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base life on highest truth 110:3.7(1206;5)
cf: mistake always to speak one's mind 180:5.5(1949;7), 181:2.21(1960;2)
early traders regarded it permissible to cheat strangers 69:4.3(775;3)
face facts of life 133:4.11(1475;4), 193:4.9(2056;7)
following truth wherever it leads, and regardless of conclusions 3:5.10(51;9), 103:7.5(1138;3)
fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
Jesus embraced truth regardless of apparent source 126:3.8(1390;3)
regarding property, h. originally rested on superstition 69:9.9(781;3)
truth makes man free 52:5.4(596;2), 101:6.8(1112;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 143:1.4(1608;1), 162:7.2(1796;4), 194:2.2(2060;7), 194:3.5(2063;3)
truth must strike in heart with living roots 151:2.2(1689;5), 177:5.2(1927;3)
futile without an audience to parade before 68:2.10(765;7)
primitives desired 69:5.7(776;5)
wealth early became badge of social distinction 69:5.13(777;1)
Zebedee sons sought 171:0.5(1867;5)
incessant clamoring of inescapable self for h. 3:5.13(51;12)
sacredness of personal honor 196:0.7(2088;2)
seek only what belongs to you 156:5.19(1740;6)
entertaining false h. leads to disappointment and frustration 97:8.4(1071;2), 137:6.5(1533;3)
eye has not seen what God has prepared 11:4.5(121;6), 24:6.2(269;6), 43:6.8(493;1)
fondest h. must sometimes die for new opportunity 48:6.25(555;4)
fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
grandeur of trust 3:5.8(51;7)
hope springs eternal in human breast 181:1.7(1954;4)
hope transcends all fear because of God's love 34:6.13(381;7)
Jesus repeatedly dashed apostles' h. 139:0.1(1548;1), 145:4.3(1634;3), 153:1.3(1708;2), 153:5.1(1715;1), 157:4.1(1746;5), 158:5.4(1757;4)
lessen expectations to reduce disappointment 192:2.10(2049;1)
man earns status by his 3:5.16(52;2)
spirit-born individuals calm while keenest h. crash 100:2.8(1096;5)
transformation of faith engenders hope 101:10.8(1117;2)
most primitive society was 70:3.1(787;1)
chemical reactions resulting from 65:6.6(737;6)
pituitary glands in relation to spirit reception 49:5.12(566;7)
anger is stone thrown into nest of 48:7.20(557;4)
drop of water contain 100 h. exerted over 2 years 41:7.6(463;6)
appearance 61:1.4(694;1), 61:2.9(695;7), 61:3sec(696;5), 61:4.4-5(698;6), 61:5.7(699;8)
extinct in America before arrival of red man 61:4.5(698;7), 61:7.15(702;5)
in general use by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2), 81:3.6(904;2)
intelligence approaches that of elephant 61:3.6,10(697;1)
stealing h. once capital offense 70:10.15(796;5)
tend to flee when frightened 61:3.10(697;5)
Andites of Turkestan first extensively domesticated 81:2.8(902;2)
determined dominance of Andites in Occident 80:4.4(892;7)
for food, travel, agriculture, war 61:3.11(697;6)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.2(720;8)
not domesticated in days of Prince's staff 66:5.5(746;3)
offered barbarians tremendous military advantage 78:8.3(875;7)
Vishnu shown with horse's head 85:3.4(946;6)
battle with Set 95:2.6(1044;5)
Father spoke through 155:6.2(1730;6)
preached hope and forgiveness through repentance rather than sacrifice 97:4.5-6(1066;2)
secret writing began Old Testament 97:9.20(1074;2)
guest friendship was temporary hospitality 70:3.9(787;9)
minister as one entertaining children of Most High 133:4.8(1475;1)
Morontia Companions; entertain superhuman groups 48:3.10(546;3)
library of Dalamatia 66:5.9(746;7)
houses. See also home
house divided soon brought to desolation 153:4.3(1714;2)
house-to-house visitation 141:8.1(1595;2), 142:8.1(1605;3), 146:3.9(1642;5), 151:0.2(1688;2), 163:7.3(1808;5)
move not from house to house 163:1.3(1800;5)
proclaim gospel from 150:4.2(1681;9)
of ultimatons 42:7.10(478;4)
granite elevations belong to preoceanic ages 57:8.12(661;6)
meeting between Indian tribe and Eskimo group 64:7.19(728;8)
Hudson River 59:4.15(679;8), 60:1.3(685;5)
Great Lakes once emptied through 61:7.10(701;9)
human nature. See mortals: human nature
human rights 70:9sec(793;11),. See also government: principles of government
associated with social duties 81:5.4,6(906;2)
grants to individual curtail all others 70:11.2(796;8)
men's rights are not women's rights 84:5.11-12(938;1)
natural rights are old social rights 70:9.3(794;1)
no more than rules of the game 70:9.3(794;1)
society should fairly administer 70:9.7(794;5)
woman got rights when time came 84:5.4(937;1)
human sacrifice. See sacrifice: human sacrifice
all tribal reactions grew out of effort to avoid 68:4.2(767;2)
Jesus' hour of 184:4sec(1984;2)
primitive concepts 89:3sec(976;3)
savages believed spirits derived satisfaction from 89:0.2(974;2)
serving with Jesus in 182:1.6(1964;3)
supreme tribal disgrace was failing puberty tests 70:7.3(790;6)
before God is appropriate 149:6.10(1676;4)
causes one to be exalted 175:1.10(1907;2)
childish when self-conscious and attention-craving 149:6.9-10(1676;3)
God dwells with the contrite and humble 97:7.12(1070;1), 149:6.11(1676;5)
happy are the humble, the poor in spirit 140:3.3(1570;4), 140:5.7(1573;9)
humbly receive credit for Adjuster's endeavors 110:7.10(1213;5)
Jesus asked why someone called him good 196:0.9(2088;4), 196:2.2(2091;4)
lean not upon one's own understanding 131:2.8(1445;2)
normal consciousness of smallness, mortal shortcomings, essential for religious growth 100:1.5(1094;7), 100:6.4(1100;6)
once was attempt to deceive envious spirits 87:5.6-7(963;1)
parable of Pharisee and publican 140:5.7(1573;9), 151:4.5(1694;3)
purge me from secret sins 146:2.13(1640;2)
safety only when soul craves reproof 131:3.6(1447;3)
sit not in chief seat 167:1.5(1834;3)
spiritual progress predicated on recognizing spiritual poverty 100:2.1(1095;5)
angels enjoy our real h. 38:2.1(419;1)
echoes of a backward glance; based on recalling past 48:4.19-20(549;6)
automatic safety valve preventing sustained self-contemplation 48:4.18(549;5)
demonstrates absurdity of much causing concern 48:4.6(548;1)
discounts anxieties of present 48:4.6(548;1)
divine antidote for exaltation of ego 48:4.15(549;2)
lessens shock of unexpected fact or truth 48:4.18(549;5)
prevents injurious nervous tension 48:4.19(549;6)
hearty when portraying one's supposed superiors falling victim 48:4.13(548;8)
Jesus' rare good humor 129:4.4(1425;3)
Jews lacked 156:2.8(1736;5)
Joys of Existence seek to improve 28:5.16(312;3)
legacy of Adamic race, Andites 48:4.13(548;8), 63:4.2(713;8), 74:6.7(835;1), 78:5.8(873;4), 80:5.7(893;9)
primitive men have no capacity for 48:4.16(549;3), 66:5.29(748;10)
religion exalts all true 99:4.1(1089;4)
reversion directors promote 30:3.7(339;4)
spirit humor
grows out of faith in God's loving overcare 48:4.7(548;2)
higher spirits engage in reminiscent h. 44:3.4(502;3)
never accentuates misfortunes of weak and erring 48:4.1-7(547;4)
reminiscent, current, and prophetic types 48:4.4-7(547;7)
Urantian h. is vulgar and unkind, but comparatively keen 48:4.13,19(548;8)
regarded as fetishes 88:1.9(968;4)
brought prodigal son to his senses 169:1.8(1852;1)
constant urge of early man 63:6.3,5(716;2)
external restraint to free will 118:8.5(1302;2)
h. strikes are modern analogue of old-time retaliation 70:10.10(795;7)
led to food raids among primitives 70:1.8(784;4)
led to primitive food-gathering lines 68:5.3(768;3)
of open lands stimulates invention and resourcefulness 64:1.3(718;5)
primitive man only thought when he was hungry 68:2.5(765;2)
spiritual hunger
none in Divine Presence 34:6.8(381;2), 48:6.8(552;6)
of unspiritualized mortal mind 34:6.8(381;2)
those believing in Jesus will not experience 153:2.7-9(1710;5)
urge led to accumulation of capital 69:5.3-4(776;1)
blue men became expert 68:5.5(768;5)
climate made unprofitable for Asian Andites 79:1.4(879;1), 81:3.1(903;3)
did not enslave; either adopted or killed captives 69:8.4(779;3)
evolve into farmers via herding 81:1.5(900;7)
family incompatible with unsettled life of 52:2.8(592;1)
friction with agriculturists 68:5.11(769;3), 81:1.4(900;6)
hunting stage of civilization 68:5.4-5(768;4)
in Andite era, only extensive hunting areas were in North America, north of Turkestan 81:6.4(907;1)
Neanderthalers were great 64:4.2(720;8)
sex rewards improved Neanderthal skills 64:4.12(721;10)

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