The Urantia Book Fellowship
2nd phase of transmutation of segregata into universe power 42:2.12(470;3)
brought into being by Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers 42:2.12(470;3)
Paradise gravity-responding energy, ancestor of all matter; form of ultimata 42:2.12(470;3)
supreme center supervisors function with all phenomena below level of 29:2.4(321;3)
all but infinite spirits; inscrutable work 31:2.2(347;1), 108:4.5(1191;1)
commanded by Grandfanda and finaliter corps 31:2.1(346;7)
are modified and personalized Adjusters 31:2.2(347;1)
Divinington home of 13:1.6(145;1), 31:2.2(347;1)
in Paradise classification 30:1.11(332;2)
liaison with Brilliant Evening Stars 37:2.11(408;3)
not available to superuniverse administrators 23:3.2(260;6)
one becomes finaliter with present staff of 999; unlimited reserves available 31:2.3(347;2)
personal messengers able to move independently of time and space 23:2.16(260;3), 31:2.1(346;7)
space messages of 44:5.7(505;4)
without discoverable form 42:12.3(483;3)
Onagar's concept of the hereafter 63:6.7(716;6)
created in ice age 61:7.10(701;9)
Egyptians expected ka would be waiting on other side 111:0.6(1215;6)
Onamonalonton referred to God as 45:4.5(513;6), 64:6.7(723;6)
parable of 167:2sec(1835;1)
seek the g., and the lesser will be found therein 165:5.3(1823;3)
dual Buddhist concept of God and the Absolute 94:12.2(1040;6)
Mahayana Buddhism; progressive doctrine 94:9.4-5(1038;2)
achieved by steadfastly beholding and pursuing goodness 28:6.21-22(317;2), 56:10.12(647;3), 100:7.17(1103;5)
always unconscious growth 100:1.7(1095;2)
derives from doing will of God 39:4.14(435;7)
gained by making wise and divine use of one's strength 48:7.27(557;11)
greatest is server of all 56:10.14(647;5), 140:1.6(1569;3), 171:0.6(1868;1), 175:1.10(1907;2)
manifested by self-control 28:6.20(317;1)
shown in unselfish labor for worthy beings in need and distress 28:6.20(317;1), 140:4.6(1572;6)
spiritual g. consists in understanding love 158:6.3(1758;4)
synonymous with divinity 28:6.21(317;2)
true magnitude of survival character 28:6.22(317;3)
worldly greatness
apostles desired preference 138:7.1(1543;4), 158:4.4(1756;1), 158:6.2-3(1758;3), 158:8.1(1761;2), 171:0.6(1868;1), 179:1sec(1936;6), 179:3.9(1940;1)
refrain from contending for g. 179:1sec(1936;6), 179:5.7(1942;6)
Greece 98:1sec(1077;5),. See also Athens; Corinth; Greeks
Greek history
Andrew crucified in Achaia 139:1.12(1550;3)
art and genius was direct legacy of Adamson and Ratta 77:5.10(862;4), 80:7.5(895;5)
art and science from Mesopotamia, Adamsonites 80:7.5(895;5)
Aryan invaders nearly destroyed Salem teachings 98:1.2(1077;6)
Athens cultural center of 133:5.1-2(1476;3)
Corinth capital of Achaia 133:2.5(1471;4)
Hellenistic Empire could not endure 195:1.8(2072;1)
hordes of inferior slaves 80:7.6,13(895;6), 98:1.1(1077;5)
in 5000 B.C., purest Adamite strains were in 80:7.9(896;1)
influence on Rome 98:3.3(1080;5)
naval invasion of Egypt 96:3.5(1056;2)
settled by 375 Adamsonites ca. 10,000 B.C. 80:7.3-4(895;3)
some Andites entered Europe via 80:4.1(892;4)
Greek language
Jesus spoke 123:2.7(1358;4), 123:5.1,6(1362;2)
New Testament written in 195:2.7(2073;2)
spoken by better strata of Jews in times of Jesus 121:6.2(1338;5)
translation of Hebrew scriptures into Greek 123:0.3(1355;3), 123:3.1(1359;2), 126:5.6(1393;3), 150:8.1(1684;4)
widespread in times of Jesus 121:1.1,3(1332;2)
Greek religion 98:1-2secs). See also mystery cults; Platonism
absence of priests and sacred scriptures freed minds 98:1.5(1078;3), 98:2.7(1079;4), 98:6.1(1083;1)
advanced ethical system practically without Deity 98:2.11(1080;1)
annual ritual bathing 85:4.1(946;8)
30 stones reverenced 85:1.3(945;1)
defilement arose from pork, garlic, and menstruating women 84:4.8(936;1)
in 3 souls 86:5.13(955;5)
in immortality, provisionally 195:2.8(2073;3)
in oracles 90:2.8(988;4)
man descending from perfection to destruction 148:4.9(1660;8)
matter as shadow of spirit 12:8.16(141;1)
triad gods 104:0.3(1143;3)
weak men have weak souls 86:4.8(953;7)
did not promise salvation or quench spiritual thirst, therefor perished 98:2.1(1078;5)
distinction between inanimate and animate 103:6.10(1136;5)
exalted beauty 191:5.3(2043;1), 196:3.16(2095;3)
G. had philosophy and science, but hardly a religion 130:3.5(1432;5), 155:1.4(1726;1)
of Amenemope 95:4.4(1046;5)
of Ikhnaton 95:5.14(1049;2)
on Christianity 98:7.10(1084;9), 195:0-1secs)
intelligent Greeks never regarded Greek gods seriously 98:1.4(1078;2), 98:2.4(1079;1), 195:1.6-7(2071;6)
mythology more aesthetic than ethic 98:1.6(1078;4)
orgiastic plunge into mystery cults 98:2.10-11(1079;7)
philosophy aimed at emergence of individual 195:1.1(2071;1)
promised salvation from disharmony 5:4.5-8(67;3)
source of mythological traditions 80:7.5(895;5)
thought contrasted to that of Hebrews 98:2.7-9(1079;4)
was trivial and venal 98:3.2(1080;4)
watchword was "know yourself" 5:4.8(67;6)

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