The Urantia Book Fellowship
transcendental energy on upper Paradise 42:2.18(471;2)
divine domination of universe 5:5.6(69;1)
of God 12:7.12(139;1)
transcendental level. See reality: levels of reality: absonite reality
personal gravity traversers; not available to local universe administrators 23:3.2(260;6)
without discoverable form 42:12.3(483;3)
Transcendentalers. See also reality: levels of reality: absonite reality
1000 groups of supercitizens of Paradise 31:8.1-4(350;4)
also known as absoniters 0:1.12(2;1), 55:4.7,16(627;5)
attached to Corps of Mortal Finaliters 31:8sec(350;4)
concerned with superadministration of master universe 31:8.2(350;5)
have nothing to do with superuniverses or Havona 31:8.2(350;5)
in Paradise classification 30:1.14-15(332;5)
may take place of finaliters on worlds in light and life in next universe age 55:4.7,16(627;5)
neither Creators nor creatures; ever loyal; eventuated, not created 0:1.12(2;1), 30:1.14-15(332;5), 31:8.3(350;6)
orders 30:1.15(333;1)
Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers 29:5sec(329;1)
Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers 29:5sec(329;1)
Paradise arrivals fraternize with 27:2.3(300;3)
process of eventuation 30:1.14-16(332;5), 31:8.3(350;6), 31:9.10(352;3)
relationship with Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits 31:9.13(352;6)
senior Architect of Master Universe is chief of 31:8.4(351;1), 31:9.1(351;2)
subject to God the Ultimate 31:8.3(350;6)
transfiguration. See Jesus: events in life
by Spirit of Truth 143:2.4(1609;5)
occurs in expectant faith-dominated persons 148:2.2(1658;5)
service is byproduct of spiritual t. 178:1.11(1931;2)
assist Havona pilgrims 26:9.2(294;6)
always accompanied by confusion 99:4.9(1090;5)
difficulties of religious t. 99:4sec(1089;4)
fringe of conflict must be traversed 159:3.7(1766;3), 160:1.6(1773;3)
great danger of breakdown during 81:6.40-41(911;5)
religion should stabilize ideals during dangerous times of 99:1.3-4(1086;6), 99:2.6(1088;1)
unemployment arising from laborsaving machinery 81:6.22(909;3)
transition ministers 39:6sec(439;4), 48:6sec(551;6),. See also seraphim
1/2 on Urantia joined Lucifer rebellion 67:3.2(756;3)
6th order seraphim 48:6.1(551;6)
10% lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.7(608;3)
morontia world seraphim 39:6sec(439;4), 48:6sec(551;6)
next to destiny guardians, draw nearest to humans of all seraphim 48:6.23(555;2)
orders of assignment 39:6.1(439;4), 48:6.4-26(552;2)
5. technicians q.v.
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.15(525;5)
transition rest. See rest: transition rest
translation 112:7.3(1237;5),. See also fusion: Adjuster fusion; language; rest: transition rest
archangel supervises t. in morontia temple 55:2.7(624;1)
defined as
Son seizure from among the living 49:6.18-21(570;7), 55:2.9(624;3)
soul's fusion with Adjuster in mortal life 55:2.2,7(623;2), 110:5.2(1208;1)
55 Amadonites of immortal status translated upon receivers' arrival 67:6.3(759;6)
Elijah called away 45:4.15(514;5), 97:2.1(1064;2)
Enoch was first mortal to fuse 45:4.13(514;3)
Machiventa Melchizedek 93:8.1(1022;3), 93:9.1(1022;4)
Van and Amadon translated to Jerusem 67:6.8(760;3), 74:5.2(833;2)
in light and life, t. in morontia temple 55:1.5(622;5), 55:2.3-5(623;3)
majority experience t. on advanced worlds 52:7.4(598;7), 55:2sec(623;1), 55:6.4(630;7)
mortal resigns planetary duties, bids farewell before t. 55:2.3(623;3)
occurs many times before we see God 5:1.1,9(62;3)
often occurs in planetary atmosphere 55:1.6(622;6)
some mortals of Adjuster-fusion status exempted from t. to continue in important posts 55:3.13(626;2)
souls proceed by Adjuster transit to resurrection hall 55:2.7(624;1)
spiritual flames instantly consume material body 55:1.5(622;5), 55:2.4-5(623;4), 110:7.2(1212;3)
translated mortals exempt from passing through education of mansion worlds, system, or constellation 55:2.8-9(624;2)
translation sleep. See also rest: transition rest
morontia progressors enter t.s. between mansion worlds 47:3.10(534;2)
broadcast directors translate broadcasts of Ancients of Days for local universes 44:4.9(504;1)
Morontia Companion interpreters and translators always available 48:3.12-13(546;5)
needed for people of different superuniverses 44:4.3(503;3)
Ganid ceased to believe in 130:2.8(1431;3)
stultifying belief in weary and monotonous lives 94:2.3-6(1029;1)
70 serve on Urantia 44:5.6(505;3)
energy manipulator celestial artisans; technical advisers to transport seraphim; traffic supervisors 44:5.6(505;3)
all space traversers require assistance to overcome gravity when departing a sphere 29:4.1(324;3)
improved t. facilitated commerce 70:3.4(787;4)
on Jerusem by birds, vehicles 46:2.4(521;1)
spirit personalities proceed by liaison with spirit energy 46:2.4(521;1)
translated mortals traverse space freely before being clothed with morontia forms 49:6.19(570;8), 55:2.7(624;1)
seconaphim who carry pilgrims between superuniverses and Havona 28:4.13(310;1)
traps 68:5.5(768;5)
ascenders may visit any realm experientially attained 48:3.10(546;3)
dead never return to native planet in same dispensation 39:4.15(436;1), 112:3.7(1230;5), 146:7.2(1646;3), 150:3.5(1680;7)
desire for t. will be satisfied 30:3.12(340;1)
greatly furthers civilization, brotherhood 52:6.3(597;4), 81:6.25(909;6)
olden wars promoted 70:2.4(785;9)
first capital crime 70:10.15(796;5)
punishment of t. in continental nation 72:6.9(814;11)
is where heart is 140:6.11(1577;5), 165:4.5(1821;5), 165:5.4(1823;4)
lay up t. where purses wax not old 165:5.4(1823;4)
parable of t. in field 151:4.4(1694;2)
treaties. See also peace
blood drinking, offerings of maidens commemorated 70:3.11(788;2)
first treaty concerned salt deposit 69:4.6(775;6)
world peace cannot be maintained by 134:6.9(1491;3)
Adam and Eve warned not to combine good and evil every time they ate from 75:4.4(842;6)
after default, Adam and Eve denied access to 75:7.6(845;6)
destroyed by Nodites 73:6.7(826;4)
fruit enabled Prince's staff and mortal counterparts to live indefinitely 66:4.13-14(745;3), 77:2.7(857;4)
grew from arrival of Caligastia to default of Adam 66:4.13(745;3), 73:6.5-7(826;2), 75:7.6(845;6)
in Dalamatia and Eden, t.o.l. grew in courtyard of Father's temple 73:6.5(826;2)
loyalists had possession of t.o.l. in rebellion 67:3.4-5(756;5)
near universal cult of 85:2.4(945;7)
not available to Melchizedek 93:2.6(1015;6)
reference to t.o.l. in prayer from another planet 144:5.7(1623;2)
served Van and Amadon for 150,000 years 73:6.5(826;2)
shrub of Edentia 66:4.13(745;3), 73:6.3(825;8)
stored up space-energies antidotal to aging 73:6.4(826;1)
transferred to Garden of Eden 73:3.2(823;2)
useless to ordinary mortals 66:4.14(745;4), 73:6.4,7(826;1)
7 feet in diameter, 125 feet high in Carboniferous 59:5.22(682;5)
Andon taught dispute settlement by beating 70:1.3(783;6)
indwelt by kindly or deceptive, cruel spirits 85:2.4(945;7)
known by their fruit 140:3.19(1571;6), 140:8.22(1582;3), 142:5.2(1601;2), 153:4.4(1714;3)
not bringing forth good fruit hewn down 135:6.7(1502;5), 166:4.9(1830;9)
worship of 85:2.3-5(945;6)
not to be confused with Trinity concept 104:0.1-3(1143;1)
Edentia administrative areas 43:1.7-9(486;6)
Jerusem administrative areas 46:4.1(522;5), 46:8sec(528;7)
early reptilian age from 150 to 125 million years ago 60:1sec(685;3)

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