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ancient puberty ceremonies taught boys to avoid 70:7.7(791;4)
by wife was infringement of husband's property rights; involved inheritance 82:4.3-4(917;6)
commandments against 66:7.14(751;9), 93:4.12(1018;1), 94:8.8(1036;10), 131:2.12(1446;1), 140:6.5(1576;5), 163:2.4(1801;7)
infidelity test from Old Testament 70:10.6(795;3)
primitive wives took pride in husbands' affairs 82:3.13(917;1)
primitives believed multiple births caused by 68:6.8(770;5)
woman taken in a. 162:3sec(1792;5)
woman who died in childbirth believed guilty of 84:4.7(935;7)
Andites contributed trait; were adventurous; circumnavigated globe 78:4.6(872;4), 78:5.8(873;4)
be not tempted by cheap and sordid 195:5.10(2076;1)
God has embarked on eternal a. with man 5:1.12(64;3)
love of a. suggests death begins eternal discovery 14:5.10(159;6)
spirit personalities not given to useless a. 13:3.3(149;6)
supreme a. is man seeking and finding God 1:0.6(22;3), 155:5.10(1729;5)
celestial beings never proffer a. unless asked 33:5.2(370;7), 43:4.2(489;5), 55:4.13(628;4)
give a. only when asked 48:7.16(556;1)
Jesus' counsel to the rich man 132:5sec(1462;2)
Jesus seldom offered a. unless asked 129:1.9(1420;6), 132:5.2,4(1462;3)
Prince's staff never sent emissaries except upon request 66:6.5(749;7)
reserves of Faithfuls of Days function as 18:7.1(213;3)
aesthetic cult of pure wonder no substitute for religion 101:7.5(1114;3)
love of the beautiful 56:10.7(646;8)
Jesus free from 100:7.2(1101;6)
ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise 48:7.17(557;1)
enduring marriage never founded on biologic
spiritual bond which holds families together 160:2.4(1775;5)
center of primitive Badonan culture 79:0.1(878;1)
Andonic migration to 64:1.5(718;7)
cannibalism resorted to as war measure 89:5.4(979;3)
Christian missionaries caused confusion in 66:6.7(750;2)
fetish stones 85:1.4(945;2)
few Andites penetrated beyond headwaters of Nile 78:5.5(873;1)
geology 58:4.3(668;1), 59:1.11,13(674;1), 59:4.5-7(678;6), 59:5.4,11,20(680;6), 59:6.5(683;2), 60:1.4(685;6), 60:3.16(690;7), 61:1.8(694;5), 61:4.2,6(698;4), 61:5.3(699;4)
land animals lived continuously only in 60:1.2(685;4)
natives of A. are more recent pastoral peoples 68:5.6(768;6)
Neanderthalers spread to 64:4.1(720;7)
Nodite centers in north 80:1.2(889;4)
once connected Europe to South America 59:5.11(681;3)
orange, green, and indigo races gravitated to 64:7.1,3,13(726;8)
pre-reptiles evolved in 59:6.8(683;5)
rainbow thought to be a snake 85:4.2(947;1)
reptiles first appeared in 60:1.9(686;5)
rose out of Pacific depths 57:8.21(662;8)
Salem missionaries penetrated to remotest tribes of 94:0.1(1027;1)
Simon Zelotes died in heart of 139:11.11(1565;8)
Thomas preached in north 139:8.13(1563;1)
tribes believed in ka and ba 111:0.4(1215;4)
umbilical cord regarded as fetish in 88:1.8(968;3)
wives still purchased in 83:3.1(923;7)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
widow of Damascus; member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
specialization of labor based on 69:3.4(774;3)
wishing to live our lives over again 26:10.5(296;1)
Agni. See also Hinduism
ancient deity; exalted head of Vedic pantheon 94:1.4(1027;5), 94:4.6(1031;7)
Trinity degenerated into triune symbol of fire god 79:3.4(881;4), 94:1.3(1027;4), 104:1.2(1143;5)
Tabamantia is an agondonter 50:7.2(579;1)
will creatures who can believe without seeing 50:7.2(579;1)
accidental origin 81:1.6(901;1)
Andites were expert farmers 78:5.8(873;4)
appears in age of Planetary Prince 52:2.8(592;1), 68:5.9(769;1)
association with plants instills patience, quiet, and peace 68:5.9,11(769;1), 79:8.2(887;2)
Cain was farmer 76:2.2(848;2)
farmer is victim of drought, floods, hail, storms, pests, diseases, heat, and cold 86:1.5(951;1)
farmers are conservative 79:8.3(887;3)
great improvement when men took over from women 84:3.10(934;9)
highest blessing; most human of all activities 66:7.19(751;14), 68:5.9,13(769;1), 81:1.4-5(900;6)
hunters and herders looked down upon farmers 68:5.11(769;3), 70:8.7(792;11), 81:1.4(900;6)
institutions of slavery and private land came with 69:9.14(782;1), 81:1.4(900;6), 81:2.9(902;3)
universal on all atmospheric worlds 49:4.5(564;7)
weakness is lack of excitement and adventure 68:5.11(769;3)
Ahab 124:6.3(1374;3)
King of Ephraim; reproved by Elijah 123:5.12(1363;5)
murdered Naboths to get their land 97:3.6(1065;3), 97:9.19(1074;1)
Phoenician wife of A. forged papers 97:9.19(1074;1)
resisted Shalmaneser at Karbar 97:9.18(1073;8)
head of Zoroaster's galaxy of 7 gods 95:6.2(1049;5), 98:5.3(1082;4)
Sol Invictus was a degeneration of 98:5.3(1082;4)
ambush at A. faithful picture of barbaric slaughter 69:8.3(779;2)
mortal type 49:2.9(561;8)
Mesopotamian city state 78:8.9-10(876;6)
Alabama 58:7.4(670;6), 59:5.17(681;9)
Alaska 58:7.4(670;6), 59:5.20(682;3), 60:3.2,12(689;1)
arrival of red race 64:7.18(728;7)
turned into chemistry 81:2.5(901;8)
Jewish banker 130:3.9(1433;4)
effective teacher of gospel; son of Simon of Cyrene 187:1.10(2006;3)
campaign into Punjab 79:4.3(882;3)
royal mausoleum of 130:3.4(1432;4)
Samaritans assisted 143:4.2-3(1612;2)
spread Hellenistic civilization over near East 195:1.7-10(2071;7)
apostles entered Tyre by 156:4.2(1737;3)
Alexandria 130:0.2(1427;2), 186:3.2-3(2000;5), 190:1.8(2031;2),. See also Egypt
70 elders ruled world's largest synagogue 130:3.8(1433;3)
attractions of this city of 1 million 130:3.4,7-8)
early Christians also disciples of Philo 121:6.6(1339;2)
Hebrew scriptures translated into Greek at 121:6.2(1338;5)
in early Christian era 195:3.10(2074;5)
intellectual center of Occidental world 130:3.7(1433;2)
12th appearance at 191:6sec(2044;2)
experiences at A. on way to Rome 130:3sec(1432;1)
offered assistant chazanship in A. 128:5.2-5(1413;7), 148:8.2(1666;1)
Joseph and Mary's 2 year sojourn at 122:10.4(1354;3), 123:0.1-4(1355;1)
Ptolemy's library; a million manuscripts 74:8.12(838;4), 130:3.4(1432;4)
Simon Zelotes preached at 139:11.11(1565;8)
ancestors of corals 59:2.11(676;2)
fossils 58:7.2(670;4)
stone laid down by lime-secreting 59:2.3,11(675;2)
Islam's clear-cut presentation as the only Deity 95:7.6(1051;4)
Jesus advised against use of 149:3.1(1672;4), 151:2.1,7(1689;4), 151:3.3(1692;2)
descended from nonprogressive reptiles 65:2.10(732;8)
God the Ultimate manifest to universes of time 118:2.4(1296;6)
Jesus embalmed with 188:1.4(2013;3)
God is the first and last 10:7.1(115;3)
Jesus is 128:1.10(1408;7)
father of James and Judas Alpheus 138:4.1(1541;3)
asleep by the fire 140:6.14(1578;1)
assigned to manage the multitudes 138:10.8(1547;8), 141:3.2(1589;3)
at Jesus' appearances 191:2sec(2040;2), 191:5sec(2042;5), 192:1-4secs) 193:0sec(2052;1), 193:3sec(2055;1), 193:5sec(2057;3)
attempted to dissuade Norana 156:1.3(1734;5)
believed on resurrection Sunday 191:0.11(2038;6)
blissfully ignorant of controversy 144:1.4(1618;1)
call of 138:4sec(1541;3)
enjoyed entry into Jerusalem 172:5.11(1886;3)
fishermen from Kheresa; age 26 in A.D. 26 139:9.1(1563;2)
good-natured, simple-minded; servants of apostles 139:9.3-8(1563;4)
James Alpheus
fisherman, farmer of Kheresa, selected by James 138:2.6(1539;9)
married with 3 children; also called Thaddeus 139:9.1,5(1563;2)
Jesus' admonitions to 174:0.2(1897;2), 181:2.19(1959;3), 192:2.13(2049;4)
Jesus told to work as for God 192:2.13(2049;4)
Judas Alpheus
fisherman of Kheresa, selected by John Zebedee 138:2.7(1539;10)
married with 2 children; also called Lebbeus 139:9.1,5(1563;2)
questions of 139:9.10(1564;4), 180:4.4-6(1948;5)
mother Mary, father Alpheus 138:4.1(1541;3), 189:4.4(2025;5), 190:3.1(2033;1)
put cloaks on Palm Sunday donkey; returned donkey to owner 172:3.9(1882;2), 172:4.1(1883;3)
returned to homes soon after Pentecost 192:4.7(2051;4), 193:6.4(2058;3)

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