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6. Paradise q.v.
physical control level of God the Sevenfold 116:5.2(1273;6)
tides flushed s. in Caesarea 130:2.1(1429;3)
always involved co-operation by woman 84:4.3(935;3)
benefits derived from discipline of s. relationships 45:6.3(516;1)
differs somewhat on nonbreather worlds 49:3.4(563;7)
free love never in good standing 82:2.3(915;1)
higher standards among women 84:5.2(936;6)
continence cult among soldiers and saints 89:3.6(977;1)
instruction at home in continental nation 72:3.5(811;5)
Ishtar cult was disguised s. worship 95:1.5(1042;6)
one-time embrace of strangers required by Ishtar 95:1.5(1042;6)
did not make undue fetish of s. 88:1.7(968;2)
indulged s. appetites freely 84:1.1(931;4)
promiscuity virtually absent 82:1.2,6(913;5)
regarded temple prostitution highly elevating 89:7.4-5(982;3)
hunting rewards improved Neanderthal skills 64:4.12(721;10)
rulers allowed s. relations with bride just before marriage; additional license 82:3.10(916;6), 82:5.7(919;3)
s. only incidental to marriage among primitives 84:1.1(931;4)
saw no connection of s. with childbirth 84:1.3(931;6)
suspended s. regulations on May Day 82:2.4(915;2)
taught s. control; were free from laxity 70:7.4-5(791;1)
promiscuity in public baths 132:4.5(1461;3), 133:3.6(1472;5)
s. education duty of parents in Garden of Eden 74:7.2(835;5)
individuals always rebel against society's regulations 82:3.2(915;5)
no mortal reproduction after life in flesh 45:6.7(516;5)
regulation in relation to marriage 82:1.3-5(913;6)
s. impulses can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
s. jealousy not innate 82:4.4(917;7)
sex urge
all-absorbing chiefly due to race mixtures, Andite inheritance 82:1.2,5(913;5)
bridle passions and be patient 195:5.10(2076;1)
compels man to think and leads him to love 83:0.3(922;3)
do not commit adultery 131:2.12(1446;1), 140:6.5(1576;5)
dominant impulse after food hunger 82:1.9(914;5)
drove man into society 68:2.4,6(765;1)
fickleness of s. urge 160:2.10(1777;1)
gratification transient and spasmodic 68:2.6(765;3)
insures man and woman will come together 84:6.2(938;6)
lures selfish man into making something better out of himself 82:1.7(914;3), 83:0.3(922;3)
males restlessness when deprived of frequent s. gratification 68:2.6(765;3)
natural tendency which serves individual, race 133:3.7(1472;6)
no human emotion, unbridled, produces so much harm and sorrow 82:1.10(914;6)
normal urges not in conflict with highest spiritual attainment 34:7.7(383;1)
s. appetite of ancients combatted war urge 70:3.11(788;2)
secrecy, insincerity, and hypocrisy only obscure problems of 82:1.10(914;6)
society must control individuals' s. urges 82:1.9-10(914;5)
stronger in men than women 84:4.3(935;3)
social group entitled to regulate s. 81:5.6(906;4)
complementary though often personally antagonistic 84:6.6-7(939;1)
differences multiply versatility, overcome limitations 84:6.5(938;9)
equality of men and women
Adam endeavored to teach equality 74:3.5(831;2), 74:7.8(836;4)
each sex has distinctive sphere 84:5.11-12(938;1)
in mind and spirit endowment 49:4.4(564;6)
Jesus taught equality 133:2.2(1471;1), 138:8.11(1546;2), 149:2.8-9(1671;3), 150:1.3(1679;2), 167:5.4(1839;1), 194:3.14(2065;2)
men and women jointly hold posts in light and life 55:3.9(625;8)
men and women worked side by side in the Garden 84:7.8(940;4)
not found in nature 84:5.3(936;7)
prevails on all advanced worlds 49:4.4(564;6), 71:8.10(807;6)
usually realized in post-Planetary Prince era 52:2.7(591;7)
gender no consideration in assignment of Adjusters 108:1.7(1186;5)
man has selfishly chosen more the agreeable work 69:3.3(774;2), 84:3.6,7,10(934;5)
men and women incapable of full mental comprehension 84:4.4(935;4), 84:6.3,7(938;7)
mutually dependent on co-operation 84:6.6(939;1)
partnership of 84:6sec(938;5)
pastoral men shamefully mistreated women 68:5.8(768;8), 69:7.5(778;8)
positively will not live without each other 83:0.2(922;2)
presence of helpless baby differentiated early male-female activities 68:2.6(765;3)
respective personality trends survive this life 84:6.6(939;1)
viewpoints and entire life reactions essentially different 82:1.1(913;4), 84:5.13(938;3), 84:6.3,6(938;7)
women love babies more than men 69:3.2(774;1)
Jews retained Mesopotamian taboos regarding 95:1.2(1042;3)
cease to be attracted by unreal and material s. 174:0.2(1897;2)
feared and revered by early man 86:5.10(955;2), 88:5.5(971;7)
follow substance 165:5.3(1823;3)
interpret in terms of substance 1:6.1(29;7)
matter is shadow cast by mind in presence of spirit 12:8.15-16(140;11)
once "walled" into new buildings 89:6.5(981;2)
shadow of hair's turning for untrue purpose 48:6.22(555;1)
unrobust souls had shorter s. 86:4.8(953;7)
changed to slate 59:1.12(674;2)
coal layers alternate with 59:5.15(681;7)
deposition 59:1.9(673;9), 59:5.10(681;2), 60:1.1(685;3), 60:3.9(689;8)
indicates presence of organic carbon 58:7.10(671;3)
limestone changed into 59:3.1(676;5)
Assyrian king; decided to control Mediterranean coast 97:9.18(1073;8)
always powerful check on kings 70:6.6(790;3)
believed in their spirit possession 90:1.3(987;1)
enchanters' practices derived from ancient superstitions 90:2.2(987;6), 150:3.11(1681;6)
fetish men thought to be directed by spirit ghosts 89:1.2(974;4)
first police officers; ghosts administered justice through 70:10.5(795;2)
first professional class; exempted from physical work 69:3.5(774;4)
often epileptics 88:1.9(968;4)
often of low-grade mind and morals; became wealthy 90:2.12(989;1)
presume to stand between man and God as intermediaries, interpreters, and intercessors 90:0.3(986;3)
ranking medicine men, ceremonial fetishmen 90:1.1(986;4)
resorted to fraud and trickery 88:1.10(968;5), 90:1.4(987;2)
s. who failed without alibi demoted or killed 90:1.5(987;3), 90:2.6(988;2)
some early communities ruled by 70:5.8(789;6)
superstitious exaltation of family of swordmakers 69:3.9(774;8)
terribly expensive, but worth all they cost 92:3.7-9(1006;4)
used because the spirit world was unresponsive to ordinary mortals 90:0.2(986;2)
voodoo doctors typical of magicians of old 88:6.1(972;1)
women were s. because they tended home fires 69:6.5(777;8), 88:6.1(972;1)
one of chief Mesopotamian deities 95:1.4(1042;5)
shame. See also guilt; ridicule
be not ashamed of Jesus and his words 158:7.5(1760;2)
Judas was ashamed of Jesus 172:5.13(1887;1)
unworthy motivation for religious living 140:4.7(1572;7)
Taoist God of Heaven 94:5.3(1032;5)
vestiges of real concept of God preserved in 79:8.7(887;7)
divine pattern of co-ordinate participation in creation 54:2.1-2(614;6)
is Godlike divine 10:1.3(109;1), 111:5.1(1221;2)
it is more blessed to give than to receive 94:6.6(1034;1), 103:2.9(1131;8)
Judas did not confide 193:4.2-3(2055;5)
knowledge possessed only by 25:4.5(279;6), 48:7.28(557;12)
of spiritual life with others favors spiritual growth 100:1.8(1095;3)
with partner is Godlike 133:2.2(1471;1)

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