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Greeks. See also Greece
backbone of early Christian church 195:3.6(2074;1)
carried Christianity to whole Roman Empire 195:0-1secs)
contrasted with Jews and Romans 191:5.3(2043;1)
favored monogamous marriage 83:6.3(927;4)
great teachers, artists, traders, and colonizers 80:7.12-13(896;4)
individual Greeks
Anaxagoras 98:2.6(1079;3)
Aristotle 98:2.6(1079;3), 121:6.3(1338;6)
contractor in Corinth 133:4.6(1474;6)
mistress of inn in Corinth 133:4.8(1475;1)
philosopher in Athens 133:5sec(1476;3)
philosopher in Ramah 146:3.1-2(1641;3), 148:8.2(1666;1)
physician in Rome 132:4.5(1461;3)
Plato 92:5.9(1009;6), 98:2.6(1079;3)
Sato, leader of Adamsonite settlers 80:7.3-4(895;3)
not much interested in philosophy of self-realization, abstract Deity 98:2.10(1079;7)
plunged into intellectual stagnation, moral depravity, and spiritual poverty 98:2.10-11(1079;7)
recognized disease results from natural causes 90:3.9(990;4), 90:4.9(992;1)
treated women better than most 84:5.6(937;3)
understood evolutionary character of human progress 74:8.5(837;4)
willing to borrow good ideas 195:1.3(2071;3)
green race 64:6.17-20(724;7),. See also races
destroyed and absorbed remnants of orange race 100,000 years ago 64:6.11,13,18(724;1), 64:7.14,16(728;3)
by 15,000 B.C. 78:3.7(871;3)
enslaved and absorbed by yellow, blue, and indigo races 51:4.6(585;2), 64:6.18-20(724;8)
race is particularly subject to destruction 52:2.5(591;5)
virtually destroyed themselves by war 64:7.7(727;4)
on 24 counselors 45:4.9(513;10)
revival of culture under, 350,000 years ago 64:6.17(724;7)
in southern Europe in 15,000 B.C. 64:6.11,13,18(724;1), 64:7.14,16(728;3)
India absorbed much of 64:6.18(724;8), 79:2.2(879;8)
indigo in Sahara carried extensive strains of 78:1.10(869;6), 80:1.4(889;6)
less able group 64:6.17(724;7)
persisted in Burma, India, Indo-China, southern Pacific islands 64:6.18(724;8), 78:1.9(869;5), 79:6.2-3,7)
strains of giantism 51:4.2(584;4), 64:6.19(724;9)
Andonite migration to 64:7.16-18(728;5), 78:1.5(869;1)
connected Europe to North America 59:5.20(682;3), 61:1.7(694;4)
geology 59:1.13(674;3), 59:4.14(679;7), 60:4.3(692;1), 61:1.7(694;4), 61:2.3(695;1), 61:3.1(696;5), 61:5.4(699;5), 61:5.6(699;7)
slow westward drift 58:4.3(668;1)
used in Urantia Papers 57:0.1(651;1), 126:3.1(1389;4)
3 persons are minimum group 10:2.3(110;1), 39:3.6(432;7)
celestial involvement
Creator Son rules in relations between g. 32:4.3-4(363;1)
dispensational resurrections keep g. together for long effective service 30:4.6(341;3)
g. under jurisdiction of social architects 39:3.4-6(432;5)
mind planner seraphim organize teamwork on mansion worlds 48:6.13-14(553;5)
selective assorters group morontia personalities for projects 48:2.17(544;7)
Solitary Messengers contribute to development of group identity in spirit beings 23:4.1(262;2)
Spirit of Truth lessens self-assertiveness of g. 194:3.18(2065;6)
transition from universe phases usually by classes 37:6.5(412;5)
leadership. See also leadership
effectiveness of g. depends upon leadership 81:6.37(911;2)
leadership unfailingly provided for g. 181:2.16(1958;3)
legislative and judicial authority vested in 159:1.6(1764;1)
mortals may reassociate for service on mansion worlds 39:3.5(432;6)
Paul was a great organizer 195:0.6(2070;2)
perfecting ability to live in intimate contact with lessened irritability 43:8.9(494;8)
primitive man recognized advantage of association 69:2.3(773;4)
solution of Chinese irrigation problems demanded group cooperation; fostered interdependence 79:8.6(887;6)
spirit gravity creates cohesiveness among believers 7:1.6(82;5)
submitting the self to disciplines of 43:8.4(494;3)
survivors depart for Jerusem in 47:9.3(538;8)
Thomas abided by group decisions 139:8.8(1562;2)
value of groups
accomplish more permanent things by working with brethren 181:2.22(1961;1)
g. anticipate and transcend individual capacities 106:3.4(1166;2)
man benefits by loyalty to human associations and temporal institutions 100:2.6(1096;3)
members reap benefits and suffer consequences of others' actions 12:7.11(138;6), 54:6.3-4(618;6), 67:7sec(760;6), 145:2.8(1630;4)
organized g. vastly stronger than sum of individuals 10:5.2(113;3), 68:1.4-5(763;7)
partnership technique quadruples achievement possibilities 43:8.11(494;10)
progress of each individual augmented through achievement of group 100:0.1(1094;1)
spiritual growth stimulated by intimate association with other religionists 100:0.2(1094;2)
value of group is square the number involved 133:5.6(1477;1)
finite growth
fullness of evolution will exhaust capacity for 117:5.14(1287;5)
terminates with completion of Supreme 117:2.2(1280;2)
indicated by progress, not products 100:1.3(1094;5)
intellectual acquisition part of universe g. 37:6.6(412;6)
nature of growth
always unconscious 100:3.7(1097;4)
augmentation of status 117:2.2(1280;2)
confusion goes before g. 99:6.1(1092;1)
decisions open up new capacity for g. 115:3.16(1263;3)
evolution is cosmic technique of 100:3.7(1097;4)
greatest where external pressures are minimum 103:5.11(1135;1)
infinity of God means eternity will not exhaust 106:7.6(1169;5)
man cannot cause g., only supply favorable conditions 100:3.7(1097;4)
overrapid g. is suicidal 39:4.12(435;5)
prejudice and ignorance are chief inhibitors of g. 100:1.2(1094;4)
problems of g. 100:4sec(1097;5)
punctuated by transient goal attainment 118:0.10,12(1294;1)
should be lifelong 100:1.2(1094;4)
Supreme is source of evolutionary g. 117:2sec(1280;1)
occurs because
innate drives toward g. function unless inhibited 100:1.6(1095;1)
interassociation of Original, Actual, and Potential result in possibility for g. 115:3.9(1262;6)
of creature-Creator partnership 116:0.3(1268;3)
of innate search for destinies commensurate with infinity source 105:5.5(1158;5)
of nature of Sevenfold, Supreme, Ultimate 115:3.9(1262;6)
of partiality and incompleteness of existence 115:7.1(1266;2)
time lag provides opportunity for 106:1.1-2(1163;7)
philosophy, religion, and science welded together by wisdom, faith, and experience 98:2.12(1080;2)
some persons too busy for 100:1.2(1094;4)
unification of mathematic logic, mind-reason, and spirit-faith in personality 16:6.10(192;6)
after subjects' death
accompany defeated wards if remanded 25:8.10(284;3)
attend youths in probationary nursery 47:2.6(532;4)
group guardians reassemble their subjects in resurrection halls 113:6.7(1247;5), 189:3.2(2024;4)
hold survivors' souls as sacred trust 30:4.8(341;5), 47:3.3(533;1), 49:6.4(568;7), 113:3.4(1244;5), 113:6sec(1246;5)
indispensable to terrestrial escape 49:6.4(568;7)
part with mortal associates before flight to Havona 26:4.4(290;1)
respond to roll call of justice for nonsurvivors 113:6.8(1247;6)
sponsor subjects' new morontia form 30:4.8(341;5)
survivors first see g.a. on mansion worlds 113:7.1(1248;2)
all volunteer for their assignments 113:2.3,7(1242;6)
arrive on inhabited worlds with first Adjuster 40:5.6(445;7), 49:6.4(568;7)
assigned in accordance with human intelligence, spirituality, and destiny 113:1.2(1241;4)
called guardians of destiny when assigned to a single human 113:2.1(1242;4)
came in great numbers in days of Onagar 63:6.9(717;1)
cherubim and sanobim always associated with g.a. on earth, but not on mansion worlds 38:7.3(422;3), 38:8.5(423;5)
many who rebelled have repented; now detained 113:6.10(1248;1)
may serve on a planet for ages; become custodians for thousands of souls 113:2.4(1243;1), 113:6.9(1247;7)
midwayers indispensible to 77:8.4(864;5)
number hairs of head 165:3.4-5(1820;3)
seraphic guardians ministering to groups 113:0-1secs)
study in schools for seraphim on mansion worlds 113:7.2(1248;3)
technique of service
act to make best use of course mortals choose 113:5.4(1246;3)
constantly manipulate mortal environment to augment cosmic insight 113:3.5(1244;6), 113:4.4(1245;4)
do not invade sanctity of human mind or manipulate human will 113:5.1(1245;7)
help mortals independent of prayers, appeals 113:5.3(1246;2)
intrude only in emergencies, on direct orders 113:5.4(1246;3)
most active when Adjusters are least active 113:4.5(1245;5)
no communication with subjects' indwelling Adjusters 113:4.5(1245;5), 113:5.1(1245;7)
physical contacts with mankind are very unusual 113:5.5(1246;4)

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