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divine rest. See rest: divine rest
administered from D. 108:3.7(1189;3)
return to D. after death of subject 20:4.3(227;1), 40:4.1(444;4), 40:9.2(450;4)
transit time to Urantia from D. is 117 hours 108:1.9(1186;7)
bosom of the Father 13:1.4(144;4), 13:2.7(148;6)
landings on D. forbidden 13:1.2(144;2), 13:2.7-8(148;6), 107:3.1,3-5)
Paradise rendezvous of Adjusters, Gravity Messengers, and other Father fragments only 13:0.6(143;6), 13:1.4-6(144;4), 107:3sec(1179;4)
secrets include mission of Adjusters, Father fragments 13:1.5-6(144;5)
divinity. See also spirit
attained by conforming to will of Creator 130:4.3(1434;2)
cohesive qualities 106:2.4(1165;1)
comprehended as truth, beauty, goodness; love, mercy, ministry; justice, power, sovereignty 0:1.17(3;4), 44:7.4(507;5), 56:10.20(648;3)
comprehended in worship, service, and personal spiritual experience 56:10.3(646;4), 101:10.4(1116;5)
consciousness of d. is progressive spiritual experience 12:8.15(140;11)
divine technique in approach to d. 27:4.2(301;3)
enriched by creature and Creator experience 0:12.3(15;9)
evil inherent in segmentalized conception of d. 19:1.4(215;1)
fruits are peace, progress, satisfaction, joy, wisdom 56:10.20(648;3)
functions in mortal personality as Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and Supreme 101:2.10(1107;2)
greatness is Godlikeness 28:6.22(317;3)
humbly obedient to creature choice 13:4.5(150;4)
in Supreme Creators 56:5.3(640;7)
may be imperfect on creature levels 0:1.18(3;5)
no scientific proofs of d.; discoverable only by faith 101:10.4,6(1116;5)
not self-centered 10:1.3(109;1)
Paradise residents partake of essence of 26:7.4(293;2)
plural in manifestation 34:6.2(380;3)
pursuit of d. leads to kingdom of God 54:0.1(613;1)
spirit gravity is qualitative measure of 12:8.5(140;1)
stability always proportional to 12:6.1(135;11)
unifying and co-ordinating quality of Deity 0:1.2,16-18)
divorce 83:7sec(928;2),. See also marriage
absence of ideals of national leaders explains 111:4.10(1220;9)
d. is safety valve preventing still worse situations 83:7.8(929;2)
disgraceful laxity of Pharisaic interpretations 167:5.2-4(1838;3)
easy d. leads back to crude societal stages 83:7.7(929;1)
Hildana forsook her wicked husband 162:3.5(1793;4)
indicates Deity was not conjoining party to marriage 83:8.4(929;7)
Jesus condemned practices giving man advantage 167:5.4(1839;1)
Jesus refused to lay down laws regarding d. 140:8.14(1581;1)
laws in continental nation (72:3.8 9)
marrying with thought of convenient d. if not wholly pleased 82:3.15(917;3)
not favored in days of Adam 140:6.6(1576;6)
premarital education reduces 83:7.7-8(929;1)
property penalty did much to lessen 83:7.3(928;4)
woman's greater economic liberty contributes to 83:7.7(929;1), 83:8.9(930;5)
avoid attitude of finality in 182:1.8(1965;2)
believers should reply to dogmatism with more farseeing dogmatism 102:7.7-9(1127;1)
cosmic mind response negates a priori assumptions 16:6.4(191;7)
doctrinal fetish betrays man into cruelty 88:2.7(969;5)
dogmatism enslaves spiritual nature 99:6.1(1092;1)
indolent resort to false shelter of stereotyped 102:2.7(1120;4)
Jesus deplored dogmatism 141:5.4(1592;2)
Jesus warned against using creeds to control believers 141:5.4(1592;2)
lifeless 155:6.9(1732;2)
most terrible tyrant which enslaves man 88:2.7(969;5)
only unqualified reality can consistently be dogmatic 102:7.8(1127;2)
philosophy struggles for emancipation from dogma 12:9.5(141;6)
powerless to transform human character 34:6.6(380;7)
religions can agree on values while maintaining belief in conflicting creeds 103:1.4(1130;3)
religious groups should remove all creedal pressure 103:5.12(1135;2)
uniformity unattainable in creeds 92:7.4(1012;5)
dogs. See also foxes; wolves
at first only howled; later barked 69:7.4(778;7)
brought Abel's flocks home without their master 76:2.7(849;1)
cannot know God 130:2.8(1431;3)
charged swine at Kheresa 151:6.6(1696;4)
detected approach of ghosts 87:6.4(964;3)
eat crumbs which fall from children's table 156:1.5(1735;1)
first adopted by blue man 81:2.7(902;1)
first animal to be domesticated; used for food, hunting, transportation, companionship 66:5.5(746;3), 69:7.4(778;7)
held in high esteem as pet and as food 89:5.16(980;5)
in Miocene, Oligocene 61:2.7(695;5), 61:3.13(697;8)
in North American ice age 61:5.7(699;8)
Jesus and Ganid played with d. 130:2.8(1431;3)
present not what is holy to 140:3.18(1571;5)
sacred animal of Parsees 88:1.4(967;6)
watchdogs made it possible to sleep at night 69:7.4(778;7), 84:3.10(934;9)
accurate record of Hebrew history; destroyed by priests 97:8.1(1070;4)
accurate record of Hebrew history; destroyed by priests 97:8.1(1070;4)
first employed as talisman for barren wife 88:6.4(972;4)
Chicago's sunlight bill would be $100 million/day 58:2.1(665;4)
sunlight would be economical at $1 million/pound 41:5.2(460;6)
placental mammal that returned to sea 61:2.11(696;2)
Andite invasion route to Europe 80:4.1-2(892;4)
Greeks and Romans looked down upon riders of 172:5.12(1886;4)
Jesus entered Jerusalem on 172:3.4-5(1881;2)
Joseph owned 125:3.2(1381;2)
kings on mission of peace rode upon 172:5.5,8(1884;4)
Mary rode to Bethlehem on 122:7.4,7(1350;6)
doom. See death: spiritual death
Jesus stands at d. and knocks 1:4.2(26;4), 159:3.2(1765;4), 166:3.7(1829;4)
wise man seeks for key to unlock 160:3.4(1778;2)
custom of smearing blood on 89:7.2(982;1)
young Jesus remonstrated regarding custom of touching parchment on 124:4.7(1372;4)
Gadiah and Peter argued in home of 130:1.3(1428;3)
Joseph's brethren sold him into Egyptian slavery at 126:1.2(1387;2)
alone, can never prevent survival 110:3.5(1206;3)
believers' certain reply to 102:6.5(1124;7), 102:7.6-9(1126;6)
believers' only battle is against 159:3.8(1766;4), 165:5.5(1824;1)
do not fear; Spirit of Truth will speak 34:7.8(383;2)
doubting messengers carried message just as swiftly 190:1.6(2030;5)
faith triumphant over 101:0.3(1104;3), 102:6.7(1125;2), 103:8.4-5(1140;4), 182:3.11(1970;1)
first 7 years of rebellion were times of heart searching 67:3.7(756;8)
honest d. is not sin 102:1.1(1118;4)
inhibits free expression 196:0.11(2089;1)
Jesus experienced d. 124:4.2(1371;5), 136:8.3(1520;4)
Jesus loved honest doubters 139:8.6(1561;6)
John the Baptist swept aside 135:4.6(1499;6), 135:7.1(1503;1)
most stubbornly asserts itself just before crumbling 191:5.4(2043;2)
reference in 23rd Psalm 48:6.8(552;6)
spiritual rebirth gives power to overcome all 142:5.3(1601;3)
temptation to doubt vanishes on 3rd circuit of Havona 26:9.3(295;1)
Thomas afflicted by 139:8.10(1562;4), 181:2.26(1961;5)
be harmless as 140:8.13(1580;8), 140:9.3(1584;2), 163:1.3(1800;5), 178:1.7(1930;4)
James brother of Jesus sold 126:3.12(1391;2)
Mary maintained dovecote on rooftop 123:4.4(1361;4)
priests overcharged for sacrificial 122:10.2(1354;1), 173:1.2(1888;5)
symbols of peace and love 85:3.4(946;6)

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