The Urantia Book Fellowship
advancement in all phases of religious experience 102:2.4(1120;1)
and individual effort achieve perfection 32:3.9(361;4)
become God's sons by 144:4.3(1621;2), 144:5.3(1622;2)
creature's need sufficient to call forth God's full mercy 2:4.2,4(38;2)
empowers performance 144:5.7(1623;2)
few mortals draw available personality credits 48:7.6(556;6)
grow in g. by living faith 147:8.5(1656;6)
lavish mercy credit established for survival of all 28:6.5(314;4)
survivors enjoy extended opportunity for spiritual attainment interrupted by death 45:7.1(517;3)
time lag between sin and penalty 54:3.2(615;4), 54:4sec(615;6)
Jesus seldom neglected 143:3.4(1611;2)
primitive method 87:2.9(960;3)
aroma of friendliness from love-saturated soul 171:7.1(1874;4)
Jerusem measure of weight; equals 10 Urantia ounces 46:1.2(519;3)
among Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit 26:6.1(292;1)
are transformed in divine embrace 24:7.2-3(271;1)
example of Sudna 24:7.5(271;4)
Havona Servitals assist 25:1.5-6(274;2), 26:7.4(293;2)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
Malvorian was the first 24:6.4-6(270;2)
minister on all circuits of Havona 26:6.1(292;1)
never leave Havona 24:0.3(264;3), 24:6.9(270;7)
pilot pilgrims through Havona worlds; stay with same pilgrim throughout 24:6.1,3(269;5), 26:9.5(270;7), 26:10.7(296;3)
training program for 25:1.5(274;2)
transformed Havona Servitals 24:7.1-7(270;8), 25:1.7(274;4)
determines nature of fruit 102:7.4(1126;4)
apostles rubbed g. on Sabbath 147:6.4(1654;3)
custom to throw g. upon newlyweds 83:4.5(925;1)
Tibetan religious leader 94:10.2(1038;6)
7 superuniverses plus Havona 0:0.6(1;6), 12:1.7(129;5), 15:2.9(166;8)
Ancients of Days and Seven Master Spirits are eternally fixed as administrators of 0:8.4(12;2)
dependent on future universes of outer space for finite transcendence 117:6.20(1290;6)
dependent upon unfailing energies emanating from nether Paradise 116:7.2(1276;3)
ever seeks for complete unification 117:1.3(1279;1)
incomplete, unsettled; present edge is ragged 12:1.7(129;5)
living organism 116:7sec(1276;2)
registry number for Urantia 15:14.8(182;6)
seven Supreme Spirit groups are directors of 17:0.1(197;1)
supreme center supervisors regulate energy circuits of 29:2.3(321;2)
uses only 5% of Paradise gravity 12:3.4(132;2)
civilized man loves his 66:7.4(750;6), 84:7.10(940;6)
acting head of Corps of the Finality 112:7.13(1239;2)
chief of Supreme Council of Destiny 31:10.2-3,13)
exclusive jurisdiction over Gravity Messengers 31:2.1(346;7)
first mortal to attain Havona; space reports of glory inaugurated upon his arrival 7:5.8(87;2), 24:6.4-8(270;2), 119:0.2(1308;2)
from superuniverse #1 24:6.8(270;6)
Malvorian was Graduate Guide assigned to 24:6.4-6(270;2)
began forming 1-1/2 billion years ago 57:7.5(659;4)
cooled lava 58:5.5(668;7)
clusters on lintel of synagogue 153:2.8(1710;6)
Jeremiah on sour 145:2.5-6(1630;1)
grass 60:3.19(690;10), 61:3.2(696;6)
God clothes 165:5.3(1823;3)
Carboniferous deposits 59:5.10(681;2)
graves. See also tombs
first land titles granted for 69:9.14(782;1)
30 energy systems comprise 15:8.2(175;5), 29:2.6-8(321;5)
also known as universe power 0:6.7(9;9)
constitution of material organizations in superuniverses 11:8.7(126;3), 42:5.6(475;2)
energy responsive to linear gravity; electronic stage 0:6.7(9;9)
Paradise postgravity response 11:8.7(126;3)
power centers and physical controllers partially control 15:8.2(175;5), 29:2.6-8(321;5)
responds to Paradise gravity 0:6.7(9;9)
working energy useful to superuniverses 42:2.14-15(470;5)
absolute circuits of personality, spirit, mind, and energy-matter 12:3.1(131;4), 15:9.1-2(176;6)
absolute presence circuits independent of time and space 12:3.2(131;5), 42:11.4(482;2)
absolute presence circuits not related to nether Paradise force center 12:3.1-2(131;4), 12:8.2(139;5)
all forms of force-energy subject to presences of 12:3.1(131;4)
centers in Father's personal presence 11:1.4(119;1), 56:1.3(638;1)
creation inherently coheres and consists in God 3:1.7(45;5)
laws of force, energy, and matter 15:4.1(169;1)
life and pattern not responsive to 0:6.10-13(10;2), 36:6.6(404;4)
Paradise Deities act directly in circuits of 116:3.1(1270;5)
unification is universal and unvarying 56:1.3(638;1)
types of gravity
material gravity 12:3.4(132;2)
acts in plane perpendicular to mass 11:8.9(126;5)
antigravity annuls within a local frame 9:3.3(101;3)
ascenders' minds become less subject to 7:3.2(84;2), 12:8.5(140;1)
calcium atom partially defies g. 41:6.4-5(462;2)
converges in nether Paradise 0:3.6(5;5), 3:2.4(47;2), 5:6.11(71;6), 11:1.4(119;1), 11:8.2(125;5)
creation of each universe requires adjustment of 3:4.2(49;6)
creation of Havona first evidence of 8:1.4(91;1)
dark gravity bodies encircling Havona complement Paradise g. 11:8.2(125;5)
equilibrated by motion and space 12:4.16(134;5)
factors preventing g. from converting all energy to matter 15:8.5-6(175;8)
first operative upon creation of Havona 8:1.4(91;1)
heat disrupts stability of 42:4.8(473;6)
highly predictable 12:6.5(136;3)
independent of time 42:11.4(482;2)
less on Jerusem than Urantia 45:0.1(509;1)
linear (local) gravity
computable in terms of Paradise g. 12:3.4(132;2)
Force Organizers retire in favor of Power Directors upon appearance of linear g. 42:2.12(470;3)
not fully operative below level of atomic matter electrons 42:4.3(473;1)
pertains to electrical stage of energy or matter; operates upon materialization 11:8.3(125;6)
Lucifer said g. was inherent 53:3.2(603;3)
maintains suns' brilliance 41:8.2(464;4)
many nonpersonal beings utilize g. for transit, as do Gravity Messengers and Transcendental Recorders 23:3.2(260;6)
mass in matter retards velocity in energy 15:8.3(175;6)
organizes matter 15:8.10(176;5)
Paradise gravity is form of 11:8.7(126;3)
pervaded space exerts antigravity influence 11:8.3(125;6)
physical presence of Paradise is source and substance of g. 9:1.7(100;1), 9:3.1(101;1), 11:8.1(125;4)
prevents theoretical absolute zero 42:4.6(473;4)
quantitative determiner of nonspirit energy 12:8.5(140;1)
real and eternally dependable 9:3.1(101;1)
response modified by intervening space inversely as square of distance 42:11.5(482;3)
science can never know what it actually is 133:5.4(1476;6)
sole control of energy-matter 0:6.11(10;3)
Solitary Messengers highly sensitive to 23:2.13(259;6)
source of solar energy 41:7.3(463;3)
ultimatons not subject to 41:9.2(465;2)
mind gravity 3:1.6(45;4), 9:6sec(103;6), 12:3.6(132;4)
85% takes origin in existing grand universe 12:3.6(132;4)
centers in Infinite Spirit 5:6.11(71;6), 11:1.4(119;1), 56:3.1(639;1)
circuit in Nebadon 34:4.1(377;5)
draws all divine thoughts and perfect ideas 9:6.2(103;7)
independent of time 42:11.4(482;2)
Material Sons maintain immortal status through circuit of 75:7.5(845;5)
mind-energy manipulator celestial artisans use in intercommunication 44:5.3(504;7)
part of Infinite Spirit's personal consciousness 9:6.1(103;6)
unerringly clutches all vital meanings 115:6.1(1265;2)
Paradise gravity 3:1.6(45;4), 11:8sec(125;4)
Adjusters traverse space over instantaneous and universal circuits of 107:6.4-5(1182;6)
all forms of basic energy obey 12:1.1(128;4)
also known as absolute gravity 11:8.3(125;6), 41:9.2(465;2), 42:2.12(470;3)
best illustration of unity of material universes 56:1.2(637;4)
form of physical g. 11:8.7(126;3)
grand universe absorbs only 5% of 12:3.4(132;2)
grasps basic units of matter 21:2.12(237;2), 115:6.1(1265;2)
holds physical universes together 8:4.1(94;3)
lines of g. of energies in matter dependent on Paradise 42:1.2(467;4)
Master Force Organizers modify segregata to be responsive to 11:8.6(126;2), 42:2.11(470;2)
stages of response 11:8.4-7(125;7)
Superuniverse Centers begin function when ultimata discloses unmistakable response to 42:2.23(471;7)
swing of eternal circle of universe 41:9.2(465;2)
ultimata not responsive to 15:4.1(169;1)
ultimatons responsive to 41:9.2(465;2), 42:6.3(476;5)
personality gravity. See personality circuit
spirit gravity 3:1.6(45;4), 7:1sec(81;6), 12:3.5(132;3)
adequate for an unlimited universe 6:4.1(76;1)
as real and absolute as material g. 7:1.3(82;2), 12:8.4(139;7)
attracts in accordance with degree of spirit nature, its quality and degree of actuality 7:1.3-4,8)
circuit is like neural circuits in human body 7:3.4(84;4)
circuits are never permanent possession of ascenders 117:5.7-8(1286;5)
circuits in Nebadon are Holy Spirit and Spirit of Truth 34:4.1(377;5)
exists to lesser degree in many Paradise orders of sonship 7:1.5(82;4)
finaliter alliance with 117:5.3(1286;1)
holds all spiritualized individuals 7:3.2(84;2)
independent of time and space; undiminished in transmission 7:1.2(82;1), 34:3.5(377;1), 42:11.4(482;2)
leads directly back to, centers in, Eternal Son 5:6.11(71;6), 6:3.2(75;7), 6:4.1(76;1), 6:5.2(77;5), 7:1.1(81;6), 7:5.6(86;7), 7:6.7(88;5), 11:1.4(119;1), 12:8.4(139;7), 34:3.5(377;1), 44:5.4(505;1), 56:3.1(639;1)
literally pulls mortal souls Paradiseward 7:3.2(84;2)
Michael's spirit g. is same as Eternal Son's would be in Nebadon 33:1.3(366;4)
not operative on outer space levels 12:3.5(132;3)
operates directly upon fundamental values of spirit existence 115:6.1(1265;2)
qualitative measure of divinity 12:8.5(140;1)
reactions are dependable and measurable 7:1.8(82;7)
sin and rebellion do not interfere with 7:1.7(82;6)
spirit presence of Eternal Son is channel of all spirit communion 194:2.12(2062;1)
transmits genuine prayers 7:3.3(84;3)

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