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I AM self-associative, the Universal Absolute 105:2.8(1155;1)
self-differentiation of The Infinite One from 105:2.2(1154;1)
infinity. See also reality: levels of reality: absolute reality
almost limitless ellipse produced by one absolute cause 105:0.1(1152;1)
both unity and diversity 115:3.4(1262;1)
capable of self-limitation; finite possibility inherent in 105:1.8(1153;5), 105:5.4(1158;4), 108:0.2(1185;2), 115:2.4(1261;4), 115:4.3-4(1264;2)
existent in 7 Absolutes 104:3.5(1146;7), 115:2.1(1261;1)
God acted to break deadlock of unqualified unity inherent in existential infinity 118:5.3(1299;3)
God's i. is supreme assurance of ongoing personality development 106:7.6(1169;5)
inconceivable ever to realize 106:7.1(1168;6)
infinities of divinity are unsolved mysteries 42:2.22(471;6)
numbers provide conceptual basis for contemplating 118:0.11(1294;1)
potential and actual 0:11.12(15;2)
pre-existential and postexperiential 106:0.9(1163;3)
primordial stasis requires segmentation for human comprehension 115:3.2-4(1261;6)
time-space creatures cannot comprehend 2:1.10(35;3), 116:2.3(1269;7)
triunities are functional balance wheel of 104:4.25(1150;7)
I AM; the eternal continuum 105:2.2(1154;1)
electronic activity slowed down near to heat 42:5.11(475;7)
biologic. See eugenics; genetics
dividing the 165:4sec(1821;1)
fathers like to leave 142:7.12(1604;7)
Jesus' advice to rich man 132:5.2,5,13(1462;3)
obligation to transmit legitimate wealth to succeeding generations 69:9.3(780;6), 132:5.5(1463;3)
primitives reckoned i. in female line 84:2.1(932;7)
prodigal son wasted i. in riotous living 169:1.7(1851;5)
taxes. See taxation: inheritance tax
defined as
cosmic insanity; defiance of reality; indicates vanishing personality control 2:3.5(37;3), 67:1.4-5(754;5)
destroying connection of soul with spirit 146:2.2(1638;2)
eternally rejecting divine forgiveness 153:4.3(1714;2)
inherently and automatically suicidal 2:3.2-5(36;7), 148:5.3(1661;5)
persistent pursuit of sin and error; transgression of divine law 54:0.1-2(613;1), 148:4.5(1660;4)
reveals transient reality of God-unidentified selfhood 118:7.5(1301;2)
wholehearted rebellion against universe, divine reality 67:1.6(755;2)
depart, all who delight in i. 166:3.4(1829;1)
Father abhors i. 149:6.11(1676;5), 159:3.9(1766;5)
habitual sin leads to 67:1.6(755;2)
iniquiters' doom is sealed when they lose the desire to know God and be like him 5:1.11(64;2)
iniquiters never experience sorrow or accept forgiveness for misdeeds 67:1.6(755;2)
Jesus saw most men as weak rather than wicked 196:2.9(2093;3)
some embrace i. 133:3.7(1472;6)
belief in charms destroyed; tradition stifles 66:6.2(749;4), 88:6.6(972;6)
directly proportional to degree of doing Father's will 195:6.16(2078;2)
industrialism should promote 70:2.13(786;9)
Jesus' disciples should always be active, positive 194:3.11(2064;3)
lost when class becomes caste 70:8.13(793;5)
men should make best of their lives 148:5.3(1661;5), 149:5.3(1674;5)
overdevelopment of institutions diminishes 69:1.1(772;4)
Prince's staff preached individual initiative 66:6.2(749;4)
under ghost cults, future not result of effort or talent 87:5.8(963;3)
healing chemicals 65:4.3-6(735;2)
injured boy at Pella 137:0.1(1524;1), 137:1.1,4(1524;2)
Jesus did not believe real harm could befall him 133:1.4(1469;3)
not resisting or combating i. 140:3.14(1571;1), 140:8.4(1579;6)
recompense i. with kindness 131:8.4(1452;2)
refrain from despising material means of healing 164:3.15(1813;2)
do not forcibly resist 140:3.14(1571;1), 140:8.4(1579;6)
faith maintains poise in face of 101:3.4(1108;3), 194:3.12(2064;4)
Socrates taught better to suffer i. than be guilty of it 98:2.6(1079;3)
alone is truly creative 111:4.3(1220;2)
blacksmiths maintained first 69:3.6(774;5)
30 joined kingdom 174:5.5(1903;2)
at Jesus' appearances 190:4sec(2033;4), 193:0sec(2052;1)
at last temple discourse 175:0.1(1905;1)
instructed by Rodan 177:3.5-6(1924;1)
Jesus' final message to 182:2.6(1967;1)
Philip's response to 139:5.9(1557;3)
streamed forth fully armed 183:0.2(1971;2)
1/3 thought Jesus beside himself 137:8.18(1537;5)
Amos's transformation and restoration 151:6.5(1696;3)
confused with demon possession 77:7.6-7(863;7), 141:4.5(1591;1), 148:2.3(1658;6)
incurably insane sentenced to death in continental nation 72:10.1,3(818;4)
none in light and life 55:5.2(629;11)
believed insane persons moon-struck 88:1.9(968;4)
could not distinguish i. from genius 88:1.9(968;4)
often worshiped lunatics 85:6.2(948;2)
uncontrolled and random associations of 133:7.9(1480;1)
insects. 61:2.4(695;2),See also animals
appearance 59:5.7(680;9)
born fully educated 81:6.24(909;5)
fossils of i. preserved in lithographic stone 60:2.6(687;7)
nonprogressive species 65:2.5(732;3)
resting stages of suspended animation evolved 59:6.7(683;4)
worship of i. was misinterpretation of golden rule 85:3.4(946;6)
antidoted by faith 143:7.3(1616;5)
provides opportunity for hope 3:5.8(51;7)
of human experience is viewpoint of religion 103:6.3(1135;5), 103:7.6(1138;4)
consciousness of meanings of meanings 160:1.5(1773;2)
grasping eternal goal-meanings in seemingly insignificant activities 43:8.10(494;9)
humor can help achieve 48:4.18(549;5)
may be exercised prior to experiment 16:7.2-3(193;1)
only poets discern poetry in routine existence 48:7.22(557;6)
power of prevision into future 12:5.10(135;9)
precedes foresight 112:2.2(1228;1)
stars best discerned from lonely isolation of depths 48:7.15(556;1)
unchallengeable consciousness of cosmic reality 112:1.10(1226;5)
animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates 48:5.8(551;3)
Lucifer's i. evolved into deliberate sin 53:2.5(603;1)
mars human minds 9:5.5-7(103;3)
social architect seraphim seek to eliminate artificiality 39:3.4(432;5)
inspiration. See also leadings; revelation: personal revelation; spiritual insight
Jesus' life was i. rather than an example 120:2.7(1328;4), 129:4.7(1425;6), 136:0.1(1509;1), 140:10.3(1585;1), 181:1.3(1953;5), 194:2.8(2061;6), 196:1.5(2091;1)
almost everywhere 19:5.7(220;2)
can detect presence of Adjusters 107:4.4(1180;7)
as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7)
as superconscious teachers 19:5.9(220;4)
can travel from headquarters of one superuniverse to another 23:2.8(259;1)
in outer space 29:5.5(329;5)
not part of revealed superuniverse organization 19:5.3(219;4)
relationship with Architects of Master Universe and Transcendentalers 31:9.13(352;6)
serve Unions of Days in light and life 55:10.3(634;3)
Trinity-origin beings may employ 19:5.3(219;4)
well-nigh independent of time and space 19:5.2(219;3)
in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.5(335;3)
may in future take place of Solitary Messengers 19:5.4(219;5)
one of few wholly secret orders 19:5.1(219;2)
only Solitary Messengers aware of presence 19:5.5-10(219;6), 23:1.9(257;4), 108:3.9(1189;5)
possibly more being created 19:0.2(214;2), 19:5.1(219;2)
presence at inditing of Urantia Papers 19:5.7(220;2)
solitary Spirits, like Solitary Messengers 19:5.4-5(219;5)
superpersonal expression of Paradise Trinity 19:5.2(219;3), 108:3.9(1189;5)
Trinity-origin beings can sometimes recognize and employ 19:5.3,10(219;4)
without discoverable form 42:12.3(483;3)
overmuch sympathy may degenerate into emotional 149:4.3(1673;3)

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