The Urantia Book Fellowship
area on upper Paradise 11:3.1-2(120;4)
no physical materializations on 11:3.2(120;5)
reserved for worship, trinitization, and high spiritual attainment 11:3.1(120;4)
Trinitized Sons of God have homes near 13:2.4(148;3)
mota 48:7sec(556;1)
absence of m. prevents man from discerning goodness, love, and truth in material world 103:6.13(1137;3)
experiential connection between material and spiritual 102:3.2(1121;4)
morontia wisdom 45:7.6(518;2), 47:5.3(536;1)
substance is knowledge-reason, essence is faith-insight 103:6.7(1136;2)
supermaterial reality sensitivity 103:6.7(1136;2)
articulates morontia experiences with personality 112:1.11(1227;1)
attempts integration of meanings and values 48:6.16(554;1)
erases divergencies between science and religion 103:6.7(1136;2)
guides newly survived mortals 112:6.5(1236;3)
long experience with m. unifies universe perception 103:7.12(1139;4)
partially proves postulates of science and religion 103:7.10(1139;2)
lower planes of m. join directly with higher levels of human philosophy 48:7.1(556;1)
morontia religion relates to firmer grasp of 101:5.10(1111;3)
no ascending mortal leaves system headquarters without achieving 45:7.7-8(518;3)
nonattainable by material personalities 103:6.7(1136;2)
possession determines suffrage qualifications 45:7.6-7(518;2)
predicated on experience of having survived 103:6.7(1136;2)
revelation is only substitute for 4:2.7(57;4), 101:2.2,6(1106;1), 102:3.5(1122;1), 103:6.8,12-13)
stereoscopic effect on meanings and values 48:6.17(554;2)
study on mansion worlds 47:5.3(536;1)
pluck not m. from brother's eye 140:3.17(1571;4), 143:5.6(1613;4)
Danubians led Nordics into 80:9.4(897;7)
greatest vogue in Crete 80:7.7(895;7)
included cremating dead in stone huts 80:8.5(897;3)
Mediterranean world largely dominated by 98:1.3(1078;1)
priests submitted to castration 89:3.4(976;6)
Great Mother cult absorbed Salem gospel 93:7.3(1022;1)
greatest of devastating Roman mystery cults 98:3.5(1080;7)
influence on Christianity 98:7.7(1084;6)
Ishtar 95:1.5(1042;6)
Mithraic Great Mother ritual for women 98:5.5(1082;6)
sacrament of cakes and wine 89:9.2(984;1)
Tibetans pray to Holy Mother 94:10.2(1038;6)
believers must love gospel more than 150:4.3(1682;1), 163:3.4(1804;1), 171:2.2(1869;4)
children derive first impressions of universe from 177:2.5(1922;3)
females of all higher animals have devoted mother love 68:2.6(765;3)
forget anguish of childbirth 180:6.7(1952;3)
love of children is handicapping emotion for women 84:1.6-7(932;3)
whoever does Father's will is Jesus' mother 154:6.5(1722;1)
absolute m. is m. in relation to Paradise 12:4.10(133;3)
all units of cosmic energy in m. except Paradise 12:4.1(133;3)
can attenuate action of gravity on mass 42:11.5(482;3)
determined through Paradise relationship 105:3.4(1156;1)
equilibrant of gravity 12:4.16(134;5)
Infinite Spirit is apparent ancestor of 9:1.1(98;6)
opinions concerning origin of 12:4.2-6(133;4)
progress possible because of inherent m. 28:6.18(316;5)
Caligastia and Lucifer judged their advisers as being actuated by their own reprehensible 66:8.2(752;3)
Cano assured Eve persons with good m. could do no evil 75:4.5(842;7)
do not prejudge others' m. 38:2.4(419;4), 133:1.2(1469;1)
gain entrance into kingdom 140:3.19(1571;6)
God looks beyond act to uncover m. 103:4.5(1133;5), 131:9.3(1453;1), 140:6.4-5(1576;4), 140:10.5(1585;3), 166:1.4(1826;1)
motive of prayer is right of way; words are valueless 7:3.7(85;1), 146:2.8(1639;3)
of lifetime revealed in crisis 187:2.4(2007;3)
of transgressors wholly disregarded by primitives 70:10.3(794;8)
secoraphic Discerners of Spirits and Sanctities of Service disclose individuals' true m. 28:5.19(313;1), 28:6.19(316;6)
to understand others, fathom their 100:4.4-5(1098;1)
Universal Censors rule as to m. 28:5.9(311;1)
what one believes, not what one knows, determines conduct 99:4.5(1090;1)
cf: Mount Sinai 77:4.11-12(860;6)
sacred Vanite mountain in northern Mesopotamia 77:4.11-12(860;6)
dwelling place of Faithful of Days 43:4sec(489;4)
morontia mortals assemble on 43:4.5(489;8)
Mount Carmel 123:5.12(1363;5), 128:3.2(1411;2)
Elijah was prophet of 135:1.4(1497;2)
false Messiah led troops to 185:1.6(1988;5)
Jesus and apostles camped on 143:6.2-6(1615;3)
Samaritans worshiped Yahweh on 143:4.2(1612;2), 143:5.5(1613;3)
worship not on M.G. 193:1.2(2053;4)
glistened with perpetual snow 123:5.12(1363;5), 124:6.5(1374;5)
Adjuster led him to (134:7:6-7)
defeated Caligastia on 136:3.1(1512;5)
endured temptation on 134:8sec(1492;8)
experienced the transfiguration on Paper 158 (1752;1),) 196:1.6(2091;2)
inaugurated 4th phase of ministry on 157:7.5(1751;4)
visible from Caesarea Philippi 157:3.1-2(1745;2)
mount of transfiguration. See Jesus: events in life: transfiguration; Mount Hermon
Mount Olivet 127:3.5(1399;4), 164:2.3(1810;5), 171:8.1(1875;6), 174:0.3(1897;3), 182:1.2(1963;4)
Gethsemane on 142:8.4(1606;1)
as youth, Jesus vowed to return and cleanse temple on 125:4.2(1381;4), 125:6.9(1384;5)
ascension from 193:5.1(2057;3)
Jesus' first view of 124:6.8-10(1375;2)
Jesus wept on 125:4.2(1381;4), 172:3.10(1882;3)
Joseph of Arimathea's tomb on 188:1.2(2013;1)
last group prayer on 182:1.2(1963;4)
palace of Annas on 184:0.3(1978;3)
sacrificial animals purchased from 173:1.1(1888;4)
Tuesday evening on Paper 176 (1912;1),)
home of happy-go-lucky Greek gods 98:1.4(1078;2)
3 day vacation on 143:3.1(1610;4)
Alexandrian fortress where Herod imprisoned wife 124:6.6(1374;6)
highest mountain overlooking Jordan valley 124:6.6(1374;6)
at 15,000 ft., highest elevation on Jerusem; departure point for transport seraphim 46:2.8(521;5)
cf: Mount Ararat 77:4.11-12(860;6)
Egyptians worked iron ores from 80:6.3(894;4)
erupted during Moses' sojourn 96:4.5(1057;1)
intermittently active volcano to 2000 B.C. 96:1.11(1054;1)
Jehovah, spirit of Horeb volcano, became god of Hebrew Semites 94:12.1(1040;5), 96:1.3,11(1053;1)
Ten Commandments promulgated at 96:4.4(1040;5)
Jesus and father Joseph climbed to summit 124:1.6(1367;2)
chief factor in location is pre-existent trough filled with lighter erosion materials 60:4.2(691;5)
faith removes 144:2.6(1619;4)
formed by upheaval at end of continental drift 60:3.11(690;2)
locations of oldest 60:4.3(692;1)
modern m. built in Cretaceous 60:3.3(689;2)
no rugged ranges on Jerusem or Edentia 43:1.1(485;5), 46:2.1(520;6)
result of rain, gravity, and erosion 57:8.14(662;1)
worship of hills 85:1.5(945;3)
costumes originally designed to disguise survivors 87:1.5(959;1)
flute played at 152:1.1(1699;1)
great obstacle to civilization's advancement 87:2.4-5(959;5)
Jesus resented forced outward exhibitions of 168:0.12(1843;6), 168:1.4(1844;3)
mourners shall be comforted 140:3.8(1570;9), 140:5.16(1575;1)
professional mourners 87:2.5(959;6)
prolonged m. for ancient widows 82:3.12(916;8)
self-torture was common form of 87:2.4(959;5)

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