The Urantia Book Fellowship
sent colonies to Samaria 143:4.1(1612;1)
Andonites all over central A. in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.7(871;3), 79:1.6(879;3)
backbone of A. reached height of 9 miles 57:8.22(662;9)
eastern coast of A. threatens to slide into watery grave 58:5.8(669;1)
eating of executed criminals 89:5.9(979;8)
geology 59:1.8(673;8), 59:2.1(674;7), 59:2.3(675;2), 59:3.3(676;7), 59:4.5,15(678;6), 59:5.4,20(680;6), 59:6.8(683;5), 60:1.6,12(686;2), 60:3.11,15(690;2), 60:4.3(692;1), 61:1.7-8(694;4), 61:3.7(697;2), 61:4.3(698;5), 61:5.3,7(699;4), 61:7.3(701;2)
homeland of human race 79:0.1(878;1), 80:1.1(889;3)
most animals suitable for domestication found in 81:2.7(902;1)
red race left imprint 64:6.5(723;4)
Salem missionaries penetrated to remotest tribes of 94:0.1(1027;1)
yellow race drove red race from 64:6.4,14(723;3), 64:7.4-5(727;1), 78:1.6(869;2)
yellow race drove Andonites from 64:7.7(727;4), 78:1.5-7(869;1)
residence of Herod the Great 125:1.5(1379;1), 128:3.5(1411;5), 185:4.1(1992;3)
low-caste monarch who espoused Buddhism; sent forth 17,000 missionaries 94:9.1(1037;4)
ancient rich men distributed fortunes from fear of 69:5.14(777;2)
early kings restrained by ever-present fear of 70:6.6(790;3)
ascenders attend, on Edentia 43:9.1(495;3)
counseled Gabriel in Lucifer rebellion 54:5.10(617;1)
ex officio head of 24 councilors 24:5.3(269;2), 114:2.3(1252;1)
7 billion personalized by Infinite Spirit 24:5.1(268;8)
activities distinct from Ancients of Days' administration 24:5.4(269;3)
advisers to local systems in light and life 55:8.2(632;5), 55:10.3(634;3)
ex officio heads of 24 counselors 24:5.3(269;2)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
omniaphim is planetary representative in light and life 55:4.13(628;4)
report to Associate Inspectors 24:4.3(268;7), 24:5.2(269;1)
representatives of superuniverse Supreme Executives to local systems 24:0.3(264;3), 24:5.1-2(268;8), 37:8.5(413;8), 55:8.2(632;5)
serve in rotation 24:5.3(269;2)
helpers and associates of teaching counselor seraphim 39:2.7(430;3)
superior seraphim; corps fosters truth on Urantia 39:2.7(430;3)
order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; direct superuniverse circuits; number 7 24:1.2-4(265;2)
700,000 created by Infinite Spirit, Seven Master Spirits 24:4.1(268;5)
direct Assigned Sentinels in local universe light and life 55:10.3(634;3)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.11(336;3)
one embodies authority of Supreme Executives to each local universe 24:0.3(264;3), 24:4.1-2(268;5), 24:5.2(269;1), 37:8.5(413;8)
receive reports from Assigned Sentinels 24:4.3(268;7), 24:5.2(269;1)
assign and dispatch Master Physical Controllers 29:4.4,8(324;6)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
maintain inspector on each local system capital 29:4.10(325;6)
number 3 billion in each superuniverse 29:4.9(325;5)
teach science of energy control on minor sectors 29:4.9(325;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
Morontia Power Supervisors; recorders 48:2.18(544;8)
system immediately neighboring Satania 41:2.1(456;5)
believers unconcerned if all things earthly crash 100:2.7(1096;4)
certitude of the divine 102:7sec(1126;1)
discourse on a. 142:5sec(1601;1)
of Deity kinship must be faith realized 117:6.8(1289;1)
of faith 102:1sec(1118;4)
of spirit communion develops gradually 34:6.12(381;6)
personal experience; faith in word of truth 146:3.4(1641;6)
security as son of all-powerful, all-wise, all-loving Father 111:7.1(1223;3)
security in experience of cosmic citizenship 118:6.8(1300;4)
Spirit of Truth gives security 194:0.1(2059;1)
temporal securities are vulnerable; spiritual securities are impregnable 100:2.7(1096;4)
temporal security is society's prime gift to man 70:9.1(793;11)
without self-assertion, egoistic exaltation 102:2.2(1119;7)
Assyria 134:2.1(1484;5),. See also Syria
Assyrians constantly raided tribes of Palestine 93:5.6(1019;3)
fall of A. brought deliverance to Judah 97:9.23(1074;5)
Israel conspired with Egypt to refuse tribute to 97:9.21-22(1074;3)
Nodite, Vanite ancestors of Assyrians 77:4.3,11(859;6)
Ishtar cult among northern tribes 95:1.7(1043;2)
5th Monmatia planet fragmentized into 57:6.5(658;2)
solar matter 57:5.8(656;4)
astrology. See also stars
belief led to astronomy 81:2.5(901;8), 88:6.5(972;5)
in connection with worship of Ishtar 95:1.7(1043;2)
interpreted spirit messages 87:5.9(963;4)
once world-wide belief 90:2.5(988;1)
pseudo science of Babylon; superstition 121:5.5(1337;1), 150:3.2-3(1680;4)
stars consulted before marriage 83:4.4(924;7)
supposedly intelligent people still believe in 88:6.7(972;7), 90:2.7(988;3)
astronomic observatory of Jerusem 46:2.9(521;6), 46:5.23(526;5)
errors in astronomic measurement caused by. See also red shift
multiple revolutionary movements in Orvonton 15:3.7-8(168;3)
opposite clockwise procession of 1st outer space level 12:4.15(134;4)
space respiration 12:4.12-14(134;1)
origin in astrology 81:2.5(901;8), 88:6.5(972;5)
recognition of right of 70:1.21(785;4)
at council of Nicaea 195:0.18(2070;14)
belief salvation attainable only by man's
unaided efforts 94:2.5(1029;3)
maximation of ugliness 56:10.4(646;5)
Athens 130:0.3(1427;3),. See also Greece
cultural center of Alexander's empire 133:5.1,12(1476;3)
Jesus' discourse on science at 133:5sec(1476;3)
Paul's teaching in 195:1.1,5(2071;1)
Joseph rebuked Jesus for admiring games 124:3.7(1370;5)
appearance 59:1.8(673;8), 60:3.4(689;3)
atman. See also Hinduism
Hindu Adjuster concept 111:0.4(1215;4)
atmosphere 58:2sec(665;4), 59:6.12(684;2)
appeared as result of heated interior and cooling crust 57:7.2(659;1)
blanketing effect 58:2.5(666;2)
carbon dioxide in early a. afforded luxuriant growth 58:1.8(665;3)
ends with auroral streamers 400 miles up 58:2.6(666;3)
enriched with oxygen 59:4.17(680;1)
ideal for animal respiration 160 million years ago 59:6.10(683;7)
of morontia spheres is oxygen, nitrogen, morontia gas 43:1.3(486;2)
present on all evolutionary planets if not too small 41:10.3(466;2)
shades into average space 3000 miles out 42:4.6(473;4)
slowly evolving 1-1/2 billion years ago 57:7sec(658;9)
atmospheric mortals. See also mortals: planetary types
nonbreathers, and sub-, mid-, and superbreathers 49:2.3-7(561;2)
annihilation of a. is principle source of solar energy 41:7.3(463;3)
atomic cohesion; effect of unknown energy 42:8sec(478;5)
broken up at 35,000,000°F boiling point 41:7.5(463;5)
calcium juggles electrons 41:6.3-4(462;1)
energy released in quanta when electrons pass to lower energy orbits 42:5.6(475;2)
floods of short space rays attend building and dissolution of a. 42:5.5(475;1), 58:3.1(666;8)
formed like solar system 42:7.1-2(477;3)
gamma rays characterize spontaneous dissociation of 42:5.1,7(474;5)
gravity helps hold a. together 42:8.1(478;5)
interelectronic space not empty 42:5.16(476;2), 42:8.1-2(478;5)
matter in a. 42:7sec(477;3)
nuclei held together by reciprocating mesotron 42:8.3-7(479;1)
one billion trillion a. in drop of water, containing energy of 100 horsepower over 2 years 41:7.6(463;6)
predictability 42:7.10(478;4)
role of Unqualified Absolute 42:7.10(478;4), 42:8.2(478;6)
scientists powerless to create 42:1.4(468;1)
size 42:6.7(477;1)
stability depends on number of inactive neutrons 42:7.6(477;8)
subject to gravity 41:9.2(465;2)
with more than 100 electrons instantaneously disrupt 42:7.7(478;1)

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