The Urantia Book Fellowship
based on faith and love, not ethics and duty 140:5.23(1575;8)
not gospel of Jesus 140:4.1(1572;1)
few are duties for the lone s. 28:5.14(312;1)
not greater than his master 179:3.8(1939;6), 180:3.1(1946;6)
parable of the slothful s. 165:2.2-3(1818;4)
all s. sacred and exhilarating in spiritual world 25:1.1(273;3)
angels delight in 48:3.23(273;3)
ascension plan equips ascenders for transcendent s. 48:8.2-4(557;17)
cross is symbol of sacred s. 188:5.9(2019;2)
do not allow social s. to divert from preaching gospel 178:1.11(1931;2), 195:9.4(2082;9)
do not stifle feelings of 157:2.2(1745;1)
draw very near with unselfish 178:1.4(1930;1)
Infinite Spirit is ministry 8:4.2(94;4)
came as one who served 5:4.7(67;5), 179:3.9(1940;1)
no fruit of loving s. unless we abide in Jesus 180:2.1(1945;4)
requires life of loving s. 92:4.8(1008;1), 137:8.11(1536;8), 170:4.3(1863;2), 180:2.1(1945;4), 191:5.3(2043;1), 195:9.6(2083;2)
s. to least is s. to Jesus 92:4.8(1008;1), 176:3.5(1917;1)
serves with and through us 179:5.7(1942;6), 180:1.4(1945;1)
measure of greatness 140:1.6(1569;3)
motivations for service
appreciating brotherhood, one could not take so much and give nothing 39:4.11(435;4)
beneficence of God leads to s. 149:6.4(1675;5)
byproduct of spiritual transformation 178:1.11(1931;2)
finding God impels man to seek loving service-contact with less illuminated fellows 102:3.4(1121;6)
moral thinking and religious living 5:5.4(68;6)
s. is fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
true religion unfailingly manifests itself in s. 142:7.4(1603;5), 159:5.8(1769;10), 170:3.8,9(1862;5)
nature of service
assignment of definite tasks with qualified teachers as to best methods to employ 37:6.4(412;4)
based on infinite worth of the finite 196:2.10(2093;4)
compared to profit motivation 71:6.2(805;6)
divinity correlated in personality as ministry 0:1.17(3;4)
few are the duties for the lone servant 28:5.14(312;1)
goal of time 28:6.17(316;4)
God understands every creature's need for function 32:4.2(362;6)
highest concept of spirit brotherhood 188:4.9(2017;4)
ideal life is one of loving s. 110:3.4(1206;2)
loving s. reveals God to fellows 193:0.5(2053;1)
of kingdom requires courageous manhood 143:1.6(1608;3)
only untrustworthiness prevents opportunity for 28:6.16(316;3)
particularly for worthy beings in need and distress 28:6.20(317;1)
play ever alternates with 28:6.17(316;4)
render in accordance with one's own endowments 141:5.2(1591;4)
serve as for God 192:2.13(2049;4)
serve believers and unbelievers alike 178:1.6(1930;3)
universe station and status provide opportunity for 37:6.3(412;3)
what God does for us, we do for the Supreme Being 56:8.3(644;1)
yielding to one's fellows of that received from one's spiritual benefactors 25:4.5(279;6), 30:3.9(339;6), 30:4.16(342;6), 35:4.1(388;10), 37:10.5(416;5), 100:2.1(1095;5), 138:6.1(1542;6)
nothing equals importance of work of world in which we are living 48:6.26(555;5)
obligation and privilege of s. 71:3.7(803;7)
parables about service
good Samaritan 164:1sec(1809;3)
good shepherd 165:2sec(1818;3), 169:1.2(1850;9)
talents 176:3.4(1916;4)
two sons 173:3sec(1893;1)
vine and branches 180:2sec(1945;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
washing apostles' feet 179:3sec(1938;3)
religion must not lose motivation for unselfish loving s. 99:4.7(1090;3)
result of service
Adjuster contact facilitated by wholehearted loving s. 91:7.1-2(1000;2)
deferred rewards inherent in unselfish 28:5.17(312;4)
develop character by unselfish 170:3.10(1862;7)
discover spiritual reality by means of 101:6.8(1112;4)
drawing close to fellows with s. destroys prejudice engendered by ignorance 191:5.3(2043;1)
faith sons enjoy deliverance from flesh in service 34:7.6(382;6)
greatest is he who serves 28:6.18(316;5), 56:10.14(647;5), 137:8.11(1536;8), 140:1.6(1569;3), 158:6.3(1758;4), 171:0.6(1868;1), 175:1.10(1907;2), 179:3.9(1940;1)
produces highest satisfaction 28:6.17(316;4)
satisfaction of more replete function where need is greater 23:2.10(259;3)
serve with new and amazing devotion 191:6.2(2044;3)
secoraphic satisfactions of service stimulate 28:5.17-18(312;4)
Spirit of Truth is power-multiplying fulcrum for 178:1.6(1930;3)
we can do important work if we are not self-important 48:6.26(555;5)
Egyptian god of darkness and evil 95:5.12(1048;6)
lost eye in battle with Horus 95:2.6(1044;5)
eldest son of Adam and Eve born in second garden; priesthood originated with 76:3.4(849;7)
outstanding religious teacher 121:6.4(1338;7)
100 entered India in 16,000 B.C. 79:3.3-4(881;3), 79:4.6-7(882;6), 92:5.6(1009;3)
Brahmans are lineal cultural descendants of 79:3.3-4(881;3), 79:4.6-7(882;6), 92:5.6(1009;3)
carried Edenic teachings; lost by 2500 B.C. 92:4.6(1007;6)
great post-Adamic teachers 92:5.6(1009;3)
made marriage a religious ritual 83:8.1(929;4)
many driven into India with Aryans 78:6.3(873;7)
priesthood embraced religion, health, and education 76:3.4-10(849;7)
priesthood regenerated by Amosad about 15,000 B.C. 78:5.1(872;5)
priests invaded Europe with Andonites 80:9.6(898;1)
Sumeria ruled by apostate descendants of 78:8.7(876;4)
Trinity concept of 79:3.4(881;4), 104:1.2(1143;5)
seven. See 7
Bible reference to adjutant mind-spirits 34:4.8(378;5)
ascenders do not hold personal communion with 17:5.4(203;2)
created omniaphim, with Infinite Spirit 26:1.6(286;1)
created tertiary supernaphim 17:5.3(203;1), 17:8.2(205;3), 26:1.5(285;6), 26:2.7(287;6)
each Havona circuit ruled by one Spirit 14:1.2(152;4), 26:2.6(287;5)
Havoners do not become one with them 17:5.5(203;3)
in personality registers 30:1.11(332;2), 30:2.4(335;2)
like Adjusters to Havoners, except that
local universe Mother Spirits train with 14:6.29(162;7)
Master Spirits collectively produced, in response to Supreme Being 26:2.6(287;5), 116:4.5(1272;4)
not concerned with regimes of Eternals of Days 17:5.2(202;5)
not part of original pattern universe 26:2.6(287;5)
servants of Seven Master Spirits 17:5.1(202;4)
uniform impersonal representation of Infinite Spirit and Seven Master Spirits to Havona 14:1.2(152;4), 17:0.4(197;4), 17:5.1(202;4), 26:2.6(287;5)
work confined to Havona 17:5.2(202;5)
7 superuniverse Architects of Master Universe associate with 31:9.5(351;6)
administrative co-ordinators of grand universe 17:1.3(198;3)
advisory cabinets 17:1.8(199;2)
Assigned Sentinels represent S.S.E. in local systems 24:0.3(264;3), 24:5.1-2(268;8), 37:8.5(413;8), 55:8.2(632;5)
Associate Inspectors embody authority of S.S.E. to local universes 24:4sec(268;5)
carry out policies of all duly constituted rulers 17:1.4(198;4)
created omniaphim 26:1.6(286;1), 28:2sec(307;1)
do not interfere with rule of Ancients of Days or Creator Sons 17:1.4(198;4)
each concerned with only one superuniverse 17:1.5(198;5)
in personality registers 30:1.3(330;5), 30:2.4(335;2)
millennial conclaves on Paradise 17:1.10(199;4), 17:3.11(201;9)
no permanent presiding head 17:1.2(198;2)
not concerned with internal Paradise affairs; little regarding Havona 17:1.3(198;3)
occupy Paradise worlds of Infinite Spirit 15:10.1(178;1), 24:1.3-4(265;3), 24:4.1(268;5), 28:2.2(307;2)
see and know all that transpires 17:1.3(198;3)
send advisors to worlds in light and life 55:4.19(628;10)
Seven Master Spirits contact superuniverse governments through 17:0.4(197;4), 17:1.2(198;2)
Supreme Center Supervisors work with 29:2.3(321;2)
trinitized by Father, Son, and Spirit 17:1.1(198;1)
Trinitized Sons of Perfection are immediate subordinates 17:1.7(199;1), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.2(251;6)
act on phenomena below level of gravity energy 29:2.4(321;3)
created by Seven Master Spirits; each in eternal subservience to one 29:0.3(319;3), 29:1.2(320;2), 116:5.3(1273;7)
each administers power for 1 superuniverse; administer Havona collectively 29:1.3(320;3)
existed from near eternity 29:0.3(319;3)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.15(336;7)
modify, manipulate, and directionize energy 29:3.6(323;4)
not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse governments 29:3.2(322;5)
part of God the Sevenfold 116:5.1(1273;5)
physical energy regulators of grand universe 29:1.1(320;1)
power potential of Almighty Supreme centered in 24:7.8(271;7), 116:1.3(1269;2), 116:5.4(1274;1)
recruit Solitary Messengers for exploration 23:2.12(259;5)
resist gravity 29:3.6(323;4)
semimaterial; quasi-physical 29:1sec(320;1)
stationed on peripheral Paradise 11:4.2(121;3), 29:1.3(320;3)
with Seven Master Spirits, created all Universe Power Directors and Havona Servitals 25:1.2(273;4), 29:0.3(319;3), 29:1.4(320;4), 29:2.1(320;5), 29:3.1(322;4), 29:4.16(326;5)

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