The Urantia Book Fellowship
healing at 147:3sec(1649;1)
always with us 172:1.6(1879;4)
greater numbers receive gospel 143:1.5(1608;2), 166:4.3(1830;3)
Jesus blessed p. because usually sincere and pious 196:2.8(2093;2)
minister to, share with, the p. 147:8.3(1656;4), 167:1.5(1834;3), 192:2.2(2047;6)
a few police can restrain an angry mob 68:1.4(763;7)
beware of fickleness of 185:5.5(1993;5)
clamored for release of Barabbas 185:5.4-11(1993;4)
craved promises of salvation, immortality 98:2.10(1079;7), 98:4.1(1081;4)
discerned insincerity of Jewish rulers 173:2.8(1892;5)
easily led and unthinking 172:3.15(1883;1), 185:6.1(1994;8)
common people heard gladly 196:1.4(2090;5)
in custody no longer hero to p. 185:5.4-5(1993;4)
people turned against 185:5.5-12(1993;5), 185:7.2(1996;1), 185:8sec(1996;5)
lower orders no longer so ignorant, politically helpless 99:1.5(1087;2)
proletariat regarded as useless except for breeding 121:3.5(1335;4)
Sanhedrin feared 172:3.12-14(1882;5), 172:4.1(1883;3), 173:1.9(1890;4), 173:2.1(1891;2), 173:4.5(1894;3), 174:2.1(1899;1)
necessity for producing large numbers 81:6.12(908;1)
numbered 500 million on Caligastia's arrival 66:0.2(741;2)
early races restricted p. by killing sickly children 68:6.8(770;5)
may become serious problem in near future 68:6.11(770;8)
reduction in p. fosters better side of human nature 68:6.4(770;1), 79:1.6(879;3), 79:8.2(887;2)
wise nation knows when to cease growing 81:6.11-12(907;8), 81:6.12(908;1)
stationary in light and life 55:6.3(630;6)
varies inversely with given standard of living 68:6.3(769;8)
system immediately neighboring Satania 41:2.1(456;5)
placental mammals that returned to sea 61:2.11(696;2)
master mind of orange race; headquarters at Armageddon 45:4.7(513;8), 64:6.12(724;2)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.7(513;8)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
ruler of blue race once had 100,000 81:2.8(902;2)
always has advantage over negative 102:6.7(1125;2)
Jesus' religion was 159:5sec(1769;3)
disciples required to dedicate all they had 171:2.4(1870;1)
held in common by early church; led to disaster 194:4.2,7(2066;2)
man's life consists not in abundance of 165:4.1(1821;1)
many ancients regarded p. as spiritual handicap 89:3.2(976;4)
when man gives God all that he has, God makes him more than he is 117:4.14(1285;3)
Potential, the. See also Absolutes: the three
that which is becoming 115:3.11(1262;8)
all are supposedly experiential 0:7.3(10;8), 0:12.2(15;8)
always supreme over actuals 102:5.1(1123;7)
completed Trinity Absolute will express all 106:6.3(1168;2)
transmutation into actuals 118:4.3(1298;3)
what is to be are the purposive mandates of Deity 102:5.1(1123;7)
potters. See also pottery
first group specialists were 69:3.10(774;9)
Nathan of Nazareth was; Jesus wished to become 123:5.15(1364;3)
pottery. See also potters
Cretan Andites made p. ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
Danubians 80:8.4(897;2)
early commerce in 79:1.4(879;1), 80:1.2(889;4)
garden Adamites made 76:3.8(850;4)
origination of idea 81:2.14-16(902;8)
Sumerians 77:4.7(860;2), 78:8.2(875;6)
taught by Prince's staff 66:5.24(748;5)
cock did not crow until Peter denied Jesus 181:2.29(1962;3), 184:2.8(1981;2)
ghost cult origin of rooster on weather vane 87:6.4(964;3)
illegal to keep p. inside Jerusalem 184:2.10(1981;4)
Jesus would gather brood like a hen 171:4.7(1872;4), 175:1.23(1908;7)
pounds. See also money
parable of p. spoken exclusively to apostles 171:8sec(1875;6)
poverty. See also wealth
abhorred by ancients 69:5.12(776;10)
absence of ideals in national leaders explains 111:4.10(1220;9)
culture never develops under conditions of 81:6.6(907;3)
improvident depend on the state (thrifty taxpayers) 69:9.5(780;8)
lot of those who seek wealth in isolated channels 160:4.4(1779;2)
man's natural estate 69:2.2(773;3)
none in light and life 55:5.2(629;11)
part of ritual of mortification of flesh 89:3.2-3(976;4)
should not be tolerated 71:3.5(803;5)
spiritual poverty. See humility
widespread in times of Jesus 121:1.5(1333;1)
always stimulates religious feelings 92:1.4(1004;2)
knowledge is p. 81:6.9(907;6)
our p. is through renewing of Spirit 34:6.5(380;6)
physical power. See also energy
designates electronic level of linear-gravity responsive matter 0:6.2(9;4)
term denotes postgravity stages of energy 29:2.8(321;7), 42:2.1(469;1)
universe power. See gravita
all p. given to Jesus 138:7.1(1543;4)
experiential p. is earned p., eternity p. is not 106:2.3(1164;6)
Jesus avoided all display of p. 138:6.5(1543;3)
might was right for primitives 70:11.9(797;7), 70:12.2(798;1)
primitives took for granted p. would be used selfishly 70:11.10(797;8)
refuse to use p. for self-aggrandizement 48:7.8(556;8), 136:8.6(1521;1)
tendency to bow down before p. 89:4.1(977;3)
there is no p. but of God 3:2.1(46;5)
they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength 97:7.8(1069;3), 131:2.6(1444;6)
power directors. See seven Supreme Power Directors; Universe Power Directors
of daily life managed by agencies of Infinite Spirit 5:3.5(66;1)
addition to fortress of Antonia; Jesus' trial in 185:0.2(1987;2), 185:5.1(1993;1), 186:4.1(2001;4), 187:0.4(2004;4)
encouragement by judicious 139:1.10(1550;1)
Jesus uninfluenced by 141:7.12(1594;6)
seek only what belongs to you 156:5.19(1740;6)
Vedic deity-father principle 94:1.4(1027;5)

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