The Urantia Book Fellowship
are passing away 27:1.5(299;5), 100:7.18(1103;6), 143:2.3(1609;4)
should not be despised merely because they are old 81:6.39(911;4), 147:7.3(1656;1), 195:9.1(2082;6)
that which was is ancient and supposedly sacred 92:2.2(1004;5)
era from 35 to 25 million years ago 61:2sec(694;7)
apostles' discussion at 183:4sec(1975;4)
near entrance to Gethsemane 183:0.3,5(1971;3)
Olympian religion. See Greece: Greek religion
believed to reveal will of spirits; ghost cultists considered everything out of ordinary as omen 87:5.9-11(963;4)
medicine men put great trust in 90:2.5(988;1)
pure unfounded superstition 150:3.8(1681;3)
omniaphim. See also angels
accompanied Michael on Melchizedek bestowal 119:1.3,5(1309;4)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.13(336;5)
may become Technical Advisers; Paradise Companions 25:4.2(279;3), 25:8.1,8(283;2)
not directly concerned with ascending mortals 28:0.3(306;3), 28:2.1(307;1)
personal representatives of Assigned Sentinels 55:4.13(628;4)
servants of Seven Supreme Executives; created by Infinite Spirit and Seven Supreme Executives 26:1.6(286;1), 28:2.1(307;1)
doctrine disenfranchises all other personalities 118:6.2(1299;5)
Eternal Son not personally responsible for conduct of all spirit personalities 7:0.5(81;5)
fallacy of o. is colossal error of Pantheism 118:6.8(1300;4)
God does not personally do everything 3:2.10(48;2), 118:6sec(1299;4)
God has not decided all things for us in advance 118:10.1(1304;3)
Jews saw God in everything that happened 148:5.4(1662;1), 156:5.4(1738;3)
and compossibility 118:5sec(1299;1)
and omnificence 118:6sec(1299;4)
God is limited only by his nature, his will, and his law 3:2.11-12(48;3), 4:4.3-4(58;8)
is not power to do the nondoable or ungodlike 3:3.5(49;4), 118:5.1(1299;1)
Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose 16:2.4(186;3)
to deny God's volitional self-limitation would deny his volitional absoluteness 4:4.4(58;9)
transcendental reality 105:7.4(1160;2)
when God decrees a thing, that thing is 131:1.2(1442;4)
God the Ultimate manifest to universes of time 118:2.4(1296;6)
omnipresence 3:1sec(44;4), 118:2sec(1296;3), 118:3.1(1297;2)
Father's ability to be everywhere present at same time 3:1.1(44;4)
Mother Spirits are omnipresent in own universes 34:3.3,8(376;6), 41:0.1(455;1), 45:1.8(510;6), 116:5.6(1274;3)
of God 3:1sec(44;4), 131:1.6(1443;2)
outstanding attribute of Infinite Spirit 8:5.1(95;4), 9:1.5(99;4)
Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose 16:2.4(186;3)
transcendental reality 105:7.4(1160;2)
ubiquity of Supreme permeates universes 117:7.13(1292;7)
and predestination 118:7sec(1300;5)
Creators respect privacy even of lowly beings 18:1.5(208;4)
Deities know all, but do not impart all 23:2.13(259;6), 24:4.9(259;6), 25:4.9(280;4)
does God choose to foreknow sin? 3:3.4(49;3)
God's foreknowledge does not abrogate freedom 3:3.4(49;3)
God's o. derives from Adjusters and personality circuit, supplemented by divine Sons, Infinite Spirit 3:3.3(49;2)
God's o. is beyond understanding 32:4.8(363;6)
God's preknowledge is existential 25:4.9(280;4), 108:0.2(1185;2)
God's understanding is infinite 2:1.1(33;4)
Jesus could self-limit divinity consciousness 146:5.2(1644;4), 161:3.2-3(1787;4), 192:1.7(2046;5)
local universe Mother Spirit knows us fully 28:5.22(313;4)
reflectivity is 9:7.5(105;5)
Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose 16:2.4(186;3)
takes nothing away from freedom of decision foreknown 118:7.1(1300;5)
transcendental reality 105:7.4(1160;2)
king; attempted to buy Shemer's estate 97:9.18(1073;8)
Onagar 92:5.5(1009;2)
Andonite; first truth teacher, mastermind of pre-Planetary Prince age 45:4.3(513;4), 63:6sec(715;8)
born 983,323 years ago 63:6.8(716;7)
instituted efficient tribal government 63:6.8(716;7)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.3(513;4)
prayer of 63:6.5-6(716;4)
Amerinds looked for return of 92:5.3(1008;5)
Blackfoot Indians descendants of 64:6.7(723;6)
center in California is oldest Amerindian culture 79:5.8(884;2)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.5(513;6)
spiritual deliverer of red man; lived 65,000 years ago; brought universal peace 45:4.5(513;6), 64:6.7-8(723;6)
taught unanimous rule of council of seven 70:5.4(789;2)
one-brained mortals. See brains; mortals: planetary types
book by Ikhnaton 95:5.7(1048;1)
presidents of, constitute working cabinet of Gabriel 33:8.4-5(373;6)
Singlangton proclaimed God to yellow race as 64:6.15(724;5), 79:6.10(885;7), 79:8.4(887;4)
man's ascent from 65:2.1(731;5)
in Jerusalem 162:4.4(1794;3)
religion of Jesus is not an o. 194:3.3-4(2063;1)
used by Sumerians as medicine 90:4.9(992;1)
God will spew seekers onto dry land of fresh 130:1.2(1428;2)
government should enforce equality of opportunity 81:5.6(906;4)
hasten off to where great things wait to be done 130:6.3(1437;3)
only untrustworthiness stands between us and 28:6.16(316;3)
society should allow 71:3.6(803;6)
sometimes created by death of fondest hopes 48:6.25(555;4)
to Adjuster-fused mortals, career of universal service is wide open 40:7.5(449;3)
Jesus denounced 140:8.21(1582;2), 147:8.4(1656;5), 163:2.11(1803;2), 173:1.11(1891;1)
man learned industry through 69:8.8(779;7)
only love, brotherhood, can prevent 71:4.5(804;5)
certain amount of o. is serviceable in living 181:1.8(1954;5)
do not hide failure under beaming o. 160:4.7(1779;5)
Jesus' optimism
associates felt constrained to share 100:7.12(1102;9)
not blind and self-deceived 100:7.9(1102;6), 181:1.9(1954;6)
truly contagious 127:3.14(1400;6)
positive always has advantage over negative 102:6.7(1125;2)
secular o. is an illusion 195:8.12(2082;4)
vainly longing for peace which never comes 181:1.7(1954;4)
believed to reveal will of spirits 87:5.9(963;4)
Greeks believed in 90:2.8(988;4)
Latin peoples consulted o. in crisis 98:3.4(1080;6)
oral law. See Judaism: oral law; traditions
analogy to suns in Nebadon 41:3.2(458;2)
orange race 64:6.10-13(723;9),. See also races
believed in transmigration and reincarnation 86:4.6(953;5)
absorbed by green race 64:6.11,13(724;1), 64:7.16(728;5)
as a race 100,000 years ago; or by 15,000 B.C. 64:6.13(724;3), 78:3.7(871;3)
particularly subject to extinction 52:2.5(591;5)
virtually destroyed themselves by war 64:7.7(727;4)
headquarters once at Armageddon 64:6.12(724;2)
in Central and South America 79:5.8(884;2)
in southern Europe in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.5(871;1)
India absorbed much of 78:1.9(869;5), 79:2.2(879;8)
indigo in Sahara carried extensive strains of 64:6.13(724;3), 78:1.10(869;6), 80:1.4(889;6)
peculiar urge to build; not progressive 64:6.10(723;9)
Porshunta was master mind 300,000 years ago 64:6.12(724;2)
strains of giantism 51:4.2(584;4), 64:6.19(724;9)
usually subdued by red race 51:4.6(585;2)
celestial artisans preserve thought for reproduction 44:4.7-8(503;7)
speaker at forum 132:4.7(1461;5)
believed to interpret spirit messages 87:5.9(963;4)
crime detection by poison, fire, and pain 70:10.5-7(795;2)
Jesus denounced belief in 150:3.12(1681;7)
detectable on Paradise 27:4.2(301;3)
fellowship should maintain temporal o. 159:1.3,6(1762;5)
kingdom is realm of 181:2.16(1958;3)
social groups may maintain discipline 178:1.2(1929;3)
marine-life era, from 350 to 300 million years ago 59:2sec(674;7)
inherently active 112:1.13(1227;3)
ancients believed soul resided in 111:0.3(1215;3)
directional sense fixed in living beings 34:4.9-10(378;6)

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