The Urantia Book Fellowship
before tomb of Jesus 188:2.3(2014;3)
bribed to say disciples took Jesus' body 189:2.4(2023;3)
dispute with Roman soldiers over where to take Jesus 183:5.1(1977;1)
fled when stone rolled away from Jesus' tomb 189:2.4(2023;3)
in conference with Judas 182:2.13(1968;1), 183:2.1(1972;2)
mocked, spit upon, buffeted Jesus 184:4.1(1984;2)
threw Jesus' burial linen over nearby cliff 190:1.2(2030;1)
187,432,811 ascendant citizens; none lost in rebellion 53:7.12(608;8)
activities on J. are work, progress, and play 46:5.22(526;4)
Adam and Eve on 74:1sec(828;2)
archangels based on 37:3.3(408;6)
citizenship 47:10sec(539;3)
councils on
24 counselors 34:4.8(378;5), 45:4.1(513;2)
council of 1000 represents system groups 45:7.4(517;6)
council of Planetary Princes 188:3.14(2016;3)
executive council of Satania 45:3.8-9(512;8)
courtesy colonies 46:5.23-24(526;5)
friendly relationships 39:4.17-18(436;3)
Galantia maintains headquarters on 37:2.6(407;6)
headquarters of Satania, our local system 15:7.5(174;5), 15:14.6(182;4), 45:0.1(509;1)
heaven visualized by most modern believers 46:0.1(519;1)
irregularities occasioned by Lucifer rebellion, Michael's bestowal 46:0.1(519;1)
John the Revelator saw vision of 47:10.2(539;4)
Machiventa Melchizedek has headquarters on 45:4.16(514;6)
Master Physical Controller located on 41:2.3(457;2)
new sectors are open to ascenders as mansion worlds are traversed 47:6.1(536;2)
physical aspects 45:0-1secs) 46:1-2secs)
3-gas atmosphere 46:2.3(520;8)
100 times larger than Urantia; slightly less gravity 45:0.1(509;1)
619 planetary memorials 46:5.20(526;2)
200,000 light years from Uversa 32:2.11(359;8)
amphitheater seats 5 billion 46:3.2(522;2)
astronomic observatory; art gallery 46:5.23(526;5)
circles residential areas; administration hill 46:5sec(523;4)
construction 32:2.3(358;5)
equal temperature; no abrupt days or nights 46:1.3-7(519;4)
executive, residential, and administrative areas 46:4sec(522;5), 46:6sec(527;3)
exhibit panorama, 35,000 miles around with 14-mile erasure 46:5.16-17(525;6), 46:8.1(528;7)
forbidden zones 46:5.19(526;1)
intricate material economy 46:2.7(521;4)
located near an enormous dark island of space 41:2.2(457;1)
many buildings made of crystal gems 46:5.24(526;6), 46:6.2(527;4)
Michael memorial 46:5.12(525;2)
more like earth life than spirit existence 46:2.7(521;4)
no organic evolution or survival of fittest 46:2.5(521;2)
no rugged mountains, oceans, earthquakes, or rainfall 46:2.1-2(520;6)
rectangles of lower native life, spornagia 46:4.1(522;5), 46:7sec(527;5)
reversion directors' theater 46:5.23(526;5)
temples of Material Sons, power, records 45:5.1(514;12), 46:5.15,19(525;5)
transports depart from Mount Seraph 46:2.8(521;5)
triangles; local affairs directed from 46:8sec(528;7)
undedicated vacant temple; sealed by Gabriel 46:5.25(527;1)
working model of Edentia worlds 46:5.20(526;2)
reception of broadcasts 46:3sec(522;1)
seen in visions by John, Paul 34:4.8(378;5), 47:10.2-3(539;4)
system #24 of constellation Norlatiadek 15:14.6(182;4)
transitional culture worlds
7 worlds 10 times size of Urantia which swing around J., each with 7 satellites, named 15:7.5(174;5), 45:0-1secs)
5. world of the Sons 45:1.7(510;5)
6. world of the Spirit 45:1.8
7. world of the Father q.v.
mansion worlds swing around world #1 15:7.5(174;5), 47:0.1-2(530;1)
transportation system 46:2.4(521;1)
universal suffrage; weighted by mota 45:7.6(518;2)
weights and measures 46:1.2(519;3)
World of Father is silent transition sphere circling 45:1.9(510;7)

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