186:4.2(2001;5)
    re-established communication after Jesus' baptism 136:3.4(1513;1)
    with Jesus at the transfiguration 158:1.6(1753;2)
    with Jesus during his morontia transit 189:3.4(2024;6)
    Melchizedeks are chief aids of 35:2.5(386;3)
    mortals seldom encounter 33:4.8(370;5)
    Most High executive represents G. in Norlatiadek 43:5.7(491;3)
    never away from Salvington when Father Melchizedek is also away 35:1.2(385;1)
    administrator, not a creator 33:4.2,4,7(369;5)
    Bright and Morning Star 33:4.1(369;4)
    chief executive of Nebadon; also represents Ancients of Days 33:0.1(366;1), 33:4.5-6(370;2), 33:6.1(371;3), 37:1.2(406;4), 50:2.1(573;2)
    ex officio chairman of most Salvington conclaves, councils, and tribunals 35:1.2(385;1), 37:2.2(407;2), 188:3.12(2016;1)
    firstborn of Michael and Spirit 33:4.1(369;4)
    like Michael in divinity but limited in Deity attributes 33:4.2-3(369;5)
    Planetary Princes under jurisdiction of 50:2.1(573;2)
    supreme commander of armies of heaven 33:4.6(370;3), 38:6.2(421;5), 168:2.1,8(1845;7), 182:3.8(1969;3)
    would become chief administrator if Michael ever left Nebadon for outer space 55:10.10(635;1)

    (G's continue...)