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aggregate of God's acting nature 3:0.3(44;3)
all endowed with personality by Father 26:8.1(293;5)
apprentices of Trinity Teacher Sons 20:8.2(231;2), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.2-4(251;6), 22:9.1(252;3), 55:4.14(628;5)
come to worlds in light and life 55:4.14(628;5), 55:12.2(636;3)
command is to be understanding 26:11.4(297;1)
conceptual potential mobilization 13:1.12(146;1)
destiny is Corps of Trinitized Finaliters 13:1.12(146;1), 22:8.6(252;2), 26:11.2(296;5)
do not grow as do ascenders 117:2.3(1280;3)
embody ideals and experience pertaining to future age 22:7.10(250;4), 117:2.3(1280;3)
gather on 1st circuit of Havona 22:8.5(252;1), 26:11.2(296;5), 27:3.3(300;6)
headquarters in Satania is 5th transition world 45:1.7(510;5)
in personality register 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.9(336;1)
initial training and service under Seven Supreme Executives 17:1.7-8(199;1), 22:8.2(251;6)
mixed liaison types become wards of Architects of Master Universe; go to Vicegerington in company of Solitary Messengers and never leave 22:7.10(250;4), 22:8.6(252;2), 23:4.3(262;4), 31:9.13(352;6)
number 9642 in Nebadon 35:0.1(384;1)
primary and secondary supernaphim are custodians 26:11.2(296;5)
progeny of finaliters and Paradise-Havoners 17:1.7(199;1), 22:7.4-14(249;4), 22:8.1(251;5), 23:4.3(262;4), 30:2.9(336;1)
re-embraced creature-trinitized sons
become Trinitized Sons of Perfection 22:8.4-5(251;8)
re-embrace by Trinity acts only on idea personified 22:9.5(252;7)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.6(524;4)
residence on Paradise worlds of Spirit 13:4.1(149;7)
Solitary Messengers accompany offspring of finaliters and Paradise Citizens 23:4.3(262;4)
speculations concerning destiny 23:4.4(262;5)
supernaphim facilitate confraternity between 26:11.3(296;6)
value to superuniverse governments 22:10.2-7(253;4), 26:2.2(287;1)
70 major divisions of celestial c. 43:1.9(486;8)
all contactable c. in spirit world are friendly 25:7.3(282;7), 47:4.2(534;6)
all have potentially final destiny absolute in value 106:7.4(1169;3)
all inhabit material worlds 11:0.1(118;1), 12:8.1(139;4), 14:2.1(154;3), 14:4.4(157;3)
all need opportunity for function and experience 32:4.2(362;6)
all respond to compass direction 34:4.10(378;7)
arrangement, association of c. produces melodies 44:1.2-3(499;4)
crave association with other c. 10:1.3(109;1)
direct progeny of Father, Son, Spirit, or Trinity exhibit unity of divinity 56:6.1(641;2)
Eternal Son must approve creation of new types 21:2.5(236;3)
Father delegates everything possible 10:1.2(108;5),. See also delegation
glorious spirit-souls of the celestial hosts 44:6.4(506;5)
higher forms freely pass through ordinary matter; material worlds almost entirely unreal to 44:0.8-9(498;3)
nearly infinite in number and order 3:2.8(47;6), 30:0.1(330;1)
no personalities exist of pure mind 30:1.23(334;2)
only those connected with human survival presented 14:4.11(158;2)
many other-than-personal types on Paradise spheres of Son 13:0.6(143;6), 13:3.2-3(149;5)
patterns for all c. in Havona 14:4.8(157;7)
personality registers 30:1-2secs)
persons only love and hate other persons 2:6.8(41;6)
related in 12 groups of 7 major divisions each 49:5.23(568;1)
spirit personalities travel by liaison with spirit energy 46:2.4(521;1)
successive ages redistribute personality groupings 13:2.5(148;4)
Danubians practiced 80:8.5(897;3)
encouraged as means of combating cannibalism 89:5.14(980;3)
once universal throughout Scandinavia 80:9.4(897;7)
used to prevent ghost trouble 87:6.3(964;2)
era of birds and flowering plants, from 100 to 50 million years ago 60:3-4secs)
Crete 130:0.2(1427;2)
brilliant Andites migrated to C. in 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2,7,12(895;2)
home of Jacob, Jewish trader 142:2.1(1597;1)
Jesus' experience on 130:5-6secs)
Philistines were political refugees from 74:8.9(838;1)
Thomas preached in 139:8.13(1563;1)
vogue of mother cult in 80:7.7(895;7), 80:8.5(897;3)
dealing with c. in continental nation 72:6.9(814;11), 72:10sec(818;4)
of honor. See lynch law
c. was assault upon tribal mores 70:11.4(797;2)
detected c. by ordeals of poison, fire, and pain 70:10.5-7(795;2)
disregarded motive 70:10.3(794;8)
killed someone when nonviolent death occurred 90:3.6(990;1)
shamans specialized in detecting c. 90:2.1(987;5)
severity of punishment less deterrent to c. than its certainty and swiftness 70:10.15(796;5)
in continental nation
potential criminals sentenced to life 72:10.2(818;5)
segregated into self-supporting colonies 72:10.1(818;4)
serious habitual criminals sentenced to death 72:10.1(818;4)
Jesus' talk with the condemned c. in Corinth 133:4.12(1475;5)

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