The Urantia Book Fellowship
representative government unthinkable without 71:2.8(802;7)
Jesus denounced belief in 150:3.12(1681;7)
Primates, Andonites developed 63:1.2-3(711;5), 63:5.6(715;6)
spiders 59:5.7(680;9), 65:2.5(732;3)
spies. See also Sanhedrin: Sanhedrin spies
secret societies were first 70:7.12(792;1)
women employed as 69:3.11(774;10)
cruse of s. cost man's annual income; Mary poured onto Jesus 172:1.5-8(1879;3)
Absolutes seem to supervene 4:1.8(55;6)
circuits. See gravity: types: spirit gravity
Eternal Son has infinite drawing power over 6:4.1(76;1)
gravity. See gravity: types: spirit gravity
in man 34:6sec(380;2)
Adjuster can speak directly and immediately with 1st psychic circler 110:6.15(1210;10)
Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects 101:4.3(1109;5), 108:6.7(1193;6), 110:1.1(1203;3)
blunder to exalt reaction of mind to divine dignity 110:5.5(1208;4)
conspiracy of s. forces deliver us from matter 34:6.9(381;3)
grasps eternal meanings in insignificant activities 43:8.10(494;9)
impresses men that they ought to believe in God 101:1.7(1105;4)
inner spiritual communion 101:1.3(1104;6)
kingdom endowment of spiritual liberty 170:2.1-8(1859;4)
knowledge of sonship with God 196:3.31(2097;2)
man's threefold endowment of Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit 56:3.6(639;6), 194:2.11(2061;9)
many untrammeled lines of force link Urantians directly with Deities 9:2.3(100;5)
meaning of meanings 160:1.5(1773;2)
moral values and spiritual meanings 196:3.10(2094;9)
most powerful driving force in world 194:3.4(2063;2)
only moral beings seek for spiritual insight 52:6.5(597;6)
s. and the flesh 34:7sec(382;1)
s. bears witness with our s. that we are children of God 34:6.2(380;3), 101:2.11(1107;3)
s. dominance essential to personality unity and survival 40:5.4(445;5), 116:6sec(1275;1), 133:7.10(1480;2)
s. force breaks through material resistance 166:3.8(1829;5)
s. influences operating on Urantia, listed 92:0.2-5(1003;2)
s. is willing, but flesh is weak 182:3.4(1968;5)
seeks truth of living 101:9.5(1115;6)
spirits of Gods indwell and hover over us 27:7.5(304;3)
transitions of s. co-operation always gradual 65:7.7(739;3)
matter, mind, and s. 12:8sec(139;4)
mind does not have to be added to s. 112:0.14(1226;2)
ministry unified in Creator Sons and Mother Spirits 56:3.4(639;4)
nature of spirit 16:4.6(189;7)
absolute of s. converges in Father 12:8.13(140;9), 56:1.4(638;2)
all s. forces are one in function, as one in the Supreme 8:5.4(95;7), 34:6.2(380;3)
always intelligent, minded 6:6.2(78;5), 9:4.2(102;2), 65:8.5(740;1)
beyond understanding of human minds 39:2.6(430;2)
divine purpose 9:4.5(102;5)
essence of life 42:1.1(467;3)
faculty of human personality 101:1.5(1105;2)
fundamental reality of personality experience; goal of all personalities 1:3.5(25;5), 12:8.12-14(140;8), 12:9.1(141;2), 16:4.6(189;7)
habit and personal conduct of Eternal Son 7:0.4(81;4)
in pure form, s. is preresponsive to gravity 12:8.12(140;8), 56:1.3(638;1)
matter and morontia are reflected shadow of s. 189:1.3(2021;2)
mind interassociates s. with matter 12:6.3(136;1)
never drives, only leads 34:6.11(381;5)
nonexistent to purely material beings 11:3.1(120;4)
one with energy on Paradise 9:6.7(104;5)
originates from one source in threefold expression 56:3.6(639;6)
perceives time as motion Godward 12:5.8(135;7)
quickens, gives life 34:6.5(380;6)
s. patterns do not occupy, displace, or contain space 118:3.7(1297;8)
s. personality forms highly individual 42:12.4(483;4)
s. polarity requires certain angels to work in complemental pairs 26:1.9(286;4)
s. values. See values
strives for dominance over matter in personality 12:8.14(140;10), 25:1.4(274;1), 44:0.8-9(498;3), 170:2.5(1859;8), 170:4.3(1863;2)
unchanging 12:8.14(140;10)
undiminished in transmission 7:1.2(82;1)
unerringly seeks and attains original levels 34:6.4(380;5)
what responds to Eternal Son's s. circuit 0:6.1(9;3)
source of spirit
emerges from potentials of Deity Absolute 6:5.2(77;5), 7:1.11(83;3)
Eternal Son supreme in s., which converges in him 0:3.8(5;7), 6:4.1(76;1), 7:1.4(82;3), 12:6.2(135;12)
genesis, manifestation, and destiny in 3rd triunity 104:4.11(1149;2)
initial outflowing 8:1.5(91;2)
s. design is controlled by Trinity 21:2.8(236;6)
s. philosophy is endowment of Spirit of Truth 101:3.2(1108;1)
s. reason is endowment of Holy Spirit 101:3.2(1108;1)
s. takes origin only from s. 36:6.2(403;7)
spirit energy
acts in accordance with established laws 44:5.4(505;1)
controlled by Universe Circuit Supervisors 24:1.1(265;1)
melody produced by management of 7 s. forces 44:1.2(499;4)
of primary circuits sustains angels 26:1.10(286;5)
use results in exhaustion; must be replenished 34:6.5(380;6), 44:5.8-10(505;5)
spirit mind is divine purpose in action 9:4.5(102;5)
spirit knowledge must be superconsciously received 19:5.9(220;4)
spirit work impossible in absence of spiritual power 158:6.4(1758;5)
what cannot be spiritualized will eventually be disorganized 21:5.4(241;1)
ascending mortal in Corps of Finality 194:2.12(2062;1)
of conciliating commissions 25:2.7(275;7)
superior seraphim serving ascenders on Salvington 39:2.6(430;2)
shamans utilized 90:2.1(987;5)
Spirit-fused mortals 37:5.1-4(410;4), 40:9sec(450;3),. See also fusion; mortals: planetary types
associated with Celestial Guardians on Uversa 22:9.4(252;6), 40:10.9(453;4)
depend on seraphic associates, records, for immediate reconstruction of human memory 40:9.4-9(450;6), 112:6.8(1236;6)
achieve unsurpassed wisdom regarding their local universe 37:5.11(411;9), 40:10.6(453;1)
do not ordinarily attain Paradise or become finaliters 37:5.2,3,6(410;5)
local universe Corps of Perfection 37:5.3-4(411;1)
majority become permanent citizens of local universes 37:5.2(410;5), 40:9.9(451;5), 40:10.1-2,10)
may become
High Commissioners 37:5.1(410;4)
Trinitized Ambassadors 22:6.1(248;6)
Trinitized Sons of Attainment 40:10.12(454;1)
Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2), 40:10.12(454;1)
Universe Aids 37:5.4(411;2)
some are transformed and ascend to superuniverse or even Paradise 37:5.11(411;9), 40:10.9-10(453;4)
go through mansion worlds 37:5.2(410;5), 47:4.2(534;6)
guardian angels serving 48:6.13(553;5)
in charge of 8th Salvington circuit 37:5.10(411;8)
in personality registers 30:1.9,18(331;5), 30:2.8,19(335;6)
included in Father's personality circuit 40:9.1(450;3)
may revisit nativity worlds in subsequent planetary dispensations 40:9.9(451;5)
not numerous in Nebadon 37:5.2(410;5)
resurrection procedure 49:6.6(569;1)
spirit fragmentations do not indwell mortals during life in flesh 30:1.18(333;4)
Spirit fusion
achieved on series 1 and series 2 planets 109:3.2-3(1197;4)
Andon's immediate descendants achieved 63:7.2(717;3)
fusion takes place upon morontia awakening 40:9.1(450;3)
fusion with fragment of local universe Mother Spirit 37:5.2(410;5)
fusion with premind of spirit of Infinite Spirit 30:1.18(333;4), 40:9.1,3(450;3), 107:1.7(1178;1)
loaned Adjusters prepare subjects; build up their souls 37:5.1-4(410;4), 40:5.7,11(446;1), 40:9.2(450;4)
never occurs during mortal life 40:9.1(450;3)
nonbreathers are candidates for Spirit fusion 49:3.5(564;1)
primitive races undergo 52:1.6(590;2)
susatia closely associated with 37:9.3(414;8)
Urantia mortals will not become 30:4.2(340;4)
why some are Spirit-fused 40:10sec(452;1)
worlds of Spirit-fused mortals evolve identically with Adjuster-fusion series 55:0.4(621;4)

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