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meet pilgrims on inner Havona circle 26:11.6(297;3)
primary supernaphim 26:11.6(297;3), 27:0.3(298;3)
instincts. See also flesh; sex: urge
herd instinct insufficient to account for present society 68:2.4(765;1)
innate drives toward growth and self-realization function unless inhibited 100:1.6(1095;1)
man's technique varies, but his disposition remains unchanged 69:5.13(777;1), 84:5.13(938;3)
reduced land yield or increased population brings worst traits of human nature to surface 68:6.4(770;1)
training of intellect annulled by instinct 111:7.5(1223;7)
accumulated mores 69:0.3(772;3)
all minister to some social need 69:1.1(772;4)
man secured civil freedom through 81:5.5(906;3)
man should control his i., not be controlled by them 69:1.1(772;4)
most are laborsaving; contribute to group security 69:0.2(772;2)
overdevelopment of i. detracts from the individual 69:1.1(772;4)
primitive Paper 69 (772;1),)
caused by protecting children from consequences of foolish conduct 84:7.20(941;1)
animal reaction to intellectual or spiritual superiority 184:4.5(1984;6)
Jesus preserved dignity upon continued 186:2.5(1999;5)
among primitives
children were old-age i. 84:7.13(940;9)
civilization, laws were i. against violent death 68:1.2(763;5)
food storage was i. against famine and disaster 69:5.4(776;2)
ghost cult was i. against disaster 87:0.1(958;1)
industry grew up as i. against famine 69:2.1(773;2)
religion exacted burdensome premiums of fear, superstition, dread, and priest gifts 86:7.1-2(956;4)
old-age i. in continental nation 72:6sec(814;3)
reserves against risk of incapacity in light and life 55:3.6(625;5)
society lessens risk in individuals' living 68:2.2(764;5), 81:5.3-4(906;1)
wise investment of earnings against future adversity 163:2.11(1803;2)
intellectual overdevelopment sometimes handicaps and embarrasses religion 102:3.1(1121;3)
broadcasters of superior seraphim associate with 39:2.15(431;4)
broadcasters of superior seraphim associate with 39:2.15(431;4)
Hearts of Counsel reflective of 28:5.15(312;2)
tertiary supernaphim; living newspapers of Havona 26:3.8(289;1)
superior seraphim; report to Gabriel 39:2.3(429;7)
enlightenment should deliver from dependence on 92:7.7(1013;2)
Mithras interceded for humans among gods 98:5.3(1082;4)
no i. needed between man and God 2:6.6(41;4), 6:3.4(75;9)
spiritual menace in galaxy of saints 195:4.2(2074;8)
of all forces and personalities 116:6.5(1275;5)
can never bring permanent peace 134:5.10(1489;1)
post-Adamic epoch is era of 52:3.10(594;1)
should be fostered in language, trade, sports, religion 81:6.19(908;8)
Morontia Companions 48:3.12-13(546;5)
administrator seraphim; portray responsibilities of universe government 39:4.7-9(434;7)
help Paradise arrivals adjust to new groups of beings 27:3.3(300;6)
primary supernaphim 27:0.3(298;3)
Unions of Souls in reflective synchrony with 28:5.13(311;5)
inexorable restoration of imbalance between self-liberty and self-control 118:8.6(1302;3)
direct channel of communication between Eternal Son and Paradise Sons 7:6.7(88;5), 15:9.7(177;6)
appeared with revealed religion 92:7.2-3(1012;3)
caused summary dismissal at Urmia 134:3.6(1486;1)
covers secret doubts 146:3.2(1641;4)
danger of religious 99:6.3(1092;3)
derives from assumption of superiority 134:4.3-4,8)
doctrine is most terrible tyrant which enslaves men 88:2.7(969;5)
ethical consciousness unmasks immorality of 52:6.5(597;6)
everlastingly inimical to human progress 71:3.2(803;2)
mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress 110:1.5(1204;3)
none on celestial worlds 47:4.2(534;6)
stumble not into entanglements of 191:4.3(2041;6)
among primitives
belief effects of drugs due to supernatural forces 85:2.3(945;6)
belief i. rendered one divine 69:5.11(776;9), 85:2.1(945;4), 88:1.9(968;4)
plants worshiped because their liquors produced i. 85:2.1(945;4)
shamans employed drugs to induce physical states 90:1.4(987;2)
Gautama's commandment against 94:8.10(1036;3)
Jesus refused drugs at crucifixion 187:2.3(2007;2), 194:3.4(2063;2)
religion of Jesus not an opiate 194:3.3-4(2063;1)
Sumerians used opium as medicine 90:4.9(992;1)
accelerates cultural development 81:6.9(907;6)
economic freedom secured through 81:5.5(906;3)
inestimable benefits of 81:2.10(902;4)
post-Adamic dispensation is age of great 52:3.6(593;5)
motion of i. sometimes discernable by effects on visible 115:6.7(1265;8)
causes compass variation 58:2.9(666;6)
heat in stratosphere ionizes oxygen 58:2.6(666;3)
produces aural displays in atmosphere 58:2.8(666;5)
stripping atoms of outer (chemically active) electrons 42:3.8(472;6)
temperature range; storms in 58:2.6,10(666;3)
Iowa 61:7.5(701;4)
Andite migration to 78:6.3(873;7), 79:1.1(878;2)
Andites from I. invaded Europe with Andonites 80:9.6(898;1)
aridity forced Andites to invent new methods 81:6.3(906;8)
barbarians of I. raided Euphrates and Tigris valleys 78:8.3-5(875;7)
beliefs in Iran
fire reverence long persisted 85:4.4(947;3)
influence on Christianity 170:5.3,16(1864;3)
kingdom of heaven concepts from 170:1.6-8(1858;8)
Mithraism arose in 98:4.2-5(1081;5), 98:5.2(1082;3)
Salem doctrines in 95:6sec(1049;4)
sun worship in 85:5.2(947;5)
triad gods of 104:0.3(1143;3)
Zoroastrianism founded in 131:5.1(1449;4)
dawn mammals originated in 62:1.3(703;4)
overpopulation in 15,000 B.C. 79:2.4(880;2)
Persians freed Jews from Babylonian captivity 97:10.2(1075;7)
remnant of blue race left in 64:7.11(727;8)
not a distinct period 81:3.4(903;6)
Jesus worked in mines at 146:4sec(1643;2)
man from I. ridiculed in temple 173:1.6(1890;1)
brought up in lava 58:7.6(670;8), 58:7.10(671;3)
flint striking iron pyrites made sparks for fire 69:6.4(777;7)
ore mined from Mount Sinai and Black Sea region 80:6.3(894;4)
role in oxygenating blood 65:6.4(737;4)
settled toward center of planet 57:7.1(658;9), 57:8.16(662;3)
Urantia's density is about that of 41:4.3(459;7)
Chinese state delayed by thoroughness of conquests 79:8.1(887;1)
fatal weakness of Ikhnaton's gospel was greatest truth 95:5.9(1048;3)
further information regarding power centers would only add to our confusion 29:3.8(323;6)
ignorance sometimes essential to success 13:1.6(145;1), 39:5.9(438;2), 138:7.1(1543;4)
national egotism has been essential to social survival 71:3.2(803;2)
pottery discovered by observing burned clay hut 81:2.14(902;8)
Simon Zelotes kept at work by belief Jesus would soon return 192:2.5-6(2048;1)
timing of submergence of Eden 73:7.2(827;1)
federation achieved primitive form of state 71:1.3-12(800;5)
mother-family one reason statehood never achieved 84:2.2(932;8)
reformed waste in funerals 87:2.10(960;4)
Adamites labored along rivers of Mesopotamia on 78:2.1(869;10)
Caligastia 100 taught 66:5.2(745;8)
Sumerians used irrigation canals for military defense 78:8.5(876;2)
offered to support Jesus' family if he joined Zealots 127:2.5(1397;3)
Abraham secured wife for 93:9.4(1023;1)
birth 93:6.5(1021;1), 93:9.8(1023;5)
held to his father's teachings 93:9.5(1023;2)
sacrifice by Abraham 89:6.8(981;5)

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