The Urantia Book Fellowship
billions in Satania 48:5.3(550;4)
commissioned by Melchizedeks; supervised by Morontia Companions 37:7.1(413;2), 47:2.2(531;6), 48:5.4(550;5)
deserted cherubim and sanobim embraced by Mother Spirit 37:7.1(413;2), 38:8.5(423;5), 47:5.1(535;5), 48:5.1-2(550;2)
headquarters is 3rd mansion world 47:5.1(535;5)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.24(338;1)
many went astray in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.5(608;1)
may be re-embraced by Mother Spirit and emerge as seraphim 38:8.6(423;6), 48:5.10(551;5)
may return to former associative work with seraphim 48:5.2(550;3)
train children in probationary nursery 47:2.1-2(531;5)
usually work in pairs 48:5.5(550;6)
very near morontia level of existence 48:5.5(550;6)
7 satellites of local system transition world #1, the finaliters' sphere 30:4.9(341;6), 45:0.2(509;2), 45:1.2(509;5), 47:0.1(530;1), 48:1.2(541;5)
1st mansion world 47:3sec(532;7)
10 days initial liberty on 47:3.6(533;4)
Andon and Fonta greet Urantia arrivals on 63:7.3(717;4)
biological, sex, parental deficiencies largely made up on 47:3.8(533;6), 47:4.7(535;3)
designed to raise survivors to status of post-Adamic dispensation 47:3.9(534;1)
Gabriel sealed Michael Memorial on 188:3.11(2015;7), 189:1.9(2021;8)
heaven as conceived by most prophets 48:6.12(553;4)
Morontia Companions will welcome us to 48:3.3,8(545;4)
resurrection occurs on 47:3.2(532;8), 49:6.7(569;2),. See also resurrection; resurrection halls
similar to progressive evolutionary spheres 47:3.1(532;7)
study of morontia mota begins 47:4.8(535;4)
2nd mansion world 47:4sec(534;5)
all intellectual conflict and mental disharmony removed on 47:4.8(535;4), 47:5.3(536;1)
development compares with post-Magisterial Son culture 47:4.8(535;4)
sea of glass first appears on 47:4.3(534;7)
3rd mansion world 47:5sec(535;5)
culture partakes of postbestowal Son age 47:5.3(536;1)
headquarters of Mansion World Teachers 47:5.1(535;5)
positive educational work begins on 47:5.3(536;1)
4th mansion world 47:6sec(536;2)
culture comparable to post-Teacher Son age 47:6.4(536;5)
survivors master local universe language on 47:7.2(537;2)
5th mansion world 47:7sec(537;1)
cosmic consciousness born on 47:7.5(537;5)
culture corresponds to early light and life 47:7.1(537;1)
fusion often occurs on 47:8.3(538;1)
study begun of constellation matters 47:7.4(537;4)
survivors perfect tongue of Uversa 47:7.2(537;2)
6th mansion world 47:8sec(537;6)
fusion often occurs on 47:8.3(538;1)
status comparable with era beyond initial light and life 47:8.7(538;5)
survivors still more or less material on 47:8.6(538;4)
7th mansion world 47:9sec(538;6)
purge of unfortunate heredity, unwholesome environment, and unspiritual tendencies completed 47:9.1(538;6)
directed by morontia supervisors and Melchizedeks 47:0.4(530;4)
enormous range of vision on 24:6.2(269;6), 46:5.3(524;1)
far nearer earth life than spirit existence 46:2.7(521;4)
finaliters' world accessible to all inhabitants of by transport seraphim 45:1.2(509;5), 47:3.12(534;4)
graduates become citizens of system capital 39:4.7(434;7)
Lucifer rebellion prevented Urantians from passing directly to 52:5.5(596;3)
no longer used as differential receiving worlds when entire system in light and life 48:3.17(547;2), 48:6.10(553;2), 49:6.6(569;1), 55:2.8-10(624;2), 55:8.5-6(633;1)
occupied by finaliters when settled in light and life 47:0.3(530;3)
planets about size of Urantia 45:0.1(509;1)
purposes of mansion worlds
atone for sexual or parental deprivation by association with Material Sons, probationary nursery 45:6.3-9(516;1)
brainedness differences eliminated on 40:5.14(447;2)
dematerializing, demortalizing spheres 47:9.5(539;2)
mortal deprivations and handicaps fully compensated for 44:8.3(508;1), 45:6.3(516;1), 47:9sec(538;6)
serve individuals who failed to fuse in mortal life 45:7.1(517;3)
racial differences somewhat persist on 48:6.11(553;3)
transition minister seraphim serve on 39:6sec(439;4)
translated souls from settled spheres do not pass through 55:2.8-10(624;2), 55:6.8(631;4)
in Father's house are many 47:0.1(530;1), 133:4.9(1475;2), 178:3.4(1934;6), 180:3.4(1947;3), 180:6.3(1951;4), 181:1.2(1953;4)
first assistant System Sovereign; tertiary Lanonandek #17,841 45:3.3(512;3)
maples 60:3.19(690;10)
Carrara 60:1.4(685;6)
limestone changed into 59:1.12(674;2), 59:3.1(676;5)
orator; successor to Peter in Rome 132:4.7(1461;5)
one of chief Mesopotamian deities 95:1.4(1042;5)
perpetuation of Adam legend in Babylon 92:5.3(1008;5)
leader of Cynics of Rome 132:2.1(1457;4)
marine life Paper 59 (672;1),). See also animals; oceans
arose after oceans attained requisite saltiness 58:6.5(669;6)
commingling Atlantic and Pacific marked beginning of rapid decline 59:5.3(680;5)
cooling of oceans 170 million years ago destroyed most 59:6.9(683;6)
early era was trilobite age 59:1sec(673;1)
Paleozoic was era of 59:0.4(672;4)
from Old Testament 70:10.6(795;3)
Mark, Gospel of. See John Mark: Gospel of Mark
unfortunate heredity, bad environment 47:9.1(538;6), 47:10.2(539;4)
children playing in 144:8.7(1627;4)
fetishes stood guard over early 69:4.3(775;3)
first cities of refuge 69:4.4(775;4)
Pharisees craved flattering salutations in 166:1.4(1826;1)

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