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God the Sevenfold 0:8sec(11;5), 56:5.3(640;7), 56:6.1(641;2), 116:2sec(1269;5)
comprised of 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4(1270;1)
4. Supreme Being. See Supreme, the
6. Eternal Son q.v.
Creator Sons are final power-personality focalizations 33:1.3(366;4)
Deity personality functioning in time and space 0:2.13(4;10)
first 3 levels known as Supreme Creators 31:9.14(352;7), 36:6.7(404;5), 56:6.1-2(641;2), 106:3.2(1165;7), 106:5.2(1167;3), 115:4.7(1264;6), 116:2sec(1269;5), 116:4.2(1272;1), 117:1.2(1278;6), 117:3.7(1282;2), 118:0.9(1294;9), 118:4.7(1298;7)
control of power-energy-matter 42:2.14(470;5)
integrates the perfect, perfected, and perfecting 105:6.5(1159;5), 106:1.2-4(1164;1)
mortals necessary for full function of 116:4.12(1273;4)
provides progressive approach to, personality revelation of, Father 56:7.8(643;2), 105:7.7(1160;5)
Seven Master Spirits co-ordinate activities of 17:8.3(205;4)
source of universe's relative unity 106:1.4(1164;3)
members of 1st experiential Trinity 31:9.14(352;7), 106:3.2(1165;7)
sevenfold controllers are physical-control level of 116:5.1-2(1273;5)
successive levels 0:8.1(11;5)
Supreme is real to God the Sevenfold now 117:7.5(1291;9)
God the Ultimate 0:9sec(12;4),. See also reality: levels of reality: absonite reality
3 Absolutes are co-ordinated in 56:9.1(644;3)
Adjuster is secret of personal realization of 101:6.2(1111;6)
defined as
Deity consequence of unity of transcendental and absonite divinity 106:8.12(1171;8)
Deity omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent 0:1.10,12(2;1)
divine inevitability 0:12.4(16;1), 115:7.6(1266;7)
eventuating God of supertime, transcended space 0:2.14(4;11)
manifest to time universes as transcendental Almighty, the Omnipotent 118:2.4(1296;6)
member of 2nd experiential Trinity 106:5.1(1167;2)
supersupreme absonite unification of 1st experiential Trinity 0:9.1-2(12;4), 0:12.6(16;3)
transcendental power-personalization of entire master universe 106:4.2,4(1166;5)
transcending time and space 1:7.7(31;7)
unification of Trinity as comprehended by absonite beings 0:9.2(12;5), 10:8.2(116;3)
wholly experiential 0:7.3(10;8)
finaliters face challenge of 27:7.10(305;3)
foreshadows transcendental overcontrol in later stage of universe light and life 56:7.5(642;5)
had beginning but will not have end 0:9.5(13;3)
identified with transcendentals; absonites 105:7.3-4(1160;1)
Infinite Spirit compensates for incompleteness of 9:1.6(99;5)
involvement in emergent-energy manifestation 42:2.13(470;4)
is or sometime will be present to outer margin of 4th space level 12:6.9(137;1)
may endow midsoniters with spirit of absonity 36:4.8(401;4)
possible future union of Creator Sons and Creative Spirits may reveal 118:9.8(1304;1)
present in Havona in absonite and superpersonal sense 14:6.26(162;4), 106:4.3(1166;6)
reactions unpredictable 12:6.6(136;4)
Supreme indispensable to emergence of 118:0.9(1294;9)
Transcendentalers are subject to 31:8.3(350;6)
transforms undifferentiated potentials into definite plans 118:4.6(1298;6)
Trinity collaborates with G.t.U., not Deities individually 10:7.3(115;5)
Trinity Ultimate activates eventuating presence of 106:4.1-4(1166;4)
unification of master universe is eventuating act of 10:8.2(116;3)
hermit to whom Gautama should have listened 94:7.4(1035;4)
Andites had 33 94:1.2-3(1027;3)
early gods were glorified departed humans 87:3.1(960;5)
false gods in man's image 196:3.20(2095;7)
primitives regarded Prince's staff as 66:4.1(743;10)
progress of science adds to mortality of false 102:6.1(1124;3)
Sumerian cities did not federate out of deity jealousy 78:8.7(876;4)
first metal sought by man 81:3.4-5(903;6)
men journey to ends of earth for 63:5.6(715;6)
product of lava flows in Sierras 60:3.3(689;2)
when he tries me, I shall come forth as 3:3.2(49;1)
ages of light and life. See light and life
erroneous belief in onetime existence of g.a.; discouraging belief 68:1.7(764;3), 74:8.13-14(838;5)
terrible antisocial conditions for primitives 81:5.4(906;2)
times of Onagar were g.a. for primitive man 63:6.9(717;1)
tradition of Eden lent substance to dream of a onetime 89:2.3(975;7)
olden symbol of Yahweh plagued Moses 96:4.3(1056;5)
symbolized Bedouin herders' concept of Sinai volcano 96:1.12(1054;2), 96:5.8(1058;6)
golden rule 52:5.8(596;6), 101:8.4(1115;1),. See also commandments
adherents must maintain adequate defense 71:4.4-5(804;4)
Andonites were taught 70:1.2(783;5)
based on infinite worth of finite 196:2.10(2093;4)
cries out against fraud, unfairness, selfishness, and unrighteousness 54:1.8(614;3)
levels of 140:5.1(1573;3), 147:4sec(1650;2)
literally interpreted, g.r. may become great offense 180:5.5(1949;7)
living the golden rule
ethical and moral beings can learn to live the g.r. 50:5.8(577;3)
restated by Jesus demands active social contact 140:10.5(1585;3), 159:5.13(1770;5), 178:1.12(1931;3)
spiritual insight essential to 52:6.5(597;6)
understood only by living 180:5.11(1950;6)
misinterpretation of g.r. promoted worship of insects 85:3.4(946;6)
revealed religion emphasizes 101:5.8(1111;1)
statements of the golden rule 118:8.10(1302;7)
do unto others as you would have them do unto you 131:2.11(1445;5), 131:3.6(1447;3), 131:4.6(1449;1), 131:9.4(1453;2), 131:10.7(1454;4)
love for father, love among children 142:7.4(1603;5), 163:4.8(1805;5)
love fellows as Jesus loved us 147:4.9(1651;3), 180:5.5-11(1949;7)
taught in Garden of Eden 74:7.3,5(835;6)
Jesus at 186:0.2(1997;2), 187:1sec(2004;5)
official crucifixion site of Jerusalem 187:1.4(2005;2)
duel with David 70:1.19(785;2)
fabricated narratives relating to destruction 93:6.7(1021;3), 93:8.1(1022;3)
3 trips to China 130:0.6(1427;6)
Indian businessman with whom Jesus journeyed to Rome Papers 130, 132, 133) 129:2.9(1422;6),
parable of 164:1sec(1809;3)
Jesus was 182:1.10(1965;4)
sermon on 165:1.2(1818;1), 165:2sec(1818;3)
all things work together for good 4:1.4,11(55;2), 10:7.5-6(115;7), 48:4.7(548;2), 54:4.7(616;6), 67:7.8(761;7), 67:8.4(762;3), 94:6.4(1033;7), 118:10.18(1306;7), 182:2.1(1966;1),. See also providence
and evil 4:2.6(57;3), 130:1.5-6(1429;1), 132:2sec(1457;4), 159:5.10(1770;2)
attempted service of g. no substitute for religious experience 196:3.20(2095;7)
basing life on highest consciousness of 110:3.7(1206;5)
cannot come of evil to evildoer 54:4.7(616;6)
concept not inherent in physics 195:6.11(2077;7)
defined as
carrying out divine plans 75:4.3(842;5)
finite maximum of experience 102:3.15(1122;11), 117:1.7(1279;5)
fruit of the spirit 34:6.13(381;7), 193:2.2(2054;3)
health of the soul 98:2.6(1079;3)
living, relative, evil-contrasted, always a personal experience 132:2.3-7(1457;6)
man's effort to discern God in spirit 56:10.2(646;3)
nearness to divinity 3:6.2(52;5), 56:10.12(647;3)
revelation of Deity, infinite values 56:10.9-10(646;10)
shown in loving ministry of Father, Son, Spirit 56:10.17-18(647;8)
stabilizing 2:7.12(43;5)
understandable only in relation to personality 1:7.3(31;3)
value-realization of God-consciousness 111:3.7(1219;6)
divinity comprehensible as 0:1.17(3;4)
goodness of God 2:6sec(40;5)
beneficence to the righteous and the wicked 131:5.2(1450;1)
beyond man's comprehension 4:3.6(58;4)
found only in personal religious experience 2:6.1(40;5)
greatest evidence is indwelling Adjuster 2:5.5(39;4)
leads men into repentance 2:6.3(41;1), 48:6.8(552;6), 131:10.4(1454;1), 143:2.7(1610;2), 149:6.4(1675;5)
indiscriminate kindness causes many social evils 140:8.13(1580;8)
Jesus exalted g. by commanding performance 127:4.2(1401;2)
Jesus went about doing good 100:7.8(1102;5), 159:5.10(1770;2), 171:7.9(1875;4)
man's understanding of g. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
more a quest than a possession 132:2.8(1458;5)
nature of goodness
act is potent in proportion to divinity of motivation 48:6.7(552;5)
nature of goodness
all g. takes origin in Father 8:2.7(93;1)
become good through grace 28:6.22(317;3)
blesses everything, harms nothing; seeks lowest places 131:8.3(1452;1)
cannot be divorced from greatness 28:6.21(317;2), 56:10.12(647;3), 100:7.17(1103;5)
destroys evil 188:5.2(2018;1)
g. may be derived from time-limited evil 54:6.6-10(619;3)
highest forms of g. are unconscious 140:8.26(1582;7), 170:3.9(1862;6)
human likes and dislikes do not determine g. 100:3.2(1096;7)
no good act ever wholly lost 48:6.7(552;5)
understandable by contrast with evil 4:3.6(58;4)
unified with beauty, truth, righteousness 44:7.2-4(507;3)
when devoid of grace, g. often repels 171:7.2(1874;5)
none is good but God 196:0.9(2088;4), 196:2.2(2091;4)
return good for evil 140:2.15(2091;4), 140:6.9(1577;3)
sincere pursuit of g. leads to God 195:6.17(2078;3)

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