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wisdom 85:7.3(948;8),. See also adjutant mind-spirits: #7 wisdom
70 divisions of 27:6.3(303;1)
ascending levels of 71:7.2,5-6)
ask God for w. to solve problems 91:6.5(999;8), 91:9.7(1002;12)
dead stores of worldly 147:5.8(1653;2)
defined as
consciousness of knowledge 160:2.7(1776;1), 180:5.3(1949;5)
consciousness of meaning of personality 102:3.9(1122;5)
cumulative because it can be communicated to succeeding generations 160:2.3(1775;4)
embracing discretion as well as courage 181:2.15(1958;2)
embracing ideas in process of association and recombination 101:6.4(1111;8)
goal of purely mental and moral existence 36:5.12(402;9)
knowledge directed by reason, illuminated by revelation 92:2.1(1004;4)
man's highest human attainment 103:9.6(1141;4)
does justice to differing men 102:3.7(1122;3)
elevate to living truth 180:5.4(1949;6)
exalt w. and she will promote you 133:9.3(1481;5), 144:8.7(1627;4)
God's w. consists in his perfect insight 4:3.4(58;2)
leads to worship 112:2.7,9(1228;6)
Masters of Philosophy teach 27:6sec(302;5)
most disheartening miscarriage was Adam's default 75:8.6(846;5)
must be cosmic in scope, spiritual in motivation 54:1.7(614;2)
must evolve 101:4.2(1109;4)
no limit to intellectual evolution 55:6.5(631;1)
perfection of understanding is indispensible to Paradise perfection 26:4.7-8(290;4)
possibility of making mistakes inherent in acquiring 130:4.11(1435;3)
resolving confusion between versions of 28:5.9(311;1)
sources of wisdom
lengthening time unit in experience 118:1.3-8(1295;3)
divine insight and personal experience 19:2.4(216;2), 27:6.2(302;6), 157:6.2(1749;1)
facts are building blocks of w. which are cemented by experience 50:5.7(577;2), 111:6.6(1222;5)
fear of the Lord is the beginning of w. 68:3.3(766;4), 131:2.6(1444;6), 149:6.2-5(1675;3)
focalized experience engenders authoritative w. 40:10.6-7(453;1)
from studying origin, history, and destiny of situation 19:1.5-12(215;2), 32:2.13(360;2)
fruit of divinity 56:10.20(648;3)
learned only by experiencing tribulation, adjustment to failure 4:3.4(58;2), 48:7.14(556;1), 132:7.2(1466;2), 160:4.8(1779;6)
let him who lacks w. ask 28:5.8(310;10)
made possible by religion 92:3.9(1006;6)
Perfectors of Wisdom 19:2.3(216;1)
recognizing one's insignificance 131:8.6(1452;4)
regarding parts from viewpoint of whole 131:8.4(1452;2)
secured only through experience by those innately intelligent 81:6.13(908;2)
slow accumulation of painfully garnered w. 118:8.5(1302;2)
spiritual progress not dependent upon 65:8.4(739;8)
copied into Book of Proverbs 95:4.5(1046;6)
influenced El Shaddai concept 96:1.5(1053;3)
Philo possessed copy 95:4.3(1046;4)
on Salvington 20:8.3(231;3)
found baby Jesus and left gifts 122:8.6(1352;2)
interview with Herod 122:10.1(1353;5)
no star guided w.m. to Bethlehem 122:8.5-7(1352;1)
seraphim told w.m. of Jesus' impending birth 119:7.6(1317;2)
apostles interpreted Master's words to justify their intense longings 181:0.1(1953;1)
moral values do not grow out of 100:3.2(1096;7)
preferring optimistic illusions to reality 160:1.7(1773;4), 160:4.7-8(1779;5)
witchcraft. See also magic
magic performed by irregular spirits 90:2.2-3(987;6)
primitives attributed deaths to 90:3.7(990;2)
shamans suppressed rivals by calling them witches 90:2.12(989;1)
superstition of ignorant minds 150:3.8-11(1681;3)
to be progressive meant to be killed as sorcerer 92:3.5(1006;2)
witch of Endor 146:7.1(1646;2)
witches dispensed selfish, antisocial magic 88:6.2(972;2), 91:1.2(995;1)
wizards' powers attained by eating human flesh 89:5.5(979;4)
man with 148:7sec(1664;5)
Jewish law required 2 must agree 184:3.6(1982;7)
always subject to more restrictive taboos than husbands 82:2.5(915;3), 82:4.4(917;7)
leaving w. for sake of kingdom 150:4.3(1682;1), 163:3.4(1804;1), 167:2.2(1835;2), 171:2.2(1869;4)
once qualified by ability to work hard, bear children 82:3.7(916;3)
primitive men could kill w. if paid for 70:10.11(796;1)
practitioners of the black art called 90:2.2(987;6)
woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites! 163:6.5(1807;4), 166:1.4-5(1826;1), 175:1sec(1905;3), 175:4.2(1910;4)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.2(720;8)
among Adam and Eve's administrators 74:3.5(831;2)
among early Christians
admitted into full fellowship of early church 98:6.4(1083;4)
Andrew's strict rules upon apostles' work with 150:2.2(1680;1)
apostles believed w. inferior 143:5.11(1614;5)
Paul did not consider w. equals 84:5.6(937;3), 150:1.3(1679;2)
among Jews
against custom
for man to salute woman in public 149:2.8(1671;3)
for w. to approach strange men 143:5.2(1612;5), 190:0.5(2029;5)
for w. to sit at public banquet 172:1.2(1878;5)
for w. to sit in main area of temple 125:0.4(1377;4)
exempt from temple head tax 173:1.3(1889;1)
not required to attend Passover in Jerusalem 125:0.2(1377;2)
were property in Old Testament 82:4.3(917;6), 84:3.2(934;1)
words of law better burned than delivered to 149:2.8(1671;3)
among primitives
abortion common after taboo on childbirth among unmarried 68:6.9(770;6)
aged very early 83:5.9(926;7)
ate children to renew strength lost in childbearing 89:5.4(979;3)
before herding era, mothers nursed until 4 to 5 84:3.9(934;8)
committed suicide on husbands' graves 87:2.7(960;1)
daughters desired because they were salable 84:7.14(940;10)
degradation of w. a reason for Roman decline 195:3.9(2074;4)
earliest traders 69:3.11(774;10), 69:4.2(775;2)
early warriors prohibited from associating with 70:1.20(785;3)
exempted from war 70:1.20(785;3)
formed secret societies 70:7.9(791;6)
girl babies often killed before era of wife purchase 68:6.8(770;5)
legends of Eve and Pandora 84:4.4(935;4)
maintained settled residence to cultivate soil 68:2.6(765;3)
man's first trading was exchange of 69:5.10(776;8)
more restrictive taboos on w. than men 82:2.5(915;3), 82:4.4(917;7)
primitive men could kill wives if paid for 70:10.11(796;1)
provided vegetable edibles in prepastoral society 68:5.8(768;8)
scarcely more than human animals in pastoral age 68:5.8(768;8), 69:7.5(778;8), 69:8.1(778;9)
selected as shamans because of tending home fires 69:6.5(777;8)
some tribes had female rulers 70:5.4(789;2)
stealing w. always caused war 70:1.9(784;5)
taboos have kept w. strictly in own fields 69:3.3(774;2)
unmarried w. were property of chief or men of tribe 69:9.7(781;1), 83:5.1(925;6)
valued as food providers, burden bearers, means of sex gratification 68:2.7(765;4), 69:4.2(775;2), 84:3.7(934;6)
were property, slaves, partners, or playthings 69:8.1(778;9), 84:4.3,10(935;3)
equality with men
increased rights 83:8.8-9(930;4), 84:5.4,10-12)
Islam teaches inferiority of w. 82:4.3(917;6), 95:7.6(1051;4)
Jesus taught equality 125:0.4(1377;4), 125:5.4(1382;6), 127:1.5(1396;2), 138:8.11(1546;2), 149:2.8-9(1671;3), 150:1.3(1679;2), 167:5.4(1839;1), 167:6.4(1840;3), 194:3.14(2065;2)
men have no rightful authority over w. not voluntarily given 133:2.2(1471;1)
prove worthy of new accomplishments? 84:5.10(937;7)
science emancipated, not religion 84:5.7(937;4)
w. 's rights are not men's rights 84:5.11-12(938;1)
men regarded w. with ignorant mistrust, fearful fascination 84:4.4(935;4)
nature of women
capitalized on men's stronger sex urges 84:3.5(934;4), 84:4.2-3(935;2)
compelling mother love is handicapping emotion 84:1.7(932;4), 84:3.3(934;2), 84:5.13(938;3)
desire protection of marriage because of attachment to offspring 69:3.2(774;1), 84:1.2(931;5), 84:5.1,13(936;5), 84:7.2(939;5)
did not function in emergency 84:3.3(934;2)
loose methods of labor 84:3.10(934;9)
moral standard-bearers and spiritual leaders 84:6.4(938;8)
more intuitive than men; somewhat less logical 84:6.4(938;8)
shrewd managers of men 84:4.2-3(935;2)
tendency to look upon immediate results 75:2.4(840;6)
rule men on some planets 52:2.7(591;7)
specialization of labor based on sex 69:3.2-3(774;1), 69:4.2(775;2)
where woman is is always regarded as home 68:2.6(765;3)
women's corps 150:1sec(1678;5), 159:0.1(1762;1)
Abner in charge of 163:7.3(1808;5)
believed Jesus resurrected 190:1.2(2030;1)
house-to-house visitation 151:0.2(1688;2)
included wives of Philip, Matthew, and Peter; also Salome 139:5.11(1557;5), 163:7.3(1808;5)
Jesus' morontia appearance to 190:3.1(2033;1)
joined procession into Jerusalem 172:3.8(1882;1)
Mary Magdalene was chief spokesman for 190:0.5(2029;5)
none deserted 150:2.3(1680;2), 153:5.2(1715;2)
Perpetua headed enlarged work 163:7.3(1808;5)
preached in brothels 150:2.2(1680;1)
took over ministration to sick 165:0.2(1817;2)
trained 50 women 163:7.3(1808;5)
wonders. See Jesus: miracles and healings; miracles
early commerce in 79:1.4(879;1)
Jesus was carpenter 126:1.6(1387;6), 129:1.2-3(1419;5)
Jesus wrote on boards 126:1.6(1387;6), 187:1.2(2004;6)
rapping on w. perpetuates customs of tree worship 85:2.5(946;1)
bestowed in flesh is divine sustenance 153:3.2(1712;2)
discern w.o.G. regardless of whence it takes origin 155:6.12(1732;5)
divine Sons are 10:3.3(111;1)
Eternal Son is 6:0.1(73;1), 6:1.3(74;2), 6:2.2(74;7), 6:8.3(79;6), 14:6.12(161;2), 20:5.1(227;4)
is bread of life 179:5.3(1942;2)
is truth, mercy, eternal life 174:5.7(1903;4)
Jesus was. See Jesus: personality and nature: God incarnate in man
Paul little dreamed his letters would be regarded as 98:7.9(1084;8)
reject traditional scriptures regarded as 155:6.2(1730;6)

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